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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 9.14.21

September 14, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 9.14.21  

Hello there, NXT fans! Ready or not, it’s time for NXT 2.0! That’s right, this is the week when we find out exactly what the revamp is going to be, and I am as intrigued as I am nervous.

Also WWE…NXT 2point0? Clearly chasing AEW, folks! (Yes, I am kidding.)

Anyway, we have a big show with the new NXT Champion set to be determined in a Fatal Four-Way match and much more. I could expound at length about it, but instead let’s just jump right into it…

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

(Yeah, that’s gonna take some getting used to.)

We start off with an announcement of the NXT Title match tonight, and promos from the competitors hyping the match.

LA Knight is approached by Bron Breaker (Bronson Rechsteiner), who wants a chance to make an impact. Knight Braun to go to the ring and he will beat the brakes off of him.


The arena is certainly colorful, that’s for sure.

LA Knight vs. Bron Breaker

Knight with a kick to the gut to start off the match, and he sends Bron into the corner for some shots. Whip across the ring but Bron out of the corner with a clothesline and headlock. Bron shot into the ropes and he comes off with a bodyblock. Amateur takedown slams and they’re making the Rick Steiner references HARD on commentary. Knight with a back elbow to stop Bron’s momentum and comes off the ropes with a kick to the head and then a clotheseline. Stomps and boot choke, he picks Breaker up who fights back but gets knocked down. Irish whip reverse, Knight dodges the splash and hits a neckbreaker. More kicks by LA and a choke against the ropes. He grabs Bron but get shoves off, eats a back elbow and Breaker off the ropes for a leaping shoulder tackle and another. Belly to belly suplex and Bron says he’s going up, but Knight unleashes fists and takes back over. Kneelift to the head but Bron shrugs it off, gorilla press powerslam and a pinfall win!

Winner: Bron Breaker (3:41)
Rating: * 3/4
Thoughts: Perfectly acceptable match for under four minutes that gives Breaker a big win on the revamped NXT. Curious whether this means LA is winning tonight (that would not at all surprise me) or not.

* We’re back with a recap of Breaker’s win. Breaker is congratulated backstage by a bunch of people.

* Here comes Imperium!

Imperium vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen

Jensen and Aichner start off and Aichner quickly takes over, laying in some fists. Jensen flips over Aichner and hits a powerslam, then tags in Briggs. Aichner off the ropes for a double shoulder tackle, but Aichner manages to get the tag to Barthel off the ropes. Lock up, Briggs shoved into the ropes and then hits a clubbing blow, headbutt, slam and a splash for two. Briggs charges into the corner, Barthel gets the foot up, Briggs catches it but gets taken down. Barthel tries for a double underhook suplex and can’t, but takes him down and puts him in the Tree of Woe for the inside/outside double team. Aichner back in, Briggs manages tag out and Jensen is in hot with several bodyslams. Backbreaker and bodyslam, Barthel in and Jensen ducks while Briggs sends him to the outside. Jensen with a front facelock and goes for the tag but Barthel pulls Briggs off the ropes and sends him to the steps. Jensen with a pinfall for two, he goes up top but Barthel causes a distraction and Aichner with double underhook suplex off the top for three.

Winner: Imperium (3:47)
Rating: **
Thoughts: Another fine but short match that introduced a new tag team and gave Imperium the win. It was what it was.

* Hit Row are cutting a promo hyping up B-FAB. They say the B stands for beautiful and that tonight, she’s going to give them something to be upset about. She’s trained with Olympic gold medalists and World Champions. B-FAB says she can spit, but it’s time to do this.

B-FAB vs. Katrina Cortez

They circle to start and B-FAB takes Katrina down, then launches into a series of big kicks and a crossarm headlock, flingin her across the ring. Cortez in the corner and kicks B-FAB away, she comes off the top right into a big bood. Neckbreaker for a three-count.

Winner: B-FAB (1:18)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Katrina.

