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OWE President on Making Deal With AEW, How Christopher Daniels Helped It Happen

July 30, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Cima Christopher Daniels AEW Fyter Fest Image Credit: AEW

Fightful recently interviewed Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE) Vice President Michael Nee, who discussed OWE making an inter-promotional deal with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Below are some highlights from Fightful.

Nee on how Christopher Daniels helped make the deal come together: “A year ago we went to a show in Australia to work with a local promoter. We met Chris Daniels at the time, but at the time we did not know anything about AEW. Everything’s still confidential. And James Snelgrove kept sending our footage of what we did in China to show those people around the world, including to AEW talents and Executive VPs and stuff. Of course we have CIMA, our head coach. So that’s how they figured out this was going to be something cool and they tell Chris Daniels, ‘Hey, this supposed to be awesome.’ Daniels says, ‘Hey, I know CIMA,’ and that’s how we hooked in very first place.”

Nee on how AEW has treated them: “We went to AEW’s press conference back in February. After I came back from Vegas back to China we kept talking via emails and also because of the Vice President of AEW — Chris Harrington. This guy is like the best guy. He really moved everything forward. So we hav visas applying and make decisions, SCU was coming for the week during the first week of May. So that was great, because SCU came to our school to see our kids and gave all them a lot of advice and lessons. Why? Because those kids, they’ve never seen superstars ever in their lives Of course, CIMA’s a big superstar in Asia. SCU gave everything they could gave to our kids, showed them everything, and also a lot of techniques from the wrestling skills.. They (the kids) have fears, they have doubts. But, this is how business goes. If you insist, you keep doing everything, carry yourself as the best you can, there will be a future for you. And the last two days, we took SCU and the kids to a field trip to [Old Town China, old China Town], stuff like that. So that was a great, great experience, a great, great opportunity for us to be friends with AEW. That’s amazing trip.”