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March 7, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Revolution

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It’s SUNDAY…you know what that means.

Keep Refreshing For The Latest Results

Hey guys, Jeremy here. Tony’s running a little late so I’m covering the pre-show! We all know the hype stuff, we’ve seen it all before but we do have a match coming so looking forward to that.

Excalibur and Tony Schiavone welcome us to Daily’s Place and break down the card tonight, then go back to the hype videos, looking at Young Bucks vs. MJF and Jericho first.

Britt Baker comes out and says that Reba cannot compete after being attacked by Nyla Rose, and while her own doctor’s note wasn’t enough to make her ineligible, but she got the Jacguar’s doctor to agree with her. Reba comes out on a crutch. Baker says she found the perfect replacement and partner for herself — Maki Itoh! Okay then, let’s go.

Britt Baker & Maki Itoh vs. Thunder Rosa & Riho

Baker and Riho start off with some counter wrestling, with Riho getting the better of Baker. Baker gets into the ropes for the break and then kicks Riho in the gut. Irish whip into the ropes, cartwheel into a dropkick and another. Riho off the ropes into a hurricanrana. Front facelock to Baker, Rosa tags in but Baker gets free and tags in Itoh! Rosa and Itoh lock up, waistlock by Rosa turned into a headlock by Rosa and then an armbar attempt — and a middle finger to Baker. Itoh back up though with a headlock, shot into the ropes and they collide with no one going down. They trade shots and Itoh gets the worst of it, Rosa takes Itoh down and she starts to cry. Rosa says “Really?” and gets her foot stomped on. Itoh comes off the ropes but gets knocked down, she sends Rosa into the corner and splashes her, back across the ring and then a bulldog off the ropes. Itoh with mounted punches, Rosa gets out of it and drops Itoh face-first on the turnbuckle. Rosa tags in Riho, suplex, and then drops Riho onto Itoh for a two-count. Drop-toe hold into the ropes and a 619 for another two-count. Maki in the hostile corner and Rose tags in, snapmare and cover for two. Riho runs in, dropkick to Britt and then one to a held Itoh! Baker tags in Riho and she starts to trade punches with Itoh. Riho takes over with a kick to the gut, she comes off the ropes but gets tripped by Britt! Baker beats on Riho and rolls her into the ring, Itoh is excited, she goes for her diving headbutt and Riho moves!

Baker tagged in, she catches Riho and a cravat and lays in knees to Riho’s head. Baker mocks Rosa and then hits a suplex for two. Baker steps on Riho to choke her on the bottom rope, tags Itoh in and Itoh with a snapmare into a camel clutch-style sleeper. Riho gets free and gets to the ropes to force the break. Itoh slams Riho into the corner, whip across the ring and charges in, Riho moves! Up top and a diving crossbody for two. Riho tagged in and Britt as well, Rosa comes in on fire and takes Baker down! Charging five onto Baker, she backs up and hits a running basement dropkick. Butterfly suplex and she comes off the ropes for a senton, cover for two. Rose picks Baker up but she escapes out the back and pushes her into the hostile corner, Itoh tags in. Slingblade to Rosa from Riho, Itoh with the diving headbutt to the gut and gets two. Rosa though with a Stunner out of nowhere and tags in RIho! She takes out Baker and Itoh, Baker comes in and attacks Riho. Rosa is in, Itoh hits her with a swinging DDT of the ropes! She pulls Rosa to the center ofd the ring and goes up for the top rope diving headbutt — Rosa moves! Riho charges for a diving knee and ITOH REVERES into a single-leg crab! Riho struggles but gets to the ropes. Riho up now and they’re trading pushes, Riho takes over with punches but Riho blocks it…with her head? I don’t get that. But Baker is in and hits a sidewalk slam for a nearfall. Riho tags in Rosa, rollup for two. Britt with a backslide for two, they counter with a series of nearfalls. Reba on the apron arguing, Baker tries to take Rosa out but Rosa moves! Pin attempt is broken up by Itoh, in the chaos that follows Reba manages to hit Baker Rosa with the crutch! Baker with the pinfall win.

Winner: Britt Baker & Maki Itoh (15:31)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Solid pre-show match to start it off. Itoh’s US debut was a pleasant surprise, and while there were some awkward transitions and a bit of telegraphing it was enjoyable all in all. As a pre-show match I have no complaints.

They do the final hard sell stuff, and we’re going into the PPV. I’m switching over to Tony now, have fun and enjoy the show!


Match 1: AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Young Bucks vs Chris Jericho and MJF

The match starts hot with all four men ending up outside. MJF and Jericho send The Bucks into one another. MJF sends Nick as Jericho sends Matt into the ring. The Bucks hit the ropes and suicide dive in stereo! Matt attacks Jericho over and over, kicks and punches while Nick sends MJF back into the ring. Jericho is next, Bucks on the apron, they fly over with sunset flips, roll through, SHARPSHOOTER FROM THE BUCKS!!! MJF and Jericho hold hands to prevent a tap out. The Bucks release. MJF leaves the ring. Whip from Jericho nito the corner, Nick flies over, he goads Jericho ut of the corner, and Mat hits a spear!!! MJF on the apron, Matt locks the head with his legs and Nick sends him to the mat outside! Matt hangs Jericho no the 2nd rope and holds ihm, Nick with a swanton off the top! MJF breaks the pin. Nick with a right hand, sends MJF right back out, hops to the apron. MJF holds the legs, Jericho flies off the corner with a dropkick to the head!

