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Jungle Grrrl on Her Upcoming WOW Title Match With Tessa Blanchard, How Blanchard Has Not Walked Her Path of Being a Self-Made Legend

November 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WOW - Jungle Grrrl

– The 411 Interviews Podcast recently spoke to WOW – Women of Wrestling star and former champion Jungle Grrrl. Jungle Grrrl is currently the No. 1 contender for WOW champion Tessa Blanchard. Jungle Grrrl last won the WOW title in 2013 and lost the title without ever being pinned. Now, she has a chance to become the champion again with her upcoming matchup against Blanchard. Below are some highlights.

Jungle Grrrl on securing a title shot against Tessa Blanchard: “Well, let’s be honest. I’ve always been the No. 1 contender if I haven’t been champ. But it certainly feels right going in now and going in with the opportunity to beat Tessa Blanchard and take that belt away from her.”

On if it’s more important to win the title or beat the “Born Legend” Tessa Blanchard: “I don’t really care who’s behind the champion. I mean, The Beast could have it right now. Doesn’t matter to me who has it. To me, it matters having that championship belt. Doesn’t matter who has it. All that matters is that it’s returned rightfully to me.”

Her thoughts on Tessa Blanchard as an opponent: “There’s no doubt she’s one of the most talented wrestlers in the business, not even just with WOW Superheroes. Undoubtedly, undeniable, phenomenal, but she has something that is gonna get her into trouble, which is the fact that she feels she’s a legend without having to walk that path. I’ve been walking this, a self-made legend, for 20 years. So what comes with me is wisdom, and understanding, not only of the business, but understanding of just humanity she just doesn’t have in her young years. So, I will always have the upper hand over Tessa Blanchard. … I think she [Blanchard] is phenomenal. I give props where props is due. I think she is 100% one of the toughest, if not the toughest, competitors I have ever been in the ring with.”

Jungle Grrrl on getting the title shot after winning by disqualification due to outside interference: “Of course it ticks me off because I had the match won. And listen, week after week, s***ty outcome, right? I mean, week after week, there has been some kind of involvement that either has cost me an opportunity or given me an opportunity without me needing it. I was climbing up to the to rope to take her out. I don’t need anybody’s assistance. Never have, never will. I work alone. I like it that way. That’s she and I were never gonna work as a tag team, meaning The Beast. I work by myself, and that’s the way I like it. And I don’t need anybody’s assistance to get the 1-2-3.”

Jungle Grrrl on not caring about Faith the Lioness and only being focused on the title: “Listen. I have my eyes set on one thing, and that’s the championship belt. So, if they happen to come in my way again, they’ll be taken care of. But as far as getting into the ring and having to have a match with them, absolutely not. That is Tessa Blanchard’s doing, I’m sure. And that will be dealt with. No, I don’t need to deal with things that are not in my direct path of what it is that I want. I don’t care about either one of them. I’ve already dealt with Lana on several occasions. She’s been a thorn in my side for god knows how long. However, my eyes are set right now on Tessa Blanchard and that championship belt and that’s it.”

In the full interview, Jungle Grrrl discusses becoming the #1 contender to Tessa Blanchard’s championship, what the title match means to her, AXS TV being bought by Anthem and possible crossover with Impact Wrestling, WOW’s influence on the rise of women’s wrestling, how her wrestling journey began and more.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – On being the #1 contender to Tessa Blanchard’s championship
1:11 – On whether it’s more important for her to beat Blanchard or win the title, what she thinks of Blanchard
2:55 – On Lioness and Lana Star getting involved in her match, whether she’s looking at payback against them
5:28 – On the Beast potentially looking for revenge against her, potentially giving the Beast a title shot if she wins it
6:16 – On wrestling without boots on and what advantage it gives her
8:57 – On AXS TV being bought by Anthem and whether it changes anything for WOW
11:17 – On a possible crossover between WOW and Impact’s Knockouts division
13:19 – On WOW’s perseverance over the years and how it’s been able to thrive
15:19 – On WOW promoting women’s wrestling before it got taken seriously by WWE and other companies
16:52 – On how her pro wrestling journey began, getting involved in WOW
18:37 – On the new talent coming into the company and being in a position to give them advice
23:02 – On what her title match with Blanchard means for her
24:00 – On when the match will air, what she expects to happen in the match
24:43 – On her message for fans and where to find her

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