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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (1.21.1995)

January 6, 2018 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Jim Cornette Smoky Mountain Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (1.21.1995)  

-Originally aired January 21, 1995.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Les Thatcher. Audio guy showed up for this week’s episode too!

-Fistfight right away. They trade chops and Pitner lobs Landell across the ring. He charges but Landell sees him coming and gives him an elbow to the jaw. Landell rubs his face into the mat and hammers away. He works the arm and NOW we go to scrapbooking class at the learning annex, as Landell clamps on the figure four and gets the submission. Pitner looked pretty decent in there.

-Landell has done some contractual maneuvering and reveals that he’s going to be the official timekeeper for Dirty White Boy vs. Lawler. Jim Ross is bewildered because “You don’t even own a watch, Buddy!”

-We go into the vault for another really old-looking Jerry Lawler highlight reel.

-DWB warns Buddy Landell not to try any funny business when he’s the timekeeper at Saturday Night Fever.

-Cactus Jack has a gift for Boo Bradley: It’s the tights he wore the night his ear got ripped off. For that reason, he thinks the tights will give Boo good luck. I like the demented logic that Cactus has there.

-Chris Candido shows the can of dog food he’s going to feed to Boo Bradley after beating him. SMW knows that cat food is a thing, right?

-Bradley comes to the ring wearing Cactus’ tights, with underwear on top. He knocks Candido right out to the floor and posts him. Candido pounces when they head back into the ring, with right hands. Clothesline by Candido, but Bradley gets fired up with a sidewalk slam. Bradley gets too fired up for his own good and accidentally knocks out the referee, and a little old lady wanders to ringside and maces Bradley, allowing Candido to get the pin.

-After the bell, the suspicious referee walks over and snatches the old lady’s wig off, revealing that it’s Tammy Fytch. Referee reverses the decision, but Candido doesn’t care and shoves the dog food down Bradley’s throat.

-Cornette is in the WWF studios with the Heavenly Bodies. JR says that Cornette’s statements are not those of SMW. Cornette says New Jack needs to get over the whole “slavery” thing because here he is, making American money. Cornette says that New Jack is the reason whites hate blacks, because the 6 o’clock news never shows the 9 out of 10 blacks who have their shit together, just the thugs like New Jack. Also, Cornette doesn’t particularly care for Al Sharpton.

STEVE ARMSTRONG vs NEW JACK (with D-Lo Brown & Mustafa Saad)
-Jim Cornette struts to ringside with an injunction barring Mustafa and D-Lo from ringside, so this one-on-one match will be a true one-on-ne match. Gangstas object and try to mount a three-on-one attack. Jim Cornette comes to the rescue with the tennis racquet, but they target his leg and leave him for dead, and out comes Bob Armstrong with a baseball bat to clear the ring.

-Les Thatcher talks to Eddie Gilbert. He promises to unveil his mystery tag team partner…soon.

ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (Tag Team Champions) vs. EDDIE GILBERT & ???
-Eddie Gilbert welcomes “the greatest wrestler besides myself in the world today.” It’s UNABOMB! By God it’s Kane, except he’s dressed as equal parts Demolition and Lord Humungous for his entrance.

-Morton starts and gets steamrolled by Unabomb right away. Double dropkick by the Express as they get desperate early, but Unabomb tumbles over the top, lands on his feet, and shrugs it off, our first hint that the Express is screwed tonight.

-Rock & Roll Express take Unabomb off his feet with double-teaming. They try piling on him for the pin, but Unabomb kicks out. Gilbert tags in and has a tougher go of it, of course, but he tosses something in Morton’s face. Hot tag Gibson and he’s a house of fire, but Gilbert yanks the rope down when Gibson goes for a clothesline and Gibson spills out to the floor, getting Gilbert and Unabomb DQed, but Unabomb looks like a star right out of the gate.

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The 411
Another trademark instant badass debut in SMW, and Boo Bradley's idiot manchild act makes for a fun show.