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Jeremy’s AEW Rampage Review 10.22.21

October 22, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Rampage
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Jeremy’s AEW Rampage Review 10.22.21  

Hello AEW fans! It’s Friday night and you know what that means — it’s time for another episode of AEW Rampage on TNT! I’m Jeremy Thomas, filling in for Lee Sanders for tonight. Tonight’s gonna be another big show with PAC and Andrade El Idolo getting their rematch, the World Title Eliminator Tournament brackets being revealed and more. We’ve got a lot to get into, so let’s jump right in.

Taz, Ricky Starks, Excalibur, and Chris Jericho are your commentary team this week.

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AEW Eliminator Tournament Match
Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Cassidy is wrapped up and he waves Hobbs in. Hobbs does the same, and then charges in. Cassidy ducks but gets caught with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Hardy is cheering at ringside as Hobbs grabs Cassidy on the outside and drops him into the guardrail. He rolls in and out, then grinds Cassidy’s face into the steps and begins taunting him.

Cassidy crawls in but gets grabbed and wrapped around the ringpost on those ribs. Hobbs rolls in, pulls Cassidy into the ring and covers for two. Sidewalk slam by Hobbs, then another for good measure. Whip; into the ropes, he picks Cassidy up who flips around and goes for a DDT but Hobbs catches him throws him into the ropes and then flattens him with a clothesline we we go to PIP break.

Back and Hobbs is still in control, bending Cassidy back into a single-leg Boston crap. He lets it go and stalks Cassidy, who gets up in the corner and eats a first. Whip across the ring and Orange is down, Hobbs picks him up and whips him across the ring. Cassidy goes to the outside and catches Hobbs with a head to the turnbuckle, he goes up top and leaps for a crossbody but Hobbs catches him and turns it into a torture rack! Cassidy is trying to fight out and he gets out, launching in blows in desperation. Cassidy off the ropes, he goes for the DDT again but gets caught, so he turns it into an inside cradle for two. Cassidy with the Orange Punch but Hobbs catches him and drives him into the corner. He steps out and hits a splash. The ref yells at him for staying in the corner — and Hobbs picks him up and carries him across the ring! Hook is there as the voice of reason, and Cassidy comes up behind — La Magistral pin for the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy (8:10)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: It was a solid, deliberate match that kept Hobbs strong while giving Cassidy the win. Perfectly fine.

* Tony Schiavone is in the ring and mentions FTR managing to win the AAA Tag Team Titles last week before introducing the Penta and Alex Abrahantes. Tony points out the Bros. are still AEW World Tag Team Champions. Penta starts to speak and he sees a couple of guys with FTR’s masks from last week in the crowd. He goes out and yanks the masks off, but they’re just a couple of guys and FTR sneaks up to attack with Tully. They take out Penta and Alex and pose with the titles until PAC comes out, and they bail.

Anna Jay vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Lockup in the center of the ring and Baker backs Jay into the ropes, nailing a shot as they break. That fires Jay up and she hits several shots, slipping out of a Lockjaw attempt and trying for the Queenslayer which Baker escapes.

They do some counter-wrestling that turns into a cruifix pin by Jay for two. Baker up and does a hammerlock takedown into a cover for two. Back up, Baker with a full nelson and Jay and Baker counter a bit, Jay with a big kick to the head and then forearms. Jay sent into the corner, dodges the charge and hits another kick to the face before hitting an armdrag and Flatliner. She goes for a clutch submission and Baker slips out. Kick attempts ducked by Baker, who sends Anna crashing into the turnbuckle head-first.

Baker with a book choke against the bottom turnbuckle, and we’re on break.

We’re back and Baker hits a clothesline, then comes off the ropes with a Slingblade. Twisting neckbreaker and a cover for two, which Britt isn’t happy about. Reba gives her the glove and Baker moves in — forearms to Jay and an Irish whip, but Jay reverses and hits a DDT followed by a dropkick to the head for two. Jay is frustrated now, she goes for the Queenslayer but Baker escapes and gets to the ropes. She rolls over Jay, cruicfix gets one, crucifix by Baker for one, and Jay with the Queenslayer. Baker gets to a standing position, Hayter with a distraction and Baker covers for two. Jay knocks Hayter and Reba off the aprons, she locks the Queenslayer again. Baker is trying everything to break the hold to no avail until she gets to the ropes.

