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Cook’s Impact Homecoming 2021 Review

July 31, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
Eddie Edwards Impact
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Cook’s Impact Homecoming 2021 Review  

Hey kids! We’ve got a Homecoming tonight, which can only be better than the ones I attended in high school.

Cook’s Impact Homecoming 2021 Review

We open with a video package hyping the matches. W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards in a hardcore match! Josh Alexander defends the X Division Championship against Black Taurus! The first Impact Homecoming King & Queen will be crowned!

We in Nashville with a crowd. Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown on the call.

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Tournament First Round Match: Hernandez & Alisha (w/Johnny Swinger) vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Partner: Hernandez & Alisha representing their favorite hangout, Swinger’s Palace. Crowd chants “Virtuosa” for Deonna, how nice of them. Matthew Rehwoldt emerges in the ring. The Drama King is here! He asks us to imagine a world where the works of Van Gogh, Bach, Bethoven were never to be seen or heard. He introduces himself as the Drama King, and he is here to create a masterpiece side by side with a Virtuosa. It starts tonight with the coronation of a Queen & King.

Deonna & Alisha start. Tieup, Deonna with the control and the disrespectful gesture, but Alisha ain’t about that. Running hip smash in the corner. Whip reversed, Deonna catches the boot, puts it down, and attempts the armbar, but Alisha answers with a kick and a short DDT. Dropkick in the corner gets two. Deonna trying to lock in that armbar, but Alisha tags Hernandez in. Rehwoldt tells Deonna that she’s the best in the business and can handle Hernandez. There’s a boot from Deonna, whip reversed into the corner, Deonna with an elbow, unfortunately my stream skips a beat here. We return with Alisha & Deonna back in the ring, with Deonna on the offense. Criss-Cross leads to a double clothesline. The men tag in, and Hernandez with the big springboard shoulderblock and some strikes. Senton splash by Hernandez, goes for the Border Toss, actually it’s a shoulderbreaker instead for two. Deonna makes the save but Alisha takes her out. Hernandez with the…dive! Alisha gonna join in with a dive of her own! Rehwoldt with a kick & some clubbing shots. Big kick, modified double underhook DDT gets three on the big man!

Winners: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt

Tough to rate since I missed a chunk of it, seemed in the **-*** range though.

D’Lo & Matt run down the card.

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Tournament First Round Match: Jordynne “Thicc Momma Pump” Grace & Petey “Little Petey Pump” Williams vs. Matt “The Face of GCW” Cardona & Chelsea “Hot Mess” Green: Chelsea taking a break from making friends on Twitter for this one, I see. Cardona & Williams start. Petey telling us that the numbers don’t lie. Cardona with the strength advantage. Big bodyslam by Cardona. Jordynne tags in and slams Cardona! She helps Petey with another slam. Chelsea tags in, and she wants some of Jordynne. She’ll get some. Big shoulderblock. Back & forth, attempted double suplex but Chelsea slips out. Matt does not slip out. Cardona & Green getting it from the Pump Family. Steiner flex elbow then pushups from both! Cardona gets the upper hand on Williams, tags Green and rams Petey’s face into her boot. Neckbreaker from Green gets two. Cardona goes for one, but it’s blocked. The big boot isn’t blocked, and Cardona gets two. Petey fights back, hits a tornado DDT and crawls over to Grace for the tag. She runs over Green a few times. Double knees in the corner, then a running hip smash. Misses the Vader Bomb though, tag to the men. Cardona whips Petey into the corner but misses. Cardona yanked off the turnbuckle for two. Petey with a dropkick to Matt’s back. Jordynne tags in and delivers some forearms. Dropkick in the corner and a tag to Petey. Another double vertical suplex gets two. Petey gets kneed in the corner, Matt with a missile dropkick and it’s time for him to crawl over for the tag. The women tag in and Chelsea gets the upper hand this time. Curb stomp! Petey kicks her, goes for the Destroyer, but Matt breaks that up. Broski boots to Petey & Jordynne. Matt sent outside, Chelesea kicks Petey, goes for a Destroyer of her own, that doesn’t happen. Petey & Jordynne both tease the move, but that doesn’t happen. Another double team does work, and we see stereo Steiner Recliners! Cardona lifts his way out of it, Jordynne breaks hers up to target Cardona. Dive by Petey to Matt, the women go back & forth, and Chelsea hits the Unprettier! That gets three!

