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Maven Weighs In On CM Punk’s 2014 WWE Walkout & Issues With Ryback

January 22, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
CM Punk WWE, Raw, AEW Image Credit: WWE

Maven recently shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s infamous WWE exit in 2014 as well as Punk’s comments about Ryback after he left. Punk is back in WWE now, but he made headlines when he walked out of the company in early 2014 and then again when he did an interview on Colt Cabana’s podcast that November where he talked about his issues with WWE when he left. During that podcast, Punk said that Ryback was an unsafe worker and injured him when they worked a match; in an oft-repeated quote, Punk said he asked Ryback if he intentionally hurt Punk or was just ‘dumb as f**k,’ to which Punk claimed Ryback responded, ‘I’m dumb as f**k.’

Maven looked back at Punk’s podcast interview in a new YouTube video and you can see some highlights below (courtesy of Wrestling Inc):

On Punk calling Ryback an unsafe worker: “Not wanting to work with someone because you think they might hurt you, yeah, that’s a thing. I don’t know Ryback. I never worked with Ryback; I don’t know if he is safe or not safe. I understand why he might be a little bit hesitant working Ryback… I would give anything to know if those words actually came out of his mouth. ‘Yes, I admit it. I’m dumb as f**k, you got me.'”

On Punk’s advocating for himself at the time: “Punk is someone who demands perfection out of himself, and I understand when you demand perfection in yourself, it’s only natural to want that perfection to come from not only the people that you’re working with but the people that you’re working for.”

On Punk’s decision to walk out of WWE: “If he wasn’t walking out on anything, I give him credit for actually walking out at the best time for him and at the best time for others in the company; it’s not like he was holding up a program with someone.”

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