On the outside, Wardlow gets a cheap shot with MJF. Whip to Nick and a flapjack from MJF and Jericho. Jericho and MJF take turns walking oer the chest of Nick. They then mock The Young Bucks pose. Double team sending Nick behind them, he ducks a right, crawls under MJF, tag to Mat. Matt in with a bunch of chops, looks for a superkick, fake out, DDT to MJF!!! Matt hits the ropes, but Wardlow is there to hold the roeps and Matt flies outside. Jericho with a suplex. Wardlow with a cheap kick. MJF stomps the right arm. MJF tags Jericho. Jericho and MJF kick in the corner. They double suplex Matt with a delay, flipping off the crowd, then dropping Matt. Cover from MJF for 1..2…NO!!!! Cravat from MJF. MJF sends Matt to the corenr, tags in Jericho. Jericho with a right hand to the head. Tag to MJF. They double team, sending Matt into the ropes, who locks the heads of both men and hits DDTs!

Tag to Nick and he comes in to attack both men! Kick from Nick, another kick to Jericho, one to MJF, swinging kick to Jericho, knee to MJF bulldog/clothesline combo! Nick t othe apron, runs and kicks Jericho then hits a shoulder to MJF. X-Factor to MJF! Lands on th apron! Moonsault to Jericho! CODE RED from the outside into the ring!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Nick runs into an elbow, MJF punches Matt, Matt locks him in the corner, SUPERKICK TO THE FACE!!!!! Tag to Matt. Matt grabs the head, Powerbomb to MJF and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Right hand from Matt to MJF. Jericho runs in and Matt mounts and punches him down. Matt hits the ropes, Jericho shoots the legs, looks for the liontamer, inside cradle from matt, pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Matt with a Super Kick, but Matt dodges a Judas Effect, hits a Superkick. Jericho with a Tombstone in the ring!!! Nick flies off the apron. WALLS OF JERICHO!!! Matt is able to spin out of it. He hits a hard right hand, Jericho goes for a bulldog. MJF blind tags! Backslide for 1.2….NO!!!! Side headlock. MJF with a powerbomb! 1…2..NO!!! MJF kicks Matt in the head a few times and tells Matt to suck it over and over again. Matt locks up for a Meltzer driver, but as Nick flies off the ropes, Jericho hits a Codebreaker! MJF with a rollup!!! 1…2…..NO!!!!!

Wardlow on the apron!!! Aubrey distracted! Jericho attacks with the bat!!! HEATSEEKER FROM MJF!!! Pin for 1…2….NO!!!!!! MJF is pissed. Jericho on the apron. Jericho holds his. Boot up. MJF sends Matt into it. Tag to Jericho. Thy double team Matt in the corner. Whip to the corner, Whip to Jericoh into a boot from Nick! Matt holds the ropes, MJF flies over!! Tag to Nick! Nick to the top rope! He waits for Jericho to turn. Matt on the corner, too!!! CROSSBODIES OFF THE TOP TO JERICHO AND MJF ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Cover for 1..2…..N!O!!! Judas Effect, but Wardlow is on the apron and he eats it!!! Nick rolls up! 1…2…N!O!! Nick hits the ropes, Jericho just punches him. LIONSAULT BUT THE BUCKS WITH SUPERKICKS!!! BTE TRIGGER!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! MJF there to stop the pin! MJF with the ring! Superkicks back and forth! WE GOT A SUPERKICK PARTY!!!!! ONE FOR JERICHO!

Tag to Matt. Matt lifts Jericho, looking for the driver again, THEY HIT IT!! MELTZER DRIVER!! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
The first few minutes of this was a mess. Typically, the chaos is welcomed, but it was odd when the rules were basically just ignored completely until about two minutes in. I wouldn’t mind if Jericho and MJF didn’t follow the rules, but the fact that at times, The Bucks kind of just stood on the apron while rules were being broken was somewhat annoying. Aside from that, they picked up steam once the match got into a solid flow. Jericho played his role well and MJF is just an asshole in all the best ways.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 17:49

Match 2: Casino Tag Team Royale

The Natural Nightmares vs The Dark Order (5 and 10) vs Santana and Ortiz vs Matt and Mike Sydal vs The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs The Gunn Club vs Peter Avalon and Cezar vs Varisty Blondes vs Jurassic Express vs Butcher and Blade vs Private Party vs SCU vs Rey Fenix and Pac vs The Dark Order (Silver and Reynolds)

All four men get in the ring, then QT slaps 10 and Five slaps QT. They go into the corner with some chops, Dustin handling Ten for a bit. Chops to Dustin, kicks from Five to QT. They reverse as Dustin hits a powerslam to Ten. Kick to the knee ,drops to the knees, but Ten kicks him in the chest. Five on the top, falls to the apron, kicks and hits a lungblower. Fallaway Slam and The Dark Order stands tall until Goldy attacks from behind.

Santana and Ortiz are out next.

They attack QT, locks the head, Death Valley Driver into a neckbreaker. Five hops off and hits an enziguri, Ortiz hits the ropes, hops over, kick from Ten, Ortiz on the ropes, Five flies with a crossbody across the back. QT with a cutter!!! QT sends Five to the outside, and we get our first elimination! I nearly forgot it was a battle royal.

Dustin looks to eliminate Santana just as

Matt and Mike Sydal enter.

Matt flies off the top rope with some knees, they double team ten as other just kind of stand around. Kick to the back of the head of Ten. They double team with a swinging slam. They turn their attention to Santana and Ortiz. Dustin is stomping Ten on the apron. Chop from Ortiz in the corner to one of the Sydals

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson are out next, as Ortiz and Santana eliminates Mike Sydal. Chop from Ortiz to Grayson, Uno sits him on the shoulders of Grayson then hits a powerbomb. Grayson sends Ortiz into a spinebuster from Ten! They hold the fist up but Santana is there to superkick all three to hell.

The Gunn Club is next.

