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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Sacrifice 2006

May 13, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Sacrifice 2006  

PPV Pre-Show

They are doing the pre-taped PPV pre-show again. Borash, West and Tenay all run down the card as they show some good video packages for the matches. I think that this might be a good idea for now, because at times they have 2 pre-matches, and 8-9 PPV matches and it does burn out the crowd. Also, some times the pre-show matches can be really good, and get the crowd to going early so that they are burnt out at the end.

The video package that they showed for JJ and Steiner vs. Sting and Joe was just awesome. It put Joe over HUGE and even closed with, “And one thing is for certain…Joe’s gonna kill you.”

Next was another well-done package for Abyss vs. Cage, they used a lot of stills and short clips of the last match with the tack bumps and blood. Very powerful.

The tag title match package was also really good as it showcased AMW’s dominance and AJ and Daniels previous battles and successes.

The video package for 3D vs. The James Gang was actually really good, as they took the promo from Thursday and made a video package that looked like the match had several weeks of build to it.

They replay the Kevin Nash interview to hype his appearance.

They re-hype the main matches again (AMW vs. AJ and Daniels, Sting and Joe vs. JJ and Steiner and Cage vs. Abyss) as we have about 5-minutes till the PPV.

They also show a much longer Abyss vs. Cage video, like the other with a horror movie feel and music to it. Very well done. I love the video packages that TNA and WWE do, they rarely ever (either company) have a bad one.

TNA Sacrifice…Begins…NOW!

Good PPV opening video done by cool voice over guy. Not as creative as some of the others, more of a basic type but it was solid.

Tenay and West welcome us to Sacrifice!

X-Cup Standings:
Team USA – 5-Points
Team Mexico – 2-Points
Team Japan – 0-Points
Team Canada – 0-Points

World X Cup 2nd Round Match: Jushin “Thunder” Liger w/Team Japan vs. Petey Williams

We get BLACK LIGER and STREAMERS~! No Coach D’Amore, nice.

Here we go. Lock up and some reversals to begin. Wristlock by Liger, escape by Williams into a hammerlock. Liger with a head scissors and escapes. They stand off and Liger calls Williams on. Lock up again, headlock by Liger, takes Williams down and drops an elbow. Liger pulls the ropes down and Williams to the floor. Liger up top…CROSS BODY to the floor onto Williams. Williams rams him into the railing and back in the ring we go. Team Japan attacks Petey! Liger distracts the ref, and Williams gets rolled back in. Snap mare by Liger, running senton on Williams gets 2. Romero Special by Liger, bow and arrow basically and then into a chinlock as well. Liger in control, then locks in a dragon sleeper. He lets him go, stalks him and picks him up. Slam on Williams, Liger up top…FROG SPLASH but Williams gets the knees up. Williams gets to his feet and misses a clothesline, but then gets a leg lariat on Liger. He mocks Liger with Karate Kid poses and then delivers forearms. Irish whip, Williams misses a splash and gets an Enziguri. SICK DDT on Liger gets 2 for Williams. Williams picks up Liger, but Liger back with chops. Irish whip and a forearm by Williams. Tilt a whirl Russian Leg Sweep by Williams. He calls for the Destroyer…boot…Liger counters…PALM THRUST! LIGER BOMB ON WILLIAMS! PPV FROZE, NO! Damn it!

One minute without picture. JT says his is frozen as well.

Winner: Jushin Liger via pin @ 8-something I think. **¾ for what I saw. It was going well.

Back and Liger won. This sucks!

X-Cup Standings:
Team USA – 5-Points
Team Japan – 3-Points
Team Mexico – 2-Points
Team Canada – 0-Points

JB is with AMW, crying Jackie and Gail. Harris tells her to shut up. Harris says he is tired of them getting a shot when they don’t deserve it. AMW will prove why they are better and have been the best for 4-years. Storm says to tell AJ what it’s like to be in the ring with the best and lose, because Daniels has done that. Storm says to call AJ’s wife and tell her that he won’t be coming back. JV talks to Jackie, and she cries and she drops the bombshell that she is pregnant. Gail says they all hate her, and she’s FIRED!

