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Jeremy’s Impact Sacrifice 2023 Review

March 24, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
KUSHIDA Impact Sacrifice Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Jeremy’s Impact Sacrifice 2023 Review  

Greetings, Impact viewers! It’s time for another Impact! Plus event, this time being Impact Rebellion. I’m Jeremy Thomas, and tonight we have a show that has undergone some unfortunate last-minute changes due to injuries to Mickie James and Josh Alexander. It should still be a solid show though as Steve Maclin takes Alexander’s spot alongside Rich Swann and Frankie Kazarion against Time Machine, while Bully Ray faced Tommy Dreamer in a Busted Open match. The future of the Knockouts Championship will be addressed following James’ injury, Trey Miguel will take on Lince Dorado in an X-Division title defends and more. There’s a lot to look forward to tonight, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

Quick Results From the Countdown to Sacrifice Pre-Show:
Eddie Edwards defeated Bhupinder Gujjar with the Boston Knee Party (7:02)
Rosemary defeated Kilynn King with a spear (8:36)

* We start off with a vignette showing off the various competitors for tonight’s matches, talking about how the dream drives and motivates us. We get a brief montage of Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer in the middle as well, along with the Purrazzo and Gisele Shaw feud.

* We’re LIVE in Windsor, Ontario and we’re hopping right into Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham.

Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

Bailey and Gresham circle to start and lock up. Gresham shot into the ropes and runs Bailey over, they flip around each other and counterwrestle a bit, trading reversals. Back up and Gresham stalls before Bailey goads him and they go back into the lockup. Jockeying for position, they go to the mat and roll in the lockup all the way out of the ring where they split. Back into the ring as they stare at each other, and they lock back up.

Gresham back against the ropes, we get the split but Gresham gets a thumb in the eye. He says it’s unintentional and they shake hands. Test of strength turns into a waistlock series, Gresham with a wristlock that Bailey flips out of and reverses. Gresham escapes himself and trips up Bailey, he goes for a surfboard and eventually Bailey escapes.

Bailey gets Gresham on the mat, Gresham escapes and locks in a wristlock, working the joint manipulation on Bailey’s elbow and wrist. Bailey in the corner and the break is called. Waistlock by Bailey, Gresham trips him and wraps up Bailey’s legs for a submission, but Bailey gets a hold of Gresham’s foot to prevent it until Gresham finally presses on the knee with his foot. Gresham rolls to his feet and flips it around on Bailey, who gets to the ropes. Gresham was unable to break the hold and the ref breaks it.

Bailey is pissed now and shoves Gresham, Gresham shoves back and it’s getting heated. A slap by Gresham, and Bailey with the rabid fire kicks that sends him to the ropes. Bailey knocks Gresham to the outside and leaps up to the top for a moonsault to the outside! Gresham rolled back in, and Bailey with a chop and whip, Bailey with a kick to the head and then a whip across the ring. Gresham up and over and trips Bailey, traps one leg and smashes his other knee repeatedly into the mat.

Gresham up and stomps the ankle, he grabs Bailey’s foiot and snaps his toes down. He locks in an ankle lock, Bailey flips over and kicks Gresham off. Shot to the face of Gresham, and a couple more. Gresham counters an Irish whip and wraps up Bailey’s legs to pull him into a modified Texas Cloverleaf. He lets go early though and stomps the leg. Whip into the ropes and a big clothesline, cover for two.

Irish whip into a back elbow by Gresham and another cover for two. Bailey sent into the corner but he gets the feet up, then goes up top quickly for a missle dropkick. Bailey lying in wait — spin kick and an aex kick. Standing shooting star and a cover for two. Bailey kicking away at Gresham’s hamstring, knocking him down, and goes for a kick but Gresham catches it. They reverse waistlocks until Gresham hits a DDT.

Gresham charges Bailey in the corner and hits a chop, Gresham with low dropkicks to the knee and a cover for two — Bailey rolls Gresham up for two and goes for a kick but Gresham ducks and kicks the knee out again.

