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Tremendous Tirades: UWF/TNA Hardcore War 6.09.06

September 22, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades: UWF/TNA Hardcore War 6.09.06  

  • UWF/TNA House Show
  • June 9th, 2006
  • Philadelphia Pa.
  • New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center (The Old ECW Arena)
  • Attendance: Approx – 1000 (Sell Out)
  • Show time: Approx 160-Minutes

    Hardcore War~! size=36>


  • We get a video package playing on the big screen at the arena.
  • JB is out to do the ring intros.
  • Building looks great, good production.
  • JB says SPIKE TV cameras are here to capture “this shit.”
  • We have the Highspots Announce Crew again, same as the last set of shows I reviewed it seems.

    **Welcome Back and EC-DUB Chants for Simon. **

    Simon Diamond vs. Shark Boy

    Diamond gets on the mic and asks if they are ready…SIMON HAS A PROBLEM! He talks about them chanting the “old letters” at the “old Arena.” He can’t help but to think how STUPID they are for acting like nothing ever happened! They closed the doors on you and took something that you loved and shut it down. And now you act like nothing happened. I thought you were “smart marks.” Come on people, remember what happened, they shut it down even though you chant the letters when you should be chanting TNA. His mic gets cut and they chant “YOU FUCKED UP!”

    Match starts now as they lock up and Diamond takes Sharky to the corner and breaks clean. Lock up, side headlock by Diamond and a shoulder block to Sharky. They exchange rights, off the ropes and a dropkick by Sharky and an arm drag and arm bar. To the corner, rights by Sharky. Irish whip and a reversal and boot by Sharky. DSD try by Sharky, Diamond tosses him to the mat and has control. Clothesline by Diamond gets 2. Rights by Sharky, off the ropes and Diamond gets the Simon Series for 2. Sharky tries to fight back, chops to Diamond and then to Sharky. Eye poke by Sharky and a face buster. Neck breaker follows that and he covers for 2. Corner mount by Sharky, 10 punches and the SHARK BITE! Atomic drop by Sharky…SHARK BITE again! Sharky up top…missile dropkick! 1…2…NO! Sharky up top again…Diamond up and nails him. He goes up with him tossed off…DEEP SEA DROP by Sharky! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Sharky @ 4:49 via pin

  • Fine way to open the show with an old ECW name and promo. Fun match although nothing special, yet nothing wrong with it.

    Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

    They shake and here we go. Lock up and some reversals, counters to wristlocks and Dutt finally gets one. Hammerlock now, counter by Lethal but Dutt escapes into another arm bar. Dutt with a slick counter into a leg lock, Lethal gets the ropes and escapes. Lock up and off the ropes, shoulder block by Lethal, off the ropes and some reversals and counters and Dutt and Lethal with arm drags. Lethal sent to the floor and a baseball slide by Dutt. On the floor and Dutt with a cross body into the crowd onto Lethal! Back into the ring now and Dutt covers for 2. Snap mare and an elbow drop by Dutt for 2. Elbows again by Dutt, off the ropes and a drop toehold by Dutt followed by a standing moonsault for 2. Necktie by Dutt now, Lethal fights to his feet and escapes. Off the ropes and a knee by Dutt. Chris Jericho pin by Dutt for 2. Running elbow drop by Dutt gets 2. Off the ropes and a running clothesline by Lethal gets 2. Side back breaker by Lethal and a cover for 2. Snap mare and a dropkick to the head by Lethal gets 2. Off the ropes and an arm drag, cartwheel dropkick combo by Lethal for 2. Dutt slammed to the corner now, chops by Lethal. Irish whip, counter and a missile dropkick by Dutt gets 2. Picks up Lethal, rights to Lethal. More rights in the corner now, and a whip…boot by Lethal and a 2nd rope leg lariat by Lethal for 2. Lethal calls for the end…goes up top…Dutt up as well and knocks him down. Dutt up…they fight…and Lethal knocks him off. DIVING HEAD BUTT CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Lethal sets Dutt up top…climbs…superplex try, Dutt fights…SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB gets a CLOSE 2! Superkick by Dutt! Dutt with a moonsault gets 2! German try by Dutt, counter and an Enziguri by Lethal! Dutt off the ropes…dragon suplex by Lethal! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Jay Lethal @ 10:19 via pin

