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The Young Bucks On AEW’s Fifth Anniversary, How They’re Feeling After Double or Nothing

May 27, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Double Or Nothing Young Bucks Image Credit: AEW

The Young Bucks talked about AEW celebrating its five-year anniversary at AEW Double or Nothing. The two spoke in the post-show media scrum about their Anarchy in the Arena match, returning to Las Vegas for Double or Nothing and more.

“Coming off a big W for us, Team Elite, so it feels good,” Matt Jackson said. “I’ve got good match syndrome, I feel good about it. I feel good about five years. It’s crazy walking these halls. You weren’t here Renne, in the beginning. But we were; I don’t know if anyone else in the room was either, but we certainly were. But five years ago, we started this company called AEW. We designed the logo, we created the entire thing.”

Nick added, “We named the show.”

Matt then continued, “In a group chat with Tony Khan, it was our idea. And it’s just cool to come back here and just feel that presence, feel that nostalgia, you know? And see a lot of familiar faces, people that aren’t around all the time. I just — what we accomplished here in AEW, I said this in an interview recently, it’s unprecedented. I feel that there’s a lot of ungrateful folks, some people in this room. A lot of people in the locker room, a lot of people out there tonight [in the arena[. What we’ve done in five years, no other company — no other wrestling company, certainly, has ever done. And I think that sometimes you’ve gotta stop and smell the roses, and go ‘Look at what we’ve done! Look at the PPVs we’ve had. Look at the in-ring matches that we’ve had.’ This is unbelievable!”

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