They run into the ring and hit some clothelsines to everyone. Whip into Uno, then into Grayson. Splash to te corner. Dropkick to Uno. Hip toss into a neckbreaker and a Spear from Ten!!! Knee from Matt Sydal, then a swinging kick to the back of the head. Ortiz with a huge kick to Matt, eliminating The Sydals!

Avalon and Cezar are next.

They get some offense in against The Gunn Club.

Varsity Blondes are next to attack Peter and hits partner as everyone else just kind of flails around doin this or that. Fameasser from Austin Gunn to Peter, and he is eliminated. QT eliminates Gunn Club! Dustin tries to talk to him about this, how it’s bad, and he shouldn’t have done that. QT is piseed. He eliminates himself!!! QT HOPS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ELIMINATES HIMSELF! He spits at Dustin and leaves just as

Bear Country make their entrance. We get a spike pildriver to Santana ONTO Pillman!! Jeez. Bear Country basically kill Griff. Grayson with a flip kick. He lifts Boulder up on his shouldres! He’s a beast!! Kick to Grayson! Boot to Grayson! Bear Country eliminate him! Dustin attacks from behind, stomps in the corner.


Lucha with a double chokeslam to Varsity Blondse. Uno and Ten attack Lucha in the corner. Kick from Ortiz and Santana to Jungle Boy, they double team him but he reverses with a head scissors and a right arm, then a clothesline to Ortiz, eliminating him!!! Binoni eats a kick from Lucha, then gets eliminated. Griff attacks, Lucha blocks, sends him over the top rope. Jungle Boy tosses Santana! Stunt in the ring, he gets an assist from Lucha and eliminates Uno!

Butcher and Blade and Bunny are here!

They go after Ten, Blade fights off the paron, Butcher eliminates Pillman!!!


Boulder tries for Dustin. Butcher and Blade attack while Dustin is on the apron. They drop him to the mat. Buny runs up to try and eliminate Dustin! She does!!!!

Lucha and Butcher and Boulder and that other dude are all standing. They go at it as

Private Party head out slowly.

They attack Jungle Boy, Boy ot the apron, slings himself in, gets a pump kick, they hit kicks to the front and the back of the head. Jungle Boy is being held by Stunt to prevent an elimination.


They double team Kassidy, as Excalibur explains that if they lose this match, it wont count against their loss record as a team, thus preventing them from breaking up.

Lucha has both men iup for a chokeslam, but they dodge and in come Bear Country to eliminate Luchasauraus! BUT HERE COMES BUTCHER!!! He eliminates both of Bear Country!!! Bear Country drag Butcher outside and attack him then send him back in the ring. Daniels attacks Butcher in the corner, Blade comes to stop that just as

Rey Fenix and Pac

SUPERKICKS EVERYWHERE! Pac and Rey send Blade and Quen out of the ring!!! Butcher clotheslines them both down.

Reynolds and Silver are the final team!

Rey eliminates Daniels!! Jingle Boy holds the ropes, hits Reynolds, sends him to the apron, both men on the apron, right hands, Reynolds breaks the hands, kick from Reynolds runs, Jungle Boy shoots him over the ringpost and he’s eliminated!!! Kazarian is next!!! He’s gone!!

Rey and Pac and Silver and Jungle Boy are the final four!!!

Jungle and Rey! Silver and Pac! They go! Rey drops Jungle Boy and holds a face lock. Silver backs Pac into the corner. Kicks as Pac sends Silver over the top rope. Right hands to Pac from the apron!!! High kick to Pac!!! Rey flies!!! SILVER HOLDS ON WITH ONE HAND!!!! Rey whips Jungle Boy, runs High kick off the apron!!! SILVER WITH A BARRAGE OF KICKS INTO PAC!!! GERMAN FROM PAC!!! Whip, reveresd, reversed again!!! Silver on the apron! Pac runs int oa kick! Rey walks the ropes!!! KICK TO SILVER AND HE IS ELIMINATED!!!

Death Triangle against Jungle Boy now!!!! Rey attacks!! Pac kicks. JUNGLE BOY ELIMINATES PAC!!!

Rey vs Jungle Boy and I have a boner!!!

CHOP FROM REY! CHOP FROM JB! They go at it! Jungle gets it! To the top of his shoulders, spins, wheelbarror, arm drag to Rey, Jungle slides to the outside, SUICIDE DIVE FROM REY!!!! SENDS JUNGLE IN> SPRINGBOARD INTO A SUPERKICK FROM JUNGLE BOY!!!

Whip to Jungle! Clothesline to Rey!!!! POISONRANA!!!! Jungle tosses Rey! REY SWINGS BACK IN!! SPINNING KICK!!! CLOTHESLINE ELIMNATES JUNGLE BOY!!!

Winners: Rey Fenix and Pac
Holy hell, there are a lot of teams on this damned roster. Honestly, I could have done without the first ten minutes, but I did enjoy that the focus was more on wrestling, than weird quasi-eliminations. There was still some of that, but it was spaced out, thankfully. The minute Silver, Pac, and Rey entered the match, we got what we needed. Because HOLY SHIT.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 26:45

Match 3: AEW Women’s Championship Match
RYO Mizunami vs Hikaru Shida

Y’all, imma know the names of like three moves.

They start with a series of oneupwomanship and strike hard against one another until Ryo gets Shida to the corner and chops her over and over. Ryo tries to mess around but Shida sends her into the corner and hits some hatrdd rights into the chest. Ryo takes the hits, Shida mocks Ryo, then gets sent into the corner and hits some chops to Shida, over and over and over. They get softer as time progresses, but Ryo findally gets to dance. Ryo plays out of the corner, turns, and Shida hits a hurricanrana. Shida whips to the corner, hits a running knee! Shida to the outside. KNEE LIFT! Shida goes under the ring. She’s looking for something, finds herself a chair! Shida sets it up, runs up the chair, flies, but Ryo catches her!!! She drops Shida over the barricade onto some of the audience. Ryo shimmies like Eddie as Shida tries to get up.

