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ICW: The Biggest Fight Club Taping Ever Results 2/12/18 – Drew McIntyre Appears for Hall of Fame Induction

February 13, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Drew McIntyre WWE NXT 11.15.17

– Below are some results from last night’s ICW: The Biggest Fight Club Taping Ever show, courtesy of PWInsider. As previously reported, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre appeared on the show, and he was inducted into ICW’s Hall of Fame for the event. You can get more details on Drew McIntyre’s induction below.

ICW: The Biggest Fight Club Taping Ever
Attendance: around 550

Results of the matches:
Jordan Devlin defeats Kid Fite
Big Grizzly defeats Wolfgang
Mikey Whiplash defeats Jody Fleisch
ICW Women’s Championship match
Viper defeats Session Moth Martina [c] ***new champion
Falls Count Anywhere match: Joe Hendry vs Chris Renfrew… never finished. Maybe it’s still happening, who knows? We’ll keep an eye on it.
DCT defeats Joseph Conners ***this was DCT’s 50th ICW match
The Filthy Generation (Stevie Boy, Lewis Girvan & Aspen Faith) defeat Mark Coffey, Kenny Williams
& Aaron Echo ***this was Lewis Girvan’s 50th ICW match
ICW World Heavyweight Title match: BT Gunn [c] defeats James Storm to retain

Next Show: ICW: Frankie Goes to Holyrood at The Potterrow in Edinburgh (Scotland), on Sunday 11th March 2018

The show opens with 2018 Square Go! winner Stevie Boy coming out with the briefcase containing the contract that grants him a title match in any moment, at any ICW show. He is accompanied by the rest of The Filthy Generation: Kay Lee Ray, Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan. He talks about how much he has been dreaming of the moment in which he will hold championship gold, and says that the Filthy Generation is not the future but the present of the business. He is interrupted by Kenny Williams and Aaron Echo; Kenny reminds him that Stevie needed his allies’ help to eliminate him from the Square Go! match, and that him and Echo have a new ally who will stand with them: Mark Coffey, the last man eliminated from the Square Go! match.

Kid Fite is accompanied by Lou King Sharp and Krieger of The Fite Network. Against him, Jordan Devlin. It is an extremely technical match, during which the Network’s attempts to interfere are regularly thwarted by Devlin. When Lou King Sharp accidentally trips Kid Fite, Jordan Devlin seizes the advantage and hits his opponent with a series of moves that culminate in his win by pinfall. After the match, Kid Fite seems to be blaming Lou King Sharp for his defeat; Krieger stands by Sharp. There is an exchange of words, but nothing more.

The colossal Welshman Big Grizzly faces Wolfgang. They both use their incredible strength, with Grizzly trying to take advantage of a (slightly) superior weight countered by Wolfgang’s agility. This clash of titans is interrupted by the appearance, on the ramp, of Tor Atterhagen; this distract Wolfgang, allowing Big Grizzly to chokeslam and then pin him. After the match, as Big Grizzly makes his way up the ramp, Tor Atterhagen attacks Wolfgang with a steel chain, choking him and trying to hang him. Soon, Big Grizzly joins him. Wolfgang’s allies, StevieJames and Krobar of The Purge, try to come to their friend’s aid, but are quickly disposed of. As the
two big men leave, Wolfgang is taken away on a stretcher by first aiders.

Jackie Polo makes his way to the ring in a jacket and tie, announcing his retirement from wrestling and declaring his tag team partner in Polo Promotions, Mark Coffey, the immediate future of the business. Lionheart interrupts him, reminding Jackie of the heated rivalry they have since 2014. In the last years, Lionheart says, Polo has been hiding behind his tag team partner, but now he wants revenge for all that Polo put him through in the past. He adds that he doesn’t think he can even try to become a champion until he has defeated Jackie Polo, and challenges him to a match at Barramania. Jackie Polo walks away, but ICW owner Mark Dallas appears and says that the match will indeed take place.

Mikey Whiplash (accompanied to the ring by Aivil) faces Jody Fleisch. Whiplash, still evidently bruised from the Square Go! match, seems to have something against Fleisch, and ddoesn’t allow him any breathing space. They brawl through the crowd and to an upstairs balcony, where security manage to persuade Whiplash to make his way back towards the ring. Fleisch however, having been left on the balcony to recuperate, sees his opponent walk below him and dives on him from a height of well over 15 feet. The usually smiling Fleisch is now obviously very angry. The action returns to the ring where, after a series of attacks and counters, Mikey Whiplash manages to connect his trademark Zombiemaker and pins Fleisch.

After their war, Mikey Whiplash and Jody Fleisch show a great deal of mutual respect.

ICW Women’s Championship match
Session Moth Martina won the title yesterday night, with the assistance of her manager Red Lightning (of Rudo Sports and Entertainment). Her challenger tonight is the first ever ICW Women’s Champion, Viper. Martina seems to try to avoid the bigger, stronger Viper, until – like n the occasion in which she conquered the title – Iestyn Rees appears while the referee is distracted by Red Lightning and hits Viper with a Spear. But Viper manages to kick out from Martina’s pin attempt.

