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Winfree’s Impact Wrestling Genesis Review 1.09.21

January 9, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Impact Genesis
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Winfree’s Impact Wrestling Genesis Review 1.09.21  

Hey there everyone, Winfree tagging in for the evening. Tonight Impact Wrestling is offering Genesis, which is all about the Super X Cup Tournament. The opening round bouts for that are Ace Austin taking on Suicide, Daivari battling Cousin Jake, Crazzy Steve vs. Tre Lamar, and KC Navarro vs. Blake Christian. Filling out the card will be a singles match between Jordynne Grace and Jazz after they were eliminated from the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament, and an I Quit match between Willie Mack and Moose.

OK, apologies but the Impact website started giving me problems as the show was supposed to start so I might be a little behind or miss parts of the opening.

Match #1 – Super X Cup Tournament Quarter Final: Suicide vs. Ace Austin w/ Mad Man Fulton

They tie up, Suicide getting a side headlock. Shoulder block from Suicide, then another side headlock. They trade some arm wringers then Austin with an armdrag and starts working the arm of Suicide. Austin tries to use the card on the fingers of Suicide, but Suicide has glove so no sells it then hits Austin with a low drop kick. Some rights from Austin in the corner, Suicide into an octopus stretch after reversing an Irish whip attempt, he moves that into a roll up for a near fall. Suicide sets for a Mexican surfboard, gets it to his seat then shoves Austin face first into the mat. They start trading rights, then Suicide avoids a dive from Austin. Suicide sets for a dive but Fulton intimidates him into not doing that. Instead Suicide onto the apron and hits a dive onto Austin from there. Austin rebounds back to the outside after some brawling, then hits a drop toe hold into the steel steps to halt the momentum of Suicide. Back into the ring and Austin is in control. Suicide reverses a charge attempt, gets the better of some striking exchanges before downing Austin with double palms to the body. Austin’s turn to avoid a charge, but misses a kick and Suicide hits a shotgun drop kick into the corner for a near fall. Suicide tries a suplex, Austin escapes, moves to the apron and kicks Suicide then hits the springboard roundhouse kick for a 2 count. Austin is frustrated by that, he lands mounted punches. On the feet Suicide gets an electric chair face buster then a double stomp to the back for a 2 count and it’s Suicide’s turn to be frustrated. Suicide heads up top, Fulton talks with Austin moves to the apron. Suicide heads to the apron with him and they trade blows, then Suicide with a fireman’s carry into the ring. Austin intercepts Suicide’s top rope climb with a kick. Austin kicked in the face, but rolls through on a cross body from Suicide for a near fall. Suicide with a modified cradle suplex, he didn’t quite hit that and Austin nearly got dropped straight on his head, his cover only gets another 2 count. More strikes from Suicide, he wants his finish but Fulton causes chaos to distract things and halt that. Austin lands a knee to the head, then the Fold to win.


Rating: 2.5 stars

That might be a little harsh for me, but a couple of botches and odd camera angle choices keep that from 3 stars for me. But Ace is probably a favorite to win the whole thing and got to show off his ability here.

Bit of a video for the next match, Christian is the white meat keep fighting babyface to Navarro’s flashy douchebag heel.