Winners: Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green
Match Rating: ***

Fun little match there with two likeable teams. Steve Maclin runs in & attacks Petey! They’ve had issues on recent episodes of Impact. Maclin takes Williams out with a big move that definitely has a name.

W. Morrissey talks about Eddie Edwards.

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Tournament First Round Match: Tommy “Animal” Dreamer & Rachael “Hawk” Ellering vs. Brian Myers (w/Sam Beale) & Partner: Dreamer & Ellering rocking the Road Warrior facepaint & t-shirts. Myers also has a mystery partner, apparently chosen by Beale, who has the microphone to introduce her. We remember her from World Class Championship Wrestling, UWF, WCW & ECW. It’s the Walking Riot, Missy Hyatt! Missy wasn’t exactly known for her wrestling back in the day, but she’s kept herself in shape over the years. Missy apparently didn’t know she was being booked here to wrestle, so there’s that. She removes her heels, so here we go.

Dreamer & Myers start. Myers gets the arm wringer and tags in Missy. Dreamer’s not having any of this though, and he tags in Ellering. Dreamer’s changed his stance on beating women since his ECW days, apparently. Missy tags in Brian because she doesn’t want that mess. Ellering with the shove & drop toe hold. Tag to Dreamer, and it’s a double flip flop & fly to Myers. Well, Dusty was their 6-man partner back in the day. Rachael wants Tommy to go to the top rope for the ol’ double team axehandle, he seems unsure though. He climbs down to the bottom rope and drops the axehandle from there. Beale with the cheapshot on Dreaner, Beale runs away into an Ellering clothesline. Big DDT from Myers gets 2.6. The crowd wants Missy, they’re getting some Myers offense instead. Dreamer reverses the spear attempt into a Spicolli Driver, and the men need a tag. Missy doesn’t want it, she gets off the apron. This gives Dreamer time to recover, and he gets Myers up in the electric chair…Rachael tags, goes up top, Doomsday Device! Three count!

Winners: Tommy Dreamer & Rachael Ellering
Match Rating: **1/2

Pretty simple fun for the folks there.

Eric Young & Violent By Design are here to tell us about failure. They’re not a faction, they’re a way of life & the truth. The world belongs to them.

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Tournament First Round Match: Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) vs. Fallah & Flava (Fallah Bahh & Tasha Steelz): Decay are certainly the most experienced team in this field. Fallah & Steve start us off. Crowd split between the two men. Rosemary screams. Steve loses the test of strength to Bahh. The crowd wants Bahh’s face bitten off. That’d be quite the finish. Series of clotheslines don’t do much to Bahh, but now Steve goes for the facebite. Nashville loves face biting! Tasha tags in, she’s not about that face biting action. The fans want it though. Steve suggests that Rosemary do it, and makes the tag. Slap exchange, sidewalk slam from Rosemary gets two. Rosemary misses in the corner but catches Steelz on the rebound. Tag to Bahh. Rosemary is unamused, and we get a No No No vs. Yes battle. Steelz with the chicanery, Bahh’s not really about that but makes the big cover anyway. Steelz makes the tag and lays in the offense to show Bahh how it’s done. Big kick to Rosemary gets two. Bahh tags in, he doesn’t seem to want to wrestle Rosemary, which could be an issue in this tournament. A slap changes his mind, and Rosemary runs into Bahh. Some mockery from Fallah leads to the “weirdo” sitting up. Tag to Steve, who dropkicks various parts of Bahh. Both tease running into Steelz, neither do, but Bahh runs into Steve. Bahh not impressed with Steve’s paint getting on him. Steve fights back, but he goes for a sunset flip. Avoids Bahh’s butt though. Tag to the women, Rosemary takes the upper hand. Splash in the corner, t-bone suplex gets two. Steelz with a kick, whips Rosemary into the corner but gets booted. Rosemary with the old Candice Michelle headscissors on the ropes. Bahh tries to splash Rosemary but splashes Steelz instead. Steve with various strikes, hits a jumping DDT for the three count!

Winners: Decay
Match Rating: **1/4

Another crowd pleaser here. You can tell the wrestlers are having fun working fans again, that’s for sure.

