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Jazzy Gabert on Being Told by WWE That ‘Creative Had Nothing for You,’ What She’s Working on Now

February 4, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jazzy Gabert

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently interviewed Jazzy Gabert, who discussed her recent exit from NXT UK. Below are some highlights from WrestlingInc.com.

Jazzy Gabert on her leaving NXT UK/WWE: “It was difficult because WWE was always my dream since I was a little kid. But to be honest, NXT UK was so different from SmackDown or Raw which is what I was dreaming of. I asked if there was a chance to move up and their typical answer was that creative had nothing for you. I had just one month with NXT UK so we had the Performance Center for 10 days and then tapings. But for me that was not enough. I want to do it full time and be on the road all the time. So I was searching for other projects doing TV stuff and acting. It was successful and they were like, ‘Wow! You’re awesome and we really want to work with you.’ It was all or nothing so I had to make the decision and it was hard.”

Gabert on WWE rescinding their initial contract offer to her after the 2017 Mae Young Classic: “I just came off an injury. Before my injury I was in so much pain and walking around with a bad neck. But I didn’t know it because I thought, ‘Hey I’m a wrestler – of course I’m in pain.’ Then I signed a contract in 2017 and [testing] found out that I had a bad neck and I had surgery. Right after surgery the next day there was zero pain. In 2018 the whole year I was not in pain. Then in 2019 I sign with WWE and I’m in the ring and going to the gym and I’m hurting again. I’m like, ‘Wow! I miss not being in pain.’ I love this business so much but I love being pain-free too and it wasn’t worth it.”

Her thoughts on if WWE can do a better job of showcasing women of all sizes: “Absolutely. Nia Jax was doing a great job until she got hurt. But just imagine beating up all these girls and being a legit heel. Then one day, another big girl, maybe me, comes in and challenges her. People want to see that… There’s so much potential in stuff like that.”

Gabert on her own show she’s promoting: “I’m doing my own show and I have a lot of big guys. My main event is going to be two big guys banging heads. I tell my boys ‘Don’t kill yourself. You don’t have to.’ It’s more important to see characters. … If you bring back the fear to people – for example – if you look at Brock Lesnar you would say, ‘Oh, I don’t wanna mess with him.’ But if you look at Finn Balor – I don’t say anything bad of him – but if a normal person looks at him, they wouldn’t be scared of him,” revealed Gabert. “I think we need this back and the over the top characters like Tatanka and Doink the Clown.”

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