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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 3.26.24

March 26, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT 3-26-24 Wolfdogs Bron Breakker Baron Corbin Image Credit: WWE
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 3.26.24  

Hello everyone, and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! Jeremy Thomas here as usual, and we’re just 11 days out from NXT Stand & Deliver. The Tuesday night brand is continuing its build to the show and tonight, Alpha Academy has its chance on a spot on the card when they face The Wolfdogs for a spot in the NXT Tag Team Championship match. Meanwhile., Dijak will face off with Shawn Spears while Ilja Dragunov gets a D’Angelo family warm-up match against Stacks. Josh Briggs will face Duke Hudson with an eye to getting in the North American Title hunt, and Lola Vice is issuing an open challenge. Sounds like a solid build show all in all.

Here at Thomas Central, I had a fruitful movie-watching week. We started off the week by continuing my Resident Evil franchise rewatch with Resident Evil: Extinction (still great) and Resident Evil: Afterlife (still painfully mediocre). I also rewatch the all-time great that is The Cabin in the Woods and Liar Liar which is perhaps Jim Carrey’s best comedy. I did a watch of The Iron Claw for a Blu-Ray review (check that out here). And finally I watched the new Road House remake which is suprisingly not bad thanks to its resting on Jake Gyllenhaal’s shoulders, and watched 2019’s superhero crime drama Code 8 on Netflix which was decent but nothing to write home about.

On TV, I’m staying caught up with Drag Race season 16 and Drag Race: UK vs. The World season two (Team Sapphira & Team Tia Kofi) and watched the first two episodes of X-Men ’97, which is FABULOUS. I also went back and started to finish up What If…? which I got behind on and watched the new season episodes of Um, Actually, as well as this week’s Game Changer which were all great.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We’re LIVE in the Capitol Wrestling Center! And kicking off with Dijak vs. Shawn Spears.

Dijak vs. Shawn Spears

They circle and lockup to start, Spears pushed back into the corner and when they break he leaps into a headlock. Spears shot into the ropes, he knocks Dijak down but gets knocked down in return. Spears decks Dijak, who clotheslines Spears over the rope. Dijak rolls Spears in and goes to enter but catches a dropkick to the knee before Spears dives onto him. Spears tosses Dijak in but gets distracted and Dijak DIVES onto Spears!

Dijak batters Spears but Spears turns it around and chops the hell out of Dijak, who battles back and hits back elbows in the next corner. Spears thrown into the ropes for a backbreaker, then a splash off the second rope for two.

Dijak sends Spears into the ropes but Spears with a swinging neckbreaker counter. Kick to Dijak’s head and Dijak sent into the turnbuckle. Big chop by the Chairman, whip across the ring, Spears charges but eats a big boot and a headbutt. Dijak goes up top, but Dijak goes up for a MASSIVE German Superplex! He hits a knee and Dijak goes through the ropes to the outside.

Spears talks shit to Dijak as Joe Gacy comes from out of the ring and steals Spears’ chair from ringside. Dijiak takes over and slams Spears into the apron, they go back into the ring but Spears with a lungblower through the ropes as we go to PIP break.

Back from break and they’re on the turnbuckle. Dijak knocks Spears down and leaps off for a clothesline! Spears is still up first and they start trading blows. Dijak takes over with elbows to the head but is shot into the ropes — he comes off with a leaping clothesline. Massive chops to Spears in the corner, a suplex throw and he goozles Spears, who breaks it but Dijak catches a kick. Goozle again, Spears with a roll-up for two, Dijak with a disqus boot for a nearfall!

Dijak picks Spears up and goes for Feast His Eyes but Spears breaks free and gets Dijak on his shoulder — C4 countered, Feast Your Eyes countered into a DDT of sorts. Dijak hangs Spears on the top rope from the apron and goes for a springboard elbow drop — Spears moves! Spears goes for his chair but of course it’s gone thanks to Gacy. Dijak grabs him but Spears hangs him on the ropes, he goes up top but is goozled, High Justice gets the nearfall!

Dijak lies in wait as Spears gets up — Spears catches a kick but Dijak hits a superkick on the second try. Feast His Eyes, and that finishes it.

Winner: Dijak (13:23)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Easily Dijak’s best match in a while, and Spears delivered nicely on his part too. Fantastic TV match to get us started, I have no complaints.

