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February 9, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling Good Brothers tag titles

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Hey guys tonight we have a go-home show for No Surrender, which is live this Saturday night on IMPACT Plus, featuring Tommy Dreamer’s birthday and opportunity at the IMPACT World Title. Tonight he signs a contract with IMPACT King, Rich Swann, in what is sure to be emotional. You don’t want to miss Tommy Dreamer’s tears, it’s IMPACT on AXS TV.


This is a preview for No Surrender, featuring a number one contenders match between these contestants in a Triple Threat Revovler match. While it sounds like some classic TNA confusion, it’s basically a triple threat gauntlet match. Alexander and Christian kick things off. Christian was a finalist in the Super X Cup this year, against winner, Ace Austin. Ace gets the tag, clashing with his current foe, Alexander. Trey enters the ring with some assistance from Alexander, splashing onto Ace. Trey shows fire on offense as Bey enters the match landing a dropkick. Chaos ensues as Suicide enters. Suicide gets the upper hand, as Mack comes in and falls victim to the teamwork of Bey and Ace. Daivari enters the match looking as sharp as ever. He flips Mack with a clothesline for a near fall. Bey comes in with some swagger, quickly tagging in Ace. He controls Mack before hesitantly handing the action over to Christian. They methodically control Mack, with Daivari becoming legal. Daivari eats a boot on a flying attempt, and Trey and Christian become legal. Trey hits his awesome hot tag, locking moves together with ease. Bey comes in interrupting and things get crazy. Alexander fights everyone off, catching Ace in an ankle lock. Christian comes in with a 450 breaking it up. Ace complains that his leg is injured and Mack takes advantage. Suicide kills Bey with a shotgun dropkick and takes out Ace. Christian goes off on Trey and Suicide, coming back into the ring with a springboard flatliner nearly securing the win. Christian whiffs on a flip, and Trey locks in the “Hourglass” submission for the submission win. Sami Callihan appears on screen congratulating Trey. Callihan sees Trey as weak and knows he will “flake out” eventually so he should just quit now. Trey roars.


This was a pretty good match with some nice action from everyone, especially Blake Christian who made his welcomed return. He is shining in the X-Division and should definitely be a member of the IMPACT roster if he is not already. I’m waiting to see what happens in this angle but I have enjoyed Callihan’s promos so far and Trey is looking more and more like a star.

The IMPACT roster wishes Tommy Dreamer a happy birthday.


Kimber is out with Deonna and Susan who is looking very annoyed. ODB baits Kimber into striking first and starts going off. ODB goes for the dirty dozen but Kimber cuts the legs out and sends her crashing. She grounds ODB with a body lock. Kimber controls the match sending ODB outside allowing her buddies to assist. ODB has momentum as we return from commercial, she nails Kimber Lee in the corner with a Bronco Buster for a near fall. ODB hits her Dirty Dozen and nails a press from the second rope. Kimber Lee unloads with a spinning back kick and sidewalk slam. She looks to follow up from the top rope but winds up flattened. Deonna and Susan get involved but Jazz and Jordynne Grace quickly defend. Susan throws her shoe, with minimal success. ODB takes out Susan and Deonna but Kimber Lee catches her in a small package for the win. Kimber is on a roll.


This match was okay with Kimber continuing to build momentum. This feud is pretty meh and I would like it to heat up soon.

We go to Swinger’s Palace where Fallah Bahh runs out of money at the table. They take Fallah away as Swinger reveals the wad of cash that has been pursued for about a year. Swinger hits on Alisha as John E. Bravo eats an old cookie from Fallah.

Susan is fuming about this entire situation. She is going to speak with the manager in Scott D’Amore and get a tag match set for No Surrender.

Cousin Jake is out to presumably decide if he wants to join a cult. Violent by Design doesn’t take long to make their entrance as Eric Young leads with a microphone. Young tries to persuade Jake one last time but Jake says he stands for something… Jake Something! Aha. They trap Jake’s neck in a chair and Young gives Deaner a match against Jake at No Surrender.

