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Jeremy’s TNA Impact Review 7.4.24

July 4, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Joe Hendry TNA Impact 7-4-24 Image Credit: TNA
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Jeremy’s TNA Impact Review 7.4.24  

Hello, everyone and welcome to our live TNA Impact coverage on 411! I’m Jeremy Thomas, and I apologize for the delay here. Himanshu is having some technical issues and thus I’m here to cover the show. There’s a lot to cover and you all know what’s going on tonight, so let’s get to it.

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WE OWN THE NIGHT! (aka Title Sequence)

* We kick off with a video of the System talking about how they’re going to prove at Slammiversary why you always Trust The System, as well as Steve Maclin and Nic Nemeth earning their spots in the Slammiversary World Title Match.

Leon Slater vs. Trey Miguel

They circle and lock up, Slater with a waistlock that turns into some counterwrestling. Lock back up, Slater with a wristlock, reversals and Slater flips Miquel off. Into the ropes, Slater with an enzuigiri and a handspring back elbow. He sends Trey into the ropes and dropkicks him to the floor, then dives onto him!

Slater tosses Trey back into the ring, Trey begs off but pulls Slater into the corner and hits a dropkick for two. Trey chokes Slater against the middle rope and distracts the ref so Wentz can do some more choking. Cover gets two.

Slater comes back thanks to the crowd but gets pulled to the mat by his hair. Trey with a moonsault that misses, Slater charges into the corner but Trey dodges, off the ropes and Slater with a big boot for two.

Trey blocks a suplex and they trade blows, Slater chops Trey who comes right back up, they go into the ropes and Slatyer with a merry-go-round cutter for two-plus. Trey takes back over with kicks for a two-count. Both men slow to get up, Trey asks Slater why he doesn’t stay down and Slater with a roll-up for two-plus. Trey charges at Slater in the corner but he catches him and hits a standing Blue Thunder Bomb. Slater goes up top — and CHARLIE DEMPSEY shoves him off the top! He then attacks Wentz and the bell is run.

Winner: No Contest
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: They had a good, solid match going until Dempsey showed up. Obviously Dempsey is the bigger story than the match, but they also made it entertaining until that point.

Dempsey attacks the referee and then puts Slater in an STF until officials come out to back him off. Dempsey leaves the ring and goes to the back as the crowd chants “NXT!”

* Gia Miller knocks on The Hardys’ door and asks about his and Reby’s match against Eddie and Alisha. Matt says that tonight Edwards Edwards learns the repercussions of laying his hand on Matt’s wife. Reby says it’s not a man who puts his hands on a woman and he and Alisha are both clowns whose noses honk when they kiss. Matt says he’ll decimate Eddie without remorse and Rebecca is back after 208 fortnights or eight years. Rebecca says all the people running their mouth and playing in her face on social media will learn a lesson. Matt says Wolf of Were and Snow Witch created this, so tonight they will delete them.

* Trey and Zachary is angry outside. Trey asks if Charlie can’t win where he’s from. Wentz says he doesn’t know what Charlie is trying to accomplish but he’s not going to make a name off of them or TNA. Zach says he knows where Dempsey’s home was; he was there and he knows they don’t let it happen there, so he’s not going to let it happen here. Next week, they have a match.

10 Minute Challenge
Dani Luna vs. Jodi Threat

Lars Fredericksen set up the match. They feel each other out and lock up, with Luna pushed into a corner. Threat with the waistlock, she puts Luna back in the corner and backs off, and they go into a test of strength. Luna put in a headlock but she reverses it, they break and Luna with a wristlock. Threat escapes and reverses, Threat shot into the ropes and run over by Dani for one.

Threat into the ropes, Luna catches her but Threat escapes and comes off the ropes to run over Dani. We go backstage where Nic Nemeth has been attacked, then go back to the match where Luna gets a sunset flip off Jodi’s shoulders for one. Threat with her own roll-up for two.

They stare off and Threat shoves Luna, who shoves back and puts Threat in the corner. Threat ducks a shot and goes HAM on Dani for a four-count. Luna turns it around and hits big 10 shots to the chest, then a suplex. Off the ropes, Jodi dodges and hits a diving clothesline for two.

Jodi works the arm, Dani to her feet but is put back on the mat. Dani back to her feet and strikes out of it but gets decked, Jodi with a pump kick and comes off the ropes to dive but Dani moves and Jodi to the outside. Dani looks concerned and the ref counts to eight. Jodi with a shoulder to the gut, they try for suplexes and Jodi ultimately kicks Dani over the top to the floor.

