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Terri Runnels Says She Hated Her Controversial Faked Miscarriage Angle in WWE

August 27, 2016 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Terri Runnels

Freak and Nitro TV recently interviewed former WWE manager and valet Terri Runnels. She reflected on her controversial faked miscarriage storyline in WWE, apparently begging Russo not to do it and how she hated it. Below are some highlights and a video of the interview.

Terri on a rumor regarding a recent interview she did: “It pisses me off when an interview is done and people, that consider themselves wrestling journalists, don’t do their due diligence and their homework. I never said anything about (Marlena having) a prosthetic penis… I’m here to tell you; had anyone ever mentioned that to me the answer would have been no.”

Terri on how she hated her fake miscarriage angle in WWE: “I really think it was horrible. I hated it. I really begged Russo. I was like… my daughter is in elementary school and I don’t want kids hearing about that and saying ‘Oh your mom, you know, had this other baby…’ I didn’t want to put her through that and I thought it was tacky and that was one fight I lost. I fought and fought and fought that angle… I begged Russo – I’m like “dude, don’t – just don’t” and he won and I lost that one.”

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