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Cook’s Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2021 Review

October 24, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2021 Review  

Hey kids! It’s the biggest show of Impact Wrestling’s year, and I’m here to cover it for you on this Saturday night. Let’s get it started!

Cook’s Impact Bound For Glory 2021 Review 10.23.21

Jordynne Grace won the Impact Digital Media Championship at tonight’s Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory PPV pre-show, defeating John Skyler, Crazzy Steve, Fallah Bahh, Chelsea Green, and Madison Rayne in a six-way intergender match with Grace pinning Skyler.

Opening video package starts with Josh Alexander’s road to Impact & the X Division Championship. His family is happy. Then we see Christian Cage’s road back to Impact & the World Championship. Alexander chose Option C, so he gets a World Championship match tonight.

Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown welcome us to Las Vegas & Bound For Glory.

Harley Cameron sings the IInspiration to the ring. The crowd chants for them as they prepare to speak. Jessie & Cassie introduce each other and say they’re here to inspire Impact.

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: Decay (Havok & Rosemary) (c) vs. The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay): Striker mentions that Impact will be going back on the road, to a town near you! Well, maybe near you, I haven’t seen the travel plans. Rosemary & Jessie start things off. Well, Cassie tags in pretty quickly and they do their pose. Side slam by Rosemary on Cassie, a hammerlock and a tag to Havok. Double clothesline to Cassie, and Jessie gets tagged back in. Boots get no reaction from Havok, nor a whip. Jessie gets smacked down and sent into the corner, Rosemary tags in & Decay take turns squashing her in the corner. Rosemary takes a bite out of Jessie’s face then does the headscissor on the ropes. A distraction from Cassie allows Jessie to knock Rosemary off the apron, and Cassie works her over in the ring. Floatover suplex gets 2. Jessie back in, a doubleteam gets 2. Rear chinlock by Jessie, Rosemary with the jawjacker, then a double hair mare. Tag to Havok, who runs over Jessie & Cassie. They run into her and that doesn’t work. Splash on both in the corner, then a butt smash to the seated twosome. Cover on Cassie gets two. Rosemary tags back in. Cassie gains the upper hand and sends Havok outside. Rosemary gets knocked down. Jessie tags in and is a house of fire on Rosemary. Northern Lights throw by Jessie on Rosemary. Blind tag to Cassie, big kick then a running face smash into Jessie’s knee gets two. Rosemary hits the reverse DDT, and Havok is ready for the tag. Backbreaker/spear combo on Cassie gets two. Jessie breaks it up, but Havok is unimpressed. Havok misses a legdrop attempt, Jessie hits the big boot on Rosemary and it’s Cassie & Havok alone for a second. Rosemary tags in, the face bite attempt goes nowhere, Cassie with big kicks to both. Tag to Jessie, they send Havok into the corner a couple of times. Into the ringpost goes Havok, but Rosemary isn’t far behind. She gets Jessie in the ring, reversals, Cassie tags before the rollup can count, and she knees Rosemary in the head. Assisted powerbomb gets a three count and we have new champions!

Winners: The IInspiration
Match Rating: ***

Good showing for some of our favorite Aussies in their return match. You love to see it.

Matt & D’Lo run down the card.

Deonna Purrazzo talks to Gia Miller about how Mickie James caused all these problems and it’s not fair for Matthew Rehwoldt to be banned from ringside. They happen to enjoy each other’s company, but his presence isn’t required. She isn’t starstruck by Mickie, and promises to break both of her arms.

A video package shows how the X Division Championship Three-Way came to be.

X Division Championship Match: Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin vs. El Phantasmo: Yeah, don’t expect much from me on the play by play for this one. El P takes a bump to the outside while Maclin hits a big suplex on Trey. Trey & El P exchange some moves, a dropkick sends El P outside. Trey teases a dive, Maclin teases a powerbomb, neither happen. Maclin does get the advantage back in the ring while El P chills on the outside. El P comes back into the ring so he & Maclin can compare corner striking skills. Trey’s not in much of a position to judge. El P with the dreaded titty twister, but Maclin no-sells. El P gets smacked down. Trey gets the advantage now, locks El P in a submission while neckbreaking Maclin. Then he hits Maclin with a Northern Lights for two. Trey gets sent outside. El P with a couple of high flying moves on Maclin for two. Rope walk by El P. he manages to avoid a running Trey and hit a rana on Maclin. BACK RAKE IN THE CORNER! One for Trey on the floor! Trey gets to work both opponents over now. Then it’s Maclin’s turn, and he DDTs both of his opponents. Both end up in the Tree of Woe, El P gets speared but Trey avoids it and fights back…until he does a handspring and Maclin spears him through the ropes. Then El P eats a tope suicida. Then Trey eats the flying hip attack. Where was this guy in the Forgotten Sons days? El P kicks him off the top rope, then hits the Asai moonsault onto both his opponents. Trey then hits a springboard cutter to El P on the floor. Trey sends Maclin back into the ring, hits a Code Red for two. Trey goes for a submission, but Maclin with the small package for two. Maclin hits an F-5 type move for two. Maclin tosses El P outside. He then places Trey up top, Trey fights back, sets up a powerbomb, but El P inserts himself into things and powerbombs Trey off the top. He then ranas Maclin on top of Trey! Splash gets 2! Maclin with two powerbombs on El P and gets 2.6. Maclin with some profanity, Trey off the top rope, blocked, Matrix by Trey, both men kick Maclin out of the ring. Trey with a roll up on El P for two. El P goes for El Low Blow, but Trey had a cup on. Kicks, then a brainbustaaaa. Trey up top, Meteora! Three count! New X-Division Champion!