Match #2 – Super X Cup Tournament Quarter Final: Blake Christian vs. KC Navarro

They tie up, Blake gets Navarro into the corner then gives a clean break. Another tie up, Blake gets backed into the corner this time and Navarro breaks clean as well but is a jerk about it. Go behind from Blake, Navarro counters with an arm wringer and they start trading escapes and reversals. Navarro gets a side headlock, then a takeover. Blake rolls to a near fall, gets a headscissors but Navarro escapes with ease and mocks Blake as they both get up. Side headlock again from Blake, Navarro into a top wrist lock but Blake escapes and they trade side headlocks again on the mat with Navarro getting the better of it. Navarro tries to charge, but runs into a shoulder tackle from Blake. This time Blake mocks Navarro, and they trade flips while trying to one up each other. Navarro decides he’s had enough of that and starts landing strikes but Blake catches a kick and lands a wheel kick. Rollup from Blake for a near fall. Snapmare then a drop kick to the head from Blake gets a near fall and Navarro powders. Navarro picks the ankle of Blake, pulls him outside and starts brawling with him. Navarro into the ring and hits a low suicide dive. Back into the ring, Navarro with stomps. Some trash talk from Navarro as he kicks Blake. Running blows from Navarro in the corner, then a modified blockbuster and double stomp all for a 2 count. Navarro starts working the arms, Blake escapes with a donkey kick, then hits an enziguri. Bit of a headbutt from Blake, then a triangle drop kick on the apron to drop Navarro, then he hits a 619 to the seated Navarro. Blake top rope, rolling senton from the top to the outside, then covers back in the ring for a near fall. Running kick from Blake, Navarro avoids a charge in the corner then hits a running kick from the apron. Running flipping neckbreaker from Navarro gets 2, then he sets but runs into a death valley driver, a super kick from Blake then a standing moonsault all for another 2 count. Navarro catches Blake on the top rope, he wants a superplex. Blake fights him off, sunset flip powerbomb then Blake back up top for Air Blake to pick up the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Blake Christian won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Faster paced than the opener but just kind of a spotty showcase, and while athletically impressive it lacked narrative flow. Still a decent addition to the demo reel for both men.

Daivari is playing up the veteran status in the pre-match video while Jake is talking about how despite being larger he’s definitely part of the no limit movement.

Match #3 – Super X Cup Tournament Quarter Final: Shawn Daivari vs. Cousin Jake

Daivari with a go behind and clubbing blows. Chops in the corner from Daivari, Jake tries to shove him off but Daivari is running around him before running into a body block. Jake sends Daivari into the corner then a clubbing clothesline for a near fall. Daivari gets tossed out of the ring, then Jake thinks about a dive but Daivari sees him coming and nopes out of that. Jake out of the ring and starts brawling with Daivari around the ringside area. Daivari set on the apron, Jake sets for a charge but Daivari moves and Jake catches his neck on the ropes. Back in the ring Daivari is going after the neck with chokes then a neckbreaker for a near fall. Elbows to the neck and a knee to the spine from Daivari then a drop kick to the back of the head. Daivari goes to a reverse bear hug, Jake fights up but Daivair yanks him down by the hair then denies having done so. Jake is tossed out of the ring, and it’s Daivari’s turn to do the ringside brawling thing. Daivari slams Jake into the steps a few times, then they head back into the ring where Daivari gets a 2 count. Body scissors from Daivari, Jake fights free with elbows. Back on the feet, Daivari lands chops in the corner. Jake tries to fight back but is cut off, Daivari hits the ropes but runs into a clothesline and both men are down. Both men up, but Jake lands a series of clotheslines to floor Daivari. Shoulder to the gut from Jake, then a loose looking Michinoku driver for a near fall. Daivari off the ropes, he starts landing strikes to take over again. Daivari up top, but falls into a kick. Jake wants a powerbomb, nearly gets backdropped but rolls through and hits the sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Daivari avoids a running move, hits a DDT for a near fall. Shin breaker from Daivari, he wants a figure four and gets it. Jake gets to the ropes to force the break. Another figure four attempt, Jake avoids this one but his leg is hurt and he can’t counter. Daivari hits the ropes but runs into a black hole slam and Jake wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cousin Jake won

Rating: 1.5 stars

Very different style from the previous two matches, some solid selling from both men which is always welcome, but the pace was fairly slow and it felt 3-5 minutes too long.

Lamar wants to prove himself worth a spot on the Impact roster, while Crazzy Steve is his usual crazy self.

