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The Independent Insight: CZW “Best of the Best V” 5.14.05

January 24, 2007 | Posted by JP Nichols
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The Independent Insight: CZW “Best of the Best V” 5.14.05  

Just pointing out, I myself am a fan of the company, but just did the subtitle as a joke for all of the CZW fans on here.

Anyway, this is a yearly tournament for CZW where they get to show the full fledged wrestling in the organization, of which they have been trying to stick to today over the “ultraviolent/deathmatch” material. I feel that it is a nice change of pace, as that is what the company most gets picked on for. But anyway, onto this.

No offense to fans of promos, but we have basically 20 minutes of them on here, and I would like to report the action only as some of these promos are really long so yeah. Apologies. I will say that they were overall pretty good tough with interviews with DJ Hyde, Derek Frazier, Brandon Thomaseli, Claudio Castagnoli, the H8 Club, Franky The Mobster, Sexxxy Eddy, and two BLKOUT promos.

We now go into an amazing video package to the song “In the air tonight” by Nonpoint, showing clips of past Best of the Best winners, and showing pictures of everyone in BOTB tonight. They have the logo of BOTB with “I can feel it…” written under it. The competitors in here are:
Chris Hero
Arik Cannon
Chris Bosh
Super Dragon
“Spyder” Nate Webb
Brandon Thomaseli
Derek Frazier
Claudio Castagnoli
El Generico
Mike Quackenbush
Kevin Steen
Kenny The Bastard
8 Quarter-final matches, 4 Semi-final matches, 1 Fatal 4 way Elimination match to end it

We then go to the ring and out comes Maven Bentley, the CZW commissioner. We do a 10 bell salute for Chris Candido whom died 15 days prior to this show. Hard to believe he has been gone for over a year and a half at this point. Applause from the crowd afterwards and everyone is standing. Out comes the owner of CZW John Zandig and says some touching words about Candido. He mentions how they had disagreements in the past, and they never truly were friends. He puts Candido over for being a great talent and brings up some of his past in the WWE. Touching stuff overall. We then bring out all 16 competitors in the Best of the Best tournament.

Quarter-final: Super Dragon vs. Chris Bosh
On commentary, we have Eric Gargiulo and John House. This is also John House’s last CZW show that he will commentate supposedly. He has been commentating for about 6 years for CZW so it is pretty big. He does come back though later on if I am correct. This is Chris Bosh’s CZW debut. He is known for his stuff in the west coast in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Eric puts over how people get known for the Best of the Best, and B-boy comes to mind. Bosh is playing a heel in this match, which is a good move. He gets on the mic. He puts over how the people do not really know him, and how he is from Cali. Shut the fuck up chants. I can’t really understand him due to them. He says he will break Super Dragon’s neck and kill him. Out comes Super Dragon, whom seems to be a fan favorite in the ECW arena tonight.

Chris Bosh jumps up onto the top rope and swantons out of the ring onto Dragon and the bell rings. Bosh punches at Dragon, then throws him into the ring. Bosh hops in. Dragon fights back with punches. He goes for the Psycho Driver immediately, but Bosh counters and lands behind him, and hits a sickening backbreaker where he squatted down onto one knee, and pulled Dragon back, so Dragon landed on his knee. Eric puts over Dragon’s record being 0-2 in singles, 2-2 in tag, 1-0 in 3 way, and 1-0 in 4 way. Bosh throws Dragon into the turnbuckle. Dragon jumps off the turnbuckle, and does a victory roll style hurricanrana on Bosh. Dragon then hits a jumping hurricanrana. Dragon then goes to spear Bosh in the turnbuckle, but Bosh moves, and Dragon goes HARD into the turnbuckle pole and then to the floor. When Dragon is back to his feet, Bosh grabs onto the ropes and peacefully backflips over the ropes but catches him into a hurricanrana takedown, sending Dragon sliding across the floor. Bosh takes him back into the ring and does two doublestomps on Dragon. Bosh picks him up, and Snapmares Dragon, then puts him into what is like a crossface chickenwing. Crowd gets behind Dragon. Dragon forearms Bosh. Big chops on Bosh. Dragon goes to do a flipping kick in the corner, but Bosh catches him and puts in a half boston crab. Really nice. Bosh then locks Dragon in an arm lock, then pulls back on Dragon’s mask. Bosh uppercuts Dragon, then irish whip. Dragon catches him, but Bosh literally punches Dragon below the belt. Cover, but Dragon gets his foot on the ropes. Bosh picks up Dragon, but he fights back. Chops on Bosh. Irish whip, forearms Bosh over the top, then tope by Dragon onto Bosh on the floor. CZW Chant. Both men are down. Back into the ring and Bosh is down. Dragon signals to the fans. CURB STOMP. Bosh is dead. Dragon takes him over to the ropes. Cannonball Senton by Dragon. Cover, but a 2 count. Dragon goes up and corkscrews, but misses, and Bosh runs up and clotheslines him, but sets his knee out so we have a backbreaker. 2 Count. Dragon is down. Bosh is going up. Splash by Bosh. 2 Count. Bosh picks him up, Backdrop Driver, then a backdrop into a backbreaker on the knee for a 2 count. Bosh picks him up. Dragon fights back with forearms but is in pain. Irish whip, Dragon flips to the ring apron, and forearms Bosh. Spirngboard spinning wheel kick for a 2 count, followed by a Dragon Suplex for a 2 count. Dragon goes to the top, but Bosh is up and pushes Dragon onto the turnbuckle. Dragon is up though. TIGERDRIVER OFF THE TOP and that is all she wrote. 1-2-3. That is about as great of an opener as you’ll get. Great action, Dragon sold the back really well.

Winner: Super Dragon at 9:04. ***1/4

Quarter-final: Excalibur vs. El Generico
Excalibur seems to be pretty over. Excalibur is 0-2 in tournaments in CZW. El Generico is really over just due to the “Ole” by Bouncing Souls theme. This is El Generico’s singles debut in CZW, but he has wrestled in tag matches, and 4 ways before. Generico is with ease one of the most underrated people on the independent scene. 00:50:41 Excalibur calls for a handshake, but Generico is too slow. We then do get a handshake. Lockup, Generico puts Excalibur into the corner, but breaks up. Another lockup, and Generico gets Excalibur into the corner again. Irish whip, and Generico leapfrogs over Excalibur, but mule kick by Excalibur for a 2 count. Headlock y Excalibur, then a scoop slap, then a knee drop by Excalibur for a 2 count. Vertical suplex by Excalibur.Leg lariat by Generico. Irish whip, dropkick but Excalibur holds on. Ole chants to try and get behind Generico. Running knee followed by a running ace crusher by Excalibur for a 2. Excalibur runs to Generico in the turnbuckle, but Generico hits Excalibur with a European Uppercut
Generico goes up for a turning crossbody off the top, but misses. Dropkick to the head by Excalibur. Excalibur longs Generico in the camel clutch. Excalibur picks up Generico. Generico elbows out, and runs at Excalibur, but Excalibur turns it into a german suplex for 2. Exalibur goes for a running knee but hits the turnbuckle and goes to the floor. Generico runs and hits a tope conhilo. Both men are down on the floor. When both men are in the ring, Generico hits a crossbody for 2. Generico puts Excalibur on the top, but Excalibur pushes him up, but Generico gets right back up and has Excalibur hooked, and goes for the BRAINBUSTAH, but Excalibur counters and lands behind Generico. Excalibur then hits a Spider German Suplex off the top. Very nice. Generico is down. 2 Count. Excalibur signals for the Tigerdriver 97, but Generico counters, and goes for a brainbuster, but hits nothing. Excalibur goes to throw Generico into the turnbuckle, but Generico counters and hits an insanely stiff Yakuza kick, then picks up Excalibur. Half Nelson Suplex! Then a brainbuster! 1-2-3! Some really good stuff towards the end, but was kind of slow in the beginning. Not terrible, but could have been better. For the semifinals, we now have Super Dragon vs El Generico.