Rohit Raju is with Mahabali Shera, adding confidence to his upcoming match with TJP.

An AEW paid ad airs, as Tony Khan has opened the forbidden door from AEW to NJPW. They preview Dynamite featuring KENTA in his AEW debut. Tony Khan credits Don Callis and Kenny Omega to opening this door, and will return to Nashville soon.

The Good Brothers are backstage flexing their belts. They are going to… BEAT UP STORM AND SABIN! They Too Sweet to send us to our next match.


Nevaeh starts off hot with frequent pins on Kiera. Kiera gains the upper hand, cornering Havok’s partner. Kiera whiffs on a roundhouse, allowing Nevaeh to come back. She dumps Kiera on her face for a near fall and follows up with a rear naked choke. Nevaeh continues to use her power but Kiera keeps fighting. Both women are wearing down as they trade strikes. Nevaeh gets caught in a small package but breaks out and tries a German suplex from the ropes. Kiera comes out firing but eats an STO. Tasha comes in nailing a Codebreaker on Nevaeh for a blatant disqualification.


This match wasn’t too great. They tried but it was a bit slow in some starts, and the finish wasn’t exactly satisfying.

The AEW crew wishes Tommy Dreamer a happy birthday.

D’Amore is in his office approached by Fire and Flava. They blame Brandon Tolle for their struggles and want him punished. He ensures that Tolle won’t ref their new match at No Surrender, against Havok and Nevaeh in a no disqualifications match.

Larry D is in the ring with a mic, next to Acey Romero, Tenille, and Kaleb with a K. They are all concerned with Decay. Tenille is confident that Decay will not find any backup for No Surrender. Kaleb challenges any member of Tooth Decay to a singles match right now. Rosemary and Crazzy Steve enter, claiming they have a pal. Woah. Black Taurus makes his entrance.


Kaleb dodges initially but regrets signing up for this. Taurus goes off, with an onslaught, absolutely destroying Kaleb with a pop-up Samoan Drop. Kaleb tries to use his camera bag but gets floored. Taurus lands a spinning suplex slam for a tough win.

Wow that was fun. Taurus is an absolute killer and is a terrifying combo with Decay.

Brian Myers and Hernandez are having a rough business relationship so far. Myers gives him half of his pay now, and the other half after they win. Hernandez counts his winnings and Fallah watches on.


Brian Hebner hoists the prize up as Sabin and Anderson start things off for a clash of Machine Guns. Storm enters, putting a licking on Anderson. I don’t think I have ever used that word in that context. Sabin enters right after as the tag team specialists display their craft. The Big LG enters and gets sent packing as we head for a time-out. We return to see the TNA legends continuing where they left off. Gallows dominates the smaller Sabin. Matt Hardy and The Private Party come out to take a closer look as things get hot. Storms goes off on Anderson with his classic babyface fire. Beer Guns roll towards victory but Private Party interrupts causing a disqualification.

That wasn’t too much of a match, just continuing this three team feud.

Scott D’Amore adds Beer Guns to the No Surrender tag team title match.

We join D’Amore in the ring with Dreamer and Swann for the contract signing. Swann signs early, but Dreamer gets emotional first. He appreciates the opportunity, recognizes his weaknesses, and his ready to seize the moment. Moose makes his expected entrance as the number one contender, behind the birthday boy. Moose reminds Swann of his promised shot at gold, and questions why he is fighting a guy turning fifty. D’Amore threatens Moose with suspension if he interferes with the match. Moose is comfy where he is and has no interest in their match. Dreamer pulls up a text message of Moose praising Dreamer following their Slammiversary match. Dreamer reminds Moose that he was on the chopping block and he lit a fire under him to motivate him in becoming a star. Dreamer goes further into his love for the business and looks forward to No Surrender. That was a crazy passionate promo by Dreamer, something he is beyond used to at this point.

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