Match #3 – Super X Cup Tournament Quarter Final: Crazzy Steve vs. Tre Lamar

Steve is so crazy it has Lamar off his game to start. Lamar tries to avoid the wackiness of Steve early, trying to figure out what’s going on here. Steve wants to get close and personal, Lamar questions his face paint. Go behind from Steve, they trade reversals, Steve escapes by licking Lamar. They hit the ropes, Steve fakes him out and scares Lamar out of the ring. Lamar tries to regain himself out of the ring, but gets freaked out by the monkey that Steve brought to the ring with him. Back in the ring, Steve with a go behind, they trade escapes again but Lamar lands a Pele kick and Steve rolls out of the ring. Lamar follows him and starts landing kicks and forearms. Back into the ring, Lamar still in control landing kicks and knees. Steve with some strikes of his own, but he runs into a back elbow and Lamar gets a near fall. Some stomps from Lamar, then a rear chinlock. Steve fights back up, Lamar switches to working the arm but Steve is able to fight free but eats the middle rope on a throw then a drop kick from Lamar for a near fall. Lamar heads up top, Steve avoids his jump though then up to the second rope but Lamar is up looking for a Spanish fly but Steve fights out of that. They both fight on the second rope, Steve hits a side Russian leg sweep from the middle rope and both men are down. Both men are back up, and they trade blows. They go blow for blow for a bit, Lamar gets the better of it but then Steve fights back and hits a side Russian leg sweep into an arm submission but Lamar gets his shoulders down and gets a near fall. Lamar hits a jawbreaker to take over. Strikes from Lamar, but Steve avoids a corner rush and tries a sunset flip but Lamar grabs the ropes to stop that. Lamar to the apron, the other apron then a shoulder block but misses a high cross body. Steve with a diving DDT to pick up the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Crazzy Steve won

Rating: 3 stars

Probably the best match thus far, we got a good story about Lamar being a little psyched out and both men got in a lot of offense while never neglecting to try and make the other look good.

In the back Moose stares intently when asked about his preparation, he says Willie Mack made a stupid decision when he was angry to make this match. He says he hasn’t been angry at Mack yet, but now his stupidity has angered him. He’s going to use tonight to send a message to Rich Swann and the world that’s tuning in, a message about what happens when you step into a ring with an angry Moose. He’s looking way beyond Mack just quitting, he wants to send him to the hospital. To close he asks Mack to relay to Rich Swann that Moose is the real world champion.

Match #4 – Super X Cup Tournament Semi-Final: Ace Austin w/ Mad Man Fulton vs. Cousin Jake

Austin with some trash talk to Jake, mostly about his size. Some stalling from Austin as well, he conferred with Fulton as well. Austin grabs a side headlock, trying to wrestle Jake but eventually he’s over powered and runs into a shoulder block. Another conference between Austin and Fulton before Austin returns to the match. Leg kicks from Austin, trying to stick and move away from the big man. Austin tries a leg scissors takedown, Jake easily stops that and Austin slips out of the ring to stall that. Back in the ring Austin lands a right, ducks a return but Jake grabs him and clubs him to the mat. Jake chucks Austin into the corner with authority, then starts clubbing the back of Austin. Austin tries to fight back with strikes, they lose their place visibly but Austin hits a knee strike. Rush from Austin and Jake tosses Austin over the top and onto Fulton but Fulton just catches Austin. Jake dives onto the both of them, but Fulton doesn’t go down. Fulton and Jake stare each other down, that lets Austin land a blow then run away from Jake over the back of Fulton. Jake has had enough and punches Fulton, Fulton no sells it and Austin with a baseball slide then a running dive over the top rope onto Jake. Back into the ring, a kick from Austin then some knees to the neck on the mat. Low drop kick in the corner from Austin gets a near fall. Knees from Austin, then he avoids a few clotheslines but runs into a body block from Jake. Jake tries to hit a suplex, Austin knees him in the head a couple of times to escape then hits a wheel kick, another knee strike and covers Jake for a 2 count. Austin grabs a front headlock and lands knees to the top of the head. Jake fights to his feet, Austin avoids some punches but eats a kick and a face buster from Jake. Austin avoids a powerbomb, gets a crucifix roll up but Jake escapes and hits a Michinoku driver for a near fall. Fulton pulls Austin to the ropes, both men are up but Jake is working power moves to floor Austin. Hard clothesline from Jake, Austin into the corner but avoids a lunge and hits a sunset flip for a near fall. Spinning kick from Austin, then a tornado kick in the corner to floor Jake. Jake catches a jumping Austin and hits a buckle bomb then a diving shoulder block. Black hole slam from Jake, but Austin kicks out at 2. Austin out of the ring, Jake out after him and sets Austin on the apron. Jake into the ring, he drags Austin up to the top rope, tries a gutwrench move but Austin kicks him to escape that. Springboard Fold from Austin and he wins.


