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May 10, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact Wrestling Pentagon Jr Eli Drake

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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– Josh Mathews kicks off the show in studio, detailing the heinous attack by Sami Callihan on Don Callis. Callihan was looking for revenge, due to Callis throwing in the towel for Eddie Edwards at Wrestlecon. Mathews then details Callihan’s threats on social media on Impact Management. Footage of the ceremony is shown where Callihan beat Callis down and busted him open. Due to the assault, management is meeting to determine Callihan’s future. Mathews promises an update tonight.

– We get a good video package for tonight’s Drake vs. Pentagon championship match.

DJZ & Everett vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz): Santana and DJZ start things off. They work some fun back and forth, Ortiz in and LAX works some double teams and take control. Everett flies in and hits a missile dropkick, and follows with a head scissors. Ortiz hits an arm drag, but Everett hits a RANA. Ortiz cuts him off, Santana tags in and LAX hits a double team cutter for 2. Everett fires up but gets cut off as Ortiz hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Everett cuts off Ortiz and hits an enziguri. Tag to DJZ and he flies in with a high cross. He runs LAX together but they stop the DDT and hit enziguris. Everett makes the save, takes out Santana and then a flying kick takes down Ortiz. Ortiz fires back with a DDT, but DJZ hits him with a tornado DDT. Santana hits a superkick and everyone is down. LAX looks for double teams, Everett breaks that up and DJZ wipes out Ortiz with a dive. Everett takes out Santana with a moonsault to the floor. Ortiz slams DJZ to the steps, and then dumps Everett and Ortiz follows with a dive. Santana gets cut off and DJZ in, LAX looks for the street sweeper, DJZ counters out and rolls up Ortiz with a RANA for the win. DJZ & Everett defeated LAX @ 8:40 via pin

– Grado trains with Joe Park. Katarina Waters (the former Winter) arrives, playing Grado’s girlfriend. Not that 37 is old, but Katarina looks great.

– Austin Aries says he hopes Drake wins tonight, because he wants to win the title back.

Rohit Raju vs. Grado w/Katarina: Raju attacks before the bell and works over Grado. Grado fires back, Raju looks for a German, but Grado is too big. Grado cuts him off and hits a boot. To the second rope and Raju cuts him off and slams him to the mat. Raju follows with corner attacks, covering for 2. Raju then grounds things, but Grado fights to his feet and lays in chops on Raju. Grado hits a corner splash and side slam, the splash gets 2. They trade strikes; Grado drops the straps and eats a knee strike. Raju hits a neck breaker for 2. Grado fires back with an elbow, and hits the cannonball for the win. Grado defeated Rohit Raju @ 5:35 via pin

– Backstage, Joe Park has been attacked, and the mysterious symbol has been left on his carcass.

– Next week…

– We get a big Tessa Blanchard video package, detailing her legacy in the business, and her decision to become a wrestler. She’s wrestled all over the world and is here to be the best. The knockouts don’t have her pedigree or skill; she’ll become the champion, because she’s better than everyone else.

– Champions Eli Drake & Scott Steiner are interviewed. Drake puts over their greatness, and says he’ll add the world title to his collection tonight when he beats Penta. Steiner respects Drake and promises to have his back. Drake says he wants to do this on his own tonight. Steiner says you never have too many friends, but Drake wants to do this by himself.

X-Division #1 Contender’s Match: Aerostar vs. Ishimori vs. Fantasma vs. Drago: They go fast pace right at the bell, and Drago and Aerostar work some back and forth. Fun stuff to begin as they work into a stand off. Ishimori and Fantasma return and clear the ring. Fantasma hits a RANA, and then charging knees to Ishimori. The enziguri follows and then a lucha arm drag gets 2. Ishimori flies in and takes him down with a seated senton. He follows with the golden triangle to the floor. Drago gets tossed by Aerostar, and Aerostar wipes him out with a dive and lands badly, scorpioning himself.

Post break, and Aerostar is thankfully alive and takes out Ishimori with a coffin drop for 2. Fantasma cuts him off, covering for 2. The superkick follows and Fantasma grounds things as Drago rushes in and attacks. Drago hits a cool forward roll head scissors and Ishimori returns and hits the back handspring kick. The PK follows on Drago for 2. Aerostar breaks that up, and follows with a backstabber for 2. Drago takes Aerostar down with a catatonic, and he rolls to the floor, appearing to be hurt. Fantasma hits a Michinoku driver on Drago, but Ishimori makes the save. Aerostar is back and looks rough as he breaks up the pin. They all trade strikes now; Drago hits a RANA on Aerostar. Everyone is down. Ishimori dumped to the floor, Drago hits the dive as Aerostar is down again, he’s hurting. Fantasma hits a suicide dive and Aerostar rises from the dead and he hits a tope onto Fantasma. Back in and Aerostar hits a splash on Ishimori for 2. Ishimori cuts him off with a dodon and Drago makes the save. Drago slams down Ishimori, but Ishimori dumps him and Aerostar hits a sunset bomb for 2. Fantasma lights up Aerostar with chops, hits a knee strike and follows with thrill of the kill for the win. Fantasma defeated Aerostar, Ishimori, & Drago @ 16:43 via pin

– Eddie Edwards has arrived and storms into management’s meeting about Callihan. Edwards says Impact owes him and management agrees not to fire Callihan, but whatever Edwards plans on doing, they demand he doesn’t do it in Impact.

From House of Hardcore, we get footage of Moose vs. Kongo Kong. My word this was slow and lifeless. Moose can talk about being the “best big man in wrestling” all he wants, but he’s a largely limited and flawed performer that gets by on his natural athletic ability. Kongo was no good here either. The match ended in a DQ when Jacobs hit Moose with a chair.

– KM & Bahh meet and they have a bonding moment. We see footage of KM training Bahh while he rides in a golf cart and eats. Bahh eventually passes out from exhaustion.

From Pro Wrestling NOAH, we get footage of Brian Cage vs. Takashi Sugiura. This was actually from June of 2017. I gave it ***½ when I caught it back then. I’ve been digging the “Cage world tour” gimmick. It’s a good way to keep him on TV and in the minds of the fans, and they are picking good matches, where he looks like a star.

– We get a flashback to an Ultimate X match.

– We see Allie having flashbacks to last week where Su Yung and the undead brides put Rosemary into a coffin. A wacky voodoo doll is delivered to her, and it has a note. But we don’t see what it says.

Impact World Title Match: Champion Pentagon vs. Eli Drake: They brawl right away with Drake taking early control. he chokes out Pentagon in the ropes but Pentagon fires back with sling blades, covering for 2. Pentagon looks to attack the arm, but Drake fights him off and then hits a neck breaker. Drake lays the boots to the champion, and then lays in rights. Drake then chokes him out, and hits a pop up powerslam for 2. Drake grounds the action, but Pentagon fights back and dumps him. Drake cuts off the dive but then springboards into a superkick for 2. Pentagon lays in strikes and follows with a backstabber. Pentagon heads up top and Drake leaps up and hits the superplex for 2. Pentagon fires back with strikes, they trade and Pentagon hits a superkick and counters the gravy train into an enziguri. Drake cuts off Pentagon and the springboard moonsault misses; the Penta driver finishes Drake. Champion Pentagon defeated Eli Drake @ 6:52 via pin

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