NWA World Tag Team Title Match: America’s Most Wanted © vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels (Jackie and Gail are BARRED from ringside)

Daniels and AJ attack before the bell. Daniels and Storm go to the floor as AJ gets a sweet dropkick on Harris in the ring. Daniels tags in and they gets a double side slam on Harris and then AJ with the knee for 2. Daniels with an arm bar on Harris now. Off the ropes and a leg lariat by Daniels gets 2 on Harris. Daniels slams Storm on Harris, AJ in and a side suplex/forearm combo on Storm. AJ counters the full nelson slam, and then gets the reverse Indian Deathlock and bridge. Storm breaks it up and Daniels tags in and gets the STO on Harris. Tag to AJ and right into an arm bar. They quickly tag in and out, and then take out Storm. Corner clothesline by AJ and a knee by Daniels gets 2 on Harris. Eye poke by Harris and AMW double-teams Daniels. Clothesline by Storm and a cover for 2. Side Russian leg sweep by Storm gets 2. Stalling suplex by Harris…and down. He celebrates and tags Storm. They double team Daniels some more and then rake at his face. Harris chokes him as the ref is distracted. Catapult to Daniels with his neck under the ropes by Storm. Daniels tries to battle back, nails Harris but Storm rams him back to the corner. Harris tags back in and gets a snap mare and rear chinlock. Daniels battles out, but eats an elbow and a cover for 2 by Harris. Tag back to Storm and he gets a 2nd rope elbow on Daniels. Rights to Daniels and he is down, cover and 2 again. Tag to Harris, Irish whip and Harris misses and Daniels lays out Storm. TAG to AJ! He takes them both out with clotheslines! Spin kick and a tilt a whirl head scissors gets 2 on Harris. Daniels and Storm up top…AJ over and they battle…Harris over…TOWER OF DOOM but Daniels stays up top. CROSS BODY to Harris gets 2! Daniels and Harris to the floor and they brawl into the crowd. AJ is in the ring, Storm to the floor…SPRING BOARD INTO THE CROWD ONTO HARRIS! Daniels and Storm battle and so do AJ and Harris. Daniels and Storm back in the ring, stunner off the ropes by Storm. Daniels to the floor and AMW tosses AJ back in. Hart attack try… Daniels cuts off Harris…PELE INTO THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! 1…2…NO! AJ flies to the floor but misses Harris. BEST MOONSAULT EVER misses…SPEAR by Harris gets 2! Tag to Storm and off the ropes…boot by Daniels, tag to AJ! SPRING BOARD DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO AMW! Storm has AJ, counters and AJ goes up top with him…Harris over and grabs AJ. DOOMSDAY 8-SECOND RIDE! 1…2…NO Daniels saves! AMW rammed together and Urnage by Daniels onto Storm. AJ up top…BEST MOONSAULT EVER! FROG SPALSH BY AJ! 1…2…NO! Jawbreaker by Storm on AJ. Irish whip and Storm rolls AJ up, Daniels tosses his feet off the ropes. AJ tries for the clash…LOW BLOW ON AJ! Superkick by Storm, but Daniels makes another save! ANGELS WINGS BY DANIELS! 1…2…HARRIS SAVES! Boot by Daniels on Harris, but he gets tosses and the ref gets bumped. Storm and AJ are in the ring and a billy club flies in the ring. Gail tossed it from the rafters! Daniels gets a split legged moonsault onto Harris on the floor. CLASH on Storm! Harris in, NAILS AJ with the club. Ref back in and counts 3.

Winners: AMW @ 15:40 via pin **** Tremendous match, crappy end but that was expected.

JB is with A1 and Larry Z. Larry says that all his problems started with Raven. He had TNA running smooth, and now Raven will pay. A1 will be the better man and will take Raven out. A1 says he has it covered, Barry. HAHA! Ref Slick Johnson is here and he says at Slammiversary they will announce the new man. He asks Larry who hired him? Larry says he was appointed and he talks to the legal department. Slick knows who it is, and he will tell him. He teases Piper and Russo, Larry hates them. Slick is kidding, and says its Warrior, hahaha. Slick makes fun of his hair and says he will find it all out next month.

