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Ricky Starks Recalls NWA Exit, Signing With AEW

February 18, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Full Gear Ricky Starks Image Credit: AEW

Ricky Starks recently looked back at his exit from the NWA in 2020 and joining AEW. The AEW star spoke with Hold the Mayo and talked about jumping to AEW and more. You can check out the highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On exiting the NWA and joining AEW: “I didn’t re-sign [with NWA] because I felt like I had hit my ceiling already. I quit, basically, right when COVID happened. So I had no paycheck. So I was making all my money online from my t-shirts on my website. I had did this video. I make these different vignettes, these videos…a promotional package for myself. I direct all of them, I pay for all of them, I produce all of them. And I had posted it online. I posted it online, and Cody [Rhodes] had replied to it like ‘Oh, this is cool.’ That was…that may have been in May or something like that. The end of May comes around, I get an email from him saying ‘Hey, we want you to come in and do this Open Challenge for the TNT Title.’ I said ‘Okay. I’m just cooped up in my house right now. I’ll do it.'”

On his match with Rhodes: “So I have the match. And then I walk to the back, and people were just like ‘That was good. Good job. Blah blah blah. Good job.’ But I didn’t hear anything about if I had a job or not. People were just like ‘Man, you may have a job. You did really good.’ So I go home, and then the night that it airs, the match itself, I get a text from Tony like ‘I’d like to offer you this deal…I’d like to offer you a contract.’ The reason this whole thing is crazy is because one, I didn’t think I was going to get signed during a pandemic. I thought afterwards they would’ve came back to me and said ‘Hey, we want to bring you on.’ No, they signed me right then and there. And not only that, it is…I don’t even know another instance of somebody who had…I had a tryout/debut match basically on live TV. And got signed off of it. Like, who else?”

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