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Jazmin Allure On Working With AJ Mendez In WOW – Women Of Wrestling, What Advice She’s Gotten

January 24, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jazmin Allure AEW Dark Elevation Image Credit: AEW

Jazmin Allure is a part of the WOW – Women Of Wrestling roster as Jennifer Florez, and recently she talked about working with AJ Mendez within the company. Mendez, the former AJ Lee, is an executive producer and commentator for the company and Allure spoke with Denise Salcedo for a new interview in which she shared her thoughts on working with Mendez and more.

“It’s amazing,” Allure said of her relationship with Mendez (per Fightful). “It’s another company that are full of women that are so supportive of each other. The locker room is great as well. I was brought in by AJ [Mendez], who growing up, she was one of those people that looked like me you know, Hispanic and she was like smaller than the rest of the girls, so that was very motivational. So for her to bring me into WOW, she’s like my mother there. She gives the best advice and I can always message her and be like ‘Hey, what did you think about this match? How did I do?’ She’s amazing.”

She added, “When they say never meet your your idols because you might get disappointed, with her it was like the opposite. She was so nice and all of the girls are amazing too. I want to say that the biggest advice she’s given me, and this is just like life in general, is that the energy you put out is the energy you will receive, so always be nice to others. I think that’s just what I apply to everything, so that’s kind of what I learned from her.”

WOW – Women Of Wrestling airs in syndication and has been performing well in terms of ratings since debuting in September of last year.