Back in the ring, and Ryo drops a leg drop. Another leg drop. Another! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Chinlock from behind. Shida goes for a hip toss but Ryo blocks and sends her into the corner. Shida sends her into the post head first. Toss to the center of the ring. Shida looks to fly. DROPKICK! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Shida sent to the outside on the stage. High kick to Ryo. Shida sends her into the corner. Shida to the top rope. Shida locks the head, she sets up with a Fireman’s. Ryo slides down the back, shida holds the legs! She sits down ONTO RYOs freakin head!!! Shida rolls into the ring with a huge smile.

Ryo struggles to stand on the stage. She locks the head of Riyo. Shida covers! 1…2..NO!!! Ryo captures the arm. Headbutt over and over and over. Right and left forearms all to Shida. Shida fires back, knee, hard right, clothesline, antoher!!! Ryo with another hard clothesline out of the corner. Firemans into a spike piledriver and a cover for 1..2…N!O!!! Shida with a hard forearm, running knee strike!! Clothesline from Ryo. Shida with a knee! She can’t cover!!! BOTH WOMEN DWON! Ref starts the count. Both women up. They lock hands. Forearm from one to the other. They want it from each other. Hard rights until Shida takes over, Ryo attcks the back, Shida to her knees! URANAGE!! SPEAR!!!! Both from Ryo! Ryo to the top rope! LEG DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE!! COVER FOR 1..2…….NO!!!!! Shida tries for a move but can’t quite get the pin after. Ryo runs…right into a knee! Enziguri to the back of the head, lock up, Ryo misses, Straightjacket GERMAN!!! Ryo rolls through!!! CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACKO OF THE HEAD!! FALCON ARROW!!! Kip up, but slow.

Shida is standing!! Hits the ropes, goes for the knee, Ryo blocks, so she just knees her face and punches her in the face, then hits a knee to the back of the head. FALCON ARRORW!!!! COVER FOR 1..2….NO!!! Shida hits the ropes. RYO IS UP! CLOTHESLINE!!! Shida with another knee!!! JEEEESUS!!! Shida ducks a run, eye poke!!! INSIDE CRADLE!!! 1..2….NO!!!! RUNNING KNEE!!! Cover! 1…2….NO!!!! Enziguri! Cover! 1…2….NO!!!! Shida tries to lift, can’t geet it quite, so just drops Ryo hard on the mat.

Shida stands. Hits the ropes, flying knee!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Knee strike. Stacks Ryo for a pin. 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida
They almost got us at the end there, but with a distinct lack of emotional investment, it took a while to fully get into the match. I love that Shida kept trying the knee, and that the win wasn’t flashy, but was more desperate than anything else.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 15:06

Nyla Rose is out with Vickie. She attacks!!! She knocks Shida out. Nyla attacks Ryo!!!

Britt Baker and her partner from earlier attack! Reby comes down with her one crutch. Nyla is confused. Her and Britt go face to face in the middle of the ring. Rebel attacks Shida with the crutch.

THUNDER ROSA HAS HAD ENOUGH!!! She comes down to stop the attack. She is, apparently, stronger than four women, because everyone leaves the ring.

Marvez is backstage for an interview with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy, but before he can finish a question, Miro runs up and attacks!! Kip body slams Orange onto a box while Miro sends Chuck into the glass window of a door! Miro wants his music to be played.

It is. Miro drags Chuck out to the stage. Chuck is bleeding. Miro sends his jacket into the crowd as Miro grabs Chuck and takes him to the ring. He sends Chuck into the ring.

Miro grabs a mic, tells Chuck he’s given him so many opportunities to get out of this, but Chuck said no. He can make this stop. Just say the words, and Miro can make this stop. Chuck says ok, he wants to say something. Miro stands above him ith the mic. Chuck chuckles, tells the ref to ring the damned bell.

Match 4: Miro and Kip Sabian vs Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor

Miro knocks Chuck on his ass, sends him into the corner and attacks hard!! STOMPS to Chuck, and a kick. Miro is bein vicious! He mounts and punches the forehead, where the blood is pouring. Miro wipes the blood of Chuck on his chest then tags in Kip. Miro holds Chuck for Kip to hit a dropkick on him. Kick to the face. Kip with another kick. Sends Chuck into the corner. Stomps to Chuck. Chuck kicks Kip in the face. Kip runs into a rising knee strike! Chuck reaches for his corner. Orange is still not out.

THERE HE IS!!! HE IS STRUGGLING! He cant stand! He’s on his knees Miro goes to attack. ORANGE PUNCH TO MIRO!!!

Tag to Orange! He sends Kip outside. Suicide Dive! Orange ot the top rope! DIVING DDT!! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Orange wants Beach break, but his back gives out. Kip with a gutbuster! Kip with a punt kick and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Kip with a sit out piledriver. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Kip stands Orange up, gets him on the shoulders, spins for Deathly Hallows, Orange lands on his feet, hits the ropes, blind tag, DDT to Kip from Orange, Chuck to the top rope. BEACH BREAK/DROPKICK combo! Chuck up. Locks the head, PILEDRIVER!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! MIRO IS BACK IN!!! Orange is waiting for Miro. He is pissed. Ford distracts the ref. Orange with the hands up!!! Hands in the pockets!!! KICKS TO MIRO!!! THEY’RE DEADLY!!! He hits the ropes, goes for a kic Miro kicsk him!! STUNDOG MILLIONAIRRE!!! ORANGE PUNCH!!!!! Orange hits the ropes, Penelope is there. Miro sends Orange inot her. HUGE KICK TO THE HEAD! SWINGING URANAGE!!! Chuck there to give him a kick ,but Miro hits a clothes!!! The ref yells at Miro that Kip is the legal man. Kip is checking on Ford. Miro sends him into the ring. Tag.