Winner: El Generico at 7:46 **1/2

Quarter-final: Chris Hero vs. Brandon Thomaseli
As you would expect, Chris Hero is the heel. Hero is the reason why there are no weight limits for this year’s Best of the Best due to a petition by him. This is Brandon’s 2nd CZW show, with the 1st being the last show in which he won the Trifecta Challenge. Bell rings. Hero mouths off to Brandon. Brandon shoves Hero, followed by a shoving war between the two. Hero mouths off again. Brandon then looks for a shoulder tackle, but no effect on Hero. Hero goes for his own, but Brandon tells him to stop, then chops him. Punches, irish whip, leg lariat by Brandon for a 2 count. Brandon looks sharp so far. Chops by Brandon on Hero in the corner. Then in the next corner, punches, chops, and forearms. Hero is down. Brandon brings him back up, forearms, runs to the ropes, and Hero then counters with a clothesline. Chop by Hero, then throws Brandon to the floor. Hero goes onto the ring apron, and drops to the floor. Club to the back. Forearm, and Hero mouths off to him. Chop by Brandon, but Hero counters with a forearm and throws him into the ring. Eric puts over Brandon for having a 2-0 record from the last show. Hero has Brandon in a fireman’s carry, but throws him down, then bounces off the ropes into a cannonball senton for a 2 count. Hero slams Brandon. Hero goes to the corner, and does a rolling backflip, then a twisting handstand into a splash. Yes that was confusing, but you can see him do it a lot in his matches. Headlock on Brandon. He picks up Brandon, and has him in a variation of the Cravate. Brandon fights back, senset flip roll, but Hero counters and locks him into a cravate, with a grapevine. Nice job by Eric at putting over how the opener was really fast, but the past two have been more ground based. Risky cover by Hero, and Brandon kicks out. Hero kicks Brandon into the face knocking him back down. He sets Brandon up in the corner as if he was going for the “Shattered Dreams” but instead runs to the other side and looks to hit a kick to the head, but he kind of misses. Then hints a cravate, but just throws him back down onto the ring. 2 Count. Hero picks up Brandon and gets thrown into the corner, but he lands onto the top. Hero runs up, boot to the face. Brandon goes for a Tornado DDT, but Hero counters and puts him back onto the ring floor. Yakuza Kick by Brandon. Both men are down. The referee, Bryce Remsburg gets up to 6 on the 10 count. Forearm by Hero. Forearm by Brandon, followed by a few more. Irish whip into a backdrop. High knee on Hero’s head, standing shooting star! 2 count. Hero is in the corner, Brandon puches and chops. Brandon irish whips Hero into the other corner, but Hero counters and throws him. Hero runs, Brandon gives a boot to the face. Hero runs up and a powerslam by Hero. 2 Count. Brandon is down. Hero picks up Brandon, and goes for a vertical suplex, but Brandon counters into a Fisherman’s suplex with a roll-through for a count, but gets two. Brandon puts Hero near the turnbuckle. He goes for a 450 but hits the knees .He tried to avoid them, but it was too late. Hero signals for the end. Cravate, then picks him up and hits a Hero’s Welcome(Last Rites/Rolling Dice/Testdrive) for the win. Decent stuff towards the end, but like the previous was a little slow in the beginning. It was decent

Winner: Chris Hero at 9:36 **1/4

Quarter-final: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen vs Kenny the Bastard
Kevin Steen is in his first singles match debut here as he has, like Generico, only been in tag matches and fatal 4 ways until tonight. Kenny The Bastard is pretty much exactly like Delirious in character form, just with a variation of the mask and pants look. Both of these two really wrestle in IWS, a promotion in Canada. This is the first time I have seen him, and he seems like a lot of fun, but does not seem as fun as Delirious. They both circle the ring, and Kenny slithers but gets pushed into the turnbuckle. Mr. Wrestling chant. Steen literally throws Kenny out of the ring. Kenny comes back into the ring.. Kevin goes for a clothesline, but Kenny pulls Kevin’s legs from under him. Kenny walks on Kevin. When Steen gets back up, he hits a shoulder tackle on Kenny. Steen picks him up. Irish whip. Kenny counters. Steen kicks him in the gut and goes for the Package Piledriver but Kenny counters into a hurricanrana sending him out of the ring. Kenny goes for a springboard dive but does a backflip back into the ring. Kick to Steen’s face through the middle and bottom ropes. Senton Atomico, into a hurricanrana on the outside! Nice. Kenny rolls Steen back into the ring and goes to the top. Crossbody, and swings Kenny around, but Kenny hits a Crucifix. 2 Count. Steen hits Kenny with a few punches from a camel clutch position. Steen picks up Kenny, chop, shove into the turnbuckle. Steen quiets the crowd for a chop, but punch followed by a few chops. Irish whip into the other turnbuckle, but turns it around, Kenny jumps up then turns around Tornado DDT. Kenny runs up again, jumps off, hurricanrana on Steen Kenny picks him up, Irish whip but Steen counters, and does a military press drop. Steen picks him up off the ground and hits a SICKENING german suplex. Damn Kenny landed right on his head. Cocky cover by Steen, for 2 followed by a pose. Kenny is down. Steen picks him up, chop in the corner. Steen puts him up top. A few chops and forearms. Loud chop, but Kenny fights back. Poke to the eye. Steen gets pushed off. Kenny does a fin splash, which is pretty much a standard closed dive for 2. Both are down, but when they get back to their feet, Kenny hits a chop and goes to Irish whip him, but Steen counters with a kick to the gut, SIDEWINDER SUPLEX. 2 Count. Steen sets Kenny up for the Package piledriver from the looks of things, clubs to the back. He actually goes for the Steenilizer, but Kenny counters into a school boy for 2. Kenny goes for the Bastard Drop, which seemed to be a Sliced Bread #2. but Steen counters into a Steenilizer into the middle turnbuckle!!!! DAMN. Kenny’s dead. 1-2-3. The Steenilizer is best described as a modification of the alleyoop powerbomb, only Steen grabs onto your head, then holds you while he drops you back on pretty much your neck, only Kenny went headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. Damn. Good match. It should have gotten more time though, as it really started to pick up towards the end. We have Kevin Steen vs Chris Hero in the semifinals now.

Winner: Kevin Steen at 7:49 **3/4

Quarter-final: “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon vs Mike Quackenbush
This is Arik Cannon’s first time in CZW since Fall of 2004. He has not been really successful though. Quack seems pretty over, but is getting quite a few boos for some reason. Quack locks up behind Cannon, but Arik counters and locks up behind him. Quack goes to counter, but Arik stops him and locks him in a side-headlock. Quack turns it around into a crossface chickenwing . Quack armdrags Arik and has him in an arm lock. He brings Arik to his feet, twists his arm up, then locks him in a side-headlock. Arik throws Quack into the ropes, then armdrags him. Arik then irish whips him and goes for another armdrag, and Quack calls him over, and Arik jumps up onto the middle rope, jumps back off, and arms drags him, then flips back to his feet and there is applause for both men. You could really misjudge Cannon from how he looks. Cannon mouths off to the crowd. They circle the ring, and lockup. Cannon drags Quack down. Quack rolls off, and does a rollthrough armdrag. He runs into Cannon in the corner, but Quack gets flipped over and lands on the apron. Quack locks Cannon into a lock in his hand, then goes to the top. He does a frontflip off the top, then arm drags Cannon. That looked REALLY nice. He runs over to Cannon in the other turnbuckle and tries to do the flip over onto the apron again, but Cannon catches him, but Quack hits an iffy looking hurricanrana on Cannon. It was Quack’s fault though. Cannon is now on the outside. Quack goes on top. Crossbody onto Cannon on the floor. Quack throws Cannon back into the ring. Quack goes off the ropes, swanton dive onto cannon. 2 Count. Quack picks Cannon back up, Cannon does a rollthrough and hits a nice neckbreaker. Cannon picks him back up, and hits a snapmare followed by a flipping snap neckbreaker while Quack is down. Cannon picks him up, but Quack counters, and they both have a sort of reverse full nelson battle, until Cannon wins it, and hits a variation of a cobra clutch backbreaker on Quack for a 2 count. Cannon locks him in a ground headlock. Crowd gets behind Quack, and is trying to mat wrestle his way out of it, which he does a great job of, then locks Cannon in the Rings of Saturn. Quack breaks it due to a ropebreak. Quack brings Cannon back up, chop, irish whip, but Cannon counters. Cannon signaled a slingshot suplex with the ropes, but hit a swinging neckbreaker instead for a 2 count. Chop by Cannon into the corner. Forearm and punches by Cannon. Cannon puts Quack up top. Quack tries to counter, but fails. Cannon goes for a superplex, but Quack pushes him off. Cannon throws Quack off the top, but Quack flips and rolls through, gets back up quickly and hits a running palm strike! Both men are down. Cannon is back to his feet first. Quack pushes him into the turnbuckle, and does windmill slaps to Cannon’s chest. Quack does a bulldog out of the turnbuckle, followed by a running dropkick. Swanton off the top turnbuckle. Near 3 count, but only got 2. Quack clutches Arik’s arm, but Arik counters into a german suplex. Quack screams though and goes for another palm strike but gets caught into an exploder suplex for 2. Arik rolls, and gets the fans to clap. He goes for the Glimmering Warlock(a shining enzugiri on the ground) but misses, Quack irish whips but Cannon counters into a Fisherman’s Buster for two. Cannon gets into the ref’s face. Cannon sets up for the Glimmering Warlock again, but Quack catches him and flips him over, QUACKENDRIVER II(Cross-legged Owen Driver 97)!!!! DANGEROOOOOOOOUS. 1-2-3. Both men looked really good. If you are a fan of mat wrestling, you would love this. It also has some good lucha in it as well. On par with Dragon/Bosh for my favorite match so far.