Raven vs. A1 w/Larry Z

Larry has a chair and brings it into the ring and sits down. Raven enters through the crowd. Larry yells at Raven, A1 has the chair and throws it and nails Raven! Larry boots at Raven!

Match begins as Raven gets rammed to the corner. Larry joins commentary and complains about Raven. A1 with boots to Raven and they go to the floor. Raven is rammed to the steel post and then boots away at Raven. Raven then rammed to the steel railing and A1 breaks the count. More punishment on Raven and finally back into the ring. Boots by A1 and then shoulder blocks to Raven in the corner. A1 continues the assault and charges with a corner clothesline. Rights by A1, but Raven battles back and then eats another clothesline. A1 tries to remove a turnbuckle, nails Raven and then rips one off. Jabs by Raven, but another corner clothesline by A1 in that exposed corner gets 2. More boots by A1, who is destroying Raven. Raven finally gets a double ax smash, clothesline by Raven. High knee to A1 and Raven is gaining control. Kicks by Raven…LUNG BLOWER by Raven! Larry distracts the ref and a LOW BLOW by A1. Larry holds Raven, but Raven moves and A1 nails Larry. SICK DDT BY RAVEN and that’s all.

Winner: Raven @ 5:30 via pin *

Larry goes into the ring and says he can’t stand Raven. He wants to settle this right now. Raven in and Larry knees him relentlessly as Security is in to break it up. They do the pull apart to set up the match I presume.

JB is with JJ and Steiner. JB says JJ and Sting have had a game of can you top this. JJ says you think I got one-upped? For weeks Sting played Howie Mendel and thinks he got me. Well, he could have made me pick a partner form the outside, but it wasn’t. He knows those guys couldn’t hack it and he had to go within TNA. Sting got desperate and got Joe. Well Sting, you are desperate and you picked someone you don’t know and can’t trust. Mark my words…you and Joe will never co-exist. Steiner says when people make mistakes, and I hurt them. Joe, you made a mistake thinking you can go outside the X-Division and you are afraid to go one on one with me. Tonight, I end your streak.

We get a video package for Rhino vs. Roode.

Roode has a SWANK ring jacket/robe on. He looks a bit between Flair and Rick Rude.

Bobby Roode w/Coach D’Amore vs. Rhino

Lock up and they shove off. Again and to a corner and they battle along the ropes and Rhino finally breaks. Knees by Roode, and then a wristlock on Rhino. Off the ropes and Rhino with a shoulder block. Roode to the floor and talks with D’Amore. Back in the ring, Roode slaps Rhino and they brawl! Off the ropes and a high back drop by Rhino. Clothesline and now rights by Rhino. Rhino choke out Roode now and then tosses him to the floor. Rhino follows, but Roode with a knee to Rhino. He rams him off of the steel and then delivers rights to Rhino. Rhino battles back and gets a suplex to Roode on the apron. Roode tossed back in the ring and more rights to Roode. Elbows to Roode, Rhino on the middle rope, D’Amore jabs him with the hockey stick and Roode nails him causing him to fall to the floor. Roode distracts the ref and D’Amore with boots to Rhino. Back in the ring and Roode covers for 2. Roode with boots and then a choke on Rhino. He picks him up and gets a hangman’s neck breaker on Rhino for 2. Roode focuses on the neck as Tenay brings up his neck fusion surgery. Chops by Roode, snap mare and the Curt Hennig rolling neck flip for 2. Roode with boots to the face of Rhino, and into a neck vice now. Rhino tries to battle out, does but Roode with a back suplex stops that. Roode up top…knee drop onto Rhino gets 2. D’Amore is pissed as Roode covers for 2 again. Rhino with rights to Roode, but Roode stops that and gets a running kick on Rhino. Rear choke by Roode but Rhino fights to his feet, and Roode pulls his hair and takes him back down and covers for 2. Roode with slaps, but that pisses Rhino off and he fights back, only to get tossed to the corner hard. Roode back to the rear neck vice, and has him down on the mat. The ref checks the arm…drops once…drops twice…third time…no! Rhino tries to battle up to his feet and does. Elbows out and now rights to Roode. Flying lariat by Rhino! Clotheslines to Roode. Off the ropes and a corner ram by Rhino. SPINEBUSTER by Rhino gets 2! Roode gets a stunner off the ropes, goes up top but Rhino stops him. Rhino up top…SUPERPLEX by Rhino! Cover 1…2…NO! Spinning Uranage by Roode out on nowhere gets 2. Roode grabs the hockey stick, the ref pulls it away…Rhino battles back but a boot by Roode. Roode calls for the lariat…misses and Rhino with a belly to belly! D’Amore nails Rhino with the stick, but Rhino no sells it and tries to attack D’Amore allowing Roode to get the NORTHERN LARIAT for the win!