Gacy celebrates with the chair on the announcer’s booth and Spears isn’t happy.

* We get Roxy watching an old video of her and she says she was so naive, and watching it makes her sick. She wanted everyone to like her and it’s pathetic. She says that gullible little girl who took pics with her favorite stars and tried to do everything right? She’s dead. Her heroes got her nothing and she’s her own hero now. She was seen as the next woman to carry the torch, she put the brand before her own life and where did it get her? Discarded and without her title. Now she’s looking out for herself and it feels so good. Her proof is in the results as she’s in the title match at Stand & Deliver by breaking the rules and doing it her way. She doesn’t like or dislike Lyra, she’s just the woman carrying her title — barely. At S&D, she’ll be the one holding the title and it’ll be back where she belongs.

* Earlier today, Hank & Tank are prepping an audition for Stand & Deliver as are Brinley Reece, Edris and Malik. Chase walks out of his audition and says he fucking nailed it. The PA says “Next” and Chase knocks the clipboard out of his hand as Meta-Four walk into the audition room.

Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx

Hail unleaches on Nyx to start with crossbodies and eventually gets kicked back, but hits a splash in the corner and a half-and-half suplex. She goes for another but Nyx with a roll-up. Hail knocks Nyx down but ends up in the corner where she gets stomped down. Short-arm back elbow, cover gets two on Hail.

Nyx manhandles and mocks Hail, then knocks her down and locks in a chinlock as Jacy talks shit on the outside. Hail fights her way out, ends up in the corner and Nyx charges into a back elbow. Leaping somersault neckbreaker, but Nyx with a Pele kick for two.

Nyx goes into a bodyscissors submission as Jacy grabs Chase’s towel and throws it on. Riley catches it and the ref tosses Chase U from ringside. In the ring, Hail manages to get a two-count and then stands up to face Jacy. She says she thought they were friends and Jacy snacks her, Nyx with a roll-up but Hail turns it into an armbar for the submission.

Winner: Thea Hail (3:38)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Perfectly fine match that was more about the angle. Nyx has potential, she was solid in there for what we saw.

Jayne attacks Hail after the bell and Hail batters her. Kiana James and Izzi come down and attack Hail, they hold her up for kicks by Jacy. Here comes Fallon and Kelani and it becomes a three-on-three! Kiana is dumped, followed by Izzi. They manage to drag Jacy to safety as well.

* It’s time for the Trick vs. Melo Prime Target. We get a montage of the two as friends and allies, and Trick saying what they built was special. Booker says Melo’s rise couldn’t have happened without Trick, and Trick says he was by Melo’s side to see him get awards but his name wasn’t on it. Booker says they both wanted the same thing: champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Orton says that Melo heard people reacting differently to Trick and CM Punk talks about it too.

Melo says he remembers Trick saying he was bout it, but that couldn’t be more of a lie. He says he let Trick eat off his plate but it wasn’t a “we” thing; it was a “me” thing. We see Melo attack Trick and then bits of Melo’s heel promo where he says Trick won’t be anything more than his hype man. Melo says wherever Trick is at, stay there because his 15 minutes is up.

* Lola Vice is ready for her open challenge, which is next.

* Maxinne Dupri tells Otis and Akira to keep their eyes on the prize. Otis gets thirty over Lash and Akira says they win tonight and end up in the NXT Tag Team Title match.

* Lola is out here for her open challenge and says it’s Stand & Deliver, and she put out an open challenge to anyone who can handle her Latina Heat but no one can handle her. She’s the complete package and whoever comes out should be ready to be put to sleep.

IT’S NATALYA! Nattie comes out and tells Lola that she saw the open challenge, and knows Lola is one of the fastest-rising stars in NXT, but her ego is growing and someone needs to put her in her place. She sees everything in Lola, but she wants to be the one to kick Lola’s ass.

Lola Vice vs. Natalya

They start off by brawling, Nattie slams Lola into the turnbuckles and knocks her down. Lola escapes to the outside but Nattie grabs her and rolls her in. Lola escapes out the other side but gets thrown into the apron and rolled in again. Forearm across the back and another, Nattie talks some shit but Lola battles back with strikes. Lola ducks a discus punch and kicks Nattie down as we go to break.