Winner: Mike Quackenbush at 10:04 ***1/4

Quarter-final: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Derek Frazier
Claudio is going into tonight with nice momentum as he beat Sonjay Dutt at the last CZW show. Frazier is pretty over. Nice chain wrestling to start, followed by a headscissor takedown by Derek, sending Claudio to the floor. Derek fakes a dive and Claudio attempts to hit a big European Uppercut on Derek, but Derek dropkicks Claudio in the face. Derek then dives over the top, landing on Claudio in a crossbody formation. Derek rolls Claudio back into the ring. 2 count on Claudio. Punch, then irish whip by Derek, but European Uppercut by Claudio. Claudio picks him up and does another. Claudio picks him up again and hits a scoop slam. Claudio throws Derek to the outside. Claudio fakes a dive to the outside and front flips to the outside and IMMEDIATELY locks Derek in a Cravate. THAT ruled. Claudio throws Derek into the ring. Claudio brings a chair into the ring. Claudio gets cocky by shoving Derek’s face with his foot, but Derek fights back with a few punches. Claudio kicks him back down. He then unfolds the chair in the middle of the ring. Claudio locks in a bearhug, and then stands on the chair with the bearhug for leverage. Holy shit chant from the crowd. Hahaha. Claudio drops him, then goes off the ropes and does what seems to be a fake “you can’t see me” followed by an elbow. 2 Count. European Uppercut again. Snapmare into a running swiss uppercut on Derek’s neck while he was sitting down. 2 Count. Claudio picks him up and irish whips him. Clothesline. Claudio poses then goes for a cover. 2 count. Goes for another 2 count. European uppercut, irish whip again, Derek ducks and goes for a kick, followed by a spinning kick, but Claudio catches him in a Cravate, Frazier kicks Claudio in the knee, Claudio locks up a Cravate again. Frazier flips out of it, then hits a nice spinning kick to the back of Claudio’s head. Both men are down. Claudio goes for a Polish Hammer, but Frazier ducks. And Frazier elbows him down, followed by a standing dropkick and a spinning heel kick. Frazier drags him over near the turnbuckle and hits a twisting press, landing stomach first for a 2 count. Frazier has him in a rolling dice position, but Claudio has him in a shake rattle and roll position, and hits a swinging neckbreaker, according to Eric as tribute to the Honky Tonk Man. He hits a flying elbow drop for two. Claudio gets back up, and picks up Frazier. Irish whip into an attempted tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Frazier counters and hits a standing enzugiri, followed by another for a 2 count. Running forearm in the corner by Frazier. He then grapevines Claudio into the turnbuckle pole and has Claudio in a camel clutch locked position with the bottom rope and bottom turnbuckle. Frazier goes up and doublestomps Claudio’s head into the ringmat! Ouch. 2 Count though. Frazier picks him up and irish whips him, but Claudio counters, and locks him in a torture rack style position. Claudio takes him to a turnbuckle, and then flips him into an Ace Crusher. Claudio poses, then hits Frazier with a few uppercuts, and goes for another but misses, and Frazier locks Claudio into a Triangle Hold. Claudio picks him up through and powerbombs him, and then hits the Riccoli Bomb (Cross-arm sitout powerbomb) for the win. Good match. Probably on par with the likes of Hero/Brandon and Kenny/Steen. Good effort by both, and they did a great job at making you think Frazier would come out with the win.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli at 9:01 ***

Just pointing out, on the DVD, this marks the end of Disc 1.

This is the start of Disc 2

Quarter-final: B-Boy vs. Sabian
Sabian is accompanied by Robby Mireno. Eddie Kingston is on commentary now. Sabian gets heat from Eric as he is the Jr. Heavyweight Champion, and is not defending his belt in this match. In the past Best of the Bests, the champ has always put the belt on the line. Sabian also has fun with a big girl in the crowd. Sabian in a sense looks a lot like a mix of Jay Lethal, and Homicide, and is pretty short at about 5’6”. B-Boy is pretty over here. Eric puts over the fact that B-Boy could make history and be the first 2 time Best of the Best winner. Lockup early on, and B-Boy flips him over, then rolls through and locks him in an armlock. Sabian himself flips his way out of it, and locks B-Boy in an armlock of his own. Sabian rolls through and locks him in a nice looking cross leglock from the side. B-boy gets to the ropes, then rolls to the outside. He then gets back into the ring. Lockup, then forearm by Sabian, pig punch by B-Boy. Shoulder tackle by B-Boy. B-Boy runs, Sabian leapfrogs over him. B-Boy then goes for a backbody drop but Sabian kicks B-Boy in the face. Sabian grabs B-boy’s hand and springs off the turnbuckle and does an arm drag. Another quick arm drag by Sabian. Lockup reversals from the back, and B-Boy gets out of it and goes for a quick Shining Wizard, but Sabian rolls to the outside. Eddie and Eric do a great job at putting that over as well as Eddie claims that B-Boy is a one move wonder with the Shining Wizard, and they do a good job at pointing out the legwork, and taking out his “one move”. Sabian brings a chair into the ring. He leaves it by the side. They get into slap and chop battles. Then we do forearms and punches. B-Boy wins this fighting. B-Boy irish whips Sabian, but Sabian catches the ropes. B-Boy looks to do a clothesline to him, but Sabian moves, and B-Boy lands on the apron. Sabian dropkicks B-Boy than flips over the top onto B-Boy. Back into the ring, and Sabian covers B-Boy for a 2 count. Sabian kicks B-Boy in the back, but no effect. Chop by B-Boy. Snapmare, than a kick of his own. Sabian does an eyepoke on B-Boy, than hits a leaping kick to the back of B-Boy, but again no effect. Snapmare, than 5 kicks to the back of Sabian. Sunset flip by Sabian, but B-Boy counters and kicks Sabian in the face. 2 count. B-Boy picks him up, Irish Whip countered, and Sabian locks him into a cross-armed leglock which is dubbed “The Venus Flytrap” by Sabian. Sabian than toys with B-Boy by “surfboarding” on B-Boy. They are now on the outside, and a couple chops by B-Boy. B-Boy is rolled back into the ring, and tope atomico by Sabian on B-Boy for 2. Sabian snapmares B-Boy, and has B-Boy in some type of armlock, and was facewashing B-Boy with his boot. We now get into another forearm and punch battle. Sabian catches him and dust a cutthroat lungblower from the side for a 2 count. Sabian goes for a 450 but misses. He runs up to B-Boy but is caught and is hit with an Exploder into the corner. Both men are down. B-Boy throws Sabian into the corner, and runs up, but gets two boots to the face. Sabian goes for a Tornado DDT, but B-Boy counters it and does a Northern Lights Suplex, rolls through and hits a brainbuster for a 2 count. That looked really good. B-Boy goes to throw Sabian, but gets countered and gets thrown into the corner. Doubleknees by Sabian, B-Boy is down on one knee, then gets two boots from a dropkick to the face for 2. Sabian picks B-Boy up and goes for what looked like a suplex, but could not pick him up. B-Boy goes behind him and locks him in a sleeper hold position, but pulls back and drops him down on his knee for a backbreaker. He then has Sabian in a powerbomb position, and powerbombs Sabian into the corner. B-Boy then goes to boot Sabian in the corner, but Sabian moves. Sabian runs up to B-Boy, but B-Boy flips Sabian over, and Sabian lands on the ring apron, and pulls down on B-Boy’s shirt, knocking him down. Sabian goes up top. B-Boy slaps Sabian and they brawl a little bit. Eye poke by Sabian, sending B-Boy to one knee, than double stomp to the back of B-Boy’s head! Sabian grabs the chair and places it on B-Boy. Doublestomp on the chair! Sabian takes a while to cover, but he does for a 2 count. Sabian goes for a shining wizard, but B-Boy catches him in a Wheelbarrow Suplex mid-move position. He hits a stuffed tuck-under tombstone piledriver in a move that I believe he calls the “Southern California Cutter”. Really good match and my favorite up to this point.

