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JTG Says He Pitched an Invisible Friend Gimmick Before R-Truth’s ‘Little Jimmy’

January 24, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
JTG The Bump

WWE infamously had a storyline involving R-Truth and his invisible friend Little Jimmy, but JTG says he pitched a similar gimmick first. JTG spoke with Hal 2 for SO CATCH and talked about how he pitched an idea for his character that was similar to what happened with Little Jimmy, though it would have been somewhat different. You can check out some highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On his pitch for the gimmick: “It wasn’t exactly the same idea, but it was in the same realm. I had pitched the idea to have an imaginary, imaginary puppet. An imaginary puppet by my side that the WWE could only see and hear. It was going to be a muppet and I was going to do it backstage. It was similar to the show ‘Big Mouth’ with the Hormone Monster where the audience and the character can only see the Hormone Monster and the Hormone Monster is making jokes and being witty and all that good stuff.”

On the reaction to the gimmick: “So I pitched that idea and they loved it and then after a few weeks, after talking about the idea, they started getting frustrated with me because I was very passionate, I wanted to do this, I wanted it done right. They just wanted to do a hand puppet, and I’m like, ‘No, it can’t be a hand puppet, it’s got to be like a Jim Henson type of production.’

“After that, the communication slowed down, nobody was returning my emails. So then a few months later, I see somebody else with an imaginary friend. Can you think of somebody else with an imaginary friend that got over? Anybody have any little imaginary friends? Any Little Jimmys?”

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