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Join 411’s Live NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver (Night One) Coverage

April 7, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Raquel González NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver

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Hey, everyone! Before the event starts, I wanted to note that this will be my swan song when it comes to NXT coverage. I can’t cover tomorrow’s show and the move to Tuesdays doesn’t work with my schedule, so I won’t be doing live NXT coverage anymore. I will do my best to keep weekly reviews coming for those who enjoy my work! It’s been a wild run as I’ve covered NXT weekly since November of 2014, first being blown away by an incredible Adrian Neville/Sami Zayn match on my first week doing it. Thanks to everyone who has read, even for just one week!

Toni Storm vs. Zoey Stark

Mickie James is a guest on commentary. Positive chants for Zoey as the two go to the mat for an exchange. Toni gets the first upper hand with a shoulder block but then she eats a big right hand. stark with a running forearm in the corner, slides out, and is sent to the apron before coming in with a springboard dropkick. Toni slams her to the mat by her hair and stomps away. Toni picks up a few near falls now that she’s in control, including one on a suplex. Things get more physical as they start hitting each other hard. Toni with a body slam but then Stark retaliates with a superplex and both women are down. Stark wins a strike exchange with a combination and blocks a German before hitting a half nelson suplex and a running knee. That only gets two. Storm come back with an electric chair drop that gets two. Stark avoids Storm Zero and hits a superkick for two. Stark blocks it again and uses an inside cradle to score the huge upset.

Winner: Zoey Stark in 9:50

Leaving the room with the preshow on Peacock to watch on USA Network, so if anything else of note happens on the Kickoff, I may miss it.

Nita Strauss plays guitar to open the show.

KUSHIDA vs. Pete Dunne

A battle of two guys who claim to be the best technical wrestler in the world. Right off the bat, Dunne wants a triangle choke and KUSHIDA goes for an armbar but it reaches a stalemate. They go back into exchanges technical stuff including wrist locks. KUSHIDA goes for his handspring elbow but Dunne has it scouted and slides outside, grabbing the wrist. It leads to the Explex on the apron. Dunne then snaps back on the arm while it’s in the ropes. The fight goes to the aisle after KUHSIDA misses a dive and he gets kicked in the leg. He does the handspring elbow successfully on the aisle and then runs to deliver a kick to the arm. Inside, KUSHIDA has an armbar blocked and Dunne chops him but KUSHIDA with the Pele os sorts. His next handspring elbow is caught and Dunne snaps the fingers. Bitter End is countered into Back to the Future for two. Commercial time for USA Network viewers. Returning, Dunne rolls through a crossarmbreaker into offense and they counter each other multiple times before Dunne hits an enziguri and KUSHDIA puts him down with the fastball punch. Their exchange sees KUSHIDA take him to the top for the Hoverboard Lock. He suplexes him over and keeps the hold in. Dunne manages to reach the ropes, so KUSHIDA twists on the other arm and pulls it away from the ropes for another submission. Dunne gets his foot to the ropes instead. Hoverboard Lock again but Dunne gets the ropes so KUSHIDA takes that arm and puts it in the hold. Dunne counters into a pin for two.  Dunne snaps the fingers again and then stomps on his hands. KUSHIDA ducks a kick and hits a punch but his hands hurt. Another stomp on the hands and kick followed by the Bitter End gives Dunne the win.

Winner: Pete Dunne in 10:38

Gauntlet Eliminator: Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. LA Knight vs. Leon Ruff

We return from break to see Ruff attacking Scott and then the bell rings. He stomps on Scott’s hands and wants a dive but is caught and suplexed onto the barricade. Ruff hits a diving cutter off the announce table in a big spot. Back inside, Scott turns it around again. Swerve wants a top rope powerbomb but Ruff counters into a massive rana as the countdown begins for Bronson Reed to arrive. Ruff tries to dive onto Reed but is caught and press slammed back inside. Reed works over Swerve and hits an avalanche. Reed wth a stalling vertical and Ruff comes off the top with a cross body to take down Swerve. Together Swerve and Ruff can’t German suplex Reed so he gets free and does one to both of them. Reed waits for Grimes to join but Swerve hits him from behind. He and Grime swork together on him, including a Grimes moonsault. Grimes takes out money and pays Swerve, as they have joined forces. They take out Ruff and then Swerve boots Reed to keep him outside. As Lumis makes his slow entrance, Ruff is eliminated. Lumis plants Reed with a DDT on the aisle. Grimes is scared of Lumis so he runs and Lumis hits a rebound back suplex on Swerve before Grimes gets one. Lumis and Reed go face to face until Reed is tossed outside and Lumis clotheslines Grimes over and out. With everyone out of the ring, LA Knight joins the fray. He shows up cutting a promo and hits Ruff before Reed tosses him in the ring. After a quick break, Knight hits a hanging neckbreaker on Reed, takes out Grimes and leaps to the top for a superplex on Swerve. Lumis slides in as he taunts and puts Grimes in the Silence. As he does, Knight flips over them and sets Knight up to roll Lumis up, eliminating him. Knight goes home soon after from a Grimes spinning slam and a Reed senton. As Knight complains, Lumis puts him in the Silence outside. The three remaining guys exchange strikes before Swerve and Grimes go down and Reed falls onto them. They start trading offense and Grimes has a rollup with the tights countered into Swerve beating him with one of his own. Swerve gets close to winning with a 450 splash and then he hits multiple House Calls to put Reed in jeopardy. Reed stops a third with a choke but Swerve fights him off and nails the third, which gets a near fall. They trade slaps and Reed nails a powerbomb. He then hits a reverse piledriver and the Tsunami to win.