Jay goes to grab Baker but she gets a cheap shot and takes her down, then locks in the Lockjaw for the win.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (10:26)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Really good match between these two that made Jay look very, very good. They worked well in there.

After the match, Baker locks in the Lockjaw again until Conti comes out and chased Baker out, then holds the title up in the ring and mocks Baker.

* We find out the brackets of the TBS Title Tournament.

* Schiavone is there for a remote interview with both Andrade and PAC. Andrade starts first and says he beat him before and will beat him tonight. He has friends around the world and tonight he’ll beat him easy.

PAC cuts Tony off and says this should have been settled weeks ago, but Andrade introduced dodgy everything. With everyone banned from ringside, he’s going to settle it tonight.

PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo

Andrade and PAC start jawing in the ring and then Andrade charges right into a spin kick. Snap German suplex to Andrade and he rolls out of the ring, only to get caught with a corkscrew dive to the outside! PAC rolls Andrade in and goes up top, but Andrade up and he trips PAC off the top to the floor.

Stomps to PAC and he comes off the ropes for double knees in the corner, but PAC dodges. Kicks to Andrade and then one to the side of the head that takes Andrade down. Irish whip into the corner and Andrade is down, cover for one.

PAC to the apron and he kicks Andrade in the head. Andrade asks for another one, so PAC obliges. Hip check to El Idolo and then a laying side headlock. Andrade gets to his feet and elbows out, he sends PAC into the corner and charges with a boot and PAC tries to dodge but catches it to the face! Springboard dive to the outside onto PAC, and we’re on PIP break.

Andrade stayed in control during the break, and he hits the Three Amigo suplexes followed by a cover for two. Andrade now gets PAC up for a waistlock, which PAC elbows out of. He goes into the ropes but Andrade follows and hits a big boot. Andrade goes for the slingshot dropkick but PAC dodges and Andrade hits the floor HARD.

PAC hits a rana off the apron, sending Andrade back-first into a chair. The crowd chants “HOLY SHIT” as PAC gets back up on the apron, goes up top and hits a perfect moonsault onto Andrade! PAC rolls Andrade in and goes up top once more, Andrade tries to bait him but PAC is ready this time and he spikes Andrade with a diving cutter. PAC covers for two and then looks for the Brutalizer, but Andrade gets his foot to the ropes quickly.

Andrade on the apron now, Pac pulls him up and Andrade hangs PAC on the ropes. Andrade goes for a suplex to the outside, Pac escapes and lands on the apron. They trade shots on the apron, Andrade with a reverse backbreaker/DDT onto the apron! Andrade slingshots into the ring and then back out for a DDT ONTO THE APRON to the floor!

Both men down now, but Andrade does get up first. He rolls PAC in and goes up top, he’s wobbly and PAC is able to get up and crotch Andrade on the top. PAC climbs up with Andrade, AVALANCHE BRAINBUSTER! Cover for two — NO! Both men are up to their knees and just start slapping each other, Andrade turns it into elbows and comes off the ropes, some counter wrestling and a POISON RANA! PAC comes off the ropes, goes for the boot but hits a back elbow. They trade quick pin attempts, PAC with an inside cradle for three!

Winner: PAC (16:17)
Rating: ****
Thoughts: That was a badass main event that delivered what it needed to be. It felt personal and they raised the bar here for a hell of an in-ring effort. Great work all around.

The lights go out, and when they come back Malakai is out here. He spit mist in PAC’s face and stomps him down. Andrade is ecstatic. Black gets a chair and Andrade is holding him — HERE COMES ARN! GLOCK ANDERSON IS HERE! And Cody comes out during the distraction to attack, he’s laying waste! Andrade out of the ring, powerslam to Black!

Cody now has the chair, but Black bails. And that’s how we end it, with the two staring off to close the show.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This was mostly a one-match show, but what a match it was. PAC and Andrade delivered exactly as needed here, and nothing else on the show was bad. AEW Rampage's strength is that it's an hour-long show that, in its best form, should zoom by and offer good in-ring action while building storylines. That's exactly what we got this week and I can't see anything that someone might pick at, unless you just hate Orange Cassidy that much.

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