Both men now up and they trade shots in the center of the ring. Gresham with a single-leg takedown but Bailey with a kick and they’re back up for strikes. Bailey kicks at the leg, Gresham down but kips up. Gresham gets the Figure Four locked in! Bailey is pulled to the center of the ring and his shoulders are down for a couple of two-counts. He tries to reverse it to no luck at first, and his shoulders go down again for two. Bailey finally rolls Gresham over to the ropes to get the break.

Gresham grabs Bailey on the apron but gets shoved into the ringpost. Bailey charges in and takes Gresham down to the apron — backflip double knee to Gresham ON THE APRON! Bailey now going up top, but Gresham escapes and grabs Bailey. He picks him up and drops him knee-first ONTO the apron! Both men are down on the outside. They stop each other from escaping and Gresham takes Bailey down but they both BARELy get into the ring.

Kicks in the ring, Bailey wraps Gresham up for two and hits a superkick. They trade reversals, Bailey with a kick to Gresham’s face and he goes up for the Ultima Weapon but Gresham moves! Figure out but Bailey reverses and Gresham taps!

Winner: Mike Bailey (19:28)
Rating: *** 3/4
Thoughts: Fantastic match to start us off. It was well-paced and didn’t get too high-spotty; it was just a cleanly-executed match that got the show off to a great start.

* Gia Miller asks Brian Myers about his match with Hendry tonight. He says he pinned Hendry with ease last night and will do it again. He says round two of his title reign will be great. Moose comes in and says he’s going to make sure lightning strikes twice and will help him be Digital Media Champion. Santino walks in and says Moose just stooged himself, and said Moose is forbidden to be ringside for the bout. Moose and Myers aren’t happy.

* Before his match, Hendry says that every now and then the British royalty sends a member of the Royal Family to Canada. This year it was hard to decide to who send but he said “Harry, I’ve got this” and that he got Megan’s text, though it’s inappropriate. So he’s in Windsor College and will be giving an education to Brian Myers as he sacrifices his face.

Impact Digital Media Championship Match
Joe Hendry vs. Brian Myers

Myers talks trash at first and Hendry backs him into the corner, then tosses him across the ring. Once more for good measure, and he runs over Myers who rolls to the outside. Hendry chases after and sends him into the apron, then slams him into the ring steps. Hendry rolls in and out to break the count and then sends Myers into the apron once more.

Myers fights back with a punch but Hendry fires back and bodyslams him to the floor. Hendry breaks the count again but Myers sends him into the apron, then rolls him in. Myers with a Flatliner and charges in but gets caught by the throat — Standing Ovation countered by a chop block, followed by Hendry being sent throat-first into the ropes. Charging forearm by Myers, followed by fists to the head. Elbow to the shoulder and a sleeper by Myers. Hendry back up and fights out, he goes into the ropes by Myers follows and trips him. Myers grabs Hendry for a suplex and a cover for two.

Knee to Hendry’s back and a chinlock, Hendry gets to his feet and nails a backslide for two but Myers with an immediate dropkick for two. Myers trash talks the crowd and kicks Hendry, face-first slam by the challenger. Back to the sleeperhold for Myers, Hendry escapes but gets caught with a sitout slam for a nearfall.

Myers talks trash as Hendry gets to his feet and lays in with chops. Hendry into the ropes and dives with a spinning back elbow. He’s looking hyped as he clotheslines Myers twice, sends him into the ropes and catches him for a fallaway slam! Kippup and a cutter off the ropes for two. Hendry manages to hit an enzuigiri, kick to the gut and Implant DDT for a two-count.

Myers charges in but Hendry pushes him up and over — but Myers with the spear! Cover for two-plus. Myers goes to the apron and climbs, but Hendry is up and nails him. Hendry up on the middle rope, he grabs Myers but Myers fights back and shoves him off. Myers dives RIGHT INTO a cutter! Standing Ovation and that’s it.

Winner: Joe Hendry (8:49)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Perfectly competant match. Both guys worked this well and Hendry gets the win as most would expect.

* Gia Miller is backstage with Santino and Mickie James. She asks about Mickie’s status, and she says she’s not good – more disappointed than anything. She has a broken rib and she’s going to be out for some time. She says Jordynne warned her about wrestling so close to the match and was looking forward to tonight, and is disappointed she can’t deliver it. She also won’t be at Multiverse United, but hopes to defend it at Rebellion.