Kip goes back to check on his wife. Inside cradle to Miro. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! High thrust kick from Miro. GAME OVER!!!! Chuck taps.

Winners: Miro and Kip Sabian
Y’all wanted the bad ass Miro, y’all got it. Miro was on a tear, here, and didn’t let up one fucking bit. Holy hell, this was the beast people were looking for.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 7:51

Marvez is backstage with Jericho, MJF, and Santana and Ortiz. He asks them what is next. Jericho says they didn’t fail to win the titles. They should be the tag team champs; they are better than The Young Bucks, and they know it. They are an army; well trained, and like any great army that changes their battle plans, they will do just that. This Wednesday, they’ll have the Inner Circle War Council. MJF says Jericho is right. It is time for a change, and a change would make The Inner Circle a whole lot better.

Match 5: Matt Hardy vs Hangman Adam Page

Matt backs page in the corner, but Page is quick to reverse and stomp Matt down in the corner, actin like a whole ass Stone Cold. Whip to Matt into the ropes and a sleeper, but back suplex from Page creates separation. Chop to Matt. Page to the apron, wants to end it quick, but Matt rolls to the outside. Page sends Matt over the barricade then drops him on the edge of one. Page to the top bannister and he flies with an axe handle. Back near the ring. Page hits a few right hands, goes for a thir,d but hits the post! Matt realizes, and takes advantange, placing the fingers against the buckle, and pulling back hard. Matt bites Page’s fingers then slams them into the post. Matt sends Page int othe steps hand first. Matt sends Page into the steps. He places the hand in between the stairs and the stage, and kicks it into the hand! Matt enters the ring, rolls back out to the stage. Matt drags Page to the ring, into it, then twists the wrist and bites the finger of Page again! Matt pulls apart the fingers, but Page hits a headbutt, then a ight hand. He sends Page into the corner. Shoulders to the corner. Right hand. Whip to Page, Matt attacks the right hand some more, whips to the corner, and Page falls on his ass as Matt celebrates. Matt with a chop in the corner. Right hand to the forehead. Another. Whip to Matt. Reversed. Right hand to Matt. It hurt both men! Side Effect but PAGE WORKS THE ARM AND GETS A PIN!!! 1..2…NO!!!! Page dodges, firemans DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!!

Page to the apron. Kick to Matt. Locks the head. Page send sMatt to the apron. Pringboard clothesline!!! Page flies out of the ring, Matt dodges, kicks, TWIST OF FATE ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Matt in the ring. Ref counts. Page in at 9! Matt stands on his face. Ref breaks it at 4. Matt pulls Page up against the top rope. Elbow to the back of the head. Another. Another. Whip to Page. Kick from Page out of the corner. Page to the top, Matt attacks the back, locks the waist. Matt pulls as Page holds on. GERMAN to Page!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Matt whips Page to the ropes, ducks, Page ducks ,they collide in the middle of the ring. Another clothesline from both men. A third but Page adds a spin and gets a discus punch! Page hits the ropes, and he sends Matt over the top rope! Page follows out with him! Page hops to the apron, he gets to the corner. Page to the top rope! Moonsault!! Diving crossbody from Page! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Matt up in the corner. Page stands. Page hits a clothesline, sends him to the center of the ring, hits the ropes, and hits a sliding clothesline. Page gets Matt on his shoulders, Matt holds the ropes, lands on his feet. Back elbow to Page. Neckbreaker to Page. Matt to the top rope. Powerbomb and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Matt up first again. He waits for Page to stand. Kick to Page. But Page catches, hits a right, matt blocks, kick, spin, Page with a DEAD EYE!!!

Kassidy is here. He’s on the apron to distract the ref. Quen is on the other side. Page heads over to Kassidy. Page then goes after Quen. They both hop down off the apron as Matt stirs, then stands and misses a clothesline .Right hand from Page. Kassidy on the apron, flies in and gets sent right back out. Boot to Quen! Suicide dive to Kassidy!!! Matt up!! BUCKSH—NO!!! SIDE EFFECT!!!! TWIST OF FATE!!! COVER!!! 1…2…..NO!!!!! Matt calls for Quen to get on the apron, but THE DARK ORDER IS HEREEE!!!! They stop the attack. Hangman on the apron!

Matt punches him, Dark Order catches!! BUCKSHOT!!! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page
While I don’t think he did a bad job at all, especially considering how blown up he’s looked previously, I also don’t want Matt Hardy in many 15 minute matches. Luckily, Page is stellar, and I’m not tryin to knock Matt. He did better than I think most thought he would. Still…15 minutes…yeesh.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 14:57

The Dark Order and Hangman Adam Page celebrate with some beer.

Match 6: Face of the Revolution Ladder Match
Max Caster vs Lance Archer vs Cody Rhodes vs Scorpio Sky vs Penta El Zero Miedo vs Ethan Page

Sky goes after Page! Archer is with Cody, and Penta chills on the outside. Oh, wait, Caster is outside with him. Penta sends him into the post. Archer clotheslines Cody oer the top rope to the stage. Sky with a right hand to Page! Another. Archer grabs a ladder. He clocks Cody one in the shoulder hen tosses the ladder into the ring, hitting Sky and Page. Arche rolls outside, grabs Penta, sends him into the ring, then slides back in and sets the lader up. He hits Pent, again, a third attack in the corner, then Archer hits Page. Penta superkicks the lader then slingblades archer down the the ladder!!