  • Great follow up to the opener to highlight the X-Division here. Both guys played to the crowd well and had them the whole match. Really good match. **¾

    **Welcome Back, You’re a Dudley and SPIKE chants for “Runt.”**

    Hardcore Match: Brother Runt vs. Abyss

    They brawl at the bell and Abyss then just beats on him. Off the ropes and Runt to the floor. He runs, back in and Abyss tries a press slam, counter and then a big boot to Runt. Abyss to the floor and tosses in a chair. He nails Runt with it. Lays the chair on him…off the ropes…avalanche countered as Runt hits him in the balls with the chair. Off the ropes…PRESS SLAM INTO THE FANS! Some body surfing and back to the floor he goes. Abyss grabs a beer and slams it into Runt’s face. Abyss slams him into the steel railing. Runt is bleeding now as Abyss slams him into the railing. Back into the ring they go and Abyss choke shim on the 2nd rope. Runt to the floor, Abyss follows and slams him to the ring steps. Clubbing rights by Abyss and they brawl into the crowd. Abyss rams him into the wall. Runt tries to run but Abyss follows. Runt fires back with wild rights as we start to lose sight of them. Finally they are back into sight and Runt slammed into the wall again. Back to ringside now as Abyss looks for and gets a table! Sets it up on the floor and grabs Runt and lays him on the table. Abyss goes to the apron and Runt throws a chair into his face Then again! A 3rd shot and Abyss is on the table. Runt ties him to the table with the chain! Chair shot again. Runt up top…DOUBLE STOMP OF DOOM and the table doesn’t break! Back into the ring they go and Runt covers for 2. Rights by Runt now, but Abyss GOOZLES him. LOW BLOW and ACID DROP by Runt! 1…2…NO! He tries it again, but Abyss gets the SHOCK TREATMENT! 1…2…NO as Runt gets a foot on the ropes. Abyss grabs a chair and wedges it in the corner. Grabs Runt, but he fights back. Abyss SLAMS him into the chair! 1…2…NO as Runt gets the ropes again. Abyss gets the tacks now! He pours them out and grabs Runt and shoves his face into them! Runt is fired up now! Rights to Abyss…off the ropes…FLAPJACK INTO THE TACKS! BLACK HOLE SLAM INTO THE TACKS! 1…2…3

    Winner: Abyss @ 14:05 via pin ***½

  • Great brawl, even better than their Hard Justice match.

    ** A big “Thank You Spike” chant after the match.**

    Traci Brooks vs. Gail Kim – Christy Hemme Special Referee

    Lock up and to the corner they go. Hemme breaks it up and Kim attacks Brooks. The all end up rolling around as Hemme tried to restore order, which annoys Kim. Lock up and forearms by Kim. Slam to Brooks and, Brooks pulls down Kim’s pants and slams her down, Gail has a SEXY ass. Kim is pisses and beats down Brooks. She chokes her now and then kicks to Brooks and a cover for 2. Another cover for 2. Brooks fights back with elbows, but Kim slams her to the corner. Chops by Kim, Brooks reverses her and chops away on her. Kim with a tarantula! SHADES OF TAJIRI~! Cover for 2. Kim with a leg submission, some form of stump puller. SHADED OF ULTIMATE GUERRERO! Brooks gets the ropes, they exchange reversals and a face jam by Brooks. Both are down, they fight to their feet and rights by Brooks. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Brooks. Back elbows and then a knee jam to the back. Clothesline and a cover for 2 by Brooks. Eye poke by Kim, side back breaker to Brooks. Kim goes up to the 2nd rope…MISSES a leg drop! Brooks rips her shirt off and then misses a corner splash. Gail tries a DDT, but Brooks gets a double leg and sexy roll up for the win.

    Winner: Traci Brooks @ 5:39 via pin

    Gail attacks Brooks after the match and Hemme and Brooks double-team her. They strip her down and Gail runs. Brooks and Hemme hug and then Hemme takes her top off.

  • Fine little match here. They did all of the “T&A” stuff you would imagine, but actually, GASP, wrestled!

