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WWE News: Rhyno’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Update on Nixon Newell’s Return, Cathy Kelley Attends TRL Taping

February 18, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Rhyno WWE Main Event

– Rhyno’s Twitter account got hacked late last week, with his username getting changed and someone else registering the handle. As you can see below, a hacker took over the account (which still has its verification bage and 73,100 followers). The account has deleted most of its tweets, with only two posts since. One of them is an urging for people to buy bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Rhyno’s username has been claimed by someone else, who says in his profile that he is a WWE fan. Rhyno has yet to comment or reclaim the account.

– Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer replied to a wrestling fan on Saturday who asked about Nixon Newell’s injury status, saying her return “should be fairly soon.” Newell tore an ACL in her knee last June, soon after reporting to the WWE Performance Center.

– Cathy Kelley noted on Instagram that she attended the taping of MTV’s TRL on Thursday. Kelley’s best friend, Francia Raísa, was a guest on the show: