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March 6, 2022 | Posted by Steve Cook
AEW Revolution 2022 Countdown - Adam Cole vs. Hangman Page Image Credit: AEW

Hey kids! Steve Cook here with your AEW Revolution live coverage. We’ve got twelve matches on tap for tonight, and many of them are threatening to steal the show. Title matches, ladder matches, dog collars, tornadoes, and even HOOK. Everything is possible. Let’s hook em up!

Excalibur & Tony Schiavone call the Buy-In matches, one assumes Jim Ross will join them for the main show.

Buy-In Match: Kris Statlander vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch: Hirsch runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Headlock takeover by Statlander, whip off the ropes, Statlander goes for a handspring but Hirsch takes the advantage by kicking the arm. Outside the ring, Leyla sticks Kris’s arm between the steps and the ringpost and kicks the steps. Back in the ring, Leyla talks some smack and continues working the left arm for a second before Kris gets a two-count with a Dustin powerslam. Kris goes up top for a moonsault, but Leyla breaks that up and knees her while in the tree of woe. Running dropkick to the elbow snaps Statlander out of the tree. Hirsch goes for the cross armbreaker, but Statlander gets out of it easily. Leyla slips on the ropes, but Kris slams her down and goes to a bodyscissors to reset things. Leyla with some mounted punches, then they exchange strikes. Kris clotheslines Leyla into a backbreaker. Leyla runs into some more clotheslines, then grabs the ankle. Kris turns around and kicks Leyla, hits the Blue Thunder bomb for two. Elbow in the corner, then a knee strike from Statlander sends Hirsch down. Statlander gets tripped whilst on the apron, then goes for the Big Bang Theory on said apron. Leyla blocks that, then ranas Kris to the floor! Kris landed on Leyla’s knees there, so both women got it pretty bad. Kris gets back in the ring and hit with a running knee strike. A series of suplexes gets a two count, and Leyla transitions to the cross armbreaker. Not really locked in though, so Kris can get her long legs to the ropes. Leyla goes for the Meteora in the corner, but Kris blocks and knocks her to the apron. They’re both up on the top turnbuckle, Kris’s attempt at a superplex is blocked. Leyla ends up in the electric chair position, Kris just drops her down from the second turnbuckle. Michinoku Driver gets two for Statlander. Leyla goes outside and gets her a weapon. An extra turnbuckle support apparently. She waylays Kris with it, and hits a moonsault press for three.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch (10 minutes via pinfall)

A couple of rough spots, but some decent enough action from these two. Shame that the feud didn’t get over the way it could have.

Red Velvet comes on down to check on Statlander.

After a video hyping the dog collar match, Tony Schiavone is joined in the ring by Don Callis, who properly trolls the crowd by coming out to Kenny Omega’s music. Don asks if the fans were expecting somebody else. They don’t get Kenny Omega tonight, they’re going to listen to Don instead. The fans aren’t impressed. Don & Kenny gave them the most memorable world title reign in the history of the business while Kenny had catastrophic injuries. Don blames the fans for this, as they kept encouraging Kenny & sucked the blood out of him. Don was disgusted by the card tonight, specifically all the violence involved. It’ll be a great night for the Elite though, as the Young Bucks will win the tag team titles tonight. Adam Cole has created a sleeper cell within the Elite, and since Kenny isn’t here tonight, Cole will become the new AEW World Champion. Don thinks Cole will be a fantastic transitional champion, up until the second Kenny Omega returns. There’s only one diamond in this business, and it’s Kenny By Gawd Omega.

Taz joins Excalibur & Tony on commentary for the next match.

Buy-In Match: Hook vs. QT Marshall: QT has a microphone, and notes that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. He’ll show Hook what being cold-hearted is all about! Good luck with that, fella. Fans are solidly behind Hook, as they have been from the beginning. Hook picks QT’s ankle, which inspires some smack talk. Hook takes QT down and goes for a bow & arrow, but QT finds the ropes. Hook lands some punches and a headbutt in the corner, but QT hits a kick. Hook reverses the whip, T-bones QT and clotheslines him to the outside. QT challenges Hook to leave the ring, but that doesn’t take. QT piefaces Hook back in the ring, then lands a cheap shot behind the ref’s back. QT tosses Hook outside, then goes for a pump kick, but Hook catches him and suplexes him on the floor! QT gets tossed back in the ring, but he trips Hook into the middle turnbuckle. The fans tell QT that he sucks. Vertical suplex by QT, then an Abdullah elbow drop gets a one count. Hook slips out of the suplex attempt, hits a Northern Lights suplex for two. QT with a face rake, then a back suplex on Hook. QT goes up top…Hook crotches him up there. Another suplex from Hook, QT with a back elbow, then he signals for the Diamond Cutter! Hook blocks, QT does an up and over in the corner, but backs right into Red Rum! QT taps.