Winner: Bobby Roode @ 12:16 via pin **

JB is with Team 3D. He hypes the match a Ray talks about not forgetting important events. Devon looks buff as hell. Ray talks about OJ being guilty, and Devon takes offense. On Feb 27th of 2000 Hartford Conn, holding the WWE tag titles after defeating the New Age Outlaws. Fast-forward to tonight, May 14th, 2006. Orlando and history will repeat itself. Team 3D defeats the James Gang. Devon says that we are looking at the greatest tag team in wrestling…TESTIFY!

Team 3D (Ray and Devon) vs. The James Gang (BG and Kip)

BG and Kip come out and he says he isn’t a mark and doesn’t know his win loss record like he does. It took them using a pipe to beat them and that won’t happen again. BG does his shtick.

Devon and Kip to start. Lock up and off the ropes and Kip takes Devon down. Arm drags by Devon and then a flying clothesline gets 2 for Devon. Swinging neck breaker by Kip, elbow drop and a cover for 2. Off the ropes and a sweet dropkick by Kip and they stand off. BG tags in and so does Ray. Get some gear Ray. Arm drags by Ray and they stare down. Lock up and am arm drag by BG. Lock up again and a side headlock by Ray. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Ray. Hip toss by BG and then a dropkick. They stare down, lock back up and a side headlock by BG. Off the ropes and another shoulder block by Ray and then a dropkick by Ray! Crowd is eating this up! BG and Ray lock it up again and a knee by Ray. Clubbing shots and Ray with the flip-flop and fly…but BG with the juke and jive and they stand off again! They nail each other and both go down. They pound the rock and BG nails him from behind and gets an elbow. Devon grabs BG and crotches him on the steel post. Kip in and the ref holds him back. Devon tagged in and he works over BG with rights. Devon with knee to the face of BG. Snap mare and a diving head butt for 2. Tag to Ray, neck breaker by Ray gets 2. Rear neck vice by Ray, breaks it and an Irish whip. BG battles back and takes out Ray and Devon. Tag to Kip and he is taking them both on. Elbows and a backdrop to Ray. Corner splash on Devon and then to Ray! Boot…fameasser stopped. Double team on Kip…BG in and they brawl! Corner mounted punches by James Gang, Kip is tossed to the floor…DEADLY DEVICE on BG! 1…2…NO! Kip back in, double flapjack! Reverse 3D on Kip gets 2. Kip tossed by Devon…back in and nails Ray. BG has a pipe…Kip tossed and BG nails Devon with it! 1…2…3!

Winners: James Gang @ 9:40 via pin **

JB is with Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell gave the belt back to be hung over the ring. Mitchell says Abyss left Cage hanging like a pig in a slaughterhouse. Cage, you have nothing to live for. Tonight, Abyss will take that title from you and do it to you in your specialty. The NWA title will be hung high, and the first man to get it will win. But you have to run the Full Metal Mayhem gauntlet to get it. When Abyss finally becomes the undisputed champion, I will give him the symbol…DOOMSDAY…and you will get your death wish. RAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!

They say they lost signal earlier and we see the closing to Liger vs. Petey. Team Japan were to smart and cost Petey the match. They lay the Japan flag over Williams.

X-Cup Standings:
Team USA – 5-Points
Team Japan – 3-Points
Team Mexico – 2-Points
Team Canada – 0-Points

Christy Hemme is here to present the trophy to the winner of the X Cup.