Rating: 2.5 stars

Not a bad match, but it didn’t really hit higher gears for me. The Fulton stuff was about equal parts in terms of adding to the match and being a pointless distraction to what the guys were doing.

In the back Willie Mack meets up with Rich Swann. Swann feels Mack can win, he knows Mack has more heart than Moose and that Mack wont quit. Mack’s trying to get in the zone, he’s gonna prove that what goes around comes around. Swann says he’s got Mack’s back if necessary.

Match #5 – Super X Cup Tournament Semi-Final: Blake Christian vs. Crazzy Steve

Steve weirds out Blake, not quite as much as Lamar last time but Blake is still out of sorts. Steve offers a hand shake, Blake accepts but Steve switches to a hug. They tie up, and Steve starts on the arm wringer for Blake to escape from. Another tie up, this time Blake with the arm wringer for Steve to escape from. Top wrist lock from Steve, Blake with some kip ups then escapes. Blake accidentally kicks the stuffed monkey off of the apron and Steve snaps. Steve goes nuts pounding on Blake in the corner, then they hit the ropes and Steve lands an elbow to the body. Snap suplex from Steve. Steve retains control, but Blake is trying to fight back but gets hit with a double underhook suplex for a 2 count. Blake gets launched into the corner, he’s still not been able to get out of the metaphorical blocks. Steve throws Blake into the corner again, then goes outside to check on the monkey. The monkey is OK apparently and we’re back in the ring. Blake avoids a corner rush and it’s his turn to land offense in the corner then a running drop kick and a split legged moonsault for a near fall. Some strikes from Blake now, then a snapmare and a drop kick to the back of the neck for a 2 count. More kicks from Blake. Blake up top but when he tries the split legged moonsault again he eats the knees of Steve. Steve with the kitchen sink knee, then a senton. They trade blows on the mat, then Steve with a tilt a whirl headscissors and Blake is out of the ring. They trade some evasive moves then a double clothesline and both men are down outside of the ring. Both men get back into the ring before the 10 count. Steve with some lefts, then a snapmare and neck twister. Blake into the corner, clotheslines from Steve then a shoulder block and running European uppercut. Steve with a cannonball senton in the corner for a near fall. Steve wants the diving DDT but Blake counters with kicks then a rollthrough into a standing frog splash, nice sequence from Blake. Short arm clothesline from Steve but he just gets 2 on the pin attempt. Blake sets Steve on the top rope, Steve gets the upside down hold, but runs into a knee trying to return to the ring. Blake hangs Steve on the top rope, heads up top and hits a 450 splash to the elevated Steve, that gets the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Blake Christian won

Rating: 2.5 stars

I don’t know, that didn’t click with me. Both men are talented and clearly competent, but that match felt like it was missing a spark to elevate it.