Winner: B-Boy at 10:23 ***1/2

Quarter-final: Ebessan vs. “Spyder Nate Webb”
They have him listed as “Ebessan” but at this point, he goes by “Ebetaro”, before having to change his name again. Kingston is still on commentary, and I must say for the last match, he did a great job on heel commentary. Nate Webb has a long entrance equivalent of Undertaker long, but at least this is entertaining as he enters to “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus. He piggybacks a fan, and dances in the crowd, and dances with a few girls. Kingston clearly points out that he does not like Webb. They both circle the ring, and Nate Webb loses Ebessan by getting down on the ground and moving around. Webb wonders if Ebessan can hear him with his large ears. They lock up, and go into the corner, and Webb does two titty twisters on Ebessan. Ebessan counters with titty twisters of his own, then Webb pinches Ebessan’s ass. Webb then slaps the ref’s ass. Weird but funny stuff. Ebessan locks up with a clutch, but Webb reverses it, and Ebessan tries to roll out of it. Ebessan gets it in again and yet another counter by Webb. Good stuff here. Ebessan than reverses, and locks Webb in a headlock. Webb sweeps Ebessan out and locks him in a leglock, but another reversal by Ebessan by working Webb’s right knee. Ebessan hits it a bit for locking it in on the side. Webb tries to get Ebessan off by grabbing his ears. Webb reaches the ropes and we have to go through 3 5 counts before Ebessan gets off. Webb goes out, and then comes back in. We have another side headlock, but Webb counters into an Irish Whip, but Ebessan hits a shoulder tackle. Ebessan runs the ropes, and Webb gets down, but Ebessan kicks Webb in the head. Ebessan than Irish Whips Webb and Ebessan get down, but Webb does the same thing that happened to himself just now to Ebessan. Webb throws Ebessan into the ropes and hits a Nebraskan Tumbleweed (running flipping senton) into the corner. Ebessan gets out of the turnbuckle and walks into a vertical suplex. Ebessan gets up and is met with a dropkick and rolls to the outside. Webb than does a running backflip plancha to the outside. Nice. Ebessan gets back into the ring after a while, causing Webb to go to the outside. When Webb attempts to get back into the ring, Ebessan pulls up the ropes on him hitting a low blow. Ebessan than styles and profiles! That rules. A few punches in the corner. Ebessan picks up Webb and snapmares Webb followed by a running elbow. He picks up Webb again, and a few chops, followed by more styling and profiling. Scoop slam, and Ebessan goes up top, but gets thrown off “Flair-style” by Webb and does the Flair style begging and eye poke afterwards. Crowd loves it. Irish whip, but reversal and backbody drop by Webb. Chokeslam by Webb, then Webb locks in a move where he uses his arms to bend Ebessan’s legs, and Webb uses his legs to hurt Ebessan’s shoulders. Webb than goes for a shoulderlock. Irish whip, but reversal, but Webb locks him in a sunset flip, than goes for that submission again. Scoop slam, and Webb goes up. Moonsault attempt, and went to land on his feet, but didn’t as Ebessan rolled out of the way. Ebessan hits a sit out Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Ebessan Irish Whips Webb into the corner, and we have a clothesline bulldog combo, but Webb counters the bulldog. Jawbreaker, and Arachna Kick. 2 count. Webb goes to run into Ebessan in the corner, but Ebessan moves and Webb pulls a “Nigel McGuinness” in the corner, but Ebessan kicks Webb in the stomach, knocking him into the Tree of Woe. Ebessan goes for the Shining Wizard, but Webb rolls out of it, but Ebessan hits him directly afterwards for the 3 count. Not the usual Ebessan match, but good comedy with the Flair stuff. Really good reversals early in the match and nice work on Ebessan’s shoulder towards the middle. Really good stuff. Entertaining throughout in my opinion. The two dance to Webb’s theme after the match.

Winner: Ebessan at 10:58 ***1/4

Semi-final: Super Dragon vs. El Generico
This is the first of the 4 semi-final matches. Super Dragon comes out in a different attire from earlier. John House is back on commentary in Kingston’s place for this match. I’d like to take the time to put over a match that these two had at a CZW 5 months prior to this one. It was El Generico & Kevin Steen vs. Super Dragon & Excalibur at Cage of Death 6. Many people called that match up to that point the best match in CZW history (and is still mentioned a lot to this date.) So there is my cheap plug out of this review. Anyway, these two have a stare-down, and Dragon shoves Generico. Generico fights back with forearms, but Dragon beats the hell out of him with chops and punches. Dragon Irish Whips him into the corner and Generico moves. Generico goes for a Yakuza kick but is blocked. Dragon pulls out Generico’s legs and hits a Curb Stomp immediately on Generico, but did not really get it all. The crowd chants “One more time!” Dragon delivers in one that looks the same, but then stomps on Generico’s head afterwards. Generico rolls to the outside. Dragon goes to the outside. He puts Generico’s head in-between the bars in the guardrail and uses the bars to his advantage. Stiff chops on Generico around the ring. Irish whip into the guardrail and Dragon hits Generico with a chair a couple of times. Dragon proceeds to knock the crap out of Generico with punches, chops, and a chairshot. He knocks a fan’s drink onto Generico. We’re back into the ring. Dragon was on the apron and Generico kicks him off the apron. Generico then hits an Arabian Moonsault on Dragon. Irish Whip into the guardrail, followed by a sickening Yakuza kick. Generico grabs a chair, and throws it at Dragon’s head. We’re back into the ring, and Generico goes up top, and goes for a crossbody but is caught with a forearm. Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker by Dragon. Kick to Generico. Snapmare and Dragon locks in a leg scissor on the head of Generico. Dragon breaks it. He slaps Generico a few times. Generico tries to fight back, but is knocked down. Dragon locks in a Surfboard, and drops Generico backwards so Generico lands on the back of his neck. He goes for a cover and gets 2. Generico locks in a scissor on Generico’s right leg. Generico tries to fight back with punches, but Dragon grabs Generico’s mask. Generico fights back with forearms and the hold is broken. Dragon picks him up, and Generico goes to break out. He goes to the ropes and Baseball Slides, but Super Dragon catches him in a Camel Clutch position, but rolls through into a Japanese Cradle. He maneuvers around into a submission that is working on the shoulders, and neck of Generico. This match has really gotten the crowd going. Dragon kicks Generico in the head from where he has him locked up. The hold is broken. He knees Generico in the back of the head than repeatedly kicks Generico in the face. He Irish Whips Generico, but Generico dodges after two runs. Kick to the midsection, followed by an Enzugiri. Generico then grabs Dragon and does a double spring Tornado DDT on Dragon. Both men are down for the 10 count. Forearm shots and chops from Generico. Headbuts from Generico. Dragon is in the Tree of Woe. Generico goes to the opposite side, and hits a baseball slide dropkick into the face. Crowd chants for “One More Time” and he hits a jumping one this time. Generico is bleeding from his nose. 2 Count. He picks up Dragon, and looks for a Brainbuster, but Dragon counters into a Psycho Driver position. Generico counters and Dragon is sitting down, and gets rolled backwards by Generico, and then hits a really nice Michinoku Driver for a 2 count. Generico picks up Dragon, and puts him up top. Generico is looking for the BRAINBUSTAH, but Dragon shoves Generico off. He goes for a Cannonball Senton, but Generico had the knees up. Dragon goes to the corner and is met with a really nice Yakuza kick, followed by a Half Nelson Suplex, which Dragon pretty much completely no sells and hits Generico with a wicked lariat. Both men are down. The crowd is giving them a standing ovation, and a “CZW” chant erupts. Dragon is up and goes up top. Generico sweeps him out though. Generico goes up top, but Dragon shoves him down. Generico is back up. Dragon looks for a Tigerdriver off the top, but Generico counters. BRAINBUSTAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Dragon’s dead. 2 COUNT!!!!!!!! WOW! No one can believe it. Generico drags Dragon over near the turnbuckle. He signals for the end. He goes up top, and goes for a really sick 450 Splash, but Dragon moved. PSYCHO DRIVER!!!. 2 COUNT AGAIN!!! This match definitely rules. The crowd popped huge for Generico’s kickout. Both men are up. HUGE clothesline from Dragon sending Generico into another world. Dragon picks him up and hits the Psycho Driver II for the win!!! Dragon advances to the finals. That was with ease the best match so far, beating out every quarterfinal. This match is DEFINITELY worth going out of your way to see. Really fantastic stuff.

