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WWE Reportedly Held ‘Fashion Meetings’ For Female Talent in NXT

April 28, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Ember Moon spoke in an interview released today about having to attend meetings about having to “dress sexy” in NXT, and a new report has details on the meetings. As noted earlier, Moon said in an interview with Chris Van Vliet that “We would have to sit through stupid meetings about how we’d have to dress sexy. I remember looking at someone else (and laughing).”

According to Fightful Select, the meetings became known to them several months ago but they weren’t able to get anyone on the record that were in attendance. The site reports that they were NXT meetings presented as “fashion consulting” and “fashion aid,” with the idea being that the women of NXT were larger-than-life stars and should look like it. WWE brought in fashion expert Melanie Pace to conduct the meetings in October and one NXT wrestler noted that before that, people were encouraged to either simply wear their gear or an available merchandise shirt.

Several people on the roster were not happy about the meetings and considered John Laurinaitis responsible for them, as they began when he came back into power. Fightful stresses that they have been unable to confirm if Laurinaitis had anything to do with them. One talent said that it was implied that “dressing sexier” was the idea, though it was never said aloud. Several women refused to go to the meetings, which were considered one of the big changes after Triple H stepped back. The talent said that they were encouraged to dress in a similar manner backstage, and were given pamphlets with examples of tops, heels and similar garb.

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