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Rocky Romero Clears Up Retirement Rumors

July 29, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Rocky Romero

In a post on Periscope, NJPW star Rocky Romero said that he is not retiring from in-ring competition. However, he added that he’s done with the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Division. Here are highlights:

On rumors that he is retiring: “Yes, I am retiring, and no, I’m not retiring. Yes, I’m going to be retiring from active competition in the Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Division. I’m done with it, I mean, how could I get another tag team partner after Trent? He’s the man. It’s been crazy, this week, whenever I think about the moment we had two weeks ago at the G1 Special, it’s just like crazy. I get all teary eyed. Don’t make fun of me! Yeah, I’m done with the Tag Team Division – the Jr. Tag Team Division, I’m done with it. Yeah, I’m retiring from that division, but am I retiring from wrestling? Hell no! I feel like I’ve got a lot left in me, I’m 34-years-old, yes I’ve been wrestling for 18 or 19 years, something like that, but I am still not done. I still got a hell of a run left in me, whether it will be a singles run, I’m not sure yet. That’s something I definitely want to do before I am done, my contract, yes, is up in January of 2018. But, New Japan is my home and at this moment right now I plan on staying with them and being a part of the growth in the USA – and all over the world. So yeah, lets just dispel those rumors about me retiring from wrestling, cause that ain’t happening anytime soon. Yeah, I will be taking a step back for a second and working on other projects, I got a web series I’m working on, we’re shooting the pilot right now, it’s called Chico The Luchador. I’m gonna try to get it out.”

On what he wants to accomplish in his career: “There’s some other stuff I need to do, I would love to get back into PWG, maybe show up there and do some stuff. Yeah man, I just want to go around everywhere. All the independents, I kind of haven’t done that in a long time and that would be cool to get some singles matches with some people I’ve never worked with like Matt Riddle – who else? There’s so much talent in the indies, that’d be awesome.”

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