World X Cup Finals – GAUNTLET MATCH (All 4-Teams, 16-men: Petey Williams, Tyson Dux, Eric Young, Johnny Devine, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Black Tiger, Goto, Minoru, Jushin Liger, Shocker, Puma, Magno and Incognito) (Winner gets 5-Points, Runner-up gets 2–points)

Minoru and Puma start the match. Minoru offers a handshake and spits water in Puma’s face! Dropkick by Minoru after some great reversals. Puma almost tossed, but gets a springboard dropkick onto Minoru. Head scissors by Puma. Kicks by Minoru…fisherman’s suplex on Puma. He wants a pin, but the ref has to remind him that he has to toss him. #3 is Petey! They shove each other and then they double team Puma! Petey double crosses him and lays him put. Rights to Puma, and then a sick DDT to Puma. #4 is Chris Sabin. He charges in and chops away at Minoru. Then Puma. Spinkick to Minoru, then rams Puma to Minoru and Petey as well. Corner splash and Sabin with an Asai splash onto Petey and Puma. #5 is Goto. He attacks Sabin and Puma after him with rights. Minoru grabs Puma and chokes him out. Goto with a spinkick to Sabin. Team Japan celebrates a bit and then they continue to dominate. #6 is Incognito. He flies in with an arm drag. Dropkick to Petey and then a SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES ONTO PETEY! They all brawl a bit and Incognito and Petey go at it. #7 is Johnny Devine. Right after Incognito and gets a double stomp. Running knee by Devine. He and Petey celebrate as they all try to eliminate each other. Petey and Minoru pair off and #8 is Sonjay Dutt. He flies in with a body press and then gets a RANA and dropkick on Petey. REVERSE RANA to Devine! Incognito tries to dump Sabin.

#9 is Black Tiger. He misses a springboard but mails Dutt with a dropkick. Ankle lock on Petey by Tiger and that’s broken up. Tiger chokes Sabin now and #10 is Magno. Flying arm drag by Magno as he flies in. Super kick to Tiger. Dropkick then and a right to Devine. Incognito tries to dump Dutt, RANA by Magno. SPRING BOARD MOONSAULT TO BLACK TIGER TO THE FLOOR! #11 is Young. Huge pop for him. Rights to Sabin and then a headlock. Dutt and Incognito are eliminated and Dutt has BADLY hurt his ankle on the fall. #12 is Alex Shelley. He slams Eric and suplexes Petey onto him. Double flatliner by Alex on Petey and Eric. Devine eliminated Sabin and Alex tosses Devine! #13 is Liger! He and Petey go at it and then he attacks Eric. Magno attacks Liger, boot but Liger with a back breaker on Magno. Liger up top…Mago up with him…SUPERPLEX on Liger! #14 is Shocker as Magno was tossed! Shocker cleans house and goes after Liger. Alex and Shocker battle now. Powerbomb to Tiger. Shocker tosses Tiger and #15 is Tyson Dux. Nails Puma and then elbows him. Minoru and Shelley battle and Alex tosses Goto!

#16 is Jay Lethal. Clothesline to Minoru. Sweet leg lariat to Minoru. Lethal tosses Minoru to the apron and then gets an Enziguri to eliminate him! Minoru is gone. Shocker with stiff kicks to Alex. Alex back up and tosses Shocker! Dux and Eric battle Liger, DOUBLE PALM THRUSTS! Dux and Eric toss LIGER! Lethal tosses Eric! Alex and Lethal beat down Dux and eliminate him! Petey battled Alex, Alex charges and misses and falls to the floor! Lethal almost tossed…back in but Puma tosses him!

Puma and Petey left. BRAINBUSTER by Puma! Misses a senton…CANADIAN FN DESTROYER! 1…2…3!

Winner: Petey Williams @ 18:39 via pin ***

X-Cup Standings:
Team USA – 5-Points
Team Canada – 5-Points
Team Mexico – 4-Points
Team Japan – 3-Points

We have a tie!

Nash is here and POWERBOMBS PUMA! Big boot to Puma now. He grabs a mic and has something to say. Looks like someone pissed me off for me to come on Mother’s day. Is one of these guys Incognito? Because I don’t know who any of them are. A mediocre big man can defeat an X Division guy every night of the week. And I am pretty damn good. I don’t know what your women tell you, but size does matter.