Match #6: Jazz vs. Jordynne Grace

They show respect at the start of the match then tie up. Some reversals until they hit the corner, then switch a few times before breaking. Some shoving, and Jazz starts laying in kicks. Grace with a right, then they collide on shoulder block attempts but neither goes down. Grace finally does get Jazz down with a shoulder block. Both women to the apron, Jazz picks the ankles though and drops Grace onto the apron. Grace avoids a kick, and drops Jazz face first onto the apron. Jazz nearly gets counted out, but Grace heads out and tosses her back in as she seems to want to win in the ring. Grace with two snap suplexes, then a fisherman suplex for a near fall. Jazz lands a back elbow to a charging Grace, then stun guns Grace across the top rope. Stomps from Jazz then a leg drop for a near fall. Jazz guillotines Grace under the bottom rope. Some cross face blows from Jazz, but her cover only gets 2 as Grace grabs the bottom rope. More blows from Jazz, but Grace powers out and rolls Jazz up for 2. Some kicks from Jazz floor Grace but takes too long on the cover so Grace is able to kick out. Grace fights to her feet, but eats some headbutts to the spine. They start trading forearms but Jazz gets the better of it and starts stomping Grace in the corner. Back to trading blows, Jazz lands a stiff chop. Double underhook suplex from Jazz gets 2 on the pin attempt. Grace trips up Jazz, tries to pin, back up and Grace hits a back drop and both women are down. Back on their feet and both women land rights, but Grace gets the better of it then hits Jazz with a spinebuster for a near fall. Grace slams Jazz into the corner, hits a meteora then a running elbow and a Vader bomb for a close near fall. Jazz fights off a pump handle move, and hits a modified Glam slam then locks in an STF. Grace drags their bodies to the ropes to force the break. Grace avoids a corner rush, then kicks Grace. Jazz wants a sling shot into the buckles, she gets it and starts jabbing Grace but Grace avoids a right and gets a roll up for 2. Grace lands a right to drop Jazz. More rights from Grace, she puts Jazz on the top rope but Jazz fights free and hits a tornado DDT for a 2 count. Jazz avoids a right, tries an O’Connor roll and they trade roll ups with Grace getting the pin on a reversal.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jordynne Grace won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Nice physical battle. Both women pose as the match ends.

In the back Blake Christian gets interviewed, he says his emotions are all over the place but he can’t give into them and has to focus on Ace Austin. But he plans to prove why he’s known as “all heart”.