After the match, B-FAB cuts a promo saying that people thought just because she was in the ring, she couldn’t do this? Oh no, they both can. She says that Lopez thought she would stick her nose in their business without knowing the Kool-Aid flavor, and —

Yep, here comes Lopez with Legado. She says Lopez is talking and B-FAB didn’t lean her lesson the first time, but they can do it again. And next time she won’t need a pipe to shut that yappy mouth. B-FAB says she’d love to do that and suggests doing it right now. Lopez seems game, but Escobar says no and B-FAB says Santos saved her life.

* Odyssey Jones, Cameron Grimes, and Johnny Gargano are backstage, and Gargano says tonight is perfect but is missing one thing. There’s a knock on the door — AND IT’S AUSTIN THEORY! He says that he did run away but he couldn’t miss Indi’s wedding, and he brought a (Damion) Priest! Gargano says Damien isn’t a real priest, and Damion says he’s just there for the party. Gargano hugs Theory anyway.

* Caemelo Hayes is out with Trick Williams and they’ll speak next.

* Carmelo is interviewed by XXX, who says he won the Breakout Tournament three weeks ago and he has momentum and the juice now, but he has a target on his back. He says people won’t catch him off guard ever again. At the end of the day this is a numbers game, so he called up his boy Trick and Trick says “I’m bout it, bout it!” So Hayes says as long as he has the contract, Trick goes everywhere he goes. Trick says he’s proud of Melo, calling him the golden child of NXT. But he says he has a bone to pick with Hayes. He talks the talk but asks who this new humble Carmelo is? That’s not who he used to be. Hayes says he’s right — no holding back and no reason to be humble. He is the golden child and the Chosen One. So when Melo shoots, he doesn’t miss. And if he passes it, Trick will receive it.

And as they’re leaving, out comes Duke Hudson for his scheduled match. Hudson says Hayes was lucky in the tournament and knows it. Hudson goes into the ring and Trick says this stops today. He goes into the ring and spin kicks Hudson, then he and Hayes lay the boots to Duke.

* Backstyage, Gigi and Jacy are assuring Mandy Rose that she looks amazing. The new Mandy is the real Mandy. New NXT, new Mandy Rose.

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne

Kayden takes Gigi down quickly and Kacy dropkicks Jacy out of the ring. Irish whip by Kayden to Gigi and a splah, Kacy holds Gigi for a dropkick. Catanzaro stays in control with a flip kick and then a crucifix abdominal stretch. Meanwhile in the back, Dunne and Holland beat the shit out of Kyle O’Reilly.

Gigi gets armd dragged across the ring and Jacy Jayne tags in. She’s in control briefly before Kayden takes her down. Kacy on the top rope but Mandy Rose comes out and trips her for the DQ. Mandy has new black haired-look.

Winner: Catanzaro and Carter (2:00)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: All angle, little action.

Sarray comes out and clears the ring for the save.

Mandy, Gigi & Jacy vs. Sarray, Kacy & Kayden

Apparently this is now a six-woman tag match because why the fuck now. Sarray is in control and hits a missile dropkick on Gigi Dolan, then hits a fisherman’s suplex for two. She sends Gigi into the corner and hits a dropkick, then tags in Kayden. Kacy trips DOlan, Carter hits a dropkick and Kacy hits a springboard senton for two. Kacy is distracted by Mandy and gets taken down by DOlan. Mandy tags in and brutalizes Kacy, then slams her bodily into the corner. Jacy in for a back elbow, Dolan in and Kacy is whipped into a clothesline for two. Dolan chokes Kacy against the ropes and Jacy with a cheap shot kick while the ref’s back is turned. Mandy tags in, fists to Jacy and a bodyslam for two. Bodyscissors to Kacy but Kacy manages to push her back into her shoulders for two, Kacy goes for a crossbody and is caught for a fallaway slam. Jayne tagged in, chop and a suplex. Jayne off the ropes for a senton for two. Mandy tagged back in, goes for a bodyslam, Kacy slides out and goes through the legs to tag in Kayden. Kayden is fired up and nails Mandy, goes for a German suplex but gets kicked off, heel kick and then she leaps off Mandy to kick Gigi and Jayne off the apron. Carter off the ropes, rolls through a pin attempt and kicks Mandy’s head off. It quickly devolves into chaos, Sarray with a dropkick and faces off with Rose. They go toe to toe, Rose picks her up for a wheelbarrow slam, but Carter kicks her to break up the pin. Carter with a waistlock, Rose reverses, Jayne causes the distraction and Mandy finishes Carter for the pinfall.