Tenay and West bitch about Nash. They speculate on what will happen to settle the X Cup.

JB is with Joe. Joe says he was brought here to complete a task. I don’t have to hold hands and sing songs to kick ass. JJ, you are king of the mountain, I will knock you off. Steiner, you made a hell of a career for yourself, it’s a shame I will make my reputation destroying yours.

A video package for Sting and Joe vs. JJ and Steiner runs.

Tenay tells us that the tiebreaker for the X-Cup will be this Thursday on Impact. Petey vs. Sabin to decide it all.

Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett w/Gail “HOT AS HELL” Kim vs. Sting & Samoa Joe ©

They stand off and jaw for a bit. JJ and Sting to begin. Lock up and Sting tosses JJ to the mat. Lock up again and JJ tossed down again. JJ slaps Sting, then rights to Sting. Knees and Sting growls and fires back on JJ and beats him down. Face slams to the mat and JJ to the floor and up the ramp. JJ and Steiner talk, and then Steiner tags in. Lock up and a knee by Steiner. Chops to Sting, Irish whip and a boot by Sting. Sting with a splash on Steiner. Sting nails JJ. Sting up top and a top rope clothesline to both men! JJ and Steiner bail. Sting looks to Joe and goes and tags him in. Joe and Steiner stare down as the crowd chants, “Joe’s gonna kill you!’ Steiner flexes and Joe slaps him! Steiner rams Joe to the corner and chops away at him. Clubbing shots by Steiner but Joe fights back with jabs! Off the ropes and a belly-to-belly overhead suplex by Steiner! Joe looks pissed and they lock up. Knees by Steiner and then chops. Joe back with forearms and chops! Off the ropes and a clothesline by Steiner and a cover for 2, and then the pushups. They slap each other and Joe JACKS Steiner with a leaping Enziguri! JJ knees Joe and Steiner with an overhead belly to belly again! Steiner tosses Joe to the floor. Joe back in and Steiner covers for 2. JJ tags in and gets a sweet dropkick to Joe. Irish whip by JJ and a clothesline by JJ. JJ struts and another Irish whip and STJOE BY JOE! Joe tags Sting and he takes care of JJ. Steiner breaks up a pin. Sting takes down JJ and Steiner. Scorpion deathlock on Steiner, but JJ nails Sting. DDT by JJ on Sting. Steiner over and covers Sting for 2. Belly to belly on Sting by Steiner gets 2. Tag to JJ and he boots away at Sting. Rights to Sting and a front face lock by JJ. Sting fights and tags Joe! The ref didn’t see it though and Steiner in and he and Sting collide. Sting falls and head butts Steiner’s crotch. Ouch. They crawl for tags…JJ tagged in and Joe is as well! They stare down and Joe lights him up! RUNNIGN KNEE OF DOOM TO JJ! Eye poke by JJ, but Joe gets the snap powerslam for 2. Steiner in…Atomic drop to Steiner and a clothesline. Running senton and Joe poses! JJ back but Joe takes them both down. Sting in as well and Joe whips Sting, reversal and the running corner knee! Stinger splash! Sting slingshots onto JJ on the floor. Powerslam by Joe on JJ and he gets the ropes with Gail’s help. LOW BLOW by JJ on Joe. Stroke! 1…2…NO! Joe kicks out! Sting and Steiner brawl on the floor. JJ tries another stroke…No JJ sets Joe up top…JJ up top as well…Joe counters, rolls off and leaps with an ENZIGURI TO JJ! MUSCLE BUSTA TO JJ! 1…2…3!

Winners: Samoa Joe and Sting @ 14:30 via pin ***½

JJ is down on the floor and Sting offers a handshake to Joe. Joe goes to walk away…but he turns around and they shake. Sting gives Joe the point and the crowd cheers.

Steiner back in and LEVELS Sting with a chair shot! Joe stops…but keeps walking. Steiner continues to attack Sting as JJ comes in with the guitar. JJ gives Sting the EL KABONG to Sting. Joe turns around from the ramp…but walks away! Steiner puts Sting in the recliner as JJ lays in the boots. Jay Lethal, Sabin, Daniels, Rhino, BG and Kip and others run down to save Sting.