Match #7 – Super X Cup Tournament Final: Ace Austin vs. Blake Christian

No Fulton for Austin, he claimed he doesn’t need him. They tie up, Austin with a go behind but Blake reverses. Austin into an arm wringer, Blake with an escape, Austin with an arm wringer escape as well. Chop from Austin and he’s after the arm of Blake. He gets the card between the fingers, Blake hits him with a hurricanrana on the feet. Back elbow from Austin, they trade some athletic escapes then Blake lands a drop kick and Austin is out of the ring frustrated by the athleticism of his opponent. Austin back into the ring, grabs a side headlock and then a takeover. Head scissors from Blake, Austin escapes and starts landing blows in the corner. Blake lands a right as Austin was on the apron, Blake misses a springboard moonsault but more or less lands on his feet. Austin tells him he botched, then starts attacking Blake. Both men with some brawling on the outside, Blake punctuates the exchange with a step assisted somersault onto Austin. Austin to the apron, misses a kick, avoids a trip, then hits a super kick. Back in the ring now, they trade strikes. Off the ropes Austin gets a roll up attempt, only gets 2 and they run the ropes again this time Austin with a modified code breaker. Blake avoids a tornado kick in the corner, tries a springboard splash but Austin kicks him out of the ring and hits a diving Fosbury flop. Back in the ring, Austin retains control with stomps and knees to the grounded Blake. Austin starts hitting the ribs of Blake, but Blake fights back to his feet. More body work from Austin to cut off Blake’s comeback. Blake avoids a corner rush but eats a forearm. Snapmare into the drop kick from Blake stalls Austin out a bit. Blake avoids a spingboard kick, hits a roll through into the frog splash, then a standing shooting star press all for a 2 count. Again, nice sequence from Blake. Austin with a drop toe hold into the ropes and a roll up for a 2 count. Blake fights off a front headlock, he lands some back elbows and they hit the ropes for a bit and Blake hits a flying clothesline to drop Austin. Enziguri in the corner from Blake, he heads up top, Austin meets him but Blake basically DDT’s him onto the top rope then hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a close near fall. Blake back up top, Austin rolls all the way away from him and out of the ring. Blake after him and hits the springboard moonsault to the outside this time. Back in the ring, springboard 450 from Blake just gets 2. Blake top rope again, maybe for that twisting splash but Austin shakes the ropes and drops Blake onto his crotch. Chop from Austin and he’s up top with him. Austin wants a superplex but Blake escapes and hangs up Austin then hits a double stomp for a near fall. Blake as basically emptied the arsenal here and Austin wont go away. This time Blake drapes Austin over the top rope, he goes for the 450 again just like his last match but Austin moves and Blake eats the canvas. Austin with a springboard kick, only a 2 count though. Slam and top rope splash from Austin, again just a 2 count. Austin is frustrated now, he goes for the legs of Blake, he’s in a modified Boston half crab and Blake has to drag their combined weight to the ropes to force the break. Stomps from Austin, then chops. Blake avoids a kick, they trade spinning kicks and then trade knee blows. They’re going move for move, but Austin lands a kick to the back then hits a standing Spanish fly and both men are down after that extended sequence. Both men back up, Blake with a combination of blows, Austin heads out of the ring and this time Blake with the Fosbury flop into the old Nightmare on Helms Street on the entrance ramp. Back into the ring, Blake crawls his way up to the top rope, tries the twisting splash but Austin avoids it, tries the Fold but Blake with an inside cradle for a near fall. They trade roll ups but neither man ends it, Austin with a kick and majistral cradle, they’re just trading pinning predicaments but neither man gets it. Blake botches a bridge out of the jack knife pin but did get a shoulder up. Both men start laying in forearms, they’re beat physically. Austin tries the card spot again but Blake steals the card. They trade monkey flip situations but Austin with the Fold out of nowhere to win the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ace Austin won and claims the Super X Cup

Rating: 3.5 stars

Really nice stuff from both men there, athleticism with Blake Christian coming darn close to winning many times but Austin extending the old Diamond Cutter/RKO gimmick of finding all kinds of situations to hit his finisher from being just enough to edge out Blake. A couple of botches and a lack of physical narrative kind of hurt this, but those are relatively minor gripes.

Video recap on the Moose and Mack issue that led us to this point.