Dani ducks a kick, up to the apron for her own kick. They trade shots, Jodi clotheslines Dani to the inside and goes up top — Dani cuts her off and goes up for a suplerplex and a Falcon Arrow, cover for a nearfall.

The ref gives them five more minutes and they start to go at it, but Alisha and Masha are out here and attack them both.

Winner: Time Limit Draw/No Contest
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Nice of them to make it evenly matched; it was laid out well but never got out of second gear.

Alisha and Masha beat them down post-match and pose with the titles.

* Santino is backstage as Mustafa Ali and company come up. Ali says the fate of the X-Division is at stake and says he got emotional last week but wants to retract his offer to Mike Bailey for the X-Division Championship. He says Bailey hasn’t earned a title and if he doesn’t, Ali refuses to show up.

Marella says Ali can’t just make demands, but he has a point and Bailey will have to earn a title shot next week.

* We get a vignette of Santana talking about his Road to Slammiversary qualifier match. Kazarian also talks about it and says he’s going to win the entire thing and TNA needs a leader. Santana says it’ll be a fight unlike anything before..

Road to Slammiversary Qualifying Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. Mike Santana

They shove each other to start and go into the ropes, armdrags by Santana. He charges at Kaz and ends up on the apron, shoulder blocks Kaz and comes in, springboard crossbody. Santana on the apron, Kaz hits a guillotine legdrop and knocks Santana to the floor as we go to PIP break.

We’re back as they trade shots and Kaz knocks Santana down. Into the corner, and Santa hits an enzuigiri. Kaz with a kick, Santana with a superkick and comes off the ropes, catching a leaping Kaz for a Samoan drop for two. Buckle bomb and a cannonball gets a nearfall.

Zan on the apron and gets knocked to the floor, Santana goes to dive but gets nailed with a shot. Slingshot DDT by Kaz gets almost three. Kaz stalks Santana, goes for the chickenwing but Santana breaks it. Santana with an STB attempt, Kaz counters and hits a neckbreaker for two.

Santana nails Kaz but gets dcked, Fade To Black countered, rollup, STB attempt, Kaz escapes and hits a backstabber into a chickenwing but Santana rolls back into a cover for a nearfall. Santana hits the rolling Buck Fifty for a nearfall.

Santana calls for the STB — and Dirty Dango comes out for the distraction. Kaz charges but is sent to the outside, Santana dives on Kaz and rolls him in! Dango throws Santana into the ringpost behind the ref’s back. Santana can’t get in by 10.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Very good match here, and it assumedly sets up Dango vs. Santana for Slammiversary which I ain’t mad at.

* ABC say the world hasn’t felt right since they’ve been without the tag team titles and The System got lucky at Sacrifice but their luck runs out at Slammiversary. Ace says they’re back on the same page and they’ve defeated former world champions and tag teams, and you can trust that ABC is going to kick the System’s ass.

* We get a recap of AJ Francis and Rich Swann running PCO and Steph’s date, and choke slamming Steph through a table. Back to now and the doc says PCO is going crazy. PCO uses his internal car battery to wake Steph up.

* AJ and Rich are celebrating and AJ says everything’s coming up roses. He’s been taking his titles everywhere. Rich sways AJ is the greatest International Heavyweight Wrestling Champion of all time. AJ says he’s taking care of business and isn’t scared of putting those titles on the line at any point.

Santino walks in and says he has a special opponent in mind for AJ when he defends his Digital Media Title next week. AJ says he didn’t agree to that and Santino says he didn’t have to. He also says at Slammiversary, AJ faces PCO. AJ isn’t worried.

Matt Hardy & Queen Rebecca vs. Eddie Edwards and Alisha

Rebecca and Alisha start off and talk shit. Reby backs Alisha in the corner and she flees the ring. Back in, they tag in the guys. Matt batters Eddie and puts him in the corner to beat him in the gut as Reby holds his hair. Matt works Eddie over in the ropes and comes off for a legdrop against the middle rope, then beats him down in the corner. He holds Eddie and Reby slaps in, Reby in and they stop Eddie down.

Matt with a shot to Eddie in the corner, Eddie fires back. They trade strikes, Eddie goes down and Matt sends him into the corner. He charges but Eddie moves and Matt hits the corner, then falls to the floor as we go to break.

Back from break and Eddie is beating on Matt. He talks shit to Reby and holds Matt so Alisha can slap him, then tags Alisha in — but Matt shoves Eddie into Alisha! Reby tags in and hits a legdrop to the back of Alisha, dodges a strike out of the corner and hits a kick. She tackles Aisha down, Eddie comes in and the Hardys take over with headsmashes in opposite corners. Reby with Poetry in Motion off Matt’s back, then Matt grabs Alisha for a Hart Attack from Reby for two.