NOTE: Psycho Driver = Torture Rack into a Piledriver. Psycho Driver II = Pumphandle into a Piledriver.

Winner: Super Dragon at 14:39 ****

Semi-final: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen vs. Chris Hero
Hero jumps Steen while he is walking down the ramp. The two of them brawl quite a bit on the floor. When we finally get into the ring, Steen is in pain. Hero goes for a quick cover, but gets a 2 count. Snapmare, followed by a missed cannonball senton, and Steen hits one of his own, followed by a standing Frog Splash. He hits a 2 count. Steen goes for a lariat, but misses and Hero hits a roaring elbow that knocks Steen silly. Hero puts him in the corner, and chops and punches Steen. Hero chokes him in the ropes. Hero headbutts Steen, ten Irish Whips him into the corner. He does a jumping forearm into Steen’s head. Steen falls into the bottom turnbuckle. Hero runs up and stomps Steen in the chest, but hangs onto the ropes, turns around in mid air, and stomps Steen in the chest again. 1 Count. Hero picks him up…Steen fights back, but Hero overpowers him. Hero toys with him with punches and slaps, and hits a cocky cover for 2. Steen fights back with slaps and forearms. Irish whip reversal into an elbow from Hero. Punches from Hero on the ground. He chokes Steen, and Steen rolls to the outside. Hero comes off the ring apron and elbows Steen in the back. Forearms and slaps Steen. Hero does a slingshot stomp to the back of Steen. Hero does a weak cover on Steen and gets 2. Multiple punches from Hero in the corner, Tracy Smothers style. Steen comes out and punches Hero. Irish whip reversal by hero into the corner. Hero runs into an elbow, but gets Steen and hits a Cravate-O-Clasm(a top rope snapmare). 2 Count. Hero picks up Steen and locks him in a headlock, and goes into the eyes of Steen. Shoulder thrusts into the corner by Hero. Club to the back by Hero. Hero puts his leg on Steen’s throat, and goes for a quick cover for 2. Hero locks Steen in a headlock on the ground. Hero picks Steen up, and scoop slams him. Hero goes up top and misses a double stomp. Nice shuffle side kick by Steen. Hero punches Steen, but Steen counters with a few of his own and knocks down Hero a few times. Backbody Drop by Steen. Steen goes for a forearm in the corner, but gets launched to the apron. Springboard dropkick by Steen on Hero for 2. They start brawling with forearms and punches. Hero forearms Steen repeatedly, and goes for a roaring forearm, but just does an eyepoke on him. Powerbomb with a pin by Hero for 2. Hero picks up Steen, and has a Cravate locked in, but Steen counters into a Release German Suplex for 2. Steen goes up and hits a Moonsault for 2. “Mr. Wrestling” chant. Steen signals for the end, and locks up the Package Piledriver, but Hero counters into an Alabama Slam. Hero goes up top, and hits a doublestomp on Steen. He goes to the other side and hits a flying elbow for 2. Hero calls for the end, and goes for a Hero’s Welcome, but gets countered in what looks like a Package Piledriver. Hero counters and squats down on Steen for 2. Steen Sunset Flips him and gets the 3 count. This started off like a squash due to the jump by Hero, but it picked up towards the end. Better than Excalibur/Generico in terms of being slow. Hero throws a tantrum around the ring afterwards. It is actually pretty hilarious. He kicks the steps, and needs help to the back.

Winner: Kevin Steen at 13:11 ***

Semi-final: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mike Quackenbush
The crowd is more behind Quack now compared to earlier. He grabs a cookie from a fan and throws it at Claudio. They start with a lockup, but break up quickly. They lock up again, and Claudio locks in a side headlock. We have some nice reversals in the few minutes into this one. Quack is just fantastic. Claudio gets Irish Whipped into the corner and does a backflip, followed by an uppercut on Quack. Quack leaps up and hits a few really nicely chained armdrags. Quack goes off the apron. Claudio sweeps his feet out though, and Quack lands hard on the apron. Tope out of the ring by Claudio. We go back into the ring. Claudio goes for a cover and gets 2. Uppercuts by Claudio. Elbow by Claudio for 2. Claudio locks in another variation of a side headlock, but then locks Quack in a Delayed vertical suplex for a 2 count. Claudio bridges a necklock on Quack. Quack reverses, but Claudio stomps at Quack. Claudio picks up Quack and throws him into the ropes and locks in a bearhug. Crowd gets behind Quack, and Quack leans back, and does two slaps to the sides of Claudio’s head. Sunset Flip for 2. He goes “around the world”(think Eugene leg move) before going for another 2 count. Quack locks in a Texas Cloverleaf, but Claudio gets to the ropes. Claudio hits Quack with an eye poke. Claudio hits a kick to the stomach and a forearm. Scoop slam, followed by a leg drop. Claudio goes outside for a chair. He locks the chair down on Quack’s throat, so the lower bar goes into Quack’s throat and sits on the chair. Elbow drop off the chair. 2 count. Claudio sits in the chair. Quick kick to the back of the head by Quack. Quick elbows by Double C. 2 Count. Uppercut by Claudio. Claudio grabs the chair again, and places it on Quack. Claudio goes to the top. Quack throws the chair at Claudio, breaking his balance. Quack goes up, and hits an uppercut on Claudio, followed by a top rope Superplex. Both men are down. Big lariat by Quack, then a dropkick. Quack palm strikes Claudio over the top. Claudio is down on the ground. Quack runs to the ropes and fakes a dive, and slaps Claudio in the back. Quack runs off the apron and arm drags Claudio, sending Claudio over the guardrail. Quack did not get the full grip. Quack is now in the crowd. Quack sends Claudio into the guardrail. Quack runs up to Claudio, and Claudio tosses Quack back, and Quack lands PERFECTLY on the ring apron. That was amazing. Quack then hits a SPRINGBOARD SWINGING DDT IN THE CROWD ONTO THE FLOOR!!! That was sick. Both men are down. Quack rolls back into the ring. Claudio is crawling back to the ring. Quack hits a rollup on Claudio and gets 2.Quack goes for a swinging DDT, but gets placed up top. Double C goes for roll through uppercut. Quack nearly hits a headscissor takedown. Claudio goes for a powerbomb, but Quack backflips out of it. Big uppercut by Claudio. Claudio hits what Eric calls “The Arm & Hammer” which was a torture rack into an Ace Crusher, as seen earlier in the Frazier match. 2 count. Quack gets set down. Claudio hits a flying elbow from across the ring on Quack for 2. Claudio Irish Whips Quack, and Quack dodges Double C, and Quack flips out of the ring but hangs onto the top rope and gets on the apron. Claudio goes to hit him with a shoulder tackle, but Quack kicks him in the face through the middle rope. Swinging DDT from the apron by Quack for 2. Quack hits an inverted DDT for a near-fall. Quack goes for what looks like another one, but Claudio counters into the Riccoli Bomb for a near 3 count. That was close. Claudio thinks that that was it. Quack is near the turnbuckle on the apron. Claudio comes over and gets a headbutt. Quack springboards over and hits an arm drag, but maneuvers it into a Skayde School Boy for a 3 Count. REALLY close to being as good as Generico/Dragon but falls just short in my opinion. That move earlier though gets ***** from me. Insanity, and really good stuff. Fantastic.