Winner: Hook (5 minutes via submission)

Exactly what it needed to be.

Buy-In Match: House of Black (Malikai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews) vs. Pac, Penta Oscuro, Erick Redbeard w/Alex Abrahantes: Some spooky entrances here, if you’re one that likes spooky entrances this is the match for you! Black & Pac start things off. Pac with a big boot to rattle Malikai. Buddy & Penta tag in. Stare down, Zero Miedo leads to Buddy trying to break Penta’s fingers. Off the ropes a couple of times, Penta with the rana. Buddy slides outside, but slides right back in while Penta poses. Penta blocks some Buddy offense, nearfalls traded and we get the indy standoff. Now we get the big boys in here. Redbeard & King run into each other like bulls. Punches are exchanged. King’s partners run over & attack Redbeard’s partners so they fight on the outside. Redbeard dropkicks King to the floor, then hits a sliding dropkick to King. Double clothesline for Black & Buddy, then a running cross-body to King! Tag to Penta, but that’s the wrong guy to put in there with Brody. Cannonball in the corner to Penta. Black tags in to get a two count on Penta. Back elbow sends Penta down for two. Buddy tags in, but can’t keep Penta from tagging Pac. Pac gets Buddy down, goes to the top rope but gets distracted and knocked off the ropes. Buddy hits the draping DDT on Pac, then tags in Malikai.Brody tags in quickly so he can hit a couple of loud chops. Black hits a snap suplex for two, then headscissors Pac on the mat. Pac goes to the ropes eventually, Black with a kneedrop for two. Kick into the corner and a tag to Buddy. Spinal Tap gets two on Pac. Pac fights out of the rear chinlock, but back in the corner away from his team. Buddy & Malikai try the double team, but Pac fights it off and tags Penta. Penta with the crossbody to those two, a shot to King. Backstabber to Buddy, Sling Blades to both. Mexican Destroyer on Buddy gets two. Penta does his taunt, Buddy catapults him into the tag to Redbeard. Redbeard with the senton on Buddy! Black gets the blind tag and hits some kicks on Redbeard, but Eric hits a twisting vertical suplex into a cutter for two. Now it’s time for everybody to get their stuff in! Pac nearly gets the win on Black, hits a poision rana. Brody & Erick gonna face off again. Brody hits a big clothesline, but Erick no-sells and hits a kick. Brody does it again, Erick walks forward into a DVD! Erick tumbles outside, and Brody follows him with the top suicida! The other four face off in the ring, stares are exchanged and now strikes are exchanged. Pac & Penta get the upperhand. Pac with the Fosbury Flop onto Matthews on the floor. Brody & Erick collide with the barricage, and Penta & Malikai remain on the apron. Black with the big knee, Penta pushes him into the post, sets up the Fear Factor…hits it on the apron! Turns out Malikai isn’t the legal man, but Buddy is, and he curb stomps Penta for two. Good on the referee, I had no idea who’s legal here. Redbeard back in the ring now, still selling his eye from an earlier eye gouge. Buddy gets set up with a goozle, but Black kicks him down. Redbeard is back up, it’s a double goozle now, but there’s the black mist to the eye! Brody front piledrives Erick, and that sets up the three count. I assume the people involved in the pinfall were legal.

Winners: House of Black (17 minutes via pinfall)

I wonder if Erick Redbeard will be possessed like Julia Hart was. Hope that works out better for him than it has for her.

Quick reminder that star ratings will be available when the full review gets posted after the show. This is how we get more clicks!

Jim Ross comes out just before 8:00 to get the party officially started!

No, I don’t blame JR if he actually doesn’t know what Florida town he’s in. They’re all pretty much the same except for Miami. DraftKings is now an official partner of AEW! Good news for my wrestling gambling writing.

Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston: Jericho is “The Influencer”, not to be confused with Impact Wrestling’s new Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Eddie hits a half & half suplex right out the gate! Jericho landed on his darn head. He gets up, then falls back down & rolls outside. Eddie follows Chris outside and goes to the eyes. Back in the ring, Kingston hits a neckbreaker for just one. Headbutts, then the chop/punch combo in the corner. Jericho ain’t having that though, and now he beats King down on the outside. Kingston with a big chop, but Jericho is going for that orbital bone that put Eddie out of commission for awhile. Jericho flips off the fans for having the temerity to cheer his opponent. Kingston with an enziguri, but Jericho gets right back up and it’s time to echange chops. Kingston puts his straps down for the occasion. Jeez, Eddie’s laying them in. Kobashi style chops in the corner, Jericho to the eye, but Eddie goes to Jericho’s eye and hits the DDT for a two count. Aubrey Edwards checks Eddie’s eye, Eddie says he’s good. Some chops, and some ear biting in the corner by Kingston. Jericho fights back in the opposite corner, including another eye gouge. Eddie placed up top, Jericho tries to follow him. More biting from Kingston doesn’t stop Jericho. 10 punches from Jericho, then the top rope hurricanrana! Only two! Jericho removes one of the top turnbuckles to expose some steel. Kingston fights back with a suplex. Both men go to the apron, Kingston tries another suplex, but Jericho blocks, and vertical suplexes Kingston to the floor! Kingston’s sternum is in some pain as Jericho rolls him into the ring. Jericho, for his part, has had better neck days. Release German on Kingston in the ring. There’s another one. Jericho goes for a third, King blocks, runs off the ropes but that’s when Jericho hits the third German. Lionsault by Jericho! Jericho’s knees landed on Kingston, and that was good enough for two. Both men back up. Kingston with the clothesline, whip off the ropes, Jericho rolls through the knee attempt and puts King in the Walls of Jericho! Eddie makes the ropes. Jericho knows he didn’t win, but he’ll raise his arms anyway. Well, maybe he doesn’t know anything, because he gets in a light shoving match with Aubrey. Saito suplex from Kingston, another one, then sets up for the spinning back fist! Hits it, but it only gets two! Aubrey checks on Eddie, who still want to continue. Codebreaker from Jericho gets two! Jericho with some punches & slaps to the downed Kingston, picks him up and hits another German. King back up, but he runs into another Codebreaker. Jericho’s not done yet, he’s going to hit that Judas Effect to finish this one. He misses, and hits the exposed turnbuckle! Two spinning backfists, then the Stretch Plum! Jericho taps!

Winner: Eddie Kingston (14 minutes via submission)

Eddie seems to be surprised that he won the big one. Now it’s time for Chris Jericho to shake the man’s hand like he said he would. Eddie says he respects Chris and tells him to shake his hand. Jericho teases it, but can’t do it. What a jerk!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (c) vs. reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) w/Brandon Cutler: The Cutler Cam is in the house! Sadly my Internet cuts out during the Jurassic Express entrance, which is always a highlight. Jungle Boy & Kyle O’Reilly start. O’Reilly with the headlock, then the shoulderblock, then the big boot. Monkey flip from JB and an arm drag. KOR targets the arm. JB with some kicks, but O’Reilly blocks Jungle’s cute arm drag attempt with an armbreaker. Fish tags in for some double teaming. Armbar and a tag to Matt Jackson, and now the Bucks double team Jungle Boy. Or at least try to. Jurassic Express gets the upper hand early, as the four can’t overcome the two. Luchasaurus tumbles to the floor, I guess Jungle Boy is the legal man though. He can avoid one superkick but can’t avoid two. Luchasaurus gets kicked into the barricade, then all four men stomp him down on the floor. Assisted neckbreaker gets two for Matt when Kyle breaks up the pin. Matt seems annoyed and tags out to reDRagon so they can doubleteam Jungle Boy. Vegomatic gets two when Nick Jackson breaks up the pin attempt. KOR & Fish continue the double team, but Jungle Boy fights out of that. The Bucks tag in now, Jungle Boy does all kinds of fun evading moves, but Luchasaurus gets yanked off the apron before JB can make the tag. Finally some miscommunication between the Bucks & reDragon, and Luchasaurus tags in to clean house. Back elbows to reDRagon, kicks to the Young Bucks, then a moonsault off the apron onto reDRagon. Chokeslam is prevented and the Bucks kick Saurus into the corner. Matt takes an awkward fall to the floor, but Nick hits a Destroyer on LuchaSaurus. Matt tags in. Luchasaurus double chokeslams the Bucks, chokeslams Fish & O’Reilly, hits a moonsault press for two. Jungle Boy tags back in for a springboard Doomsday Device that gets two on Matt. Fish gets superkicked instead of Jungle Boy, and Kyle tags Jungle Boy in so he can face off with Matt. Fish & Nick face off too, but Luchasaurus intervenes. O’Reilly with two rebounds off of kicks, then hits a double lariat! Everybody down. reDRagon isolates Jungle Boy. Wheelbarrow suplex from Fish gets two. Fish & JB go up top, but JB knocks Fish off. Fish kicks JB though, and goes back up top. Avalanche exploder from Fish, then a diving knee from O’Reilly. O’Reilly with a kneebar, Fish with a diving headbutt. Matt breaks up the kneebar. And it’s time to get the stuff in! Luchasaurus with a big chokeslam on Nick. O’Reilly fights back and locks in a guillotine choke on Luchasaurus. JB breaks it up with a shooting star press! Lucha’s pin is broken up by a 450 from Matt. Matt wants to use a title belt, but the referee tries to stop him. Fish takes the belt behind the ref’s back and decks Jungle Boy for the two count. High-Low from reDRagon gets a two count. Bucks tag in now, double superkick to Fish. O’Reilly and Jungle Boy get similar treatment, and now there’s the BTE Trigger on Jungle Boy. KOR breaks the count though! Jungle Boy gets set up, but they take too long. Top rope rana on one, German suplex on the other! Luchasaurus dives onto the crowd! Matt gets a nearfall, but Luchasaurus is back in and the Jurassic Express hit the Jurassic Express for three!