    **Fuck you Jarrett chants as JJ makes his way out.**

    JJ: Just what I thought, a house full of low life scum of the Earth normal Philly citizens. So this is it, this is the famous building huh? This is what you are proud of? This place has character huh? I got a clue for you son of a bitches, I own this place and I will talk as long as I want. I have wrestled in the greatest wrestling halls around the world, MSG, Sydney’s Superdome, the London halls and the Asylum in Nashville, which is better than this place. I wish there was some more ECW here so I could whoop all of their asses. Let’s discuss ECW. Vinnie Mac is the only man that could resurrect that deal because you people killed long ago. That hurt huh? You all know that Vinnie Mac runs ECW and there is nothing you can do about it. Let’s talk, a lot of people have said a lot of people have had their farewell matches here. Foley for example. They stood in that old decrepit 4-sided ring, nothing revolutionary like this, and told you that you were great and you chanted like puppets. Tonight I give you the chance to do it one more time, because Rhino is going to walk out here, get in here and then I will lay the stroke on him. After that I will stand him up and lay him out with my guitar. And with everyone’s help, you can roll his dead ass carcass to Stamford and he’ll have a new home.

    **Welcome back chants for Rhino**

    RHINO: That’s right, I am home in south Philly! JJ, I didn’t come here to talk, I came to kick your fuckin ass…bitch!

    **Fuck em up Rhino chants**

    **You screwed Bret chants for Earl Hebner**

    EARL: I won’t waste my breath, but if y’all think I screwed Bret…them you’re dumb as shit anyway.

    **You got fired chants for Earl**

    RHINO: You know what, I got fired too. The Hebner’s are good people, and we do make mistakes and get screwed like that broad I did last week, but the fact is that the same mutha fucker that fired me last year wants to fuckin hire me back this year!

    Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino

    Lock up and am arm drag and strut by JJ. FARGO STRUT IN THE ECW ARENA! Boot by JJ, rights to Rhino. Off the ropes and a drop toehold by JJ and walks on Rhino and STRUT! Rights by Rhino, off the ropes and a shoulder block to JJ. STRUT BY RHINO! Hip toss by Rhino. Gore try…but JJ bails to the floor. Rhino follows and attacks. They brawl into the crowd…TNA MAIN EVENT STYLE™ IN THE MID-CARD~! They brawl back to ringside and JJ is in control ramming Rhino into the railing. Lays the ring bell on the chair and slams Rhino face first into it. Back into the ring and Rhino back in control now with rights. Elbow by Rhino, Rhino to the 2nd rope…and JJ knocks him to the floor. Gail Kim is here and distracted Rhino. Chair shot by JJ. Rhino slammed to the railing now. Rights by JJ and back into the ring they go. Boots by JJ and he mocks the crowd. Irish whip and Rhino hits hard. JJ poses to **Fuck you Jarrett** chants. Irish whip and Rhino hits hard again. Trademark JJ 2nd rope choke deal and uppercut. JJ goes up top…cross body gets 2. Headlock by JJ now. Rhino fights to his feet, escapes and then runs into a knee by JJ. To the corner, Rhino fights back and whips JJ. Eats a boot. JJ up top… Rhino stops him…Rhino up top as well now. SUPERPLEX by Rhino! Both men are down as the ref counts. They get to their feet, rights by Rhino. Off the ropes…and a flying clothesline by Rhino. Corner gore by Rhino. Belly to belly on JJ gets 2. Rhino to the 2nd rope…misses the splash! JJ covers for 2. JJ in Earl’s face, but Rhino gets a spinebuster for 2. Rhino grabs JJ, but JJ gets the STROKE! 1…2…NO! JJ and Earl argue again, and then back to work on Rhino. Rhino fires up and fights back! Rights take JJ down. Gail in and slaps Rhino. He grabs her…press slam try, but he lets her down. JJ tries the EL KABONG…MISSES…GORE, GORE, GORE! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Rhino @ 10:39 via pin

  • Jeff Jarrett gave a clinic in crowd manipulation here, great stuff. They had a really good, more old school style match with the right result for the night. ***

    Rhino on the mic to thank you chants.

