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Inquest States ‘Multiple Failures’ Took Place After Silver King’s Heart Attack

October 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Silver King

– The coroner’s inquest into the passing of Silver King in May has determined that “multiple failures” took place after the wrestler collapsed in the ring. The Camden New Journal reports that the senior coroner in the case blasted the early treatment delivered after Silver King — aka Gonzalaz Barron — collapsed in the ring. He passed away at the age of 51, and the inquest heard how an ambulance wasn’t called until five minutes after he collapsed and the CPR given to him before paramedics arrived was “ineffective.”

Mary Hassell, the coronor, said during the inquest that “When I talk about failures in first aid I’m talking about a whole raft, the whole context of the first aid that was offered. In every way there was a failure properly to plan to ensure that everybody knew what they were doing, that procedures were in place so that first and foremost a person who became unwell in the ring would be identified immediately.”

She noted that the multiple failures mean that Barron “lost the opportunity to have the best treatment possible and lost the opportunity of survival that otherwise would have been afforded to him … Immediate effective defibrillator-assisted CPR would have given Mr Gonzalez Barron a significant greater likelihood of survival.”

Barron was facing Juventud Guerrera at the show and after he went for a pinfall on Guerrera, he didn’t get up. After Guerrera and the referee checked on him, several wrestlers came the ring and the ambulance was eventually called. Hassell said that it was “unclear” whether there was a professional body responsible for the situation and said, “It seems Mexican wrestling does not have the same procedures in place as other sports such as regular wrestling or other martial arts. I’m thinking particularly of having at least a paramedic on ringside or at least somebody whose responsibility it is to ensure that the performers in the ring are still healthy and that any event is recognised immediately.”

Barron’s death was determined to be natural causes of severe heart disease, with additional stress from the match being the likely trigger. Barron had suffered a previous heart attack “many months at least or years ago … I don’t think one can say it was probable he would have survived had resuscitation been commenced immediately, but there would have been a significantly greater likelihood.”

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