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WWE News: Ricochet Happy to Shut Cesaro Up, Cesaro Won’t Comment on Loss

May 28, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ricochet NXT 1-23-19

– Ricochet got to shut Cesaro up on Raw, and he seemed pretty happy about it after the match. WWE posted a video of Kayla Braxton interviewing Ricochet and asking him about what changed from last week, when Cesaro won.

“Last week I was just coming off Money in the Bank, I was a little dinged up,” he said. “I don’t want to make excuses, he was the better man that night. And you know, he likes to come into the back and he likes to make fun of everybody, and poke fun and try to be a bully. Sometimes you gotta shut people like that up. And tonight, I did.”

– Cesaro is holding to his policy of only one question during backstage interviews. After his loss to Sami Zayn on Raw, Cesaro was asked about his loss and said, “Next question.” When the interviewer tried to ask another, he cut him off with “New guy…one question a day.”