Winner: Mike Quackenbush at 14:14 ***3/4

Semi-Final: Ebessan vs. B-Boy
Battle of the Shining Wizards is in this match. “Fuck him up B-Boy, fuck him up” chants early on. Ebessan does a Flair strut. We lock up, and Ebessan goes behind. B-Boy counters, and Ebessan rolls out of it, but B-Boy locks Ebessan in an armbar. Ebessan gets to the ropes. We lock up again, with Ebessan working on B-Boy’s arm. Nice reversal, and we have a few arm drags, with some nice cruiserweight like moves. Test of strength, and B-Boy goes behind and locks in a side headlock. Shoulder tackle by B-Boy. B-Boy runs the ropes. Ebessan leapfrogs, goes to the mat, then dropkicks B-Boy, and B-Boy rolls to the floor. B-Boy is hesitant to get back in, since Ebessan pulled the middle rope on Webb earlier. Ebessan holds the ropes for B-Boy, and when B-Boy gets in, he kicks the rope, hurting poor Ebessan. Headlock on the ground by B-Boy. There is a stiff kick by B-Boy with a quick cover for a 2 count. Chops in the corner by B-Boy. B-Boy does a strut of his own, punches Ebessan, and Ebessan “Flair flops” for a 2 count. Ebessan is woozy when he gets back up from punches, and Ebessan falls over. B-Boy locks in a Half Camel Clutch. B-Boy bites at Ebessan’s ear. Irish whip reversal into the corner by Ebessan into the corner, but meets a boot to the face, but Ebessan hits a superkick on B-Boy. Ebessan than hits a sitout Death Valley Driver as seen earlier. Ebessan goes up top and is looking for a moonsault, but misses. B-Boy picks him up and hits a Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Missed enzugiri by Ebessan, and B-Boy locks in an STF. Ebessan gets to the ropes, and B-Boy breaks it. B-Boy signals the end, but Ebessan counters into a back hold, and dropkicks B-Boy’s knee out. Ebessan goes for the shining wizard but blocks it. B-Boy goes for a lariat but is blocked Ebessan than hits another dropkick, followed by a Shining Wizard. B-Boy gets up immediately and hits a Palm Strike for a 2 count. B-Boy has Ebessan hooked in a vertical suplex position but is countered. Ebessan goes for one but is countered himself. Ebessan goes for a backslide, but B-Boy runs through and hits a Shining Wizard for the 1-2-3 and the win. Not a bad match, but not really fantastic either. It is about on par with Generico/Excalibur from earlier, but a slight bit worse. “Please come back” chants for Ebessan afterwards.

Winner: B-Boy at 8:10 **1/2

CZW Tag Team Title Match: The H8 Club(Nick Gage & Justice Pain)© vs. DJ Hyde & Toby Klein
The main story behind this is that The H8 Club took out DJ Hyde’s partner, Jon Dahmer, and DJ is out for revenge. Let me just say that before this match really starts, I am not looking forward to this. I enjoy Gage and Pain. I also like Klein when he is teaming with Necro Butcher. DJ Hyde however….eh. I am not going there. The H8 Club is accompanied by Dewy Donovan. Klein goes out near the crowd, and calls Gage over there but nothing happens. Gage goes out and grabs a chair, but nothing comes of it. Klein double-chops Gage and throws him out. Both go out and come back into the ring. Brawling by the 2 of them. Pain hops in and takes out Klein’s knee. Gage grabs a chair and nails Klein in the head. He follows up with an even stiffer shot. Pain and Hyde are brawling in the ring. Klein backdrops Gage over the guardrail, and Pain and Hyde are now on the outside. Pain is sent into the guardrail by Hyde, followed by being sent over the guardrail. Hyde throws Pain onto a few chairs, and Pain actually landed in one of them and he slides about 15 feet and falls. We see Pain go sliding again. Gage hits Klein with a chair and drags him over to a few more. Gage throws a chair at Klein. Pain is now attacking Hyde with a chair. Gage hits Klein with a thumbtack. Pain drags Hyde and throws him into a chair/garbage can/wall. Gage and Klein are now back in the ring, and are brawling. Klein is sent to the ring apron. Klein does a doubles-springboard back Elbow that was actually impressive considering the person doing it. He covers Gage for a 2 count. Pain is now brining Hyde back towards the ring, and throws Hyde over the guardrail. Pain is back on the ring apron, while Hyde is down on the floor. Brain chops by Klein on Gage. Klein tags in Hyde. Hyde chops Gage in the corner, and Irish Whips him into the next. Hyde hits a running splash in the corner, followed by a jumping knee. Klein comes in and brawls, before making a quick tag to Hyde. Eye poke by Gage, followed by a few gut punches. Gage then throws Hyde onto the floor, and tags in Pain. Pain picks up Hyde, and gives a few chops, and goes for a running shoulder tackle, but Hyde counters with his own. Hyde tags in Klein and they double team him with elbows. Klein hits a standing headbutt for a 2 count. Big scoop slam, followed by a leg drop for 2. Klein tags in Hyde. Pain gets thrown into the corner, but runs out and then tackles Hyde into the corner. Pain hits a big Northern Lights Suplex on Hyde. Hyde grabs Pain, but Pain counters and hits another big Northern Lights. Both men are down, and the ref goes for the 10 count. Pain is up first, and tags in Gage. Drop toehold by Pain, and he holds Hyde’s leg so Gage comes off with a headbutt from the top. Gage tags in Pain again, and holds Hyde for a stiff kick from Pain, followed by another for a 2 count. Pain tags in Gage, and a kick to the gut on Hyde. Some slaps from Gage on Hyde. Hyde grabs Gage, and hits a nice twisting backdrop into a backbreaker on the knee, and both men are down. Pain and Klein are tagged in and Klein hits a sloppy spinebuster. Klein goes to the ropes, and dropkicks Pain in the face, Big chops from Klein on Pain. Klein throws him to the ropes, and clotheslines Pain over the ropes. Gage and Hyde are fighting in the ring. Gage goes for a suplex, but Hyde blocks it. Gage goes for a lariat, but Hyde counters into what could be called a variation of a Psycho Driver, as Hyde picks him up from his lower area, and drops Gage down on his upper back, instead of his head. He covers for a 2 count, but Pain breaks it up. That makes a bunch of sense, the two illegal men, having a near fall. Pain throws Hyde to the outside. Klein is back in the ring. Dewy comes in and lays out Toby with a chairshot to the back. It has no effect though, and Toby grabs Dewy, but Pain runs up and pulls back on Toby, sending the back of his head into the chair which setup when he threw it away from Dewy. Dewy pulls out handcuffs, and they handcuff Toby to the ropes. Pain kills Toby with a stiff chairshot to the head. Pain kicks Hyde, and goes out to the ring, and looks to put Hyde on a table. Hyde fights back though, and is setting up the table. Pain lands on the table. Pain grabs him and holds Hyde and punches at Hyde. Gage goes up top and hits a missed leg drop off the turnbuckle onto DJ Hyde’s back. Pain and Hyde are down. Gage covers Hyde and gets the 1-2-3. Gage and Pain taunt Klein after the match. Klein is still handcuffed and he grabs a chair, and rolls to the outside. Gage and Pain lay out Dewy with a chairshot to the back because he could not get a bottle of lighter fluid open. They hint a chairshot to the head, but do not deliver. So we have the illegal opponents getting the win. This was basically meant for mindless fun, but it was pretty sloppy at points. The crowd which has been especially quiet tonight being completely dead for this did not help it. Even if you enjoy these types of matches, I doubt this will get a bunch of great views from most people.