We’re back and Lola has Nattie in an abdominal stretch but she hip tosses out of it. Lola charges into a back elbow, Nattie batters Lola in the corner. She catches a kick and floors Lola, off the ropes with a stomp and then a dropkick for two.

Nattle goes for the Sharpshooter, but Lola counters into an anklelock. Nattie rolls until she gets to the ropes for the break, and Lola gets her on her shoulders — Nattie gets free and Lola with a La Magistral cradle for two, Nattie reverses for two. Lola with a backfist for two and goes for a triangle submission.

Here comes Karmen Petrovic to show Nattie support. Nattie get5s Lola’s shoulders down for two and the hold breaks. Lola with a hip smash in the corner, but Nattie ducks a back kick and hits a lariat. It’s Sharpshooter time! But Lola counters again, rollup for two and Nattie right into an armbar. Lola prevents the extension and gets a two-count. Nattie dodges a kick and rolls Lola up for two.

Winner: Natalya (8:36)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: It was very awkward to start but settled into a groove. It was by no means a great match, but Lola acquitted herself well enough.

* In the parking lot, Spears says his loss was disappointing and because of Joe Gacy who wasn’t even on his radar. But if he wants to play — Gacy is on the roof and tosses the chair down, saying he forgot to give it back to him. Oba Femi is there and steps on the chair.

* Stacks WALKS backstand with Adriana Rizzo, as does Ilja.

* Sol RUca is surfing and says nothing beats the crest of a wave. We get a montage of her in the ring and says it can all come crashing down with unbelievable force, which perfectly describes what Blair Davenport did to her. She shredded Sol’s ACL and put her on the shelf for nine months, putting a pause on her career. She says rehab sucked but she’s back now and she’s pissed off. Next week is more than just a match, it’s for every day and all the pain she endured on the rehab table. Blair may have torn her ACL, but next week she snatches Blair’s soul.

* Kelly is with Blair, who says Sol is unlikable and reminds her of sand. Annoying, disgusting and she can’t get rid of her. (It’s also course and rough and gets everywhere, as we know.) She says to waste all the time she wants with TikTok dorks but that won’t help her. She wants to see how well the doctors repaired her ACL because she’s going to send Sol on another road to recovery.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Stacks

Ilja with a boot at the bell but Stacks catches it and hits a forearm. Stacks goes for a suplex but Ilja counters with a wristlock and then batters Stacks. Waistlock, Stacks into the ropes to shoot Ilja off of him and knocks him down. Stacks lays into Ilja and hits a short-arm clothesline.

Ilja battles back out of the corner and takes a forearm but comes back with an enzuigiri — Stacks ducks and hits a Euro uppercut off the ropes! Stacks up on the top rope but Ilja pulls him into a thrown powerbomb. Ilja goes for the H-bomb but Stacks with a kick to stop it and then STOMPS on Ilja’s finger!

Stacks grabs Ilja but eats a headbutt, he comes back with a tornado DDT for two. Stacks goes back to the digits, working them over as Tony and Luca watch from the back. Stacks goes in hard with punches to the injured hand and pulls him up to his knees to hit a kneedrop to the hand.

Stacks lies in wait, he goes in but Ilja wiuth a back elbow and a punch to the head. Leaping knee and an enzuigiri to Stacks, Ilja is up now Stacks shoved into the ropes and back into a German suplex! Powerbomb by Dragunov! Torpedo Moscow finishes it.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov (5:03)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Well-laid out and as good as a five-minute match could be. Stacks got his time to shine, but Ilja was dominant and came back from a beating to win as it should have been.

Luca asks Tony if he wants him to go out there, and Tony says to find Ilja and invite him to dinner. Not the restaurant — a special location.

* It’s part two of Prime Target and Trick is back in South Philly with his family. He stayed with his Uncle James who he’s there with. He says James will be in attendance, and that Philly is a special city to him. It’s the city of Brotherly Love and he thought Melo was his brother.

Booker says Trick knows it’s about getting back up in the fight. Punk says when you get stabbed in the back, the brother’s knife hits the deepest. Booker says Trick is gonna come back stronger, faster and better, and Punk says when something monstrous is done to you, you risk becoming a monster and Melo should be a bit worried. Trick says, “Melo, I’m coming for you.”

