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Danny Cage Encourages Everyone To Watch Monster Factory After Cancellation

July 3, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
The Monster Factory Image Credit: The Monster Factory

As previously reported, Apple TV+ has elected not to move forward with a second season of Monster Factory, effectively cancelling the show. In a post on Twitter, Monster Factory coach Danny Cage commented on the end of the show and encourage people to watch it.

He wrote: “Everyone who watches Monster Factory on @AppleTV loves it! Problem is not enough watch it. Those are the breaks. No season 2. Thanks for everyone who helped out & supported us. But unless some real cosmic shit goes down it’s much like my honeymoon. One & done! Like I said y’all. They said no to season 2 but that doesn’t mean hope is lost. Full court press. Hail Mary. Shot in the dark. Wing & a prayer. Whatever you want to say but I’m not giving up. So watch Monster Factory on @AppleTV & QT this #monsterfactory