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Update on Samoa Joe’s Injury and Future With TNA (SPOILERS)

September 25, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Samoa Joe had to vacate the TNA X-Division Title at the last set of TV tapings, due to not getting medically cleared to perform. Joe suffered some kind of shoulder injury, either in his September 16th match with Austin Aries, or his September 17th match against Gunner.

– Joe’s current deal is believed to end right after Bound for Glory.

– TNA is hoping to book Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki for the Bound For Glory PPV.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer

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  • duh

    i called how stupid it was to take the title off Joe. hes ready before the tapings are even going to air

  • dennett316

    I’d love to see Joe in the WWE, I think he’d fit in great and get over huge with only a very slight toning down of his style with some guys. He and Cesaro and he and Sheamus could have some great, hard hitting matches.

    • rovert

      Too old.

    • If the Joe of 2005 signed, rather than flat refuse when told he’d be assigned to OVW, I’d agree. But the Joe of 2014 would be hamstrung by his lack of motivation – which begs the question, if he couldn’t get motivated for a GHC title match against Misawa in 2007, how could he be trusted to be motivated for a match against Kofi Kingston in 2014?

    • VT_JizzyFingerz

      too old and too fat at this point it would be career suicide

    • Joe Wrestling

      Joe will never sign with WWE. If you think they low-balled AJ Styles, imagine what type of rock bottom deal they’d give Joe?

    • Rob

      Umaga wasn’t that bad in the ring.

  • Hip Hop Jorge

    They couldn’t have worked this by having MLK attack Joe from some reason or other which would lead to Joe needing to vacate the X Title, but then come back when medically cleared to take seek revenge and take the World Title off Lashley? My guess is they were building him up in the X Division to then challenge Lashley. If not, why re-hash his old gimmick of being the big guy laying waste to the small guys again?

    • keith

      Not going to spoil it for you but they have other plans in place for the World Title

      • Hip Hop Jorge

        I figured with the TV deal not cemented with any network that they would eventually move the title (and others) to cheaper/long term contracted employees. I don’t know who those employees maybe, but thanks for not spoiling it!

  • VT_JizzyFingerz

    Damn that sucks but for god sakes stop booking rematches that took place within the year at your biggest ppv.

    • Joe Wrestling

      They have been running supercards for the last two months in hopes of getting people’s attention. Instead of writing interesting shows with compelling storylines, they’ve booked the shows like an indy company trying to fill a house for a single night.

      TNA needs to go the way of Old Yeller and free up talented performers and television air time for a new brand that has some hope.

      • VT_JizzyFingerz

        ROTFLMFAO!!! THATS EASILY THE DUMBEST THING IVE EVER HEARD. Do you honestly think that shit gets handed to your favorite fed? And just who do you think inherits said things? If you want another fed to have everything TNA has earned over the years then they gonna have to step their game up son, They had literally a dozen years to pull it off and not one has made it past ROH much less TNA.

        • Joe Wrestling

          Most compelling argument I’ve ever heard from a man named Jizzy Fingerz

        • Joe Wrestling

          Also, to respond to your original statement…

          TNA hasn’t made a profit during a single year of its existence. The company is a money pit kept alive by Dixie’s family largess. There is room in the market for a second wrestling company. The problem at the moment is that nobody else can get anything off the ground and running while TNA flounders. New creative energy can’t break through while TV execs worry about wrestling losing its drawing power due to the fact TNA is an ineptly run organization. Were it to disappear, a new company would launch within a year.

          Also, it’s not like the talent or anyone has a secure job at the moment anyway. They should all have resumes out already. If they think TNA is a stable organization to bank on for a paycheck, they are foolish.

          • VT_JizzyFingerz

            Problem is wrestling as a whole IS a shrinking medium and has been since WCW went under. WWA, XPW, XWF and more have tried and all failed to achieve the minimal results TNA has. Its nothing short a huge success story that TNA has lasted this long under the current WWE dominated wrestling landscape (and even WWE has lost plenty ground over the years). TNA not being in the picture at all paints the wrestling business in a much less profitable light than it currently does. If TNA went under ROH would be the sole representative of (non WWE) wrestling and they are miles behind TNA even now as they themselves have also failed to turn a profit. like it or not TNA is the best option atm

      • Andy Gee

        You sound like a politician putting a positive spin on “the liberation of workers from their jobs” when the last factory in town closes down.

        It’s not just the wrestlers. There’s plenty of people behind the scenes that you’re hoping to see lose their jobs as well.

  • wowsick

    i hope he leaves tna let them have 40 year old mvp ,carlito and 60 year old finlay hold them world titles