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September 17, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Smackdown

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“It’s good shit, pal.” – Vince McMahon

Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 9.17.19

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Randy Orton & The Revival vs. The New Day: Big E starts by suplexing Dash and working him over on the apron and then hitting an apron splash for 2. Woods tags in and double teams follow for 2. Dash attacks the knee and Dawson tags in, working over Woods in the corner. Woods fires back and follows with strikes, covering for 2. Kofi tags in and double teams follow until Dawson cuts him off and tags in Orton. Orton takes control until Kofi hits a dropkick sand Woods joins in for double teams as Big E is in and they clear the ring as Orton avoids trouble in paradise. Post break and the heels have taken the heat, isolating Woods. Dash grounds him, working the knee. Dawson in and continues the attack. Orton tags in, stomping away on the knee until Woods fires back until Orton pokes the eyes. He follows with chops, and then stomps away at the knee. Dawson tags in and grounds things, keeping the focus on the knee. Woods fights, sending Dawson to the floor but Dash cuts off the tag. But Woods cradles him for 2. Orton back in and Woods is dumped as Orton suplexes him knee first to the announce table. Orton slams him again onto the table, and back in, covers for 2. Dash joins in for double teams, and keeps attacking the knee as he grounds things. Woods fights for his life, hits a missile dropkick and tags in Kofi. He runs wild on Orton, dropkicks dash and hits SOS on Orton for 2. Kofi dumps Dawson, Dash takes out Big E and then Woods. Orton then hits the draping DDT on Kofi and sets for an RKO, but tags in Dash and Dawson joins in for the triple team RKLO but Big E makes the save, posting Orton. It breaks down and Kofi finishes Dawson with trouble in paradise. The New Day defeated Randy Orton & The Revival @ 17:40 via pin

– Brock Lesnar arrives and Kofi sends the New Day to the back. Brock heads to the ring and Heyman introduces himself. He says that it’s a bad day for the New Day, and that Brock is challenging Kofi to a title match on the Smackdown debut on Fox. Kofi says he promised to be a fighting champion and accepts. So that’s when the plug will be pulled; welcome to Brocktober. F5 by Brock and the Beast stands tall.

– Bayley & Banks arrive and banks comments on her HIAC match with Becky. Bayley says Banks will answer more questions in the ring tonight when she beats Charlotte.

– We get highlights of Reigns vs. Rowan from the Clash, including Harper’s return. Cole now interviews Rowan. Cole asks him about Harper, and Rowan says that Cole should ask Harper. Cole then questions Rowan about his attacks on Reigns, and Rowan says he wanted to scare him. Rowan tells Cole to lower his volume, and says he did what he did to show Reigns he’s not in control. Rowan has been disrespected for far too long and treated like a goon and a puppet. He’s a leader. In regards to Daniel Bryan, he’s Bryan’s intellectual superior. He will learn to not disrespect him again.

– Sami arrives and actually reminds us that Ali recently beat Nakamura, but this is a different Nakamura. They attack Ali and Nakamura beats him down. Kinshasa follows.

– Kevin Owens arrives in the crowd and takes a seat. Shane has been served with papers, and he’s not happy.

Shane McMahon Talks: Shane arrives and is flanked by security. Shane gets his special introduction as Kevin shows off his ticket from the crowd. Shane isn’t amused by the papers he was served with and tells Kevin to come to the ring. He does and security makes a wall to protect Shane. Shane tells them to step out and says the papers he was served were for a huge wrongful termination lawsuit, worth $25 million if Kevin were to win. Kevin tells him to shit up and calls him a dumb ass. Shane says his case is weak, but Kevin says he’s wrong because Shane has been targeting him for weeks. Shane fined him for attacking an official, which Shane did last week when he attacked Kevin. But Shane didn’t get fined, he fired Kevin. Kevin says he just did the job he was given, swallowed his pride and did Shane’s bidding. But Shane still failed and tapped out. Shane then tried to take everything from him, and now all Kevin wants is to hurt Shane and the best way to do that is by attacking Shane’s wallet and pride. Kevin then says that the papers say that when he wins, he gets to comeback, stare Shane in the face and fire Shane. He bails as Shane looks dumbfounded.

– Ric Flair is backstage with Charlotte.

– We get the very good AOP video package that debuted on last night’s Raw.

– Rapper Offset is here to introduce Charlotte.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte: Bayley is at ringside. Charlotte attacks at the bell and works over Banks in the corner. She lays the boots to her and follows with a suplex. Bayley distracts Charlotte but Charlotte dumps Banks. Charlotte follows Banks out, gets distracts and then posted by Banks. Back in and Banks coves for.2. She dumps Charlotte as Bayley attacks. Back in and banks lays the boots to Charlotte, follows with strikes and chokes her out. Banks grounds the action, and then covers for 2. Charlotte fights back, hits boots and then clotheslines and chops. The fall away slam follows, and then strikes by Charlotte. She attacks the knee and follows with a neck breaker for 2. Banks fires back but Charlotte counters a RANA into a crab. Banks fights and then counters into a cradle for 2. Charlotte kicks her to the floor, she heads up top and moonsaults onto Bayley & Banks. They work into counters and Charlotte locks on the figure eight until Bayley makes the save for the DQ. Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks @ 7:55 via DQ

– Post match, Carmella makes the save and runs off Banks & Bayley. Bayley’s reaction to her friend siding against here there was really good here.

The Coronation of King Corbin: Corbin arrives with his pinky ring and looks like the biggest asshole in the best way possible. He puts on his crown and cape, and says he knows he’s a breath of fresh air as king. He’s the king they needed, because you can believe in him. He’s dominant, strong, generous and fair. As his first act as king, he wants to recognize Chad Gable, who arrives. Corbin says it’s BIG of Gable to com e out here because he’s A LITTLE upset about the results. He keeps mocking his height, and says Gable is an example that if you dream big and try hard, you come up short. Gable attacks and destroys the throne and beats on Corbin with the scepter. He rips up the cape and Corbin throws a fit. Gable then destroys the crown by stomping on it.

Heavy Machinery vs. The B Team: Otis is now wearing trunks. Tucker & Axel begin, with Tucker controlling until Dallas joins in and they double team him. Axel follows with a DDT for 2. Tucker battles back with a lariat, tags in Otis and he runs wild with clotheslines and a spinning slam. Otis fires up and dances, head butts Dallas and hits an overhead toss. The caterpillar follows. The compactor finishes it. Heavy Machinery defeated The B Team @ 3:00 via pin [NR]

Daniel Bryan arrives and says the people chanting his name were the same that accused him of attacking Reigns. He understands, but says he’s never lied to them. He has been exonerated, but wants to talk about Rowan. He saw Rowan, how special and talented he was, and treated him like an equal and a friend. Rowan arrives and says that Bryan needs to stop talking. They aren’t equals because Bryan never let him talk, he tried to make him a follower. Bryan didn’t care about his feelings and he won’t be disrespected. Bryan dares him to do something because Rowan can’t do anything worse than betraying him and lying. Harper attacks, but Reigns arrives and superman punches Rowan and then hits the dive by. Harper cuts him off and whips him to the steps. They then powerbomb Reigns into the post and pull up the mats. They kick security’s ass and slam them on the exposed floor. Rowan uses a piece of the barricade to take out Reigns and they clear off the announce table, grab Bryan and work him over. They then slam Bryan through the announce table to stand tall.

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