    RHINO: I know how to work a mic…now I came to talk. Like I said, SHUT THE FUCK UP! You know, last year I was let go because I threw a flower pit, big fucking deal. I thought my career was over. But the fans in Orlando accepted me. My TNA contract ends in a few weeks. I love Paul Heyman like a father, Dreamer like a brother. I will say one thing, Vince is an asshole. When I was off for 14-months with a neck injury they took care of me and my family, so he isn’t a complete asshole. I don’t know what I should do. I thought about ECW…you know what, Vince gave me a chance and so did TNA. Paul, Tommy, if you ran ECW I would go…but I think my heart is in a young and fresh company. That is hungry and wants to make a difference and that fucking company is TNA! So I think you know where I will stay, and that is right here!


    **Welcome back chants for Lynn**

    Jerry FN Lynn vs. Petey Williams

    Lock up and to the corner they go. JL tries a right and Williams to the floor. Back in, lock up and a headlock by JL. Off the ropes and a shoulder block to Williams. Arm drags and a tilt a whirl back breaker for 2 by JL. Williams to the floor again and JL chases him. Back in and Williams begs off. JL grabs him, they exchange rights and JL catches Williams with a leg drop as he came through the ropes. Williams on the floor and JL with a senton from the apron! JL gets a powerbomb into the ring apron on Williams! JL lays the boots to Williams to a you still got it chant. Back into the ring they go, but Williams low bridges him and sends JL to the floor. Williams flapjacks JL onto the steel barrier. Williams tosses him back in the ring and covers for 2. Side back breaker by Williams, and a dropkick gets 2. Mounted punches by Williams now. Tree of woe…but no nut stomp for Philly. JL gets the tree now…OH SAY CAN YOU SEE NUT STOMP! Irish whip and a reversal… Williams to the apron and JL gets a sunset flip but Williams sits down with the leg drop, avoiding the powerbomb portion. Back into the ring and Williams covers for 2. Necktie by Williams, JL fights…escapes but Williams with an Enziguri followed by a dropkick for 2. Irish whip and JL counters into a back breaker. Both men are down now, they fight to their feet and rights by JL. Off the ropes and a backdrop by JL. Dropkick to the back by JL. Lariat and then a 2nd rope leg drop gets 2. Running Lyger Bomb by JL gets 2. Forearms by JL, off the ropes and a knee by Williams. He calls for the Destroyer…boot, countered and JL rolls through, Cradle Piledriver countered and a roll up for 2. Sharp shooter by Williams! JL fights…but Williams grabs the arm and sits down. JL rolls out, and gets one of his own! Williams gets the ropes though. JL grabs Williams, German try countered and JL tries the TKO, countered and CANADIAN FN DESTROYER! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Petey Williams @ 12:02 via pin ***

  • Why is Jerry Lynn not on the active roster working with these guys and teaching them to slow down and have better, non-choreographed matches? Good stuff here.

    Officials help Lynn after the match to “Thank you Jerry” chants.

    AJ and Daniels make their entrances.

    DANIELS: Before this goes down I have something to say. We have been a tag team for month now going for the tag titles. But tonight, in Philly, a city that’s rich in wrestling history, in a building that has seen some of the greatest three-way matches ever, you and I have an opportunity to win the X-Title one more time. I know it means a lot to you and you know the same for me. Tonight we aren’t a team; we are going for the gold. May the best man win.

    JB does the super special ring intros.

    TNA X-Division Title Match: 60-Minute Time Limit: Samoa Joe © vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

