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Seth Rollins Supports SAG-AFTRA Strike, But Says It’s Also a Silver Lining For WWE

July 19, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Raw Seth Rollins Image Credit: WWE

Seth Rollins says he supports the SAG-AFTRA strike but also believes that it presents WWE with an opportunity. TMZ caught up with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and asked him about the actor’s strike, which is currently going alongside the WGA writer’s strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. You can check out the highlights below, per Fightful:

On what he thinks about the strike: “It’s a silver lining for us, I suppose, I know it’s a different time for the actors and writers. I believe they’re doing the right thing asking for what they deserve, I stand by them, but it is the fortunate part of not being part of a union that we’re able to still perform and for our audience and for people who may not be familiar, now they get an opportunity to tune in and see what we’re all about.”

On WWE’s hot streak: “We’ve never been hotter. Business is the biggest it has ever been, the talent across the board is the best its ever been. The business is hot right now. We’re in a boom. When we look back on it, it’s going to be a special time.”

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