A Cage vs. Abyss video package runs.

Cage tells Abyss isn’t a champion because he stole a title. He has to beat Cage in his own match, Tables, Ladders, Chairs…and throw in the chains as well. Because that’s how he rolls.

They did great shots of both men walking backstage to the ramps.

JB does his super special ring announcing.

NWA World Heavyweight Title – Full Metal Mayhem/TLC Match: Christian Cage © vs. Abyss w/James Mitchell

We get a shot of the belt hanging above the ring and here we go! Cage leaps onto Abyss, he catches him, reversals early. Spear by Cage after he escaped the shock treatment. Knees by Abyss, Cage in the corner and Abyss crushes Cage. Abyss to the floor and grabs a ladder. As he brings it in Cage gets a baseball slide sending the ladder into Abyss’ face. Cage sets the ladder between the ropes as Abyss attacks him. Cage rolls back in and Abyss follows. Rights by Abyss and then clubbing shots to the back of Cage. Cage fires back and boots Abyss. Cage charges, to the apron and see saws the ladder into Abyss’s face! Cage clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Knees by Abyss and then tosses Cage to the fans. Abyss follows as we start the TNA MAIN EVENT BRAWLING! Chops by Abyss. Knees by Cage and rams Abyss into a wall. Back to ringside and Abyss knees Cage down. Back into the ring they go, Abyss has a ladder and sets it in a corner. He rams Cage onto it repeatedly…charges…but Cage moves and Abyss eats ladder. Cage plays the ladder on him…he charges and Abyss tosses the ladder into his face. Mitchell tosses in a chair and Abyss wedges it into the corner. Cage with chops to Abyss, counters with a float over, Abyss tries one but Cage punts him in the nuts! Cage tosses Abyss face first into the chair Abyss set up. Cage sets up the ladder and climbs. Abyss to his feet, pushes the ladder over and then delivers a clothesline to Cage. Abyss has the ladder now. He sets it up in a corner, press slams Cage, but he escapes and tries to German Abyss. Abyss counters…elbows out, Cage charges and Abyss gets an overhead toss and Cage eats the ladder! Abyss to the floor and gets a table. He sets it next to the ring and sets another beside it. Abyss looks under the ring and gets more tables! He slides one into the ring and follows. Sets it up and Cage is stirring. Abyss tries a powerbomb…Cage escapes and gets rammed to the corner hard. Abyss waits on him…and lays him on the ladder in the corner. Abyss MISSES a splash onto the ladder. Boots by Cage, and them slams the ladder on top of Abyss. He then lays Abyss on the ladder, goes up top…FROG SPLASH EATS THE LADDER as Abyss moved! Abyss has the chain, swings and misses Cage. Rights by Cage and they battle near the tables. Cage has the chain and wraps it around Abyss’ throat and chokes him out! Cage climbs the ropes for leverage…but Abyss pulls him off and Cage goes through a table on the floor! Abyss now sets up the ladder in the ring. He climbs…he’s close…Cage is in and nails him with a chair! Cage climbs now. They fight up top…the ladder teeters and Cage crotches himself on the ropes, nasty looking and he is holding his knee. Abyss has the ladder and Mitchell is in the ring with the tacks! Abyss lays them out and they spread them out. Cage grabs Abyss…UNPRETTIER ON THE LADDER! Cage had Mitchell! SLAM ONTO THE TACKS! MITCHELL TOOK THE TACKS! Cage has a chair and slams Abyss’s head, which is on the table! Cage sets up the ladder, puts Abyss on the table and climbs. He turns…could have took the belt…FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE! Cage climbs again…and gets the title!

Winner: Christian Cage @ 16:14 ***¾

Christian celebrates as the show ends.

-Best Match: NWA World Tag Team Title Match: America’s Most Wanted © defeated AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels @ 15:40 via pin ****
-Worst Match: Raven defeated A1 @ 5:30 via pin *

The 411: Overall this was another "good" PPV effort from TNA. While I hated the finishes of many of the matches the guys worked really hard and delivered in the ring again. I give this show a “slight” thumbs up, and a 6.75 out of 10.
Final Score:  6.8   [ Average ]  legend

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