    They stare down and Joe bails. AJ rolls up Daniels for a quick 2. Headlock on AJ, off the ropes and Joe pulls Daniels to the floor. AJ teases a dive, in the ring and Joe with chops. Dropkick to Joe. Daniels tosses AJ to the floor and covers Joe for 2. Leg lariat to Joe, AJ in and STJOE on Daniels! AJ and Joe stare down, they exchange kicks AJ takes him down and gets the reverse Indian Deathlock. Chops by Joe and AJ is down. Jawbreaker by Daniels on Joe, snap mare and a last rights Uranage combo on both men! Split legged moonsault on Joe for 2. Spinning clothesline by AJ on Daniels. Chops to Joe by AJ. AJ tries a springboard and Joe trips him and AJ hangs himself! ELBOW SUICIDA BY JOE ON BOTH MEN! Joe gets a chair and sets it up. He grabs Daniels and slams him to the post to OLAY chants. Sets AJ up…OLAY KICK OF DOOM to AJ! Joe calls for another…but puts Daniels there to! DOUBLE OLAY KICK OF DOOM! Joe rolls Daniels into the ring and kicks away at him. STIFF chops to Daniels. Off the ropes and a running knee by Joe. AJ back in, atomic drop, running yakuza and the back senton by Joe on AJ! AJ rammed to the corner and kicks by Joe. Face wash now…RUNNING KICK stopped as Daniels tosses Joe to the floor. Daniels tries a dive but eats a slap from Joe. SASUKE SPECIAL BY AJ TO JOE! AJ springs in with the superman forearm to Daniels! 1…2…NO! Off the ropes and an elbow to AJ…spinkick to Daniels gets 2. Jo grabs AJ, but he gets the double DDT on Daniels and Joe! Covers Joe for 2, covers Daniels for 2! AJ sets Daniels up top…climbs…all the way up top…and crotched by Daniels. They battle, Joe up now…DOUBLE BACKDROP OFF THE TOP BY JOE! Joe has Daniels, snap powerslam for 2. Cross am breaker no on Daniels, SPRING BOARD 450 BY AJ TO JOE! AJ covers 1…2…NO! Daniels stops it. Daniels has AJ, forearm shots are exchanged…Uranage by Daniels! BEST MOONSAULT EVER! 1…2…NO! Daniels grabs AJ again, forearms, off the ropes and Angles wings reversed. PELE to Daniels and Joe takes Daniels head off with a clothesline! AJ is bleeding from the nose now. Joe lights him up with rights, AJ fights back and slaps by Joe! SICK LARIATO BY JOE! Joe places AJ up top… Daniels is there and stops Joe. Joe fires back on him but an ENZIGURI by Daniels. Missile dropkick by AJ to Daniels sends him to the floor. Roll up by AJ, but Joe snaps the Rear choke on AJ, he fights…KOKINA CLUTCH! AJ taps!

    Winner: Samoa Joe @ 14:04 via Submission

  • Just a great, great match here. Worthy of MOTY consideration in my opinion. ****½

    Daniels checks on AJ after the match.

    AMW is out now. They jump AJ and Daniels! Catatonic by Harris on Daniels! Superkick on AJ!

    Storm says you can want Team 3D all you want. You can’t have a show without the greatest tag team in the world today. He calls them pieces of shit. Harris says they know why they are here. They threw out the open challenge for weeks. Harris says they fucked all of their sisters last night. They are sick of hearing about the building and all of the so called “great tag teams” because they all sucked. The fans need to realize that AMW is here to stay since they have been on top for 4-years. They aren’t sportz entertainers or back yard Philly promotion wrestlers. They are the NWA Tag Champions of the World! There is not a team anywhere that can measure up to them, past present or future. They are the hardcore team of the century.


    The James Gang is here and the crowd isn’t happy, HA! BG asks who they expected, Sandman, Balls? You got the best tag team today! So this is the bingo hall? They though tit would be bigger. Kip call sit a shit hole. They ask if this is the place that build stars?

    Team 3D in on the screen. They say to shut up. He says they shouldn’t be in that ring in this building. They don’t belong and they never could hack it in the arena. He ask if BG is upset he lost his crack pipe? He makes fun of Kip for dressing gay and being on ROIDS~! He then calls AMW gay. Devon says turn around…

    They are here live now. Ray says he will throw up. BG says he may lose weight that way. He mocks them for saying they sold out MSG, he says the main event guys did, not them in the opener! Ray says he could have married Vince’s daughter if he wasn’t high all the time. Ray welcomes them to their home. Ray says they have bought them for 10-years and still love them today. Ray used to respect them, but knowing the history of Team 3D…it is clear that if it wasn’t for them, the others never would have gotten over. BG tells everyone to shut the fuck up. Ray tells Kip to back off a few CC’s to feel better and not rage so much. Ray slaps hat guy and steals his hat. More gay jokes on AMW. Ray then tells Green Lantern fan to shut up as well. He’ll shove a cheese steak up him mamma’s cunt. Lovely.