Gia asks what happens if she can’t compete, and Santino says Grace had a World Title shot and there was a Knockouts Title match as well. At Rebellion it will be Grrace vs. the winner of Multiverse United’s match for the title, and if James can get cleared it’ll be a three-way. James says she’ll be at Rebellion, either defending the title or passing the title over to the winner of the match.

Gisele Shaw vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna attacks Shaw to start and they trade some offense, Shaw is caught in the corner for chops from Purrazzo. They counter each other until Deonna gets a roll-up, followed by one from Shaw. Deonna with the backslide, Shaw with a crucifix, Purrazzo with a jackknife and Shaw right into the armbar, but Purrazzo escapes and goes for the Venus De Milo until Shaw escapes to the outside.

Deonna dives through the ropes onto Shaw, Evans tries to get involved. Purrazzo throws Shaw into the ring and Evans runs Deonna over. Shaw now out of the ring and lays into Deonna with punches before slamming her back-first into the ring. She knocks Deonna down and then rolls her into the ring, cover for two.

A chop in the corner by Shaw, whip across the ring and charging uppercuts. Big uppercut in the center of the ring, cover for two. Shaw gets the ref’s attention, Deonna gets nailed from the outside, cover for two. Gisele with mounted punches until the ref pulls her off. Whip into the corner, Shaw runs into a back elbow. Shaw hangs Purrazzo up in the ropes and lays double knees into her gut, cover for two.

Shaw now with a deep chinlock, Purrazzo eventually gets to her feet and elbows out before getting slammed in the back. Deonna however counters a neckbreaker into one of her own. She blocks a shot by Shaw and hits one of her own and another, clotheslines from Deonna and a knee to the head off the ropes. Russian legsweep and cover for two.

Pimp kick to the face by Deonna, but Shaw with a superkick. Deonna with a Flatliner into in a Koji Clutch, Shaw manages to get the break but Deonna goes for the Queen’s Gambit. Shaw escapes into a full nelson, Deonna out of it and they hold onto each other to trade forearms. Shaw with a Shock and Awe, she covers but Deonna kicks out! Shaw is in shock.

Shaw lying in wait now, she goes for the knee strike but Deonna counters for a Fujiwara armbar attempt. She locks it in but Shaw escapes — Deonna locks it right in! Venus Di Milo and it’s over.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo (9:38)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Solid if not great match. Both women held their own and Deonna’s win was unsurprising, but it played out well.

Evans attacks Deonna right after the bell and lays in mounted punches. She goes after Deonna — AND TASHA STEELZ IS HERE! Steelz comes down to the ring and talks with Evans, who looks skeptical. She wants to take it to Purrazzo and Evans is down with it — but Steelz attacks Evans. They get in each other’s faces, Jai gets involved but gets DDT’s by Tasha. Cutter to Vidal, and he gets tossed over the top!

Kenny King vs. PCO

King jumps PCO to start the match and lays into PCO, but the monster turns it around and kicks away at King in the corner. King bails to the outside of the ring to get his bearings. Back in the ring and he attacks PCO with a knee as Edwards distracts him, but PCo flattens King and hits a diving headbutt. Stomp to the midsection by PCO, Edwards distracts PCO who comes out of the ring and chases after Edwards, who maneiuvers him into a corkscrew dive by King.

Bodyslam to the floor by King, who mocks PCO before getting into the ring. PCO gets pulled back in and King charges for a leaping double knee smash in the corner. Kick to the side by King, a shot to the head follows. King showboats as PCO gets up, chokeslam but King blocks it and hits back elbows, but PCO holds on and sends King over the top to the floor. KIng tries to get back in but PCO kicks him down and starts freaking out — he dives through the ring into the floor, then back in to dive into a senton on King.

King thrown back into the ring, PCO goes for the chokeslam but King dodges and hits a kick. He misses a splash, PCO with a DDT and a bit lariat. He charges into King in the corner but King gets the boot up, King tries to go up but gets crotched before PCO hits a lungblower in the corner. PCO puts King with his legs against the bottom rope, legdrop off the second rope to the back of the head.

