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Road Dogg Says New Age Outlaws Could Have a Final Match, But Not With FTR

August 5, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Billy Gunn New Age Outlaws Dumpster, Road Dogg Image Credit: WWE

Road Dogg says there may be another match in the New Age Outlaws, but not likely with FTR because they’ll just “beat us up.” The WWE Hall of Famer talked about the idea of one more match on his Oh… You Didn’t Know? podcast and said he would need a year to get ready but could see it happening, potentially with the Young Bucks.

When asked about a potential final match alongside Billy Gunn, he said (per Fightful), “Look, I don’t know. The New Age Outlaws could do one. I’m going to need a year.”

Asked by his co-host about potential opponents, he joked about facing Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, saying, “Yeah, we can work them, that’s a good pace. No, we’re going to do it with The Young Bucks. Not FTR, because they would make us look crappy. I think The Young Bucks will work with us and be fake wrestling like we need to be. FTR will just beat us up.”