Steve Maclin tells us he’s going after the X Division Championship, and Petey Williams is in the way.

Willie Mack (w/Rich Swann) vs. Deaner (w/Eric Young, Rhino & Joe Doering): Deaner misses a corner charge & Mack goes ham on him. Big chop. Thez press & piston like right hands from Mack. Big knee drop. Clothesline over the top sends Deaner to the floor. Back in, EY tries to trip Mack, doesn’t work and Mack continues with the offense. Off the ropes, shoulderblock from Mack. Goes for the Stunner, but Deaner with the eye rake. Sends Mack into the turnbuckle, dropkicks him down. Mack sent face first into the apron a couple of times, then gets kneed by Deaner. Mack sent outside, and the referee goes down there to make sure there’s no tomfoolery from the ringside folks. Deaner jumps off the top rope into an Exploder from Mack. Smiley Slam and a legdrop from Mack. Samoan Drop, kip up by Willie then a standing moonsault! Two count. Mack’s too slow to go up top, and Deaner cuts him off. Pull out power bomb gets two for Deaner. Pep talk from Swann. Mack counters the atomic drop, then a pop up chop gets two. No Stunner, dropkick by Deaner and a neckbreaker gets a close nearfall. Mack fights back, Sky High gets two. Mack goes up top, but gets cut off again. Deaner goes for the superplex, but gets front suplexed off by Mack. Mack misses the big splash though, and Deaner has a chance, but taunts and gets Stunned. Rhino makes sure Deaner’s foot is on the ropes, so Swann takes out Rhino & Doering. EY whacks Mack with the VBD flagpole, and Deaner takes advantage for the three count.

Winner: Deaner
Match Rating: **1/2

Bit of an upset there. I figured Mack would be higher on the card by this point.

Gia Miller is with Cardona & Green, who do everything together.

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Semi-Final: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green: Chelsea & Deonna start. Chelsea offers a hand, but this isn’t Ring of Honor so Deonna doesn’t shake it. Deonna targets that left arm of Chelsea, no surprise there. Rehwoldt tags in, Green evades him and tags in Cardona. Did the Hype Bros & Vaudevillians face off in NXT? Rehwoldt gains the advantage, but Cardona sends him outside. Delivers a dive to Rehwoldt, Chelsea with one to Deonna. Cardona misses a flying crossbody back in the ring, and ends up back out of the ring. Rehwoldt goes on the offensive, with Deonna getting some shots in too. Cardona tries to get the tag, but Rehwoldt breaks that up. Tag to Purrazzo, and a knee drop gets two. Rehwoldt tags back in. Cardona keeps trying to fight back, and the fans want Chelsea. He better get used to that chant. Neckbreaker by Cardona, but Deonna breaks up the tag attempt and Chelsea inadvertantly distracts the ref. She tags in a few seconds later though and goes crazy on Deonna. Big kick gets two. Rehwoldt grabs Chelsea but is hit with Radio Silence. Deonna gets stomped by Chelsea, but Rehwoldt tags in! Goes for the Unprettier, she reverses, tags Cardona in. Flapjack to Rehwoldt, Deonna breaks up the Reboot attempt & she & Chelsea take each other out on the outside. Rehwoldt & Cardona with some reversals, Rehwoldt hits that new finisher of his and gets the three count!

Winners: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt
Match Rating: ***

Impressive win for Rehwoldt here, pinning a World Champion of another promotion.

Gia Miller is with Missy Hyatt. She informs Myers & Beale of who she managed in the past. They all had something he doesn’t: originality. She then butters up Beale a bit before hitting him with the purse!

