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The Diamond Sheik on His Relationship With Rick Ross, Ross Potentially Getting Into Wrestling

August 10, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
The Diamond Sheik District Championship Wrestling Image Credit: Championship District Wrestling

Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert and Stephen Jensen on The Spotlight recently spoke to wrestler Diamond Sheik, who discussed his partnership with rapper Rick Ross. Diamond Sheik is also a celebrity jeweler. Below are some highlights.

Diamond Sheik on Rick Ross: “Every day, he’s hustling. That’s a fact. I got to the Boss’ house, not my first time at the Promised Land, been there many times before. I’m his personal jeweler, so I go there with some jewelry, and had brought a little special piece of jewelry that day [Diamond Championship]. He came up to me and asked me a question. Every time the boss asks a question, you know he’s about to ask an important question because he’ll start it like this, ‘Uh. Sheik. What’s that belt for?’ ‘Boss, can you believe that Championship District Wrestling has me defending my baby in a gauntlet match? I don’t have to fight one guy, I have to fight like 20 guys.’ He goes, ‘You gonna suplex them off the top of the Promised Land?’ ‘For you Boss, I will. I’ll suplex them off the top of anything. The turnbuckle, the balcony, wherever you want. They’re going down because I’m leaving District with this baby around my waist.'”

On trying to break Rick Ross into the wrestling world: “I’m a shoot jeweler, that’s what I do for a living. I create beautiful pieces and when I think I have enough of them to go and show them, I take them out of the vault, these pieces are not displayed in our store, they are specifically for VIP clients. We go and see NFL teams, all kinds of hip-hop stars, and celebrities. My company is Luxe Jewelers. We do good work, I started it by myself, ten years ago, with the tutelage of my family. I’ve done pretty much all the marketing and branding myself. Rick Ross is a really good client of mine and now he’s kind of managing me. We’re trying to break him into the pro wrestling world as well.”

The Diamond Sheik will defend his Diamond Championship in a Gauntlet Match on August 14 for District Championship Wrestling.