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TJP Rumored to Receive WWE Release Over Attitude and New Tattoos

February 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Bodyslam.net has a report with some additional details on the earlier release of TJP from WWE. According to the report, TJP had a difficult attitude backstage. Also, his getting new tattoos without notifying WWE officials was another factor that led to his release.

According to sources within WWE who spoke to Bodyslam, TJP had reportedly been campaigning for more air time in WWE. It even happened as recently as last week. The report goes on to say that TJP had historically been difficult to work with backstage in WWE. This includes being difficult to work with in terms of other wrestlers and people in management positions above him in WWE.

Additionally, the former Cruiserweight champion is said to have received heat from WWE higher-ups for getting new tattoos without informing anyone. The new tattoos can cause issues in terms of marketing for action figures and video game rendering.

Bodyslam’s report also states that the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic winner was “blindsided” by the news of his release. This would seem to connect to the earlier report (see above link) that he did not request his release.

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