The final show before WWC LockOut with Bellito Calderon vs Mighty Ursus for the WWC Puerto Rican Title and a bunch of hype videos and angle advancement to promote the card.

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Super Estrellas WWC TV Review 12.07.2019

March 18, 2020 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez
Super Estrellas 12-7-19
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Super Estrellas WWC TV Review 12.07.2019  

Super Estrellas WWC TV Review 12.07.2019


Your hosts are Luis Toledo and El Wizard.

We are less than 8 hours away from WWC LockOut, so this will probably be an all-hype show.

Luis Toledo welcomes us to the show from the steps of the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon were the show goes down tonight. He hypes the card and then we jump to the WWC intro package.


Match 1: WWC Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title:

Bellito Calderon © vs Mighty Ursus/with Pedro Portillo III


This is from Noche de Campeones. Ursus is a big, masked guy who is a former Universal Champion. His build reminds me of Vader. I have never seen Bellito compete, but his attire reminds me of Hiram Tua or “Sensational” Carlitos. They hype him as the people’s champion, the underdog from the projects who was risen to become a top prospect in the business. The crowd, especially the kids, seem to be into him.

NOTE: As these two get ready, Luis Toledo mentions that due to the mind games from Mecha Wolf 450, Orlando Colon has dug up his old attire of La Pesadilla and will work the match as such tonight. So, it seems that was what Orlando was looking for when the show abruptly cut off on the last episode.

Anyway, back to the match. Bell rings and Bellito immediately catches Ursus with a sequence of dropkicks and sends him outside with headscissors. Bellito to the outside with a Torpedo, but it barely staggers the big man, so he heads back inside, and this time drops Ursus with a Tope over the top rope. The crowd is fired up as airhorns sound all over the arena. Airhorns are very typical in sporting events in PR, almost like Vuvuzelas in that South African World Cup.

Back in the ring and Bellito goes for the ten punches in the corner but gets about 8 before Ursus shoves him off and drops him with a big clothesline. Ursus picks Bellito up who fights back but makes the mistake of going to the ropes and eats another clothesline. Ursus controls with the dreaded PINCHED NERVE HOLD OF DOOM. Bellito fights back to his feet and once again goes to the ropes, only to get flapjacked. Ursus works the lower back with hip drops to Bellito and then chokes him against the ropes. He works an extended heat segment with CLUBBERIN’ blows to the lower back, choking Bellito with the top rope and illegally dragging his eyes across the ropes. All very basic 80’s big man stuff, but it works well. Portillo gets involved by slapping and punching Bellito whenever the ref is not looking. Eventually Ursus tosses him outside and Portillo beats Bellito down before rolling him back in. Ursus grabs Bellito on the apron and suplexes him back inside for two as we head to commercial.

We are back as Ursus has Bellito in a headlock and the ref checks if he is conscious. Bellito keeps the arm up on the third try and fights back to his feet. Ursus whips him but Bellito goes under a couple of clotheslines, flips over the big guy’s back (sloppily falling on his ass) and attacks with kicks and knees. A dropkick staggers Ursus, a sweet shin music (yes, he superkicked the shin) drops him to one knee and a sitout dropkick finally drops the big guy. That gets two. Bellito to the ropes, but Ursus stops whatever he has trying and drops him with a German Suplex. Ursus to the ropes and goes for a running senton, but Bellito moves and then catches Ursus with the Pele when he staggers back up. Both men down as the ref counts. They get back up at the same time and trade blows. Bellito staggers the big guy with a couple of clotheslines, but Ursus blocks an Irish Whip. Ursus counters and whips Bellito to the corner and charges after him. Bellito moves very slowly and tangles himself in the ropes (uff) as Ursus hits the corner. Bellito with a kick from the apron and heads up top: Missile Dropkick drops Ursus. A sloppy running moonsault gets two for Bellito. A sequence of roll-ups and small packages get two each time. Ursus stops the shenanigans with an eye gouge and a chokeslam for two. Chokeslams have become way overused everywhere. Ursus locks a Half-Crab but Bellito makes the ropes. Then he transitions into a cross-arm lock. Bellito somehow puts his foot on the ropes but Portillo shoves the boot away. The ref catches him, and they argue. This allows Ursus to get his chain (off-camera) and go after Bellito, but Bellito catches him with a jawbreaker and steals the chain! Blam, he nails Ursus with a chain-wrapped fist! 1…2…Ursus kicks out! I thought that was the finish. Portillo with the chain now. He distracts the ref and tosses it to Ursus as Bellito goes after Portillo. Ursus whacks Bellito with the chain, but he also kicks out at two. Both men back to their feet and they trade blows. Ursus sends Bellito to the ropes and Portillo grabs unto his legs. The ref is distracted with Ursus and his chain, so Portillo nails Bellito with brass knuckles behind the ref’s back. Ursus drags Bellito’s limp body to the corner and nails the Vader Bomb for the win.

Winner and NEW WWC Puerto Rican Heavyweight Champion: Mighty Ursus (19:45 shown)

Rating: *** This was going well until the overbooked mess at the end. Bellito has a ton of potential although he needs to tighten up his ring work a bit as he botched a couple of moves. Ursus has a great look and works like a solid, average big man should and the formula of big guy vs little guy worked well here. Yet, WWC once again overbooks another bout for no reason. We need more clean finishes people.


As Ursus poses Luis Toledo announces that the rematch between these two is tonight at LockOut and Pedro Portillo III will be banned from ringside as per WWC COO Rey Gonzales. They cut to a promo with Ursus and Portillo for tonight in which Portillo puts Ursus over as the strongest man in WWC and he doesn’t need Portillo in his corner. We head to commercials now.

We come back to a recap of the whole Orlando Colon/Gilbert angle that led to Eddie’s heel turn and the formation of The Dynasty. It begins with Orlando challenging Gilbert for the WWC Universal Title at the Anniversary Show (with Rey Gonzales as the special referee) and winning the bout and the championship. The babyfaces came out to celebrate with Orlando but Rey cut the celebration short by announcing that Orlando’s first defense will be at Septiembre Negro vs his cousin and tag team partner, Eddie “Primo” Colon. The Colons shake hands on it, but Orlando is looking none-too-pleased. Now we get some highlights of that match, which had Carlito as the special referee. Portillo and Gran Armando tried to interfere but Carlito threw them out. Then Gilbert came out with a snow-shovel (there is no snow in PR ever but somehow these guys ALWAYS have snow shovels at the shows) but Eddie took him out with a dropkick. Carlito gets the shovel and goes after Gilbert but accidentally nails both Eddie and Orlando as Gilbert escaped in a very contrived spot to build towards the Colon Triple Threat. We see the finish as Eddie sets Orlando up for a top-rope rana, but Orlando holds on and powerbombs Eddie, followed by a Backstabber for the three count. A pissed off Eddie shoves the belt on Orlando’s face and bails. Carlito tries to raise his cousin’s arm but he takes it away pissed off at the shovel shot and rolls outside. He goes out to celebrate with the crowd but is attacked by a masked La Pesadilla look-a-like. He is rolled inside and nailed with a 450 Splash and this Pesadilla reveals himself as Mecha Wolf 450. This leads us to tonight’s bout between these two at WWC LockOut and we head to commercial.

We come back to more video, this time from Noche de Campeones and the Colon Triple Threat. We are JIP as Carlito dominates Orlando and whips him into Eddie who was on the opposite corner. He goes for a charging knee but the former Matadores move out of the way and nail Carlito with a double backstabber! Clipped to Orlando trying to sunset flip Carlito but he holds on. Eddie comes on the apron after Carlito but Carlito ducks and drops Eddie jaw-first into the rope, using the momentum to roll back and escape the sunset flip and counter into the figure four leglock in a neat sequence. But of course, they just clip to the celebration of Orlando’s win and the whole angle we had already been shown before. WWC is such a tease. I was really looking forward to the whole match. Anyway, you know the drill. Orlando turns, a Pesadilla attacks Rey and reveals himself as Gilbert and The Dynasty is formed. Banderas comes back, Rey Gonzales makes Banderas vs Gilbert and that sets up tonight’s card. We head to commercial.

We come back to “Lo Que Esta Pasando en WWC” with Luis Toledo. He runs down the card, we get some promos from Banderas, Gilbert and several others hyping tonight’s show. Nothing too special. Gilbert cracks me up by telling Banderas he thinks he is a giant because he is wrestling Mexican midgets. After the promos we get one final run-down of the card, including the addition of an open challenge by Xavant. And that is how the show ends.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
I expected a full-on hype show and that’s what we got here. The only full match was a really good affair before descending into an overbooked mess. The rest was video packages, promos and hype videos. Not the best show in terms of wrestling but a good way to catch up on the main angle of the last six months or so, with the breakup of the Colon family. Is Rey Gonzales the mastermind? Was he tricked by Eddie and Gilbert? Does WWC even now yet?