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Kurt Angle Recalls First Meeting The Rock, Winning First World Title From Him

May 1, 2023 | Posted by Bob Colling
Kurt Angle The Rock Dwayne Johnson Image Credit: WWE

On a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle discussed his career interactions with The Rock. Angle discussed first meeting Rock, his first wrestling match with Rock, winning the title from Rock, and if he ever went to Rock for advice. Some highlights are below.

On memories of first meeting The Rock: “I met him after I got called up from Memphis to do some dark matches for WWE and I went up and introduced myself to him. I had a lot of respect for him. I mean, he was the hottest superstar at the time. I do believe that Stone Cold might have been out with injury at this particular time. So, Rock was the man at that time. I introduced myself to him and he was really cool with me. I guess we were both college athletes and he was a division one football player. I was a division one wrestler. So, we had a lot in common being college athletes and I think that really helped.”

On his first wrestling match with The Rock: “I thought I did really well. I think the reason I had so much heat, to be honest with you, is because The Rock was so over. I mean, those fans were going absolutely for him. At the beginning when I was doing my promo they wouldn’t even let me talk. They were telling me I suck and go home Angle and all this crap. I just started in the business, so I wouldn’t say I was over even as a heel. I think because of The Rock the fans really turned on me double time. I think it’s because Rock was such a big character in the WWE.”

On defeating The Rock for his first WWE World Championship in his rookie year: “I felt very honored to be able to be part of that and be the world champion during my rookie year. Especially beating someone like The Rock. That was a major feat for my career it really was. It’s one of the biggest wins of my entire career.”

On if he ever approached Rock for advice on promos: “I never went to Rock for advice for promos, which I probably should have to be honest with you. I did go to him for a lot of advice for in the ring. The one guy that I spent a lot of time with my rookie year having matches with him more than anybody else and he became my mentor. So, whenever I had question or anything I was curious about I’d go straight to the Rock and he would tell me exactly what I needed to do. He was a great friend and a great teacher.”

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