    Mutha FN South Philly Street Fight: Team 3D vs. AMW vs. The James Gang

    The Mutha FN South Philly Street Fight begins. All 6-brawl to begin and team 3D clears the ring. James Gang and AMW decide to work together and beat down Team 3D. They go to the floor and crowd and get the PLUNDAH OUT! They brawl to the beer stand now and Ray suplexes Kip through it. NOT THE BEER! Chair shot by Ray and Devon eats a superkick by Storm. Ray and Kip brawl to the outside now as BG, Storm and Devon are at ringside. Ray bites Kip and Harris here with chair shots. Ringside Devon nails BG with a chair. Everyone is back ringside now. Table time now as Team 3D sets up 2 of them. We have chairs too. Now a ladder. Ray calls for chairs and HOLY SHIT HERE THEY COME! Ray is way too happy about this. Kip tries to avoid chairs and is now pissed. He leaves. BG in and he and Ray start to go at it but he gets pissed and leaves. Ray tries to stop the chair parade.

    Winner: No Contest @ 12:00

  • Not much of a match as it was a spectacle.

    Team 3D in the ring now.

    RAY: Now you know what I am talking about.

    **TNA CHANTS**

    BG and Kip on the mic: You know what, you just fucked yourself out of a hell of a finish. FUCK YOU!

    Team 3D stands tall in the chair filled ring.

    **A Thank you Dudley’s Chant now**

    RAY: The winners of the match, Team 3D! Now listen, I have to say something. Every time we come here, you chant those three letters. Guys you know damn well.

    Some dude wants to fight and Devon tells security to let him in. Ray says not to kill him, because he pays their house payments, but if he wants to fuck him mom, go right ahead.

    RAY: Devon, leave him alone. This is no longer the ECW Arena, this is now the TNA ARENA! And that is because the ECW they are trying to force-feed you sucks! AJ and Daniels if you are listening, get out here right now! Don’t worry about AMW, they are queer and will leave you alone.

    AJ and Daniels come to the ring.

    Daniels grabs a seat and sits down, nice.

    RAY: I will make this short and sweet, we are the past and you are the future. You are what pro wrestling is about. Not only are you a great tag team, but you are two of the best in the whole world right now. You give the people what they want and never disappoint and that is what it is all about. We didn’t think too much of you a few weeks ago, but over the past weeks you have proved yourself. At Slammiversary, I predict that you will wear that tag gold.

    Runt is out.

    **TNA CHANTS**

    They all shake and hug.

    RUNT: 10-years ago…I took a job with ECW and I gave ECW everything I had. But, ECW folded. I was offered a job by WWE, F, whatever the fuck they are called. I did the same thing there. Well now I got this contract from them to appear at ONS II, for just that one night. What do you think I should do? I have the option of selling my soul for one night, or I can give my loyalty to TNA. SCREW YOU VINCE, SCREW YOU PAUL, kiss my white ass!

    **He tears up the contract**


    DEVON: We have just…testified!

    DANIELS: AJ and I would like to make an addition to all of that. I don’t have to put these guys over to you, you saw these guys here before they were famous. You were part of a family here. It was a family that forged a revolution in wrestling. The way that you guys felt about ECW is the way we feel about TNA. TNA is more than a job or locker room, it is a family. And I am proud to be a part of it and that we are influencing wrestling. I am proud to share a ring with AJ, Lynn, Dutt, Sharky, Sabin, AMW, Team 3D and the whole cast of characters. From this point on, it will be onward and upward. Thank you.

  • The 411: First off the New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center looked great. If TNA can pull this off well for a house show WWE could easily pull off a good-looking show for TV here. TNA had the video packages for all of the entrances as the New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center has the screens now, and that added to the look and good production. They had a great mix of some of the OLD ECW names TNA has under contract, as well as the new guys like AJ, Daniels and Joe that they are building the company around. The three-way between Joe, Daniels and AJ was awesome and even better when you consider that Joe was nursing a bad injury at the time. The good matches, promos, great atmosphere and chaotic ending make this a MUST to own DVD.
    411 Elite Award
    Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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