Winners: The H8 Club at 15:13 *1/2

This marks the end of Disc 2.

The following 2 matches are on the 3rd Disc.

BLKOUT(Eddie Kingston & Ruckus) vs. Sexxxy Eddy & A Mystery Partner
Ruckus and Kingston are accompanied by Robby Mireno. The story behind this is that Sexxxy Eddy feels that he has earned a title shot, so Ruckus gave him this match, and said that if Eddy pins him, then maybe Eddy will get a title shot for the CZW Heavyweight Title. This is also a match to help determine Kingston’s status with BLKOUT. Eddy is really over with the ladies it seems. He pretty much has a male stripper gimmick. His main promotion outside of CZW is IWS in Canada. If you are not familiar with him, you have probably seen a clip of someone spurting blood from his forearm at a CZW show. This would be him, and that blood was from a cut artery at CZW’s Tournament of Death III. Wow another plug. I am doing good tonight. Eddy’s partner is “Spyder” Nate Webb. These two teamed up at Cage of Death 6 as part of Team Ca$h vs. BLKOUT. They did not team though when Team Ca$h were Tag Team Champions. Ruckus gets on the mic and gets immediate “Shut the fuck up” chants.” Mireno says that the fans should respect Ruckus because he put Best of the Best on the map. This is also the first time that Ruckus has not competed in Best of the Best.

Onto the match, the bell rings, and we start off with Ruckus and Eddy in the ring. Ruckus gets in a cheap punch on Webb. Kingston hops in and knocks Eddy down, and Ruckus stomps at Eddy. Kingston is tagged in, and brawls with Eddy in the corner. Kingston throws Eddy into the corner, but Eddy counters and hits a crossbody for 2. Kingston reverses an Irish Whip by Kingston, but Eddy hits a flying forearm. Webb is tagged in, and Eddy and Webb double dropkick Kingston. Webb and Eddy are pretty over with the ladies. Webb hits a Nebraskan Tumbleweed in the corner on Kingston. Webb throws Kingston into the corner, and goes for another, but Kingston counters it, and powerbombs Webb into the corner. Kingston tags in Ruckus, and they double team Webb with a Razzle Dazzle by Ruckus, and a Yakuza Kick by Kingston. Ruckus does a standing Stardust Press on Webb for a 2 count. Ruckus chokes Webb. Ruckus knocks Eddy off the apron. Ruckus throws Webb into the ropes and hits a Japanese Armdrag. He tags in Kingston, and Kingston hits a punch to the ribs. Webb counters Kingston with a few forearms in the counter and goes for a tag, but Kingston hits a load of headbutts on Webb. Tag in to Ruckus, and Ruckus drops a knee on Webb’s head. Ruckus locks in a leglock. Webb attempts to counter it, but Ruckus stops him and locks him in an STF. Ruckus throws Webb into the ropes, but Ruckus counters into a flipping kick. Tag in to Kingston, and Kingston drives Webb chest first into the corner. Kingston hits a Superplex off the middle rope on Webb for a 2 count. Eric keeps putting over the problems with BLKOUT. Kingston hits a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. Kingston tags in Ruckus, and they both punch at Webb. Webb tries to fight back, and Ruckus counters with a modified Gory Special Bomb. Ruckus goes up top, and hits a Moonsault Leg Drop. Eddy goes in to break it up, but the ref sends him back to the corner. Ruckus tags in Kingston, and hits a discus clothesline on Webb for a 2 count. Kingston locks him in a ground headlock. The crowd gets behind Webb. Webb goes to run to the ropes, but Kingston pulls down Webb by his hair. Ruckus is tagged in. He doublestomps Webb’s back. Webb hits an Arachna Kick when Ruckus goes for a handspring off the ropes. Both men are down. Webb is trying to get to Eddy. Kingston and Eddy are both in. Eddy clotheslines Kingston and Ruckus down repeatedly. Eddy goes to work on Ruckus, but Kingston attacks Eddy from behind, and Ruckus and Kingston double team Eddy in the corner. The ref is trying to get Ruckus out of the ring, but it does not work. They go to pick Eddy up, but he flips out of it, and clotheslines both of them down. Webb clotheslines Kingston over the top, leaving Ruckus and Eddy in the ring. Ruckus knocks down Eddy. Ruckus goes off the ropes and does a fake handspring over the ropes and flips off the fans. Eddy dropkicks him out of the ring. Eddy hits an Asai Moonsault onto all 3 of them. Everyone is down.

Webb and Kingston go back into the ring. Eddy punches Ruckus on the floor. Webb and Kingston block in the ring. Webb knocks Eddie down. Eddy hits Ruckus with a chair. Webb hits a 2 count on Kingston. I guess in the sense of these past two tag team matches, that when both legal partners are out on the floor, the other 2 become legal I guess. Ruckus suplexes Eddy on the floor. Kingston hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Webb for a 2 count. Eddy goes up top and splashes on Kingston when Kingston went for another cover. Kingston and Webb are now on the floor, and Eddy and Ruckus are now in the ring. Ruckus goes for a Razzle Dazzle but misses. Eddy hits a clothesline in the corner, and is putting the boots to Eddy. Eddy hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Eddy is going up top, but Ruckus dropkicked Eddy. Ruckus hits a TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE. That was nice. Eddy is down on the floor. Ruckus scoop slams Eddy on the entrance ramp. Ruckus walks up the ramp, and hits a double handspring into a standing moonsault on Eddy. Webb goes to choke Kingston with a garbage bag, but Kingston quickly gets out of it and throws Webb into the guardrail. Eddy and Ruckus are back in the ring. Ruckus goes up top. Webb is set up on the same pole. Kingston goes to hit Webb, but Webb moves so Kingston goes into the pole, which messes up Ruckus’s balance, and Ruckus goes down onto the ring mat. Eddy hits a Sexxxyplex(Wheelbarrow Suplex) sending Ruckus across the ring. Eddy runs up to the turnbuckle and hits a Total Sexstasy(Reverse Shooting Star Press.) Kingston breaks it up and hits a release German Suplex on Eddy. However Eddy LANDS on Ruckus, and gets the win for 1-2-3. Ruckus and Kingston brawl a little bit afterwards, but Sabian and Mireno break them up. However, Sabian, Ruckus, and Mireno all jump Kingston afterwards. This was a much better tag team match compared to the previous one. Very creative finish too. Not bad with the action, and good advancement in their angles. There was still room for improvement though.