Jack Evans runs down the ramp with boombox, but Ten follows and slams Jack down hard. En leaves, his work done. Max grabs the box, but Cody hits a disaster Kick. Off the ropes. Page has the ladder! Cody enters the ring. They both go up the ladder Archer here to tbring them both off. GOOZLE! KICK TO ARCHER! Page pump kicks they both send Archer into the ladder!!! Cody offers a handhake, Page shakes it, then kicks Cody. Ladder to the shoulder! Boombox shot to Page! Another to Sky. He smacks Cody in the shoulder. Penta in the ring! He sets the ladder against the ropes. Penta walks up the ladder and flips over the top rope!! Archer with a dropkick sends Penta down. Archer grabs the ladder, but Page slides between the ropes with a cutter! Page locks the head. He sends Archer in between the ladder and smacks him down over and over with the ladder. Sky is in the ring. Page turns. Sky with the Fireman,s but Page slides off and drops Sky on the ladder in a botchworthy move. Page grabs Sky. SPLASH MOUNTAIN ONTO THE LADDER ONTO ARCHER!!!

Caster sets another ladder up outside from ring to barricade while Page grabs another one and brings it to the ring. He sends the bad aldder aside and sets up the new one, choking Archer up with one of the sides. Archer pushes the ladder and Page falls, and while he falls, Penta hits a backstabber!!! Penta sets up!!! CODY SPRINGBOARDS! DropkicK!!! SUPERKICK!!! Penta has Cody on the apron. He hooks, Cody escapes, kicks, fireman’s, Penta elbows out, puts Cody on the aldder setup outside, calls for a powerbomb, DESTROYER INSTEAD ON THE LADDER!!! Page locks the head, looking to suplex, but Sky hits one instead!

IN the ring, Caster climns to the top. Sky attacks. He pulls the leg out from Caster. Sky sets up a ladder. Caster sets up. Arn is talking to Cody in the tunnel. Sky hits a right, Caster hits a right, Sky throat thrusts, right hand. Page is up! Archer is here! All four men up!!! Sky nd Caster knock Ethan and Archer down. Sky is up there! Penta runs in! He stops the run! Penta murders Sky with a thrust kick. Penta calls for the crowd way too long, and climbs up the ladder. Sky is by his side. He climbs, too. They go at it on the aldders. Sky bites Penta. Sky locks the head, and slams Penta down.

Cody is still hurting in the tunnel. Caster and Page are on top of a ladder. POWERBOMB OFF THE LADDER TO PAGE!!!! Sky with a ladder. Caster stops him, right hand from Sky. Sky climbs the ladder. Right hand to max. Whip to the ladder, and Max hits it head first. Sky with a scoop slam to Caster onto the ladder. Sky falls to his knees. He heads to the corner. FROG SPLASH FROM SCORPIO SKY!!! Sky sets the aldder up. Archer is here. Right hands from Sky, he jumps up, Archer drops him, lgrabs the leg, catapult, SKY LANDS ON THE LADDER!!! He reaches for the ring!!! Archer grabs his tights nad pulls him down. Sky to the top rope. ARCHER WITH A RISING KNEE! SKY FALLS HEADFIRST INTO A LADDER!!!!

Page rushes the ring, Penta sets him up, kicks Archer away, Caster in, penta sends him into page, Penta hits the ropes, clothesline to Archer!!!! Penta sets up, Penta climbs, he’s slow to get to the top, Page is up. He climbs. Page and Penta fighr at the top of the ladder. Petna slams him into the face, Penta shoves.
Her comes Cody, with his belt! He smacks Max on the back, another for Page! He sends Page into the ladder! Arn and Doc Samspon are trying to stop Cody. He attacks with rights in the corner over and over. Page swings, Cody with CROSS RHODES!!! It hurt Cody’s arm. Cody sets the ladder up in the corner, climns it, Archer is here to stop him, Caster is heading up the corner. Archer with a SUPERPLEX!!! Caster to the top of the ladder! Elbow drop to Cody’s back! Caster grabs a new lader, sets up and climbs. Penta up to hit some right hands. Caster hits one. Penta slams his head, Penta goes 3 M, but here comes Archer to send the ladder over and both men down. CHOKESLAM TO PAGE!! Cody in. CHOKESLAM TO CODY!!! PENTA IS NEXT!!!! CHOKESLAM!!! He turns. Max punches him. Archer no sells. Right hand to the chin. Archer grabs the ladder. He lifts Max, sits him on the corner, The BLACKOUT ON THE ALDDER!!! Lance sets up a ladder. Jake Roberts is up on the stage! He’s hyped! PAGE CLIMBS UP Behind and smacks Archer. Archer hops down and attacks, but Page hits a low blow!!! Razor’s Edge to rcher!!!!

Jake is in!! Short arm clothesline!!!! PENTA WITH A SUPERKICK TO JAKE ROBERTS!!! Penta climnbs!!! Cody is here to stop him. He sends Penta onit the lder. Again. Cody hits the ropes, goes for a Cutter, doesn’t get it. Looks horrible. Penta with. Chair! SMACK TO CODY’S ARM!!! He shoves Cody off the ladder. Penta climns!! SCORPIO SKY IS BACK IN!! CHAIR SHOT TO THE BACK!!! Another chair shot to the ankle. Sky and Cody climb. They meet at the top. Cody with a right hand. They go back and forth. Cody hangs on the ring, Sky pulls on the amr and slams it down hard onto the ladder.

Sky pulls Cody’s face up, talks some shit, and sends Cody down to the mat. Sky stares at the ring. Sky grabs the ring! Sky wins!!!

Winner: Scorpio Sky
I could do without Cody the Try Hard, but everything else about this was tons of fun. Page being the surprise was cool, even if it didn’t come off as a big deal when he came out. I predict he’ll be a long time player. Archer continues to just be a star, but Sky’s win was something I was clamoring for. A fun ladder match.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 23:07

This match is not live, but is more of a cinematic approach.