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Semi-Final: Rosemary & Crazzy Steve vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rachael Ellering: Rosemary & Rachael start. Crowd in favor of both teams here. Rachael wants the handshake now. Rosemary licks her hand, so Rachael licks her hand, and that’s all pretty gross. A tieup doesn’t go much of anywhere. Series of reversed moves leads to a standoff. Double shoulderblock and neither goes down. Rachael shoulderblocks Rosemary, so here comes Crazzy Steve. Tommy tags in too. Crowd chants for both. Some mat grappling and some headscissor reversals! Rosemary wants the Innovator of Violence and gets the tag. The crowd suggests that Rosemary bite Dreamer’s face off. She bites the hand, Dreamer responds with a bite of Rosemary’s hand. Steve takes a bite out of Dreamer’s hand, then Rachael takes a bite out of Steve’s hand. The fans say it’s awesome. Gotta give the people what they want, right? Rachael goes to work on Rosemary now, tags to Dreamer, double elbow. Fist drop from Dreamer. Ellering misses in the corner and Rosemary hits a sling blade. Tag to Steve, who goes right for the cover. Rosemary back in, hits a clothesline. Rachael gets the tag, and Dreamer is a house of fire. Spinebuster to Steve, ten punches in the cor-never mind, Dreamer takes a bite. DDT by Dreamer! Rosemary breakes it up at two. Rachael tosses her outside. Steve delivers some shots in the corner to Dreamer, then hits the cannonball for two. Rachael makes the save, and Rosemary sends her outside. Dreamer hits an ace crusher for two, then calls for Doomsday. Rosemary breaks that up and spears Rachael. Dreamer grabs Rosemary, hits a piledriver! Rosemary literally asked for it. Steve & Dreamer with some reversals, and Steve gets the rollup for three!

Winners: Decay
Match Rating: ***1/4

Something to be said for giving the people what they want, and this match certainly did that.

Gia Miller talks to Eddie Edwards. Alisha wants him to end this issue with a Singapore Cane.

Impact X Division Championship Match: Challenger Black Taurus (w/Havok) vs. Champion Josh Alexander: Fans chant “Both These Guys”. Alexander goes for the ankle, but Taurus with the shots. Shoulderblock goes nowhere. Taurus gets it on the second attempt. He gets tripped and Alexander goes for the ankle lock. Taurus kicks him off. Alexander with the wristlock, Taurus with the lucha athleticism to get out. Taurus with some strikes. Headbutt with that mask. Runs into an elbow, Alexander with a big boot. Stomp to the hand. Taurus changes the momentum with a powerslam that gets two. Alexander with a Northern Lights suplex for two. Runs into a boot, Taurus with a pumphandle backbreaker for two. Big punch rocks Alexander. Taurus likes throwing those strikes. Alexander answers, but Taurus knocks him down. Shoulderbreaker from Taurus for two. Taurus with more shots, Alexander down in the corner. KneeDT. Alexander kicks out at one but gets put in an old fashioned stretch. D’Lo says that’s what it’s called. Josh fights out, hits a vertical suplex. Josh gets sent outside, and Taurus hits the tope con hilo! Back in the ring, Alexander retakes the advantage, and hits a series of German suplexes. Four lead to a two count. Taurus backdropped outside but lands on his feet. Sits on the apron, Alexander with a crossbody to the back. Goes up top, moonsault by Alexander gets two! Taurus backdrops out of a spike attempt, chops Alexander in the corner. Twisting splash & a spear from Taurus get two. The fans want them to fight forever but I don’t think that happens. Alexander goes for the ankle lock, Taurus rolls through, another shot in the corner. Staggers off, and Alexander goes back to that ankle lock. Enziguri takes Alxander down, followed by a sling blade for two. They go up top, Taurus goes for a rana but it’s blocked. Alexander gets him on his back, Finlay Roll off the top! Strike exchange while both are on their knees. Back to their feet and the strikes continue. Alexander gets the advantage until a Taurus headbutt. Misses in the corner, but Taurus hits a discus clothesline. Taurus runs into a boot, powerbomb backbreaker, and a C4 Spike from Alexander gets the three count!

Winner: Josh Alexander
Match Rating: ****


Gia Miller is with Deonna & Matthew. They like their chances against Decay.