Match #8 – I Quit Match: Moose vs. Willie Mack

They square up and stare each other down then start landing rights. Mack with more punches, Moose tries to counter but runs into a right. Moose lands a big boot, but runs into a double leg and Mack unloads on the mat before Moose escapes and tries to recover on the outside. Mack wont let him rest, lands a pump kick against the barricade, then Moose does not quit. Another boot from Moose, but he runs into a scoop slam on the entrance ramp. Moose still doesn’t want to quit. Moose throw into the ring post, still wont quit and Mack lands rights then posts him again. Back into the ring, more rights from Mack. Moose asks for more, Mack obliges him in the corner. Moose avoids a pump kick in the corner and hits a running kick to the head to take over. Now Mack is the one not quitting. Some stomps to the neck and body from Moose. Body shots from Moose, then an abdominal stretch but Mack definitely wont quit. Moose talks to the camera, but Mack tosses him to the outside but Moose Lesnar jumps to the apron to stop his dive. They start trading blows with the top rope between them, then Moose grabs a punch and drops the arm over the top rope. In the ring side area now, and Moose throws Mack into the barricades. Moose doesn’t even want Mack asked about his status, he wants to hurt him more. True to his word he whips Mack all the way to and then over the other barricade. Moose tosses Mack over the barricade again then meanders back to him to continue the beating. Stomps from Moose, then he gets some chairs and a table from under the ring. Moose sets up the table near the entrance ramp, then tries to powerbomb Mack through it but Mack blocks that and double legs Moose then unloads with punches on the ground. Mack gets the chair and drives it into Moose’s gut and back. Moose heads into the ring, Mack follows him with the chair. More chair shots from Mack to the back of Moose, but Moose isn’t quitting. Mack with a chair shot to the head, Moose still wont quit. This time Mack wedges the chair in the corner, he’s doing a good job of continuing to sell his back even on offense. Mack throws Moose head and shoulder first into the chair, but Moose still wont quit. Mack to the top rope, hits the 6 star frog splash but Moose still wont give it up. Another splash, this time to the back of Moose but he wont quit. Mack gets the chair again and starts driving it into the ribs of Moose, then starts choking Moose with the chair. Moose still wont give up, so Mack sets the chair on the prone body of Moose and sets for another 6 star frog splash but the aching back slows him down enough for Moose to catch him on the top rope and punch him off balance. Moose to the apron, he punches Mack. Mack punches back, they’re both in position to potentially fall through the table that’s ringside. They keep trading blows, Mack gets the better but Moose rakes his eyes then hits a horrible looking Go To Hell through the table. Mack’s head hit the metal entrance ramp HARD, that was bad. Both men are down, very slowly working back to their feet. There’s some blood on the elbow of Mack, but both men get back into the ring. They start trading from their knees, thankfully Mack seems OK after that bump. Both men strike to their feet and Mack lands a wheel kick, Moose with a pump kick. Mack returns the pump kick, and hits the stunner but Moose off the ropes with a headbutt. Moose runs, but runs into a lariat from Mack. Back up, Moose with a standing uranage, Mack wont quit so he gives him another but Mack still wont quit. A third standing uranage, Mack still wont quit. Moose to the outside and slides more chairs into the ring. There’s five chairs in the ring, Moose brandishes one as Mack still doesn’t quit. Moose up top, but Mack up and throws a chair into his head. Mack stacks the remaining chairs on the mat, then heads onto the ropes with Moose. All the way up top, superplex onto the pile of chairs and both men are down but neither will quit. Moose slowly rolls out of the ring, Mack heads out after him with a chair. More chair shots from Mack, Moose gets his TNA title belt, but wont quit and blasts Mack with the belt. Moose drags Mack back into the ring, and starts landing mounted elbows to try and knock Mack out. Since that wont work Moose sets to Pillmanize the neck of Mack, but sits and notes Mack is KO’d and can’t quit. He promises to end his career but Rich Swann shows up before he can complete that motion. Moose wants a shot at the title, Swann will give him a shot to save his friend. Moose thanks Swann, then Quits.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Willie Mack won

Rating: 4 stars

Maybe I’m being generous there, but it’s 4 or 3.5 for me. The pace was slower, but these two maximized the brutality they were allowed to do. That horrific bump through the table was legitimately scary given how Mack landed, but Mack got plenty of offense in in addition to a purely ceremonial win. The ending was one of the better ways to handle the “other wrestler saves his friend in the I Quit match” trope. Good story to the match, good story continuation told through the match, both men brought it for this one so my hat is off to them.

Moose walks to the back with his TNA title as the show ends.

The final score: review Good
The 411
The last two matches were quite good, but the full 3 hour show was a bit rough to get through. There wasn't a whole lot of character to the event or broadcast, other than the length and last two matches you could tell someone this was weekly Impact TV and they'd probably believe you. The other issue is pacing, they powered through a lot of the first 90 minutes or so just to get through them with almost no connective tissue and it was kind of a drag at points. This is basically a two match show, but Blake Christian vs. Ace Austin was a great X-Division style match, and Moose vs. Mack brought the physical violence you need in an I Quit match. Definitely check out the last two bouts, but the rest being mostly forgettable drags down the overall rating.

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