PCO out of the ring and pulls King so his head is hanging over the apron, PCO up top but Edwards tries to push him off. Edwards kicked off but King is able to recover and sends PCO overhead SPINE-FIRST INTO THE APRON! King to the floor and throws PCO into the steps, then pulls back the mats on the floor. He breaks the count and kicks at PCO’s head, setting up — suplex to the concrete. Suplex into a sit-out powerbomb to the exposed floor!

King back in the ring now, the ref begins the count. Eddie has grabbed a chair which he passes to King, who sets it up in the corner. PCO gets in the ring at nine anmd gets covered for a two-count. Full nelson suplex by King for another two-count. King up top, frog splash for two and a half — and PCO sits up! He’s Franking up! PCo up and grabs King by the throat, Eddie tosses a kendo stick in and King nails PCO with the chair! No avail! He punches through the chair into King’s face and covers for three.

Winner: PCO (10:40)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Look, you either like PCO’s stuff or you don’t. I’m okay with this, but it did get a little repetitive with how much Edwards was involved. Not a bad match by any stretch, just not incredibly inspired either.

* Coming soon to Impact: Jody Threat

* Steve Maclin walks in to where Swann and Kaz are, and says he didn’t want Alexander to get hurt. And now everyone’s talking about Josh, but what about him? Swann says it’s not about him, and Kazarian says he’s out of line. Josh is their friend, Steve isn’t. But he’s their partner tonight and they need to make it work. Maclin says he wants to make it work to get in the ring and get a look at KUSHIDA. They’re going to work tonight despite not seeing eye to eye.

IMPACT X-Division Championship Match
Trey Miguel vs. Lince Dorado

They circle to start and Trey talks trash, they get in each other’s face and then go into a lockup. LInce backed into the corner and Trey backs up, they lock up and Trey goes into the corner this time. Lince with a little slap to the chest as he backs off. Test of strength, Lince with kicks to the knees and he flips Trey over, Trey holds on and monkey flips Lince who lands on his feet. They trade some counterwrestling, coming up to their feet at the same time.

Trey calls for a handshake which of course becomes a kick to the head, LInce takes down Trey and hits an armdrag that takes Trey to the outside. Lince nearly dives onto him but Trey escapes to the inside, Trey with a rana through the ropes to Lince on the outside! Dorado thrown back in, he takes Lince down and kicks him in the head, cover for two. Lince with a lick and Trey answers with one of his own, then chokes him against the ropes before locking in a single leg crab. He lets go and covers for two.

Dorado fires off with punches, Trey sent to the outside and goes for the eyes but Lince clotheslines him to the apron and baseball slide dropkicks him to the floor. Lince up top, he leaps off with a BIG crossbody! Trey back in, crossbody off the top for two.

Chops from Lince, whip across the ring, Trey gets a boot up but Lince with a powerslam for a nearfall. Moonsault off the bottom rope, then the second rope, but Trey escapes the top rope. Enzuigiri from Trey gives him some breathing room. Both men slow to get up, Trey with clotheslines and a shove into the corner, he slides out and trips Lince, then kicks him in the head through the ropes. Fist to the gut, kick combo and double stomp to the back for a two-count.

Trey goes up top now, but Lince with a palm strike to the face. He nails Trey again and they go up top, SUPER RANA to TREY! Lince up top, 450 splash! But Trey rolls out of the ring to avoid the pin.

Back in the ring, he rolls Lince up for two and sends Lince bouncing off the top turnbuckle. He sets Lince on the middle rope, kick o the head and a springboard sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall. Both men up and slowly trading shots now, Trey takes over and comes off the ropes right into a boot. Mirguel with an uppercut off the ropes and a rana, cover for barely three.

Winner: Trey Miguel (11:28)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: The ending felt like it came out of nowhere but they had some great spots in here. I still don’t buy Trey as a heel, but I appreciate the effort he puts into it.