Homecoming King & Queen Final: Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Rosemary & Crazzy Steve: Steve & Matthew start after the extended version of Decay’s entrance ends. Nashville encouraging more face biting. Matthew says that Van Gogh cut his ear off, and implies he’s willing to do more than that. Wristlock exchanges lead to a trip by Steve, and Steve goes for the ear! Faceplant by Steve gets two. Tag to Rosemary, who takes a bite out of Matthew’s arm! Steve says he wants another taste, and he tags in and gets one. Rehwoldt runs to his corner & tags Deonna after a discussion. Deonna with a kick, series of reversals lead to a standoff. German suplex by Rosemary, splash in the corner, sling blade. Two count. Rehwoldt says he’s not scared, then Rosemary scares him off the apron. Purrazzo takes advantage though, taking Rosemary down. Tag to Rehwoldt, locks in the good old fashioned stretch. Rosemary gets out, but gets hair pulled to the mat. Tag to Purrazzo. Downward Spiral gets two. Double clothesline sends both women down and off to tag the men. Steve gets the advantage on Rehwoldt. Forearm in the corner, then the cannonball gets two. Steve misses off the turnbuckle, Rehwoldt hits a big fireman’s carry into a powerbomb for two. Superkick to Steve, who powers up. Rehwoldt begs off, Deonna comes in, and everybody’s in now. Double Candice Michelles! Steve with the back rake. Tag to Rosemary, swinging DDT variation gets two. Fireman’s carry by Rehwoldt, tag to Purrazzo, but Rosemary spears Rehwoldt. Deonna blocks a piledriver, doesn’t block the reverse DDT for two. Rehwoldt with the neck snap from behind, but Steve over the top with a dive onto Rehwoldt! Deonna hits the Queen’s Gambit on the weakened Rosemary & gets the three count!

Winners & Homecoming King & Queen: Matthew Rehwoldt & Deonna Purrazzo
Match Rating: ***1/4

Gia Miller presents the crowns to the victors. They look good! Big debut for the Drama King & further establishment of the Age of the Virtuosa.

Matt & D’Lo briefly touch on next week’s Impact episode before we see a video of the issues between Eddie Edwards & W. Morrissey.

Hardcore Match: W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards: Morrissey with the sneak attack to start things. Edwards gets the trash can lid to even things up. Then Morrissey chokes Eddie & sendds him over the top rope. Morrissey beats on Eddie a bit, but gets his spine busted for a one count. Eddie finds a table under the ring. Sets that up, and gets out a trash can too. Morrissey boots that can into Edwards’ head. The fans call Morrissey “softcore” while he’s finding chains under the ring. Some steel chairs too. Morrissey goes low on Edwards and gets the chain. Sticks the chain in Eddie’s mouth! Wraps it around Eddie’s neck and yanks the man down. Sets up a chair on the mat while choking Eddie with the other chair. Morrissey places Eddie up top, presumably to suplex him onto the stack of chairs & trash can lids. Edwards opts for the sunset flip powerbomb, which gets two. Edwards took the brunt of that one, but what the heck? Edwards with a dive, but Morrissey catches him. Trash can lid flies into the audience, but all is well. Morrissey with a shot sends Eddie down. Takes Eddie up to the stage, sets up the powerbomb but gets backdropped instead. Eddie runs down to attack Morrissey but gets sent back first into the apron instead. Morrissey gets the ring steps, rams Eddie face first into them. Morrissey finds a ladder under the ring and props it between the steps & ring apron. Eddie dives onto Morrissey. Edwards finds the Singapore Cane named Kenny under the ring. There’s a shot to Morrissey. Edwards goes up top, but Morrissey boots him off and through the table! The fans say Morrissey sucks while he sets Edwards up for more pain. Edwards fights off the chokeslam through the ladder attempt on the apron, but takes one with Morrissey standing on the floor instead. Morrissey gets another table while the fans chant “No More Tables”. That might be a first. Table is set up in the corner of the ring, then Edwards is brought back in. Morrissey has a ziptie so he can lock Eddie’s hands together. Morrissey gets the cane and takes some shots at Edwards. Morrissey misses the big boot, then Edwards shoulder tackles him through the table! He breaks the ziptie and goes looking for Kenny the Kendo Stick. He takes it to the back of Morrissey. The man’s been busted open. Eddie wraps the chain around his knee for a potential Boston Knee Party. Connects with it for the three count!

Winner: Eddie Edwards
Match Rating: **1/2

Big win for Edwards in his style of match. The fans sing the chorus of his song as the show ends.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Fun little night of wrestling on a Saturday night. A little more laid back than usual for the most part. We did end with a hardcore match & had an X Division Championship match, but it was more about giving the fans a good time than setting up important storylines & what not. Nice debut for the Drama King though, let's see if it leads to anything for him.

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