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Kevin Sullivan and JJ Dillon Appear On Judge Steve Harvey Over Boat Money

March 23, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
JJ Dillon Image Credit: WWE

Kevin Sullivan and JJ Dillon both appeared on ABC’s series Judge Steve Harvey last night to settle a dispute over a boat. Dillon, under his real name of Jim Morrison, sued Sullivan for not paying him back $7,500 he left him borrow to buy the boat. Sullivan argued that Dillon told him to “pay him back whenever” and so he still had as much time as he needed.

Harvey asked how they knew each other and the two mentioned wrestling. Harvey noted he was a big fan of wrestling, mentioning Ernie Ladd and Bobo Brazil. Sullivan noted his time as the Taskmaster and his battles with Hulk Hogan, while Dillon talked about his time with Ric Flair.

At the end of the segment, Sullivan was ordered to pay the money, but Harvey said the court would pay as a thank you for all the entertainment they gave him. The two then hugged and said they would remain friends.

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