We get a low angle of Starks walking in a parking structure, then getting into a sick ass sports car with cage. Over the top view of the car driving away, and we pan to the car pulling up to some spot. They get the hero’s walk as they enter a warehouse with a ring in it, and a fan. They hop on the apron and enter the ring, shoing confusion. A ref awaits them, and the screen goes black.

Sting is in a car with a tapedeck, and turns the volume up. It’s a truck that drives by a person with a blowtorch and a black and white mask. Sting drives around while we see Darby skateboarding in the street. Hooded figures with face paint enter the place where the ring and Cage sits. Darby continues his skateboarding as Sting drives through, what I assume is Florida, and continues en route. Darby meets the truck as it turns, and latches onto the back. They make their way to the warehouse and Darby and Sting walk in together.

Sting, Darby, and the hooded fools follow. Sting and Darby enter the ring as the hooded figures circle the ring. Bell rings and…

Match 7: Street Fight
Sting and Darby Allin vs Ricky Starks and Brian Cage

Cage lifts Darby into the corner. TDarby hops off the freakin wall like Spiderman and hits a coffin drop. Cage sends Darby outside then attacks Sting. Starks attacks as well as Cage leaves the ring and tosses a trash can into one of the hooded fifures. He tosses another into the wall, then powerbombs one on the apron. Darby flies into the hands of Cage, Cage sends him into the ringpost. Cage drags Darby by his trunks and drops him on a nearby railing. Cage drags Darby over towards some pillar.

Back in the ring, Starks is hurtin Sting, but Sting hits a knee strike. Sting with a splash in the corner.

Back to Cage, and he looks to powebomb Darby, but Dabry lands on his feet and clips the leg, then sets up Darby. Cage sends Darby into the wall head first then launches him into some boarded up door, sending him through it. Cage sends him into what looks like a broken elevator.

Back in the ring, Sting hits another splash. A running clothesline sends Ricky outside. Sting leaves the ring, chasing Ricky. Sting has a baseball, and smacks the wall. Sting tries to corner Ricky, then tosses the bat at him. Sting gets close to Ricky, picks up the bat he just threw. Ricky tricks him, saying Sting is nothing without the bat. Sting kicks Ricky and sends him into the wall, again. Again, into the wall. Sting with an elevated right hand. Over and over.

We head to a stairwell, and Cage looks to suplex Darby. But first, he lifts and walks up the steps with a a delayed vertical, then suplexes Darby onto a trash can. Cage sends Darby rolling on the top floor of this broken down wrehouse. Cage with aboot to the head. Darby with a dropkick. Darby and Stin attack Cage. They double team him against a brick wall. Here comes Ricky, sendin Darby into a wall. Starks with a right hand, he grabs a pole and attacks Sting, then sends a barrel into Sting.

Sting and Cage try to double team Cage but Cage fights both off, with Darby on his back and a kick to Sting. Cage with Darby on his back, but Sting has a fire hydrant! Darby grabs a glas bottle and breaks it over the head of Cage!!! They double slam Cage through a table!!

HERE COMES RICKY!!! He’s got a 2×4 and clocks Sting. Right hand to Darby. They go back and forth with slaps to the face. Shit ain’t pretty. Ricky with a knee! Ricky tries to spear Darby into a post, but Darby moves then climbs up the post and hits a coffin drop to Starks!!!

HERE COMESS A MASKED MAN! It’s all Orange, and he reveals himself to be Hobbs. Hook is here, too, and he arm drags Darby onto the floor.

Sting is staning, but so is Cage!! He turns Sting, lifts him up, and sends him into a wall! He’s near a window, but sends Sting into one of the thick pillars instead.

Hook has Darby. Hook has him un a Nelson as Hook hits some body shots. Cage in and grabs the legs of Darby. They swing him INTO a glass-plated window!!!
We head ot Sting, and he’s being attacked by Cage, by Hobbs, and by Hook.

Starks is stirring on the floor.

The trio chase Sting, and smack him with a shovel. Another smack to the back. Darby has the bat that Sting tossed! He sends it bck to Sting! Sting catches it! He attacks everyone!!! He breaks the bat over the back of Cage!

We are back in the ring. Ricky hits a back elbow. Sting goes for a splash, Starks moves the pad, and Sting hits the corner hard!! SPEAR TO STING!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Ricky with a righ hand! Another! Another! Sting punches him in the nose! Low blow! Starks sets up for a powerbomb but Sting fights away!

Roll through and Sting rolls Starks uP!!! 1..2….NO!!! Scorpion Death Drop! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: Sting and Darby Allin
Ya know, when you watch the WWE for as long as I have, you kind of get conditioned to expect quick cuts at such a high number that to play a drinking game with them would leave you in a hospital, so it feels very taboo of me to say I didn’t like the amount of them that was in this little cinematic experience. The good news is, that went away once the real action started. This was a great way to hid Sting’s shortcoming (assuming he has any, because do we REALLY know that he does), and let Darby shine both in front of, and behind the camera. I had fun.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 13:45


Dean Ambrose vs Kenny Omega

Both men are slow to start, staring each other down. There are two tables set up in adjacent corners. Ref is in a hazmat suit and face mask. LOCKUP!!! Don is on commentary. Kenny tries to shove Jon’s face into the barbed wire. Jon reverses and tries to send Kennt into it. Kenny reveres and gets Jon real close. We get Jon trying to send Jenny into it. They go back and forth trying to get each other. Jon with a headbut. Side headlock from Omega. Takedown from Omega. Won’t let go of the headlock. Both men up, Jon tries to send Omega into the ropes, wont get it, Omega sends Kenny, Kenny uses the boot to stop the run. Firemans, Jon has him on the shoulders, tries to send him into the corner! Neither man can do it! Stalemate!