Martina’s partner Bram also appears, but is immediately attacked by Ravie Davie. Viper eliminates Rees and Bram from the proceedings with an impressive dive, then hits Martina with her Viper’s Bite and pins her to conquer the title for the second time.

Meanwhile Lestyn Rees, Bram and Ravie Davie are seen brawling in the crowd.

Sha Samuels calls out his Kinky Party partner Jack Jester. He complains about having been hit by Jester after coming out to console him for his defeat against James Storm; Jester insists that he didn’t do it on purpose; he seems seriously upset. Sha mutters an apology, after having said that it’s something he never did before. Jester seems unwilling to accept. Sha presents him with a jacket matching his, “like a real tag team”. Jester appreciates the jacket, but walks away saying that it’s too late to salvage their friendship. Drew Galloway (or should I call him “Drew McIntyre” now?) appears in full Highland dress. He states that he just needs to fix the situation, and that Jester and Sha are the only thing in ICW that makes people smile in a world full of darkness: ICW needs them! Jester and Sha seem convinced and hug it out.

Mark Dallas, the founder and owner of ICW, comes out to induce Drew Galloway in the ICW Hall of Fame; he is the second inductee after Carmel Jacobs. After having teased him because he’s not allowed to swear (which Galloway immediately does), he tells that Galloway was the first one to believe in ICW, wrestling (and winning the title) in the company’s very first show, back in 2006 – and never stopped believing in it. Galloway speaks lauding the way in which ICW grows continuously focussing on the local talent (which in ICW has a chance to grow to become global talent). He thanks all his family and friends present, and Triple H for having insisted that Drew travelled to Glasgow to personally appear at his Hall of Fame induction. He ends his speech promising that he will become the first ever Scottish WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Most of the roster (with no storyline distinctions) come out to celebrate with him.

After the break, Joe Hendry (accompanied by his intern Leyton Buzzard) comes out invoking technicalities by which he claims to have never been eliminated from the Square Go! match. He asks The fans to apologise to him one by one, at which point Chris Renfrew gets on the ring with a threatening expression. After Hendry has tried to keep him away with a series of shenanigans, he yells at Renfrew that he will do something completely insane – and he leaves the ring. Renfrew then challenges him for a buried alive match at Barramania. Hendry refuses, insisting that logistics prevent it from happening. Renfrew agrees, and changes the stipulation to a Hell in a Cell match.

Hendry reminds him that “Hell in a Cell” is a trademark, so it can’t happen. Frustrated, Renfrew calls for a Falls Count Anywhere match to start immediately.

Joe Hendry answers attacking Chris Renfrew, at which point a referee is called out and the match begins. Soon, they all (Renfrew, Hendry, Leyton Buzzard, the referee and a camera operator) disappear behind the curtains. Mark Dallas appears saying that he will keep an eye on the proceedings and asking the show to continue with the next match.

Joseph Conners has seriously disrespected DCT, who will face him tonight. It is a wild brawl, with an
incensed DCT fighting a vicious Conners. Coach Trip is often the target of Conners’s insults and occasionally of his attacks too. After a long exchange of blows, Conners picks up a chair to use against DCT. Coach Trip takes it off his hands distracting Conners and allowing DCT to close the match with a win by pinfall.

As Joseph Conners leaves, DCT reminds him that respect needs to be earned – and he hasn’t earned his respect. Or rather, his r.e.s.p.e.D.C.T.! After Conners has left, DCT continues talking about his love for the fans and promising that 2018 will be the year in which he finally wins a title in ICW.

The Wee Man then appears with his protégés, tag team champions Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith. He berates the rest of the ICW roster, in particular all tag teams, when Sha Samuels and Jack Jester of Kinky Party appear. They have obviously patched up their friendship. Wee Man states that they haven’t earned the right to a title shot, to which the Party men reply that they will.

The Filthy Generation, composed of 2018 Square Go! match winner Stevie Boy and The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan), face a team formed by Aaron Echo, Kenny Williams and Mark Coffey. Kay Lee Ray, holding a leather strap, runs interference on behalf of the Filthy Generation.

Initially, Stevie seems to keep on the sidelines leaving the Kings at the centre of the action. After a hard-hitting match Kenny Williams hits Aaron Echo due to a miscommunication, allowing the Filthy Generation to attack Mark Coffey, who is hit by a double Superkick by the Kings and immediately after by Stevie Boy’s Glaswegian Destroyer. Stevie pins Coffey for the win.

Joe Hendry, Chris Renfrew and Leyton Buzzard briefly appear, but then disappear again. Mark Dallas is still keeping an eye on them.

ICW Undisputed Champion BT Gunn puts his World Heavyweight belt on the line against James Storm. It is an extremely violent match, with long segments spent brawling through the crowd and the use of several chairs and of a table, through which BT Gunn is put – but the referee was temporarily down and couldn’t count Storm’s would-be winning pin. After a hectic finale, BT Gunn finally managed to pin his opponent to retain his title.

After the match (and a quick appearance of Chris Renfrew and Joe Hendry, still brawling), Mikey Whiplash attacks BT Gunn, claiming he was the first ICW Undisputed Champion. Gunn challenges him to a match at Barramania; Whiplash doesn’t reply but attacks him again, until they are separated by security.

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