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Serpentico Explains How He and Nyla Rose Became Enemies

September 1, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Serpentico Image Credit: AEW

– AEW wrestler Serpentico appeared on the latest Wrestle Buddies Podcast, where he explained the backstory behind his playful rivalry with former AEW Women’s World Champion Nyla Rose. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Serpentico on how his rivalry with Nyla Rose began: “This actually goes back to Jacksonville, Daily’s Place at a live Dynamite. I was actually sitting in the back watching the show, and I’m not even dressed. [I’m wearing] just a mask and my knee high socks, yeah. My knee high socks have my dog’s faces on them. I get a text saying ‘Hey, you’re needed on the next segment in twenty minutes, please get dressed.’ Like uh, it would be terrible if someone stole my gear right now and I couldn’t go out there.”

On how Nyla Rose destroyed all the hamburgers in the Baker celebration segment: “So I put on my gear and it happens to be Britt Baker’s celebration. It was me, Luther, Nyla [Rose], Vicky [Guerrero] and we’re all having a party for Britt and we had a bunch of hamburgers. We had like two dozen hamburgers in the ring. Before the segment was over, Nyla Rose had destroyed all of these hamburgers. Me and Luther were just hungry and healthy boys, we just wanted to eat. I forgot what episode this was but she had destroyed all of these hamburgers. Since that day, me and her have had this long-standing feud over hamburgers that she destroyed and I couldn’t eat. Now we’re enemies.”

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