They meet in the middle of the ring. They go head to head. Right hand from Oemga, Jon hits one, Omega, Jon. Omega scrapes the face. Omega hits the non barbed wire rope, boot, another, Jon wont go down. Jon with a clothesline, sendin Kenny to the outside. Jon gets his trash can of ghoodies and tosses shit on the ring. Barbed wire on the bat. He hits the kidneys! Jon takes him to the stage and hits the abs. Jon grabs the kendo stick, he smacks Omega with it. Again. He has th bat and Kendo stick. He spins them then watches Omega enter the ring. OMEGA HAS POWDER! He tosses it into the eyes of Jon!!! Jon swings the bat, but he’s blind!!! OMEGA SENDS JON INTO THE ROPES!! They explode!!! Cover for 1..2….N!O!! Kendo stick to the back! Omega slams his knee into the top of a trash can then smacks him with a kendo stick and covers for 1..2…NO!!! He did something to him and now Jon is bleeding. I missed it, because I was telling my friend a story about a kendo stick. FIGURE FOUR!! BUT JON GRABS THE BARBED WIRE WTAPPED CHAIR AND SCRAPES KENNY’S LEG!!! HOLY SHIT!!! MOLEY IS BLEEDING!!! FULL NELSON FROM OMEGA!!! Kenny sends MOXLEY INTO THE CORNER!!!!

Jon is trapped!!! He’s bleeding from the head11! Omega sends the barbed wire away and grabs Jon! He heasds to the top of the rope! MOONSAULT ONTO JON! Cover for 1..2…N!O!!! Omega grabs the kendo stick! He smacks Jon! Kick to Oemga INTO THE ROPES!!! THEY EXPLODE!!!! Jon with a dropkick into the ropes and they explode again!!!! Suplex to Kenny! Jon tries fo ra pumphandle, Omega double underhooks. Tries fo ra Snap Suplex. INTO THE CORNER! Omega tries for a One Winged Angle, but Moxley with a German!!! He drops Omega ON HIS ASS ON THE CHAIR!!!! Jon grabs some barbedwwire and WRAPS IT AROUND HIS ARM!!! JON IS WILD!!!! HE TURNS TO OMEGA!!! Omewga with a ight hand!! Another!!! Kick to Jon! CLOTHESLINE!!! Missses another SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX!!! OMEga double hooks and hits another!!1 Running knee!!!! CLOTHESLINE WITH THE BARBED WIRE!!! JON TRIES FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT, but Omega sends Jon into the ropes! EXPLOSION!!!!

Omega says he’s got it in the eyes! He wants water!!! Omega uses it to clear his eyes!

Both men on the apron. Right to Jon. Another. Chop to Jn. Another cho. Forearm. Elbow to the head. Elbow from Jon. From Omega. EYE GOUGE TO JON!!! Omega grabs Jon!!! He sends tries to toss him ont the wood with barbed wire!!! Omega chops the head!! Jon bites omega!!!! He rips the nose!!!! Knee to omega!!! Knee!!! PARADIGM SHIFT ONTO OMEGA!!!!! ONTO THE DAMNED BARBED WIRE!!!!

Jon takes some of the barbed wire off the wooden surface and wraps it around his fist. He crunches the loop down and stands up. He drags Omega into the ring. Moxley follows. Omega’s forehead is bloody as all hell. Jon is on his knees. Omega on his knees. Jon punches Omega in the forehead with the barbed wire!!! Another!!! Cover. 1…2….NO!!! Jon double underhooks! LOW BLOW FROM OMEGA!!! POWERBOMB FROM OMEGA!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Jon punches away, thRUNNING KNEE TO JON IN THE CORNER!!! ANOTHER V-TRIGGER!!! ONE-WINGED ANGEL!!!!! Cover!!! JON TRIES FOR A ROPEBREAK, BUT IT CAUSED AN EXPLOSION!!!! Hahahaha. SICK!!!!

JON GRABS THE BAT! It’s wrapped in barbed wire!!! He’s up!!!

THE GOOD BROTHERS ARE HERE!!!! THEY HAE THEIR OWN BAT WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE!!! Jon attacks Anderson! Then Gallows! Gallows hands Omega the bat!!

HE SMACKS JON WITH IT IN THE FACE AND IT EXPLODES!!!! Omega covers!!! 1..2……..NO!!!!! ONE WINGED ANGEL!!! Cover for 1..2……3!!!!!

Winner: Kenny Omega

Total Rating:
Match Time:

Callis leaves the announce booth and comes to talk to Omega. Good Brothers handcuff Jon. Good Brothers talk to Omega, saying he is the greatest. This is what Moxley wanted.

Kenny grabs the baseball bat with barbed wire. Scrapes it against Jon’s head. Kenny tosses him down on the mat. Good Brothers stand above. AB SHOT WITH THE BAT!!!!

The countdown starts at 1:00 (minute) left.

Kenny has his bat. Good Brothers are in the ring. Kenny doesn’t care. He and Good Brothers leave. Commentary says someone needs to get Moxley out of the ring!!

30 seconds!! Omega stands tall!

Eddie Kingston is here!!! He runs into the ring!!! He covers Jon!!! He tries to smack him awake!!

:05 secons!!

Eddie covers Jon!!!

Sparklers go off. Some minor explosions go off. Wow….that was stupid…lol.

Honestly, Gillberg’s pyro was more intense than that…yeesh.

Eddie is still laid over Jon Moxley as stagehands and doctors come to the ring to help out Moxle. Eddie is knocked out. His Timbs are sick.

Honestly, Kane’s pyro was more intense than that.

Aubrey has a water bottle as if it’s going to save the world.

Man, what an awesome PPV with a weird ending.

End Show

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