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Drago Discusses the Development of His Unique Look and How It Helped Him Get Over Worldwide

April 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Fightful recently spoke to Drago. Below are some highlights.

Drago on developing his unique look: “Well, I was looking for something that may leave an impact on the crowd and I wanted to have a different style in wrestling, something that wasn’t conventional. I was looking for something like the classic masks in Mexico. I worked together with some guys that specialize in special effects that’s worked in movies before. That’s their specialty, working with latex and masks. They created a sculpture of what would be the mask of Drago and they took my body measurements for the whole body suit. I think it ended with something that did leave an impact and it was something that has come and innovated wrestling in Mexico and I think in other places as well, so much so that my mask has been used in countries I didn’t even know.”

Drago on how his gimmick and look got over internationally: “When I went to Germany and London and Japan and other places like Chile and Colombia, the public knows about Drago. That’s made a big difference for me and I think that has helped me in my wrestling career and has perhaps placed me in a position where people say Drago and they know that they’re talking about my distinct mask. [Working with the mask] made my job a little tough at first but after a while, I got so comfortable working with it that I can work with my eyes closed.”

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