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Psicosis II Slaps Konnan During Confrontation at Impact Wrestling TV Tapings in Mexico City (Video)

January 18, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Konnan GFW MLW

– A video has surfaced online from the YouTube channel La Tijera Lucha Libre, which is purported to be a confrontation between Konnan and Psicosis II (his face is blurred out) that took place yesterday (Jan. 17). You can see a video of the confrontation below. According to Fightful, the confrontation took place yesterday during the Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Mexico City, Mexico (More on the taping results RIGHT HERE).

For clarification, this is the second Psicosis not to be confused with the original wrestler who competed in WCW. Psicosis II took over the persona in Mexico when the first one went to America.

Per Fightful, the confrontation was brewing since December when Psicosis II said he wouldn’t be working AAA TV due to Konnan and would not return until Konnan left the promotion. This later led to Konnan writing on Twitter (translation h/t to Carlos Toro): “Looks like the only thing holding you back is you. You keep saying the same thing. I saw in the AAA offices and you didn’t tell me anything, but I keep telling you the same thing — if there’s so much ability (inside of yourself), why am I not seeing you with another big company? ROH, NXT, 205, MLW, IMPACT, AEW, Nacion, CMLL, Puerto Rico (IWA and WWC)”

Psicosis II later responded, “I’ll see you in January. The Leon AAA event has passed and this will be arranged in person.”

During the confrontation, Psicosis II slaps Konnan in the face and reportedly asks, “You want me to get arrested?” The Luchablog Twitter account reports that “Nothing more” came out of the confrontation and that Konnan “wasn’t getting into a street fight.” After the incident, Psicosis II reportedly calmed down and walked away after about a minute.

PWInsider reports that the incident was not a work, and Konnan apparently denied saying anything about Psicosis II.

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