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Mandy Leon Explains Her Motivations For Becoming a Wrestler

May 18, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mandy Leon

– Mandy Leon did a new Q&A with the ROH website. Some highlights are below:

On developing her offensive moves: “When it comes to finishing my opponents, submissions are my go to. I have numerous submissions that I like to surprise my opponents with unexpectedly, but two of my favorites as of right now are “Santeria” (Koji Clutch) and my newly created “Havana Dreams.” In this maneuver, not only is initial crank instantly trapping and choking my opponent, but I am also hyper-extending their quad, lower back, and neck in the process. When I choose to not apply a submission, I’ll finish my opponents with my “Leonsault” (Moonsault) or the “Backstabbing Hex” (Backstabber).”

On what motivated her to become a professional wrestler: “As a child, wrestling was what brought my family together. I was inspired by the strong and beautiful women I saw wrestling on my television and knew that one day I would be in the ring competing with the best in the world and that I would make an impact on women’s wrestling. Performing and entertaining is something I have done my entire life through my experience as a model, actress and dancer. Wrestling was always my dream and passion and I knew in order to be the best, I had to train with the best. Failure is not an option!”

On if she has anything she’d like to share with the ROH Women of Honor fans: “In the modern era of professional women’s wrestling, it’s very rare that you have a female come along who has every tool! With a rare mix of stunning beauty, raw power and undeniable talent, I believe I am the exception to that rarity. My goal is to show the fans and locker room that I am destined for great things in Ring of Honor. As a graduate of the Ring Of Honor Dojo, ROH is my home – and I know exactly what it takes to be the dominant Woman Of Honor. I’ll sum it up like this: “With fire in her bewitching eyes and the ambition to become THE best, you will want to keep your eyes on the Exotic Goddess, Mandy Leon.”