* Gia is with TMDK and asks Shane about bringing Bad Dude Tito to Impact. He says he got out the rolodex and called the Bad Dude, who says Shane said “You wanna win gold?” And he said he loves gold. He was surprised the Bullet Club was still around but it’s just the Micro Bullet Club so it’s even easier. Shane says they’ll win the titles and see them next week at Multiverse United.

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match
Bullet Club vs. TMDK

Bey and Tito are starting it off. Lockup, Bey backed into the corner and Tito with a slap which pisses Bey off. Bey with a kick to the gut and a headlock, Tito for a back suplex but Bey up and dover, he shoves Tito into the corner and goes up and dover, leaping off but Tito catches him for a delayed vertical suplex but Bey escapes. He goes up and dover Tito in the corner but gets run over, Tito with a gorilla press slam and tells Austin to tag in.

Austin in now, he goes for an ezuigiri but gets caught. Tito gets him in the corner, Haste tags in and hits a diving Euro uppercut over Tito’s back, cover for two. Haste sends Austin into the turnbuckle, Austin escapes and rolls Haste up for two. Blind tag to Bay, he takes down Haste, Click Click Boom and a cover for two.

Haste whipped into the corner, Bey with a chop. WHipe back across the ring, charging clothesline. Austin tags in, they take Haste down but Haste fires back against Austin, who dodges a shot and rakes Haste’s back. Ace escapes a suplex but Tito tags in and Austin is handed over for a standing Blue Thunder bomb. Tito puts Ace in the Tree of Woe and stands on his groin!

Haste tagged in and he grabs Ace, who fires off with shots but gets picked up for a back suplex. Snapmare and a kick to the head off the ropes, Tito tags in and hits a senton for two. Tito lays in the fists and then grabs Ace for chops in the corner. He pushes Ace in the corner, Haste tags in and nails Ace. Ace on his knees in the center of the ring, he takes kicks to the back and chest by Haste who batters him into the corner. Haste goes for the home run kick but Austin trips Haste and kicks him. Back suplex, Ace flips out, he nails Haste and makes the hot tag to Bey!

Bey knocks Tito off the apron and takes down Haste, he ducks a clothseline and dives through the ropes onto Tito! Bey with the springboard Rocker dropper for two. Ace now tags in, Haste on Bey’s shoulder but he got off in time and kicks Austin. Saito suplex to Bey, Tito tags in and lays into Ace in the corner with chops. He goes for a short-arm clothesline, Ace ducks but Tito with a kick to the back of the head and gutwrench powerbomb for two.

Ace up on Tito’s shoulder, Bey pulls him off and gets sent to the apron — Haste kicks him to the floor and Tito dives onto him! Ace grabbed for a Michinoku Driver by Haste, frog splash by Tito but Bey breaks it up. Kick to the head by Bey to Haste, he kicks Tito as well. Tito is firing back with chops, he goes after Austin but Chris nails him. My feed went wonky but when it comes back Tito and Ace are in the ring, Bey in as well, double kicks to Tito’s head and the Ace & Bey Connection for three.

Winner: Bullet Club (12:48)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Austin and Bey are always fantastic, and TMDK had a very good showing here. Nothing to complain about.

* We get a recap of the Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer feud.

Busted Open Match
Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer

Bully Ray attacks before the bell of course, then lays into Dreamer with a chair. He lays into Dreamer with fists on the outside, and Dreamer fires back with some of his own. Bully sent into the steps, and then into the guardrail before Tommy rolls him into the ring. Dreamer grabs a chair from the crowd and tosses it in.

Bully grabs the chair as dreamer comes in with one of his own as well as a ECW Title replica. Dreamer yells at Bully, and they cross chairs. Dreamer takes over and hits Bully across the back with his chair. Ray out of the ring and Dreamer exits, running over to nail him with the replica title.

Dreamer spits some watter into Bully’s face and takes a soda can to Bully’s skull. Bully crotches Dreamer on the ropes and grabs Darren McCarty’s beer at ringside, then throws it in his face. He pie-faces the guy and then hits Dreamer across the back with the title. Bully goes under the ring for weapons and comes out with a ladder. and a stepladder. He hits Dreamer with the stepladder and then tells the ref to hold the ladder, getting on it for a mock Snuka splash but Dreamer moves. Dreamer DDT, and Dreamer is out of the ring for something underneath. He comes out with thumbtacks and spreads them in the ring, then grabs Bully for a piledriver but Bully counters with a backdrop.