Winner: Team Mandy (6:11)
Rating: **
Thoughts: Wasn’t great and Rose had some awkward moments, but at least we have a match over four minutes tonight.

* Candice is being a domineering mother of the bride.

* McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with William Regal, who announces that KOR is out of the match after Ridge Holland’s attack. Von Wagner, who made the save for KOR, is replacing him. O…kay?

Ridge Holland vs. Drake Maverick

Drake charges at Ridge, gets hammered down. Holland with a backbreaker, overhead belly to belly. Euro uppercut and a short arm clothesline. Overhead forearm across the face, Drake refuses to quit. He’s fighting back and decks Ridge, who headbutts Drake’s face off. Another headbutt to the back of Maverick’s head. Lifting front suplex for the pinfall.

Winner: Ridge Holland (1:48)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Drake Maverick.

* McKenzie asks Tomaso Ciampa about the new changes to the NXT Championship match. He says NXT 2.0 is about new stars, new chances, but for him it’s about the title. It’s been 908 days since he’s had Goldie, and tonight he gets his redemption.

* Before we get to the tag match, Tony D’Angelo is coming soon apparently.

The Creed Brothers vs. ????

Julies takes it to one of the guys and throws him around the ring, then tosses him over the ropes. He follows out and then takes down the jobber’s partner, rolls them into the ring, and both men are in now. They collide bodyslam the two and then Brutus picks the guy into a gutwrench and slams him into the ropes. JUlius is slab-tagged in, he hits a big suplex and then makes the guy tag in his partner and throws the partner in. The partner is fighting and hits a dropkick, Julies isn’t pleased and slaps himself, then throws the guy into the ropes, hits a powerslam and then another one followed by the unnecessary clotheseline for three.

Winner: Creed Brothers (2:48)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: Hey look, a match that went less then three minutes. I’m shocked.

After the match, Malcolm Bivens introduces the newest member of the Diamond Mine in Ivy Niall. He welcomes her to the Diamond Mine —

And out comes Kushida! He says they all talk too much and says he’s ready for Roddy. Malcolm says to make it for next week and Kushida seems okay with that.

NXT Championship Match
Pete Dunne vs. Von Wagner vs. LA Knight vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The match kicks off with a four-way brawl, that ends with Wagner and Ciampa slapping each other. Wagner takes Ciampa down and gets kicked by Knight, Wagner takes over again and slams Knight down before Dunne comes in and starts to work Wagner’s arm. He stomps the hand and Wagner rolls out, leaving DUnne and CIampa staring off. They start going into brawling, and Dunne takes over to work Ciampa’s arm but Ciampa dodges the stomp at the end. Ciampa rolls Dunne over and lays in overhand blows but Knight attacks. Ciampa sends Knight over the ropes to the floor and comes off the ropes into a hard shot by Ciampa. Dunne goes into the joint manipulation until Wagner takes him down. Wagner wipes Dunne out and then catches Knight with a uranage as we go to break.

