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Paul Heyman On What’s Next For Roman Reigns, Usos Being ‘At the Top’ of Tag Team Wrestling

November 25, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Survivor Series Roman Reigns Image Credit: WWE

Paul Heyman recently weighed in on what’s next for Roman Reigns after his win at Survivor Series. Heyman discussed Reigns win over Big E. at the PPV and more in his interview with Sports Illustrated, and some highlights are below:

On Roman Reigns’ next goal:,/b> “The next goal for Roman Reigns is clear, and that is to be better tomorrow than he is today. His goal is to be better in two weeks than he is next week, to make next week’s SmackDown better than this week, and to make the SmackDown that airs in three weeks better than it is in two weeks. Roman Reigns continues to set a pace and achieve levels that no one in WWE has ever or will ever achieve. The world has the privilege and joy of watching it unfold every Friday on SmackDown.”

Heyman also had praise for SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos, despite their loss to RAW Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle at Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

On the Usos: “The Usos are at the top of tag-team wrestling. I am very proud of the SmackDown world tag-team champions, to the point where I proudly stand by them as the warden of the ‘Uso Penitentiary.’”