Winner: Trey Miguel
Match Rating: ****1/4

Mickie James tells Gia Miller that Deonna Purrazzo is her toughest challenge to date. She made things personal by showing up at Mickie’s house. Over the last eight years, Mickie’s toughest opponent has been herself and her self-doubt. Tonight is about proving to herself that she’s worthy of holding a championship again.

Recap of the issues between Heath. Rhino & Violent By Design. Heath will either face VBD alone, or with Rhino by his side.

Violent By Design (Deaner & Joe Doering w/Eric Young) vs. Heath & ?: Heath walks out by himself, and David Penzer is about to introduce a partner, but apparently there isn’t one. Deaner attacks from behind & Doering takes Heath’s head off with a clothesline. The bell rings & Deaner misses in the corner. Heath doesn’t miss on Deaner in the corner. Doering comes in to eat a few punches, then Deaner takes over with a spinning neckbreaker. He stomps Heath down in the corner and tags in Doering. Big slam gets two. Doering hits the running crossbody for two. Deaner tags in, goes up top, misses the swandive. Heath still looking for a partner, poor guy. He hits some punches, clotheslines and a kick on Deaner. Doering gets sent outside, then Heath & Deaner clothesline each other. Rhino’s music plays, and here he walks down to the ring. He walks on the apron, stares at Heath, and orders a tag! Rhino beats up Deaner, belly to bellys Doering. He calls for the gore, the fans chant, and he delivers it to Deaner for the three count!

Winners: Heath & Rhino
Match Rating: **1/2

The friends embrace, and it’s morning again in America.

Earlier tonight, Awesome Kong was inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. Also, Jordynne Grace became the first Digital Media Champion.

Jordynne tells Gia Miller she’s so happy to become the first Triple Crown Knockout, and she couldn’t have done it without Rachael Ellering, who will win the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Rachael feels good about it, even when Moose & W. Morrissey appear in the frame.

A video package airs explaining the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. It’s pretty much the gauntlet match they’ve done since the main event of their first show, with the winner getting a title shot of their choosing.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match: Chris Sabin is the first entry, a spot he “earned” recently on television. Rocky Romero is the second participant! Two veterans going at it early. They try to dropkick each other and that doesn’t work. Fans are behind Rocky here, but he’s a sneaky kinda guy. Romero & Sabin exchange shots. Romero gains the advantage with the poke to the eye. Clotheslines in the corner by Romero, big clothesline as the clock ticks down & Madman Fulton emerges. The two veterans team up on the big man, though their offense has a limited amount of effectiveness. Rohit Raju is number four. Sabin & Romero team up on him while Fulton takes a breather. Raju gains the upper hand, but thinks better of going after Fulton. They join forces though they can’t agree on a fist bump or handshake. Tasha Steelz is number five. Raju wants her on his side, and she agrees to join him & Fulton. Rocky thrown outside by Raju like yesterday’s garbage. Rachael Ellering is number six, and she goes right after Steelz. TKO sends Steelz down, but Fulton goes after Ellering. Rohit tries to hang on while on the apron, and has to hold on to Fulton’s hair. This results in Fulton’s elimination. Savannah Evans is number seven, which is good news for her friend Tasha Steelz. They double team Ellering. Ellering ducks a shot from Steelz, then lifts Evans up and places her on the apron before knocking her out! Johnny Swinger is number eight, and comes out while Ellering is eliminated by Evans. Those two will probably have an issue later on, but here’s the Swing Man! Steelz goes right after him. Melina is number nine! Melina goes right after Steelz. Swinger poses for her. Turns out she can still do a splits. Swinger chokes Raju in the corner. THE KISS DEMON IS NUMBER TEN! Well, KISS isn’t mentioned due to copyright issues, but Swinger knows it’s Gene Simmons! Swinger holds the top rope for the Demon, then goes into his tights for various gimmicks. He wants an autograph! Demon signs it, shows Swinger the name, and tosses him out! Demon is now the biggest heel in the building.