Winner: Bronson Reed in 23:17

NXT United Kingdom Championship: WALTER [c] vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa is bald again which is a much better look. He avoids a huge chop and looks for a wristlocks and headlocks. Ciampa fires up with stomps in the corner and shouts that the Blackheart si back. His next attempt is stopped by a running chop. WALTER lays Ciampa up top and chops him again before using his boot to drive him to the floor outside. Ciampa avoids a shot outside that breaks the cover of the announce table. Ciampa hits his own chops but is slammed onto the apron. WALTER blocks Willow’s Bell and overpowers Ciampa into the corner before firing off shots. Ciampa goes after WALTER’s hand that hit the table, kicking away at it. WALTER nails a big boot and stops to hold his hand. He works a half crab inside that he turns into an STF. Since he can’t use that right hand, Ciampa is able to get free. WALTER dominates for a bit until Ciampa gets an opening before a break. Returning, he hits Fairytale Ending for two. Ciampa runs into the sleeper but he grabs the hand to try and break it. WALTER slaps his arm away and hits a German suplex before adding a lariat for two.  Ciampa bites at the hand before going for a Fujiwara armbar. WALTER gets out but Ciampa stomps at the hand and attacks it on the turnbuckle. WALTER goes up and wants a powerbomb but Ciampa gets a ridiculous near fall on a middle rope Air Raid Crash. Ciampa chops at WALTER but he just runs through one and starts with his own left-handed chops. Ciampa bridges up with WALTER on him, which is wild. WALTER does the neck snap with the feet gimmick and then powerbombs him. He rolls CIampa into another powerbomb that he pins with for two. WALTER destroys him with a half nelson plex and retains with a chop.

Winner: WALTER in 16:58

We get another Frankie Monet vignette with her dog.

NXT Tag Team Championship: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Legado del Fantasma vs. MSK

Quick start where Legado gets the advantage using fast-paced offense and tandem moves. Gibson slams Mendoza to the mat and works over Lee’s injured hand. GYV take over with their own tandem offense. Gibson takes a springboard corkscrew splash from Carter but then Drake takes him down. Carter now gets isolated by Drake, who beats on him. Lee gets the tag and MSK work a series of kicks and strikes that send Drake outside. Lee fakes a dive and Carter leaps off of his back for a dive. Legado send them outside and hit a corkscrew dive and tope suicida at the same time onto everyone. Carter takes two coast to coast dropkicks from Legado. Gibson breaks up the count and they send him packing going into break. Returning, Legado continues to impress and hold serve. They pick up a near fall, as does Drake with a rollup. Lee fires off kicks to Drake and then hits a tope suicida on Gibson. Inside, Drake is nearly beaten by the mid-air shove moonsault from MSK. Legado gets back in and hit offense until Wes Lee takes them out with a moonsault DDT on both. Lee hits Drake with an exploded and wants to go up top but Gibson stop shim with a throat chop. Gibson holds Lee’s injured hand in place so Drake can dropkick it. Tag to Gibson for a single arm DDT and the Shankly Gates. Drake tries to stop Carter from breaking up the hold but Carter manages to catch Lee’s tap out hand and stop it. Mendoza breaks it up instead with a dropkick. He and Wilde hit a splash/DVD combo and signal for the finish. They hit their running kick/leg sweep combo for two. Outside, Drake runs the aisle for a Doomsday Device on Wilde, while MSK dispatch of Mendoza on the other side. That leaves GYV and MSK to do battle inside. MSK win out and hit a tandem twisting blockbuster/spinebuster combo to nab the titles.

Winners: MSK in 15:24

Stephanie McMahon is shown in the crowd with new signing Sarry.

NXT Women’s Championship: Io Shirai [c] vs. Raquel Gonzalez

Io charges and attacks as soon as the bell rings but Raquel shoves her off and hits a big boot. Io gets going with her quickness, including a rana. She stomps away in the corner but has her double knees blocked as Raquel overpowers her. Io still sends her outside and follows with a tope suicida. Dakota Kai gets involved fo ra second and is instantly ejected. Io misses an apron kick but hits Raquel on the back side with it. Her Asai moonsault connects in vicious fashion. Her next attempt is caught and Raquel launches her into the ring post for two. Raquel now tosses Io around a bunch and gets two after a trio of elbows. Io fights back but is floored by a right hand. She applies a modified torture rack. Io hits an armdrag and the Tiger Feint Kick followed by a springboard missile dropkicks. Code Red works for two. Io counters the one-armed powerbomb and turns it into a crossface. Raquel manages to make it to the ropes. Outside, Io nails a moonsault. She follows with a running double stomp on the aisle. Io then climbs the skull on the stage and dives off with a cross body. Inside, Io adds another moonsault and only gets two. Outside, Raquel hits the one-armed powerbomb but is too battered to immediately take control. Inside, Raquel talks smack so Io hits her with Shotei but is turned inside out by a lariat. One-armed powerbomb inside connects and we’ve got a new champion.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez in 12:55