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Fred Ottman’s Wife Gives Update on His Condition

January 13, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Fred “Tugboat” Ottman’s wife Sheila called into talk with Bill Apter yesterday and discuss the former Shockmaster’s condition. Sheila said that Ottman, who was hospitalized earlier this week, was unconscious when they brought him in and she wasn’t sure if he’d had a stroke or not. She said he had an infection that led to a fever of 104 degrees and was told yesterday that he has four different types of infections.

Sheila said that he’s doing “much, much, much better” and is talking and in good spirits. She said that as far as a diagnosis, it is mostly the infections, noting that he is diabetic and sometimes gets infections because of that, but that he also has E. coli. You can listen to the full audio below: