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The Great Muta Says His Moonsault Press Had An Effect On His Physical Condition

October 17, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
The Great Muta Cyberfight Festival 2022 Image Credit: Pro Wrestling NOAH

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, The Great Muta spoke about his physical health leading into his retirement and how doing the moonsault press slowed him down.

He said: “As I thought, it’s the ‘Moonsault Press’ that did me in. I’ve been using this move since I was young, and it’s a factor in my success, but it’s had an effect on my physical condition. I’ve been thinking about how Great Muta became popular in the US. People have to realize that Keiji Muto and Great Muta are two sides of the same coin. I think my career went well because we were like rivals, Muto and Muta. After announcing my retirement, my mind and body became lighter. If it’s NOAH now, I think they’ll be my last big stage, the runway leading to it, the best. I’m going to run through that rail with all my strength, 100% full-force. In addition to today’s announcement, there will be a few more games. I think it’s quite difficult, but I really love this place. I hope that, in the end, I can share this time with many fans across the world.

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