Brian Myers is number eleven. He & the Demon talk some junk and exchange some punches. Then it’s Matt Cardona, who of course is following Myers at number twelve. Sabin & Steelz exchanging some shots. Laredo Kid is unlucky number thirteen. He goes right after Raju. Steelz flies out of the ring after missing a shot on Melina, then Myers dumps Melina out of there. Sam Beale is next at fourteen, much to the surprise of his former mentor Myers. Beale still takes instructions from Myers anyway, attacking Cardona. Rich Swann is number fifteen, and he goes right after Beale & Myers. Beale takes advantage of a distracted Myers and tosses him out! Ace Austin is number sixteen, which is a pretty darn good draw for him. Demon goes after him, gets rocked & tossed out. Moose comes in at seventeen, and he runs over Swann. Beale attacks from behind, bad idea. Moose powerbombs him over the top onto some ham & eggers. Then he goes after Laredo Kid. Eddie Edwards is number eighteen. Laredo Kid was in the way of Moose, so Eddie tosses him. Moose powerbombs Edwards into the ring apron. Alisha is number nineteen and has Kenny & Kendra with her, which the Edwards family use on Moose while everybdody else makes sure to stay out of the way. W. Morrissey is number twenty and the next to meet some kendo sticks, but they don’t have much effect. Morrissey tosses her out of the ring on top of some fools. Edwards avoids the kendo stick shot but doesn’t avoid the big boot to the floor. Moose gives Morrissey some orders, and Rohit tries to join their alliance. Instead he joins the eliminated. Austin gets pushed out by Sabin, then Fulton runs back down to make Sabin pay for that indiscretion. Sabin is helped out of the ring by Moose & Morrissey. They’re joined in the final four by Swann & Cardona. Swann is about to be dumped by Morrissey, when Moose dumps both of them!

Your final two are Moose & Matt Cardona, and they’ll settle this via pinfall or submission. Moose misses in the corner, Cardona lands some big shots but then gets booted. Big clothesline by Cardona, he goes to the middle rope, misses the Radio Silence and gets speared by Moose for the three count.

Winner: Moose
Match Rating: ***1/2

Heath tells Gia Miller that he knew Rhino would show up at the right time. Rhino says that Heath can tell his kids that Uncle Rhino is back!

Video package setting up the Tag Team Championship Match.

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match: The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) (c) vs. FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) vs. Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo): Bey & Finlay start. Finlay gets the early advantage, Bey responds, they trade some moves and there’s the stand-off. Finlay hits the dropkick for one. Finlay tags Juice, he tags back in and they’re calling their moves. Juice with a standing senton. Jawbreaker from Bey, and this leads to Gallows & Hikuleo tagging in. The big men throw some lumber. The shoulderblock exchange doesn’t go much of anywhere. Hikuleo knocks Doc down to a knee before tagging in Bey. Finlay tags Bey, not sure that’s a great idea, now he’s getting worked over by those Good Brothers. Hikuleo tags Anderson and works over Finlay. Knocks Juice off the apron. Delayed vertical suplex to Finlay gets two. Tag to Bey, and they doubleteam Finlay. Juice gets the tag and goes after Bey. Biiiiiiig backdrop. Hikuleo gets knocked off the apron. Anderson gets a bunch of punches. Doc knocked off the apron. Bey gets gutbusted for two. DDT by Bey, but Finlay breaks that up. Everybody exchanging moves & everybody down. Cannonball in the corner by Juice. FinJuice setting Bey up. Superplex, splash, but Karl Anderson tagged Juice! He picks up the scraps for the three count.

Winners: The Good Brothers
Match Rating: **3/4

Minoru Suzuki is coming soon!

Christian Cage talks to Gia about his upcoming match with Josh Alexander. He sacrificed everything when he first came to Impact and helped build the company. He’s not ready to pass the torch yet, and he doesn’t think Josh has proven he has what it takes. The headgear will keep him from hearing the disappointment from his fans & family.

Video package setting up the Knockouts Championship Match.

Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Mickie James: Mickie attacks just after the introductions. Sends Deonna hard into the ringsteps. Purrazzo fights back, but it’s James taking her back towards the stage. Mickie tries to jump onto Deonna, but Deonna blocks and sends her back first into the side of the stage. Deonna drags Mickie to the ringside area, Mickie fires back but then gets kicked in the head. Back in the ring and now the match officially starts. Deonna remains on the offensive, Mickie has some brief flurries of offense but it’s Deonna dominating. Suplex gets two. Mickie gets stomped down in the corner and rolls out of the ring. Deonna stomps her hand on the rope, and has more stomps when Mickie gets back in the ring. Mickie sent into the corner, but she blocks a charge. Deonna hits a powerbomb, stack cover gets two. Mickie hits a big shot and both women try a running crossbody. They’re down, get back on their knees and exchange shots. Mickie gets the upperhand, big kick to a seated Deonna gets two. Mickie with the rana, then a flapjack. Mickie goes up top, hits the Thesz Press for two! DDT attempt blocked by Deonna, she kicks Mickie down for a two count. Mickie blocks the piledriver, hits a pump kick, Headscissor, floats into the DDT! Only two! Not many folks have kicked out of that one. Not sure if the number was zero, but it was close to zero. Deonna fights back. She goes for the Queen’s Gambit but Mickie blocks. Deonna locks in the armbar! Turns it into the Venus De Milo, but Mickie gets the ropes before it can be fully locked in. Big kick by Mickie, but Deonna maintains control, and hits the Queen’s Gambit cradle piledriver! Only two! Deonna goes outside and is looking under the ring. She gets a chair! Referee isn’t having any of that and takes it away. Deonna places Mickie up top. Mickie bites her and goes for another Thesz press, but hits that referee! Deonna gets the chair, but Mickie kicks it in her face! Gets a two count. Mickie heads back up top, gets crotched by Deonna. Deonna locks in the armbar on the ropes. She yanks Mickie off the top rope by the arm. Kick by Mickie, then a tornado DDT! It gets three! New Knockouts Champion!

Winner: Mickie James
Match Rating: ***3/4

Matt & D’Lo hype upcoming events such as Turning Point in Las Vegas. Hard To Kill will take place in Dallas on January 8 and will be the next PPV.

Video package hyping the World Championship Match.

Impact World Championship Match: Christian Cage (c) vs. Josh Alexander: Josh’s wife & son are shown at ringside, nice to see them there. Collar & elbow tieup into the corner. Christian breaks it, Josh with the shove. These two feeling each other out early. Alexander goes for the anklelock, Cage immediately avoids it. A shove leads to some fisticuffs, Josh misses in the corner, but then shoves Christian off the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, and a backbreaker on Cage gets two. Northern Lights gets a two count for Alexander. He goes for the C4 Spike, and Christian backdrops him to the floor. Josh catches the sliding dropkick attempt, locks in an ankle lock & Christian kicks him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Christian stomps him down and hits a Rude Awakening for two. Chinlock! Cage takes control, lands some chops in the cotner. Alexander answers with some chops of his own. Some shoulderblocks in the corner by Christian, then Josh German suplexes him into the corner. Backdrop by Alexander, but Christian evades him in the corner before Josh big boots him down. Josh gets Christian up, can’t hit the powerbomb and Christian gets the punches in the corner. Josh finally hits the powerbomb for two. Reverse DDT gets two for Christian. On the mat, Alexander rolls out of a choke for a near fall, but Christian regains control with some traditional offense. Alexander gets two with a knee to the back of Cage’s head. Tornado DDT by Christian for two. Alexander fires back, hits the Chaos Theory for two. Alexander goes for the crossface, that’s blocked so he goes for the ankle lock. That’s blocked, so now Alexander locks in the Sharpshooter. Cage finds the ropes. Josh places him up top, follows him up. Cage fires back, but gets backdropped off the top. Alexander misses the moonsault, Cage hits the spear for two! Cage goes for the Killswitch, it’s blocked, but Alexander gets whipped against the ropes. Cage goes up top, Alexander follows him, but gets puched off. Christian splash gets two. Goes for the Killswitch again, blocked, rolling elbow, then a C4 spike blocked. Christian runs into the post, anklelock by Josh, Kilswitch not engaged & Josh goes for the ankle lock. Christian tries to kick out, Josh holds on. He stands on Christian’s right hand! With nowhere to go, Christian taps out!

Winner: Josh Alexander
Match Rating: ***3/4

Christian congratulates the new champion. Hug of honor! Josh poses with the Impact World title and his wife & son enter the ring for the celebration. Hold on a second here, Moose has called his shot!

Impact World Championship Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Moose: Spear and a three count.

Winner: Moose
Match Rating: N/A

Yep, Moose is your new Impact World Champion.

The final score: review Good
The 411
There was a lot to like about this show. Doesn't get much better than opening with a Jessie & Cassie debut & title win. X Division match was pretty crazy. The Gauntlet match was one of the better ones they've done in recent memory. Thought the KO title match was really nice, and the first world championship match was a solid piece of business. And hey, I get what they're going for. Put some heat on the big heel champ by having him destroy the guy right in front of the family. But if I'm going to give certain promotions crap for lame cash-in gimmicks, I gotta do it to Impact too. It's only fair. If you're going to take ideas from people, take some of their good ones instead of their bad ones. Maybe I'm wrong and Moose will prove to be a top drawing heel champion that generates a lot of interest. Time will tell. For now, I have to knock the rating down a notch because that's what you do when you get a bad after-taste even if there was a lot of good stuff.