Bully goes out and comes up with a cheese grater, but Dreamer blocks it and lays in firsts before hitting the bionic elbow. He grabs the grater and charges at Bully, the ref goes down. Dreamer with a cheese grater to the skull, Bully escapes to the floor. Bully is bleeding — and here comes the Good Hands. One of them attacks Dreamer while the other wipes the blood from Bully’s face. Dreamer gets Bully in the ring but Bully throws thumbtacks into his face and then pushes Dreamer into the tacks. Dreamer dodges an elbow, and they’re both in the ring now.

Dreamer back out to get the cheese greater, Bully begs off and says he’s sorry. Dreamer goes for it but Bully blocks it. The grater is nearly on the forehead, and Bully invokes the name of Dreamer’s daughters who will see this. Bully of course with the low blow, and he slams Dreamer’s arm into the tacks. Bully throws Dreamer into the post and poses bloodily for the crowd.

The Good Hands roll Dreamer into the ring and the ref sees Dreamer busted open, that’s the match.

Winner: Bully Ray (12:07)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Yep, that was exactly what we expected — and I don’t mean in a good way.

The Good Hands bring a table in the ring, but Yuya Uemura comes in to try and make the save. Bully takes out Yuya and Dreamer is set up for a powerbomb through the table — and Darren McCarty tries to leap the guardrail. Security stops him but it distracts Bully. Bully gets a mic and asks the hockey piece of trash if he wants to fight? He tells security to let him go. McCarty comes into the ring and they start hockey fighting until the Good Hands get involved. They take McCarty down and powerbomb him through the table.

And HERE COMES SCOTT D’AMORE! D’Amore is back, and Bully tells him to get in the ring. But wait — here comes Heath, Rhino, Gresham and Bailey. They run to the ring and Bully Ray and the Good Hands clear out. One of the Good Hands try to attack D’Amore from behind and D’Amore catches him with a Canadian Destroyer!

* Hannifan and Rehwold hype next week’s Impact and Rebellion, then we get a promo for Slammiversary in July which is returning to Windsor.

* We get a package promoting the main event.

Steve Maclin, Rich Swann & Frankie Kazarian vs. Time Machine

Shelley and Swann are starting it off as they circle and lock up, Shelley with the wristlock behind the back. Swann reverses into the headlock and they start counterwrestling each other. Swann ends up shot into the ropes, he runs over Shelley who comes off the ropes and runs Swann back down. Shelley going for the STF but Swann gets to the ropes.

Wristlock by Shelley, flipped out of and reversed by Swann. They dodge and duck each other’s offense and give a show of respect before Kaz tags in, plus Sabin. They trade headlock takedowns, Kaz with an armdrag, Sabin then gets his own takedown into an elbowlock. Kaz up and flips out of it, but Sabin trips him. More counterwrestling, they pause and then another show of respect before Kushida and Maclin get tagged in. Kushida goes for licks and Maclin dodges, Kushida gets the leg and turns it into a headlock. Shot into the ropes, he blocks a hiptoss and takes Maclin down with a headlock.

KUSHIDA takes Maclin down and snaps on the left arm, he gets into a headlock but is shot into the ropes. Collision and Maclin doesn’t budge, they go into the ropes and Maclin with a back elbow. Irish whip but Shelley with the blind tag, they catch Maclin and kick him in the arm. Shelley with a wristlock and he works over Maclin’s elbow. Maclin backs Shelley into the ropes and snaps Shelley rope-first into the top rope. Kazarian tags himself in and goes to work on Shelley’s arm, but Shelly rolls him up for two.

Swann tags in, double elbow off the ropes and Kaz hip tosses Swann onto Shelley for a two-count. Swann kicks Shelley in the back and snapmares him over. He leaps over Shelley for the back kick to the head, then hits a spin kick to the gut. SHelley tries to fight his way out, her hits a spinebuster on Swann into a Boston crab but KUSHIDA in to add in a camel clutch. Maclin is trying to get in and the ref distracts him as Sabin comes off the ropes for a diving dropkick to Swann.