Matt out of the ring but Myers distracts him and Eddie attacks Matt. Eddie trips Reby in the ring and Alisha chokes Reby against the middle rope, making her watch as Eddie hits a clothesline to Matt on the outside. Alisha puts Reby in the corner for a slap and boot choke, puts her on the mat and manhandles her.

Eddie tags in and Matt tries to save Reby, but gets dumped to the outside. Eddie talks trash to Reby and tags in Alisha, who kicks Reby in the chest. Reby kicks her free and goes for the tag, but Eddie knocks Matt off the apron. Alisha with a chop to the chest, Eddie tags in and Reby snapmared by Alisha. But Alisha manages to get the hot tag to Matt, who comes in and takes out Eddie with a suplex. Up top, elbowdrop for two.

Matt goes for the Side Effect, Eddie blocks it but Matt with the Side Effect for two. Myers jumps on the apron and gets knocked to the floor, the ref ejects Myers. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Eddie counters with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Eddie goes for a Boston Knee Party but Reby steps in the way. Eddie grabs Reby, the ref is distracted and Reby kicks Eddie down low! Twist of Fate, that’s it!

Winner: The Hardys
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Look, no one is going to accuse Reby of being a great wrestler. But she was fine here and this was entertaining, even if it wasn’t the crispest thing. I wasn’t looking for a five-star classic here, and this delivered well enough.

* Myers is angry at Santino, and ABC come up to mock him as Dango comes to Myers’ aid. Santino makes Chris Bey vs. Dango for next week.

* Jordynne Grace talks about how since Day One, Ash has been front seat for all her matches but she’s not here; she’s not even in the country. When duty calls you come to work and that’s what she does. She’s issuing another open challenge for next week: anyone from anywhere.

* We get comments from Jake and Hendry previewing the main event.

Road to Slammiversary Qualifier
Jake Something vs. Joe Hendry

Lockupo to start, they break and go back into it. Joe shot into the ropes, he runs into Jake to no effect. Jake shot into the ropes, Hendry with a high knee and then a delayed vertical suplex for two.

Back up and Jake with a headlock, shot into the ropes and he runs over Hendry multiple times. Jake poses and grabs Joe, knocking him out of the ring and following. Joe with some punches but he gets slammed into the apron and set up — Jake charges into a crossbody on the apron! Hendry rolled in, Jake with a big short-arm lariat and a suplex toss for two as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and Jake has Joe in a headlock. Hendry tries to get to his feet but Jake grinds him down. Hendry breaks free and hits chops in the corner, off the ropes but Jake with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Jake stomps on Joe and pulls him to his knees for a shot to the forehead. Short-arm clothesline gets two-plus.

Jake goes for a sleeper, then traps his arms and hits overhead shots to the chest. Back to the sleeper, but Hendry powers up and picks up Jake to slam to the mat. Joe clotheslines Jake to the outside. Jake pulls Joe to the apron and charges in for a crossbody but Joe dodges and Jake hits the rope throat-first!

Joe is fired up, he runs over Jake a couple of times and grabs him for a fallaway slam! Kippup by Joe, he gets the crowd hyped and goes for Sanding Ovation but Jake counters and hits a sitout powerbomb for a nearfall. Jake hypes up and goes for Into the Void, Joe escapes and Jake runs him over but Joe is right back up! Double clothesline!

Both men slow to get up and they trade shots, Joe takes over but gets knocked down. Jake misses a charge and Hendry with the cutter — Standing Ovation and that’s it!

Winner: Joe Hendry
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: These two guys worked great off each other and delivered a very decent main event. I think the result was a given, but Jake did his job and looked great in there.

Joe gets the mic and says he became one step closer to becoming TNA World Champion, and it happened because of the fans. He says he’ll see them in Montreal when he becomes the face of TNA.

* The System is leaving and say it was a good night. Moose congratulates Dango on taking out Santana and Nemeth; he says he didn’t take out Nemeth. Kaz is against a wall and says “Marks,” before asking why the camera guy is filming.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was a very decent episode of TNA Impact that continued the build to Slammiversary. I don't think it was the most consequential outside of the Road to Slammiversary qualifiers, but all in all I think it delivered what it needed to, especially for a fourth of July episode where it may be missing some regular viewers. Good main event and a couple of other fun matches; that's about what I was hoping for here.

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