Back from break and during the break Knight threw Wagner into the ring steps. He is in the ring with Ciampa, who comes off the ropes to kick Knight in the head. Dunne is in and CIampa chops both men, gets them in parallel corners and then splashes both of them a couple times. They come out after him and he takes them down with a double clothesline. Ciampa goes for a Fairy Tale ending on Wagner but can’t get him up, Knight with BFT and covers but the pin is broken up. Knight with another BFT but Ciampa gets a rope DDT on him and covers for two, Wagner breaks it up. Ciampa dives onto all three men and stars at the title, he gets Dunne in and hits a running high knee. Fairy Tale Ending attempt, Dunne blocks it and snaps one of CImpan’s fingers. Bitter End but LA Knight throws Dunne out, Wagner with an Olympic SLam on Knight and he covers for a nearfall. Knight is busted open, Dunne in and Wagner grabs him but CIampa stops Wagner. Ciampa nd Dunne shrug at each other and deck Wagner from opposite sides, then stare off. They’re trading blows, Ciampa with a knee-lift to the jaw but Dunne hits an assisted German suplex. Dunne goes up top but LA Knight with a superplex! Wagner with a big slam, cover but Ciampa breaks it up. Ciampa with Fairy Tale Ending, cover, pin!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa (10:36)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Now that was a match. Great effort by all four guys, Wagner looked like a beast in his debut, and CIampa gets the big win. Great stuff all around.

* Up next is an absolutely delightful montage for InDex’s relationship, and then the guests start to arrive. Dexter shows up with his groomsmen as we go to break.

* Back from break, it’s time for the bride. She comes down with Johnny giving her away of course. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Everyone sits and the ceremony begins. Dexter Gaylord Lumis and Indi Ophelia Hartwell are their full names. The priest asks who gives her away and Johnny goes into his spiel. He asks Indi if she’s sure, and he says he’s sure.

They ask who has the ring and Gargano asks if Austin has them. “We’re in a ring, silly!” They question who has the rings, and Ikemen Jiro does. Johnny takes them and we get to the “Let them speak now or forever hold their peace” moment. Everyone raises their hands, and Dexter shows them all the axe hidding in his suit. The hands go down. They apparently wrote their own vows. Indi says Dexter is misunderstood by so many people and others see him as a creep, but she sees him as a cuddly teeddy bar. Others see a stalker and she sees a well-groomed sweet man who watches her every move. She tells people “Damn right he’s a freak! Dexter’s my freak!” She says she’ll awlways remember that one time when he snuck in her bed late at night when Johnny and Candice were — Dexter holds the mic and Johnny and Candice are pissed. Indi says he never loses a staring contest and always keeps her safe. She says she loves him.

It’s time for Dexter’s vows. He holds a thumbs up. The priest says “That’s it? No vows?” He questions whether Dexter has anything to say at all and says he’s probably just nervous. Dexter responds by making the priest pass out. People ask what they do no and gargano asks Regal to do it. he doesn’t want to but the crowd is chanting for it. Here comes Beth! She’s gonna do it! She says she was afraid something like this happen, so she got ordained last night online! They cut to the Chase and Adrian Chase says “Did someone say Andre Chase?” He tries to make it a teachable moment but Odyssey Jones forces him back into his seat. Beth asks for the rings and Johnny hands them to the bridge and groom. Beth reads the “Do you take” stuff, ending with “Until Death — hopefully from natural causes and not from an axe — do you part?” He does. She asks Dexter the same. He stars blankly ahead and Beth says she’ll take it as a yes — but Lumis covers her mic. He leans forward and says “I…do.”

HE SPOKE FOLKS! AND HE SAID YES! Beth says by the power invested in her by FreeOrdainedMinisters.com, he pronunces her husband and wife. They kiss!

What the hell?? A wrestling wedding went off without a hitch?? I don’t even know what that means?

We cut to the back and Ciampa is watching from a monitor when Bron Breaker congratulates him. Ciampa congratulates him on his first win and extends a hand. They shake and star intensely.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
You know...most of this show drove me absolutely apeshit. It had the attention focus of a six year old on an eight ball. But I also get that WWE was trying to re-establish the show and its new direction, while introducing new stars. I don't think that it was less frustrating for that, but I understand why they did it. And that's entirely forgivable when you have a banger of a main event match and then an incredibly fun wedding segment that, shockingly, went off without a hitch. In addition, you had Mandy's return which was a nice new direction for her, Bron Breaker and Von Wagner making big statements, and Ciampa's title win. I'm going to give them some credit here and while I hope they settle down going forward, this did what it needed to do. Seek out the final half-hour of the show and Bron's match at least.