Winners: Jurassic Express (19 minutes via pinfall)

The usual craziness from Young Buck matches. If they’re your kind of thing, this will be your kind of thing. If they’re not your kind of thing, this won’t be your kind of thing.

Taz joins Excalibur, JR & Tony for the next match. Tony can’t trick Taz into picking a winner between his men.

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match: Keith Lee vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks vs. Wardlow vs. Christian Cage: I like Hobbs as much as the next guy, but how is he #2 in the rankings? Must have beat some darn good enhancement talent on Dark is all I can figure. Wardlow at #4 I can buy since he regularly kills people on Dynamite & Rampage. OC rolls through the ring as the bell rings. American Top Team looks on from the crowd. The three hosses clear the ring and now it’s time for some meaty men to slap meat. OC joins the party and hits some devastating kicks on all three. OC tries to use them as a ladder, doesn’t quite work. Christian grabs a ladder and starts hitting people with it. Starks kicks him down and climbs up the ladder. OC stops him and puts his hands in his pockets. OC kicks Ricky out, almost climbs the ladder, but here comes Christian to wipe him out. Starks takes another bump over the top and Christian almost climbs, but Hobbs breaks that up. Christin joins Hobbs on the ladder and reverse DDTs him off. Keith Lee sneaks up on Christian somehow, then Starks joins in so he & Christian can eat a crossbody together. OC tries a rana, that doesn’t work, Keith Lee uses OC as a weapon on the others. Wardlow stops Keith’s climb, and simply invites him down for a Hoss-Off. Hobbs joins them with a ladder and knocks them out of the ring. Hobbs places the ladder under the brass ring, but here’s Starks. They shake hands and race to the top, but OC breaks that up. OC does the Terry Funk ladder spin gimmick! Wardlow & Keith break that up, but OC almost vaults up to the ring again! That doesn’t happen, nor does Christian’s attempt. Hobbs sandwiches Lee in the corner with a ladder, tosses OC into it. Hobbs climbs up the propped up ladder in the corner, suplexes OC off of it after stalling for a few seconds. Christian goes for a spear on Hobbs, eventually hits one into a propped up ladder. Starks is back in, and he jumps through the ladder to spear Christian! Starks climbs up, but Wardlow breaks that up. Wardlow climbs up with two people on his back. Hobbs is on the other side, while Keith Lee gets another ladder. Starks on the other side of that, and OC & Christian have joined the fun. OC & Christian fall, Starks & Lee fall, and Wardlow & Hobbs face off on top of the ladder. They both fall off, Wardlow especially awkwardly. The hosses face off one more time, with OC in the middle of things. Lee tosses OC over Christian & Starks, the poor bastard. Hobbs gets sent over the top, then Lee. Wardlow opts to go beat people up instead of climbing the ladder. Hobbs & Wardlow beat Lee up the ramp. They then team up to break the ladder on the stage. Hobbs uses his half as a weapon on Wardlow & Lee. Now they’re over at the announce table. Hobbs & Lee take a moment at the announce table to emote, but Wardlow knocks them off the stage through some tables. Back in the ring, Starks hits a low blow on Christian and is all alone to climb the ladder. Wardlow’s here just in time though. Hold on, it’s Danhausen! He curses Starks & Wardlow, and takes Starks down! Christian almost takes advantage, but Starks recovers in time to break that up. Wardlow hits a powerbomb on Christian, Ricky gets his hands on the ring, but Wardlow jumps onto the ladder! He powerbombs Starks on a ladder set up between the ladder and one of the ropes (OUCH) and grabs the brass ring.