Maclin finally in and goes after KUSHIDA, Kaz in and talks him back into the corner. Shelley sent into the corner but Kaz runs into a back elbow, facebuster into the middle turnbuckle and Swann is set into Kaz’s midsection. My feed went wonky here again so apologies.but when it comes back KUSHIDA dives on top of Swann on the outside.

Shelley tagged back in and grabs Swann, he wraps up Swanns’ arms and bends back on the fingers for joint manipulation. He rolls Swann up for two. Tree of Woe for Swann and a sliding dropkick to the head, and then a triple dropkick to Swann for good measure. Sabin back in, and it’s a modified abdominal stretch into a pin for two. Shelley tags in for a shot to the gut, Shelley goes to snap the arm but Swann escapes and knocks Time Machine off the apron. He is pulled out of the ring but escapes back in, enzuigiris Shelley and tags in Kaz!

Kaz is hot in the ring as he comes off the ropes for a diving forearm to Kaz and a legdrop across the back of Sabin’s neck. Side Russian legsweep to Shelley, KUSHIDA set up in the corner for a backstabber. Kaz sweeps Shelley’s legs and hits a springboard legdrop, bodyslam to Sabin and another legdrop to him. KUSHIDA bodyslammed and a springboard legdrop to him too! Kaz goes for the chickenwing on Shelley but Shelly blocks it. Sabin tags in blind and they double team Kaz, Swann and Maclin in and Maclin gets kicked to the gut followed by a Tornado DDT from Sabin. Missile dropkick and Flatliner to Kazarian from the Guns, cover for a nearfall.

Swann tags back in and runs over Sabin a couple of time,s then eats a back elbow in the corner. Sabin goes up but Swann catches him with a top-rope rana. Cover for two. Swann going up top, he nails KUSHIDA and Shelley but Maclin tags himself in and goes for an inverted facelock slam but Shelley tags in. Cutter by Sabin, KUSHIDA in and enzuigiri dragon screw combo from KUSHIDA and Shelly.

Maclin lays into SHelley, who chops him several times. Kaz in but SHelley has both men’s arms for a snap over the shoulder. Shelley sent into the ropes, Kaz sent to the apron, KUSHIDA dives onto Maclin. Off the ropes for a crossbody, followed by a Pele kick. He hits a palm strike int he comer, nails the arm and comes off the ropes — Maclin gets him in a Razor’s Edge position but KUSHIDA goes for the Hoverboard Lock. Maclin blocks it,puts KUSHIDA in the Tree of Woe, spear. Kaz tagged in, Swann tagged in, cutter to KUSHIDA and one from Swann as well. Swann up top, 450 splash for two.

Swann goes for the Phoenix splash and KUSHIDA moves. KUSHIDA win am armbar, Shelley with Border City Stretch, Sabin with an Octopus. Maclin breaks free and lays into Time Machine. He comes off the ropes but gets caught win an inverted atomic drop, they nail him with a double suplex to the knee and then more tandem offense.

Everyone’s in the corner now and chaos ensues a bit, it ends up with KUSHIDA working Maclin’s elbow. And my feed craps out again (thanks, Impact Plus). When it comes back, SHelley hits KUSHIDA has Maclin in the Hoverboad lock and he taps.

Winner: Time Machine (21:47)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: This match was fast-paced chaos done well. Maclin felt a little lost in here in terms of attention until the end, considering he’s the storyline focus, but it was all great stuff (if a bit hell to cover) and I enjoyed the lot of it.

After the match, Maclin is pissed and arguing with Kazarian as Time Machine celebrates. And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Impact was in a very tough spot for Sacrifice, having to reconfigure aspects of it on short notice. Considering they were out both their man men's and women's champion who were both scheduled for the show, they delivered pretty decently. This is far from the most consequential card and there are forgettable matches (hello, Busted Open match), but for the most part I enjoyed myself and that's all this show was really trying to do.

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