Winners: Sexxxy Eddy & “Spyder” Nate Webb at 18:31 **3/4

Finals: B-Boy vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen vs. Super Dragon vs. Mike Quackenbush
The way this works is a 4-way Elimination Match. All 4 of them do not have much history, besides the likes of Super Dragon and Kevin Steen. Those two were feuding in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla at the time. All 4 men are over with the crowd, and all are getting chants. Really cool stuff. Quack and Super Dragon start it off. Dragon takes Quack down and works on his angle. Quack counters and goes to work on the arm. Then he locks him with a modified Indian Deathlock. Quack counters into an armlock. Dragon gets the rope break. Dragon locks Quack in a side headlock. Dragon takes Quack down. Quack uses his legs to lock in a headscissors on Quack, but Dragon counters, and applies pressure on Quack’s legs. Quack gets out of it and springs up, and the crowd applauds. Dragon takes Quack down and locks in another headlock. Quack reverses and locks in an armbar. B-Boy takes in on Dragon, and comes into the ring. B-Boy and Quack lock up, and B-Boy takes Quack down, but Quack reverses and locks in a Rings of Saturn. B-Boy gets the ropes, and Quack breaks up. B-Boy locks in a full nelson. Quack attempts to reverse, but B-Boy blocks it and locks in a hammerlock. Quack sweeps out B-Boy’s legs, but B-Boy locks in a headlock, and then changes it into a Fujiwara Armbar. Quack tags in Steen. The two lock up, and B-Boy counters a hammerlock into one of his own. We go from a few hammerlocks into a few headlocks, and Steen locks in an armbar on the ground. B-Boy kicks Steen’s head to break it up. The two start brawling. Steen attempts to knock Dragon off the apron, but Dragon jumps off. Steen tags in Quack. B-Boy tags in Dragon. Quack takes down Dragon and locks in a leglock. Dragon flips him over for a quick cover, but Quack breaks it up and locks the leglock in again. Dragon maneuvers it into a Camel Clutch. He picks Quack up and hits a Double Underhook takedown into a Butterfly Submission hold. Quack reverses it into a Full Nelson. Dragon takes down Quack with an armdrag and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar, but Quack gets the ropes. Dragon tags in B-Boy, who hesitantly gets in. B-Boy asks Quack to tag Steen in which he does. Eric points out that this is a “more methodical pace than the Best of the Best finals that we are used to seeing.” Steen locks in a headlock, snapmares, and locks in a chinlock. B0Boy gets up, and counters into a side headlock of his own. B-Boy spat at Super Dragon, causing Dragon to come in and lock a headlock on B-Boy. Quack comes in and locks a headlock on Dragon. The 3 of them send Quack to the ropes, and Quack rolls through and hits an Enzugiri on Steen, sending all 3 to the floor. Quack does a springboard swanton to the floor. Quack hit his head hard on the floor. He rolls back into the ring, and is holding his head. Steen comes in and kicks Quack in the back of the head for a 2 count. Steen locks in a reverse chinlock on Quack. He switches it into a headlock, then into a pinfall for a 2 count. Steen locks in a headlock. Quack attempts to counter. Steen drags Quack over and tags in B-Boy. B-Boy snapmares Quack, and locks him in an Orange County Stretch. Quack reverses into a crossface. Justice Pain comes on for commentary and thanks John House as this is his last CZW show to commentate as mentioned earlier. B-Boy tags in Dragon, who kicks Quack, then snapmares him, and locks in a headscissor on Quack’s head. Dragon breaks it up, and suplexes Quack into a pinfall for 2. Dragon chops Quack and has an Irish Whip reversal into the corner by Quack. Quack runs up and splashes Dragon in the corner. Dragon grabs Quack and hits an inverted DDT style backbreaker, and Dragon does a jumping knee attack into Quack’s back for 2. Quack does a cocky cover for 2 as well. Dragon puts Quack in a headlock and takes him into Steen’s corner who gets the tag in on Dragon. Steen elbows Quack a few times.

Quack goes to the ropes but takes a drop toehold and a somersault leg drop for 2. Steen locks Quack in a camel clutch. He does an elbow drop on the upper back of Quack for 2. He takes Quack into B-Boy’s corner, and B-Boy tags in on Steen. Russian leg sweep, into a cover by B-Boy, but stops it and locks in the Orange County Stretch again. Quack maneuvers to make it a pinfall, but B-Boy moves out of it. Quack uses his strength to pick up B-Boy, then slams him down onto the ring. Irish whip reversal and it sends Quack to the corner. Quack counters with a boot, and a headscissor takedown, but B-Boy counters that and pulls back Quack on his shoulder and has a crossface locked on Quack’s face. Super Dragon tags in and locks in a Surfboard-Dragon Sleeper. Dragon breaks it and claps for himself. He does another cocky cover for 2. He slaps Quack. Quack gives a kick, but Dragon stomps Quack. Dragon locks up for the curbstomp, but Quack rolls through and gets out of it. Quack locks in a reverse curb stomp. Quack finally tags in B-Boy. We are at the 17:00 mark I will add. B-Boy takes Dragon down with punches. He spits in Steen’s face. B-Boy hits a release German Suplex on Dragon, sending him to Steen’s corner. Steen tags in, and goes for a superkick, but B-Boy counters and hits a Backdrop Driver on Steen. B-Boy goes for the Shining Wizard. Steen hits a Yakuza Kick and Superkick on Steen. Dragon runs up and hits Steen with a lariat. Quack blocks a few punches from Dragon, and hits a modified reverse front slam and rolls through for a pinfall but gets 2. Quack goes up top. The crowd that has been quiet for the entire match really is getting hot now. Dragon forearms Quack, and hits a Butterfly Suplex off the top for a 2 count. Dragon goes up top, but B-Boy takes him down off the ropes. B-Boy hits an Exploder into the corner. Steen picks up B-Boy and hits a Fisherman’s Buster. Steen runs over to Dragon and hits TWO CONSECUTIVE PACKAGE PILEDRIVERS, and covers Dragon for a 3 count.

Super Dragon is eliminated at 19:15

Steen is in the corner. He kicks Dragon out of the ring. Steen punches and chops at B-Boy. He throws B-Boy to the corner, but B-Boy counters with a boot and a couple punches. He goes to the top turnbuckle, and hits a Swinging DDT and rolls through and hits a Cross-armed Piledriver and covers Steen for the 1-2-3.

Kevin Steen is eliminated at 20:09

This leaves B-Boy and Quack. The crowd is really hot at this point. The crowd is split between the two really. Quack picks up B-Boy and goes for a Quackendriver II, but B-Boy counters, and both go to the ropes and collide with duel clotheslines. Both men are down. “Let’s go B-Boy” “Let’s go Quack” split chants. Quack grabs B-Boy and hits a sitout powerbomb for a 2 count. Quack gets reversed into the ropes. B-Boy goes for a Gunn Stinger, but Quack counters into a Crucifix for a 2 count, but B-Boy picks up Quack and hits a Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Both men are down again. Crowd is still split. Both men exchange forearms. B-Boy does a double arm slap on Quack’s head, hurting Quack’s ears. B-Boy delivers some hard rights to Quack. Quack is attempting to counter. B-Boy hits a Shining Wizard, and then hits another shortly after! He hits a Facelift in the corner. He drags Quack out, but Quack kicks out, and the crowd pops. Quack chants are going now. B-Boy gets u. We have more forearm battles, then B-Boy headbutts Quack repeatedly, and both men go down. B-Boy gets the arm for a 1 count, and Quack bridges out of it. B-Boy goes to pick up Quack, and forearms him. He goes for a clothesline, but Quack counters into a QUACKENDRIVER II!!! 1-2-3! QUACKENBUSH WINS!

B-Boy is elimin

The 411: Final thoughts: The tape runs at 4 hours and 40 minutes, making it one of the longest tapes I have witnessed for a show. The MOTN is the main event, followed by Super Dragon/El Generico, and Mike Quackenbush/Claudio Castagnoli. None of the tournament matches were bad. Everything in the tournament ranged from decent – great. The things that brought down this show were the two non-tournament matches. The first one was pretty sloppy, and the 2nd one was alright. Another thing that harmed the show, but it was not their fault, was the crowd was pretty quiet until the finals where they really got hot. If the crowd was improved, and the two non-tournament matches improved as well, I would call this one of the best tournaments of the decade honestly. I have heard that Best of the Best IV was better, but I still love this one. If you want to see the other side of CZW away from the hardcore material, this is a great show to go with.

Strong thumps up for recommendation. You can pick this DVD up for $20 or the VHS for $15 at www.smartmarkvideo.com which is the source of all of your CZW DVD and VHS material.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.8   [ Very Good ]  legend

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