* Bron is prepping in the locker room and Corbin walks up, saying how tan he looks. Bron says Corbin should try it, and Corbin says tanning beds aren’t the actual sun. Bron got Corbin some tanning spray labeled “The Sun.” The O.C. come in and say they want their likely match at S&D to be a standard tag match and will take the titles from the Wolfdogs. Bron says they’ll to their jobs tonight and The O.C. need to do theirs next week.

* Ridge Holland is in the ring in a suit and says it’s extremely hard to come out and say what he’s gonna say. He knew this day would come but not so soon. He thanks Marty Jones who brought him in; William Regal who gave him a chance; Shawn Michaels and the producers and talent back there who gave him the time to come out and say what he needed to say.

During his decade-plus rugby career he said if he found himself a step off, he’d need to have some difficult conversations. He says he has been a step off as of late and can’t run the risk of hurting himself or someone else. He’s aware there’s a perception around him and has heard the whispers, seen the comments, the DMs, all the messages. And true or not, we haven’t seen the effect it’s had on the man behind Ridge. He says he’s tired of taking his work home with him and refuses to let the job take away from the most important things: being a good dad and husband.

So over the past few days he’s had a few difficult conversations: with those who love him, and with himself six inches form the mirror. He says rugby and wrestling require physical and mental endurance and he’s been lacking, so he’s made a decision that’s the best for his family and himself. With all that being said, he’s announcing that he’s stepping away from the ring indefinitely. And as hard and gut-wrenching as it’s been, he considers himself blessed and lucky to have the chance to step into the company, let alone perform in front of millions of people across the world. He thanks NXT for allowing him to come back here and take one last shot at redemption, and he’s sorry it didn’t work out. He’ll appreciate us more than we’ll ever know. Cheers.

He sets down the mic and gets a “Thank You Ridge!” chant.

* Lyra Valkyria says there are two paths you can walk in any story: right and wrong. Magneto and Xavier, etc. Her road led to the NXT Title, and everything changes when you make it to the top. When you beat Becky Lynch for the title, the little girl in you has no idea what’s on the other side. There’s a force in you when you win the title, the same force that drives her to do what’s right in NXT. That’s where she and Roxy hit a crossroads because Roxy took the easy way out. They both know the truth: Roxy was beaten for the tile when she couldn’t climb the ladder last year. She gets Roxy’s emotions but the title deserves better than Roxy. She likes to think they’d be friends in another life but Roxy let the title break her. Roxy’s time has passed and at Stand & Deliver she’ll do everything to retain the title and keep Roxy from it.

Duke Hudson vs. Josh Briggs

Dijak is on commentary for this match. Lockup to start, Hudson backed into the ropes, Briggs with a shot to the chest and a headlock. Josh shot into the ropes, they collide but neither go down and Briggs hits a back elbow. Briggs batters Duke in the corner and sends him into another corner for more as he shouts at Dijak. WHip across the ring, he charges in but Duke catches him with the uranage. Duke into the ropes and hits a HUGE rana! Sidewalk slam, cover gets two.

Briggs rolls out of the ring and Duke follows. Briggs head-first into the apron, Duke rolls him in and goes up on the apron, slingshot German suplex but Briggs escapes to the outside before a pin attempt. Duke with a front facelock but gets shoved into the steps as we go to break.

We’re back as Duke fights his way back to his feet and lays into Briggs. Duke into the ropes, sidewalk slam and splash from Briggs for two-plus. Briggs puts Duke in the corner and sets him on the top rope, he climbs up but Duke with fists to Briggs to knock him down. Duke up but Briggs kicks the rope and crotches him. He goes up — superplex!

Briggs sends Duke into the corner, he gets a back elbow on Briggs and dodges a splash. Duke lays in punches and hits a couple clotheslines, then a big boot off the ropes. Chase U jabs and Dusty Elbow, senton and a two-count.

Briggs sent into the corner, Duke charges but eats a boot. Briggs off the ropes into a Boss Man Slam for two-plus! Razor’s Edge attempt but Briggs blocks it, back suplex from Josh and he goes to go up top but pauses to stare at Dijak. He’s up top — Duke with a Razor’s Edge! Clothesline in the corner, whip across the ring but Briggs with a lariat! Another big lariat finishes it.

Winner: Josh Briggs (10:29)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: A very solid big man hoss match. Right guy won, but Duke looked good here.