Winner: Wardlow (17 minutes via grabbing the brass ring)

I’m not as big on ladder matches as everybody else is these days, but this was all right. Right guy definitely won.

Tony Schiavone is on the stage, and it’s time for a contract signing! Tony’s called many of this man’s matches, and he’s happy to introduce The Realist, Shane “Swerve” Strickland! Swerve says he could go on about all the great matches he’s going to have and all the championships he’s going to win, but he has one question for the people. The people might already know. Whose house? Swerve’s house! Whose house? Swerve’s house!

TBS Championship Match: Jade Cargill (c) (w/”Smart” Mark Sterling) vs. Tay Conti (w/Anna Jay): Anna Jay & -1 appear on the stage to wish Tay luck. Jade gets a live performance from the Kingfish. 9:21 Tay’s fighting a little dirty here, probably a good idea. She reverses a Jaded attempt into an armbar. Jade fights out of that though and hits a pump kick. Jade’s got some mockery for Tay, but Tay’s having none of that. Pump kick in the corner by Tay, and two more. Swinging DDT by Tay, but Aubrey’s not counting because her feet are under the ropes. Poor ring positioning. Jade rolls outside to consult with Mark, but Tay dives onto the legal eagle! Anna Jay made it to ringside after all, and she gets pump kicked by Jade. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I suppose. Back in the ring, Tay hits a kick, series of reversals leads into Anna hitting Jade with a chair! Aubrey missed that somehow, but it only got two anyway. TayKO attempt is blocked, Jade hits the Eye of the Storm for a two count. Frog splash by Jade gets a two count. Back outside, and Tay uses Jay as a distraction. It works & Tay pump kicks Jade. Back in the ring, Tay hits a piledriver for two. Tay goes up top, gets crotched. This leads to Jaded and the three count.

Winner: Jade Cargill (7 minutes via pinfall)

Dog Collar Match: CM Punk vs. MJF: MJF gets cute and cuts off “Cult of Personality” with his theme music. So Punk goes to the wayback machine and hits us with some Miseria Cantare! And basketball shorts! I can’t help but think this would have played better in an ROH market from the good ol’ days. NYC, Philly, Chicago Ridge, Dayton. Somewhere like that. MJF gets the first shot with the chain, but trying to run doesn’t really work well for him. MJF snaps Punk’s collar against the ropes, then loads up his hand. Punk blocks that though and sends MJF into the corner, using the ringpost for assistance with the chain. MJF gains the advantage though, the tricky bastard. Whips Punk with the chain. Punk goes for the bulldog, but MJF whips him down with the chain. Punk’s back has a nice chain mark on it. He’s busted open now, and MJF sticks the chain in his mouth. MJF grabs the microphone and asks Punk to tell the people he doesn’t care about them and wants to quit. Punk tells him to eat shit, so MJF punches him. MJF goes up to the second rope and Punk yanks him off. The crowd picks up on the eating shit thing. Punk headbutts MJF in the lower abdominal section. Side Illinois leg sweep by Punk, then the Bret Hart double fistdrop off the middle rope. Punk hits the bulldog this time. Punk goes for the GTS, but MJF breaks it up with the ol’ face rake. He goes to a chain-assisted sleeper, and this time it’s legal. Punk’s arm goes up on two. Punk uses the turnbuckle to roll into a pin on MJF for two. MJF goes for a piledriver, but his hand acts up and won’t let him lift Punk. He blocks the GTS though, and locks Punk in the Salt of the Earth armbar. Punk rolls him up for two and locks in the Anaconda Vice! MJF teases the tapout, but yanks Punk’s hair into a pinfall attempt. Punk gets sent to the apron, and MJF goes for the Heatseeker. Punk blocks it. Punk wraps the chain around his knee and hits a shining wizard, knocking MJF to the floor. Punk wraps the chain around MJF’s eyes, then delivers some punches. Punk loads up the hand, punches MJF with the chain. 10 punches in the corner of ringside for MJF. I’m honestly not sure if MJF is bleeding or if that’s Punk’s blood rubbed all over MJF’s face. Punk goes for another shining wizard against the steps, but MJF evades it and Punk knees the steps. Punk regains the advantage with punches though, then motions for the GTS back in the ring. Seems ill advised with a bad knee, and yeah, Punk can’t hold MJF up. They’re on the apron now, MJF’s trying to get the chain on one side of the ropes, finally does, and lifts Punk for a tombstone! Punk reverses and tombstones MJF on the apron! Tony speculates it hurt Punk more than Max, and I’m not 100% sure about that since taking a tombstone on the apron doesn’t seem like the most fun thing ever. Punk wraps the chain around his elbow, goes for the top rope elbow but MJF rolls out of the way. Cover gets 2. MJF rolls outside and finds a big under the ring. Sure enough, that bag is filled with thumbtacks. Britt & Rosa going to be pissed that these boys are stealing their gimmick. MJF goes for a bulldog, but Punk bites his way out of it. After some drama, MJF blocks the vertical suplex. Punk blocks one. Punk hits a roundhouse kick, which was sneaky dangerous since Punk may have stepped on some tacks. Punk going up for the Pepsi Plunge…MJF blocks it. MJF goes for the superplex, hits it and Punk’s main thumbtack landing point was on the behind. Cover gets two. MJF hits Punk with the chain and gets a two count in the middle of the tacks. MJF’s collar has become disengaged from the chain, and now he’s yelling for Wardlow. Paul Turner’s reattaching the chain, but Wardlow apparently forgot the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Punk hits the GTS, sending MJF into the tacks! Punk looks at Wardlow, and Wardlow shows him the ring, which he had all along! Wardlow places the ring on the apron and leaves! Punk puts the ring on his hand and pulls MJF up. MJF spits in Punk’s face, and Punk decks him with the ring. That gets the three count!

