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Good Brothers Appear On This Week’s Being the Elite (Recap)

January 11, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Being the Elite Good Brothers Young Bucks

The Good Brothers followed up their appearance on last week’s AEW Dynamite by being in the cold open for the latest Being the Elite. You can see the full video and a recap below:

* The Good Brothers hang out with the Young Bucks backstage after Dynamite. Matt notes that he and Nick aren’t sure about whether they can trust the two because that was how episode one was supposed to end before they decided to stay to WWE instead of sign with AEW — not to mention them abandoning the Bucks in NJPW for WWE. The Good Brothers say that was just a little joke, but they’re here now so they start celebrating and share a “Too Sweet”


* The Bucks are backstage at Dynamite and find out that they’ve lost 30 second from their match because Snoop Dogg’s segment is running long. They talk about their match about how they found out that they were opening the show and weren’t ready for it. We get some clips of the match and see Nick after talking about his leg getting hurt during the match after taking the 630 from Jack Evans on their knees. Nick said that they had to change the match a bit as he wasn’t able to put much weight on his foot.

* Marko Stunt finds Leva Bates and says that Kip Sabian is losing his mind because he thinks that she didn’t let him win their video game battle, and that Sabian put a whole in the wall with his skateboard because he thought it was a throwing dart. He tells her to tell him the truth, and she says she’ll talk to him.

* After footage of the big closing angle for Dynamite, we see the Dark Order going off on 5 about his bad New Year’s Eve party after he thought it went well and suggested another one. They talk it was incredibly boring and sucked, and then we get video of the party and how dull it is. Everyone gives their resolutions for the new year, like Cabana getting his Dad gimmick over and Anna Jay being nicer to Stu. The group then beats 5 up for the party being so bad.

* Private Party are backstage talking about their New Year’s party when Matt Hardy shows up and talks about how hot they are right now. He asks if they can give him a check for their cut to him, or if they should just give him their password. They argue about the contract and Matt pushes back, saying he doesn’t like the attitude. He noted he allows them to do third party platforms and that his cut is 50%. He says their attitude is bad and notes that Snoop got involved because he’s friends with Snoop. He hypes them up as a team destined to be the AEW World Tag Team Champions and tells them to be better, then leaves.

* After Kris Statlander abducts Griff Garrison, we go to the EVP room where Matt is complaining how much of a mess it is. Kazarian is there and trying to take his anger management seriously by watching the comedy Anger Management with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. Matt Hardy comes in and talks about how the room is a disaster and they should be in a much bigger room. He says he has invested in Daily’s Place and has a room that is perfect for them. He shows them the room and the EVPs sign some paperwork to make it theirs. The room is actually the Coach’s room, but Matt labels it the EVP office. Nick breaks the fourth wall and says that hopefully the papers they signed don’t cost them in the future.

* Statlander is chasing Garrison, who has his hair in a mess, and she says that her experiment on a human failed.

* Matt Hardy walks by Brandon Cutler and says he’s been doing a great job but needs to beat top guys now. He says he could get Cutler on Dynamite and asks Cutler who the biggest guy on Dynamite is. Cutler says Sting, but Hardy says he has someone even better: Luchasaurus. Matt says that if Cutler can beat Luchasaurus, he could become part of the Matt Hardy Brand.

* Silver and Reynolds continue to attempt recruiting. Silver says that he wants Sting, and picks up a sledgehammer which Reynolds points out how Sting hates them. Silver agrees and they head off.

* Alex Abrahantes is outside of Daily’s Place and finds some purple Kool-Aid packs on the floor in a trail. Believing it’s his lucky day, he follows them into a trailer that closes on him, and Dasha and P&P show to celebrate. Abrahantes can be heard calling for help and they knock on the door, which Jake Roberts opens. He says not to worry, he’s never failed and hasn’t lost anyone in a long time. Two hours later, Alex walks out with a snake crawling out of his shirt and blithely walks away. Roberts says he’s fine and shuts the door.

* Backstage, Luchasaurus asks Leva why dinosaurs are relegate to Jurassic Park and she says it’s about stereotypes. Cutler slides into view and mentions dragons, then starts arguing with Luchasaurus about dragons vs. dinosaurs. Cutler says he’ll prove Luchasaurus is wrong about it and challenges him to a match on AEW Dark next week.

* Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero continue their ploy dressed as nuns, and Vickie uses it to ask people for donations. He gets $2 and yells at the person to give her more than that. Rose’s version of asking for donations is punching a guy and then they take his money.

* John Silver introduces flip cup to determine the #1 contender for the BTE Championship. The winner ends up being Alex Reynolds, who beats Orange Cassidy in the finals and will face Silver next week.

* The Bucks see Brandon Culter asleep, saying he’s been out for two hours. A later video shows him asleep leaning against a wall at the airport.

* Matt Jackson calls dibs on his on his chair in the EVP Office, but can’t get in because his key doesn’t work.

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