Dijak and Briggs stare at each other but Oba Femi is on the raised stage. He congratulates them on their wins and says he has two worthy opponents trying to climb the mountain — but he is the mountain, and no one else can reach the summit. It’s a triple threat match!

* It’s part three of Prime Target. We see Tony D beat Melo and Trick return, laying out Melo and his security team. Punk uses the revenge “dig two graves” comment and says it’s personal and comes down to who wants to hurt the other more. Johnny Gargano says he doesn’t know if you ever get back what you lose in that kind of match. Ciampa calls it potentially the biggest match in NXT history and Cody picks Trick to win. Melo says Trick knows nothing about carrying a brand and being responsible for selling tickets, doing media, being Him. He says he brought Trick into the world and will take him out of it. We get the epic-style montage with quotes from the two. “This Is War.”

* The North American Triple Threat match is official, and we run down the rest of the card.

* We hear Meta-Four cycling through cameras; they’re in the production truck. Noam says they run this game and that’s why they’re the hosts of Stand & Deliver. Dar says “Thank you Booker, back to you!”

* We get a TikTok of Arianna Grace trying to pick out a dress for Gigi — sorry, “Georgina” Dolin.

* Kally Kincaid congratulates Ilja on his win and he says the Underboss brought it and the Family did their homework. He expected Tony to be there and Luca shows up, inviting Tony to a pre-Stand & Deliver dinner. He hands Ilja an invitation and Ilja opens it with difficulty (broken fingers).

Set For Next Week:
– Melo and Trick final face-off
– Supernova Sessions: Lyra Valkyria & Roxanne Perez
– NXT Tag Team Title #1 Contender’s Match: LWO vs. Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. The O.C.

The Wolfdogs vs. Alpha Academy

Tozawa stars with Corbin and gets thrown into the corner but gets his foot up and hits a rana on Corbin. Bron tags in and Otis gets the tag, stepping in. They circle, Bron shoves Otis and Otis reciprocates. Headlock by Otis, whip into the ropes and Otis with a clothesline. Corbin comes in but gets knocked down by Otis, Tozawa in with a rana and then a missile dropkick! Corbin out of the ring and Otis picks up Tozawa to press slam him onto Bron and Corbin as we go to PIP break.

We’re back with Corbin in control of Tozawa and he lays in elbows to Tozawa’s shoulder. Bron tags in and nails Tozawa in the gut, Bron into the ropes and runs over Tozawa with a lariat. He grabs Tozawa and sends him into the ropes, lifting him up for Corbin to powerslam him!

Corbin with a knee to the gut of Tozawa, then a boot choke on the mat. Tozawa tries to fight back and comes off the ropes into a back elbow. Breakker in now, suplex cutter by Corbin and another one by Bron. Cover gets two but Otis breaks it up.

Bron charges in at Tozawa in the corner but Akira moves and Bron hits the ringpost! Tozawa with an enzuigiri and the hot tag, Otis runs over Corbin and smashes him in the corner. Back elbow to Bron and an avalanche to him in the corner, big clothesline. Corbin with a big punch and Otis responds. He grabs Bron and Corbin — double back bodydrop! The Worm on Corbin! Cover gets two.

Otis gets Corbin on his shoulders but he slides off and tags in Bron, who gets powerslammed. Corbin breaks it up but eats a Shining WIzard. AA go for the Doomsday Device — AND BRON COUNTERS WITH A POWERSLAM! Bron and Corbin double team Otis and hit a double powerbomb THROUGH THE BOOTH!

Corbin back in the ring, Tozawa lays in kicks and goes for a rana but Corbin catches him and hits a powerbomb. Spear by Bron, that’s it.

Winner: The Wolfdogs (10:06)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Really strong work by everyone here in a decent main event that featured some wild moments. Good stuff all in all, I won’t complain.

The LWO are out here to stare at the Wolfdogs — and here come The O.C.! And Axiom and Frazer! it’s an eight-man brawl!

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Very good episode of NXT this week. We have largely good to great matches, some decent building to storylines and feuds, and the greatness that always comes from the Prime Target videos, this case being Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams. NXT is turning it on as we get closer to Stand & Deliver and is building a very decent card for the show. I could nitpick at a few things here and there (Joe Gacy being directionless, the Ridge promo) but on the whole this was very good.

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