Winner: CM Punk (27 minutes via pinfall)

You could say it went a bit long and I wouldn’t argue with you. The crowd didn’t really seem too into the gory self-mutilation either, at least not as much as one would have predicted. It was a good show, however.

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (c) (w/Rebel & Jamie Hayter) vs. Thunder Rosa: Britt has a bigger belt now, which was proven necessary when she made some public appearances with Jade Cargill and her TBS Championship. Let’s see how these two follow that last act. 10:11 With a tight lockup! Rosa dominates on the mat early, but Britt gets a headscissorsand turns that into a double arm suplex for two. Britt with a hammerlock, Rosa rolls out of it and gets an armbar. Britt strikes Rosa and tries to get the Lockjaw, but that results in a couple of pin attempts. Into the ropes, and shockingly Britt doesn’t break cleanly. Rosa with a spinning backbreaker. Rosa misses in the corner, and Baker hits a neckbreaker. Baker boot chokes Rosa in the corner, and Hayter gets some shots in while the referee’s attention is diverted. Baker dominating things here, introducing Rosa’s clavicle to the ringpost. Rosa is tied into a ball on the ropes, and then both Rebel & Hayter get some cheapshots in. Rosa eventually fights back, hitting a German suplex. Rosa dropkicks Baker against the ropes a couple of times, then a Northern Lights suplex gets two. Baker counters Rosa in the corner and hits an Air Raid Crash for two. Rosa tries another suplex, Baker reverses and hits a pendulum suplex for two. Butterfly suplex by Baker gets another two count. Britt gets out her glove, but Rosa fights back. Rosa hits the superplex, holds on and hits a neckbreaker. Running clothesline to a kneeling Baker gets two. Britt fights back, hits a twisting neckbreaker, then a modified suplex gets two. Strike exchange on the mat, Britt goes for the Lockjaw, some pin attempts happen instead. Side suplex by Rosa gets two. Rosa goes up top, Britt follows her there, hits the Air Raid Crash off the middle rope! It only gets two. Rosa with a rollup, Britt rolls through, some reversals lead to a rollup by Rosa for two. Rosa hits the tombstone, but the referee is distracted by Rebel. Rosa knocks her down, then Britt rolls Rosa up for two. Rosa rolls Britt up for two. Britt gets the belt from Jamie Hayter, hits the curb stomp on the belt and that only gets two! Shoot. Britt going for the Lockjaw again, but Rosa reverses into a Lockjaw attempt of her own! Britt with the rollup for two, then Rosa locks in a choke. Britt taps, but the referee is distracted yet again. Rosa spears Rebel from the apron to the floor, then Hayter runs into a clothesline. Rosa goes back into the ring to eat a curb stomp for three.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (18 minutes via pinfall)

The announcers mentioned how Britt was watching various tapes to pick up moves. Looks to me like she’s been watching a lot of Bullet Club matches with all that interference going on.

Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson: The fans want violence, but they’ll get some technical wrestling to start, by cracky! Like it, ya rubes. Both men tumble outside whilst grappling. Danielson tries to evade Moxley in the ring, but we know he can only do that so long. Mox with a lil’ slap. Knuckle lock! Bryan with a little Spinal Tap for Moxley, and he does some jumping jacks before stepping onto the apron. Mox offers Danielson a free shot. Bryan takes one, then Mox with two big chops and a kick to the back of the head. Now there’s some strikes being exchanged. Mox stomps a mudhole in Bryan in the corner and darn near walks it dry. Bryan with the backflip out of the corner, but runs into a Moxley back elbow. Bryan takes some kicks but hits a dragonscrew on Moxley and hits some kicks of his own. Mox covers his head on the final kick, but Bryan kicks him in the ribs instead. Moxley wants to continue, and Danielson obliges him and targets the ribs. He reminds Bryce Remsburg he has until five. Mox gets tired of those shots eventually, and lands some of his own. Spin kick to the ribs in the corner sends Moxley back down. Danielson misses the diving headbutt, but he maintains control by evading the kitchen sink knee. Some more shots in the corner, and some running kicks in the corner. Moxley gets out and hits a couple of suplexes. Bryan flips out of one and kicks Mox in the head. Bryan with the guillotine choke. Moxley remains standing though, and tosses Danielson off. Mox with eight punches in the corner, then Dragon with a kick to the ribs. Moxley wants some more of that, and does some palm strikes. Moxley tosses Bryan over the top to the floot, and we’re evading dives now. They punch away on each other on the floor. Neither man really gets an advantage and they knock each other down. We got some gory self-mutilation, some blood & guts, call it what you will but Moxley’s bleeding like a stuck pig. Danielson’s got some juice too, but Moxley’s winning that fight. They exchange knees to the head. Mox with some headbutts, he goes for the Paradigm Shift but Bryan blocks it. Moxley with the big clothesline and both men are down. Moxley places Dragon up top and does the ol’ backrake! Bryan crotches Mox, and hits the back superplex. Cover gets two. Bryan with the repeated elbows into a dragon sleeper with a bodyscissors. Mox’s feet find the ropes. Danielson targets the arm, but Moxley locks in a sleeper. Danielson rolls through, then Moxley hits some elbows. Cross arm breaker by Moxley, Bryan gets out and goes for the LeBell Lock. He’s got it, but it’s close to the ropes. Sure enough, Moxley finds the ropes. Now Danielson goes for the stomps, but Moxley blocks and hits some kicks of his own! They’re kicking each other in the head. Now Moxley’s just stomping the man and he locks in the bulldog choke. Bryan seems to be fading, but he’s fighting up. Danielson gets out with a Regalplex, then hits the Bushiaku knee for two! Now he’s gonna kick Moxley’s head in. Triangle choke and the flex! Danielson with some elbows. Mox grabs Bryan’s beard while trying to get out, but Bryan lands some punches and elbows. Moxley rolls through gets the three count!

Winner: Jon Moxley (21 minutes via pinfall)

Bryan gets into it with the referee for a minute, then starts fighting with Moxley again. The referees & security come in, then WILLIAM REGAL APPEARS! He argues with Moxley, then slaps him! Mox seems cool now. Bryan’s all happy, then Regal slaps him! He brings them in and tells them to get their stuff together and shake their hands. At the behest of Master Regal, they have no choice but to do so.

Six-Man Tornado Tag Team Match: Andrade El Idolo, Isiah Kassidy & Matt Hardy vs. Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara & Sting: This thing breaks down right away, which is fine since it’s a tornado match and we’re filling time before the main event. Just let Sting do some stuff, have Darby & Sammy hit a couple big moves and we don’t need anything else. Jose’s out here getting beat up. Jose gets placed on a chair with a trash can covering him, and Darby does a tope suicida into him. Andrade kicks Darby’s head off, then hits Sting with a trash can. Andrade hits a running vertical on Sammy and has a nasty bruse on his back. Sammy & Darby suplex Andrade on the floor while Matt & Isiah double team Sting. Sting wakes up quick. Sammy hits a springboard cutter on Isiah. Andrade back in now, and he’s setting Sting up for a dropkick to the trash can to the face. Ah, maybe that bruise on Andrade’s back is Darby’s paint. Makes sense. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Sammy, Andrade covers for two. Andrade misses Darby on the floor while Sting whips Matt into the barricade. Marq Quen comes down to throw a chair at Sammy and knock him to the floor. We’re fighting in the crowd now, and here come the Butcher & the Blade. Meanwhile, we’ve got two tables set up on the stage, Isiah and Sammy fighting on the lighting fixture, and Sammy hitting a Spanish Fly through the tables.Now Sting’s fighting off several AHFO members while Darby’s over there somewhere. We’ve got some tables set up by a railing, this won’t end well. Oh great, Sting’s going to splash Andrade through a ton of tables. Here’s a question. How does one win this match? Matt & Darby are now making their way back to the ring, so I guess somebody has to win in the ring. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate with a chair, Darby reverses, hits a Scorpion Death Drop on the chair, then a Coffin Drop for three.

Winners: Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara & Sting (14 minutes via pinfall)

I love how AEW’s idea of a cooldown match before the main event is a clusterfuck that goes all across the building. Never change, AEW. Never change.

AEW World Championship Match: “Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs. Adam Cole: Some interesting entrance attire from both men here. The fans side with “Adam”. At least they’re not chanting “Brandon”, amirite? 11:26 Some good ol’ fashioned mat rasslin to start. Cole with some elbows in the corner, and he asks what Page has. Page has a punch. He’s also got a clotheline to rock Cole with. Page with a dropkick through the ropes sending Cole to the floor. Page introduces Cole to the barricades. Page hits a running boot to Cole’s head, not very scientific but effective. Somehow the timekeeper’s table survived the last match, so Page clears it for destruction. Cole fights back though, sending Page into the steps. Cole chokes Page in the corner with his boot, but Page briefly fights back before Cole drops his head on his knee for a one count. Cole with the neckbreaker, then some strikes. Bryce is awfully forceful with the wrestlers tonight. Cole with a spinning torture rack drop for two. Page tries a Samoan drop, Cole reverses that into a neckbreaker for two. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but jumps into a big boot from the Hangman. Fallaway slam and a kip up by Page, springboard clothesline, attempted dive ends in a powerbomb to Cole on the apron. Moonsault by Page! He sets up the Buckshot lariat, but Cole rolls out of the ring to avoid that. Page tries to get Cole back in the ring, but there’s a kick. Backstabber from Cole, but Cole jumps into a sitout powerbomb for two. Cole gets placed up top, Page goes for the superplex, but Cole blocks, goes for the sunset flip powerbomb, almost slips, Page shrugs him off, moonsaults into a superkick from Cole for two. Cole tunes up the band like his role model, Page evades the superkick and hits Dead Eye for a two count. Cole & Page exchange strikes on their knees. Page runs into a pump kick, Cole with a superkick, Page with a rolling elbow, Cole blocks the lariat and locks in a crossface. Page finds the ropes. Page’s right arm has turned into a target for Cole though. Page hits a tombstone for two. The Adams exchange shots. Page with a deadlift German suplex, but Cole hits a vertical suplex neckbreaker for two. They go up top, Cole’s thinking about that top rope Panama Sunrise, but Page hits the Bandido-style top rope fallaway slam for two! Here come reDRagon for the distraction, and Cole knocks Page off the apron. Panama Sunrise on the floor! Cover gets two. Page blocks another Sunrise, then hits some strikes. reDRagon distracts Bryce while Cole hits a low blow, then Cole hits a Sunrise! Cole lowers the Boom, and that only gets two! He forgot to lower the knee pad. Cole with the superkicks to a kneeling Hangman. Kneepad is lowered, but Page gets up and hits a clothesline! Page flips over the ropes, but Cole with the superkick. A couple more superkicks, but Page drops to avoid the Boom. Fish & O’Reilly move the timekeeper’s table by the apron. Cole sets Page up, but it’s Page reversing and hitting a Dead Eye on Cole through the table! Here comes the Dark Order, nice of them to make an appearance. They get reDRagon out of here. Page hits the Buckshot Lariat, but Cole lands near the ropes and manages to get his fingertips on one. Now Page is tying Cole’s hand to the ropes, which seems illegal. Page with some superkicks to Cole. Cole answers with one of his own. Page with another superkick once Cole manages to free himself. Page lowers his kneepad, and he lowers the Boom. Another Buckshot Lariat finishes it!

Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page (26 minutes via pinfall)

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